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Online advertising has grown into a $37 billion industry from nothing in the last twenty years. Encompassing banner ads, rich media ads, video advertising, social network advertising and retargeting, online advertising is a key component of digital media marketing. Learn how to optimize your digital strategy from online marketing experts.
    • Holiday Connected Consumer Series 2014

    • Recorded: Sep 15 2014
    • Retail Industry leaders and experts are gathering, September 15-18, 2014 for an in-depth webinar series covering the most pressing topics on the minds of retailers as they prepare for the competitive holiday season. Retail TouchPoints is hosting this exclusive series, designed to provide retail executives with the tools and strategies they need to succeed. Attendees who register for one webinar can attend all sessions. Presenters will be offering their industry-leading perspectives and exclusive research statistics and reports, as well as real-world case study examples to reinforce the strategies they support.
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    • B2B Digital Marketing

    • Recorded: Sep 12 2014
    • B2B marketing is about building lasting relationships that rely on reputation, credibility and capability. Modern marketers have to look beyond traditional techniques to take these relationships and their businesses further. Join this summit to learn from experts about trends and emerging technologies in this space, from the rise of content marketing to the latest developments in optimizing the customer experience.
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    • Digital Advertising

    • Recorded: Mar 12 2014
    • You just can't ignore it. The growth of digital marketing is blowing everyone away. With marketer's expectations at an all time high, everyone's eyes are on the next big trend in digital advertising. Join this summit to hear about the hottest crazes to watch for in 2014, tips on where your marketing dollars should be going and presentations from influencers doing it right.
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    • CMO Roundtables

    • Recorded: Dec 11 2013
    • The role and responsibilities of today's CMO has matured significantly. With more pressure than ever to evolve and innovate, it's imperative for marketers to stay current on the newest industry trends in order to efficiently transform the bottom line. Join the CMO roundtables and hear from influencers as they dissect everything from content strategy and lead generation, to which KPI's really matter.
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    • Advertising Technologies

    • Recorded: Nov 14 2013
    • Digital technology and the internet is turning advertising on its head. The greatest paradigm shift is the current shift to ‘personalized media’, which is allowing messages to be customized to highly targeted groups or individuals, and opening the potential for direct interaction with consumers as a result. Join this summit to hear the latest and prepare for what 2014 has in store.
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    • Search and Advertising

    • Recorded: Oct 10 2013
    • Effective targeting is crucial when it comes to search and advertising. However, many B2B marketers are missing the opportunity to take advantage of new digital marketing techniques that may help them engage their buyers. Join experts at the Search and Advertising Summit as they share the latest in how B2B content consumption habits are changing and what you can do to increase awareness and buyer engagement.
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    • Search and Social Marketing

    • Recorded: Jul 10 2013
    • As the leading marketing channels for engaging with buyers off organizational websites, search and social marketing are seeing aggressive growth. The challenge for marketers is to sort through impressions, clicks and registration form fill outs to track buyer engagement and make connections to revenue. What digital marketing trends are crucial to optimized search and social marketing? How are marketers benchmarking search and social campaigns against those of competitors? And, what technologies are available for tracking these programs and tying success to revenue? Join experts at the B2B Search and Social Marketing Summit, as they discuss successful strategies and tactics for search and social domination.
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