By the Numbers: Hospitality Industry Stats by STR

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Charlie Fritsch, pres HBI & Jeff Higley, vp STR/STR Global/
Webcast will feature the most recent hotel performance trends data as tracked by Smith Travel Research. Join Charlie Fritsch, president of Hotel Brokers International, and Jeff Higley, vice president of digital media & communications for STR/STR Global/, as they discuss the hospitality real estate industry market and opportunities for investment.
Sep 12 2012
62 mins
By the Numbers: Hospitality Industry Stats by STR
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  • Mobile is taking over as the pre-eminent way companies connect with customers.

    For sales. For service. For feedback. For support. For … everything.

    In just 8 years, smartphones have taken over the world. In just 3.5 years, smartphone media consumption has overtaken television. In just 5 years, we have been talking on our phones the same amount, but our data usage has skyrocketed more than 3400%. Mobile commerce has jumped 123% just in the first quarter of this year. It's happening. It's happening right now.

    We're taking a hard look at how mobile is the new normal. Your customers expect it. Business demands it. Mobile marketing automation is only used by 1.5% of businesses today -- and those businesses are making a killing because they understand the unique relationships we have grown to expect with our mobile devices.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how psychology meets technology with mobile marketing automation
    * Improve customer engagement and retention through marketing efforts
    * Get a running start on using the mobile revolution to drive massive engagement

    Speakers: John Koetsier, VP Research, VentureBeat
    Julie Gerola, VP Marketing, Viggle
    Arthur Madrid, Founder and CEO, Pixowl

    Sponsored by LeanPlum
  • For today’s digitally demanding customer, a rich, personalized customer
    experience is quite simply the cost of doing business. It is no longer a differentiator, but the standard. It is a journey defined by the customer, who is setting a new pace in an intensely personal race that, in their mind, only involves one runner. This leaves leading marketers to question where and how the next great evolution will happen…and whether their organizations are set up to leap ahead of the curve. Are they set up to thrive, or will they become irrelevant and eventually obsolete?

    Agility becomes a key denominator in this new marketing equation. With customer knowledge dispersed across systems of records, insights, interactions and an array of new sources of data, organizations need the business agility to be able to leverage insight from these disparate sources of information. This also requires the ability for the entire customer experience to be optimized—not just the deployment of campaigns—so that opportunities can be captured faster in order to beat out rivals also looking to connect through revitalized customer experience strategies.

    We will be joined by Pitney Bowes’ Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management, who will share an expert perspective around creation of a digital marketing record for increasing conversion rates and improving marketing communications overall.

    Full list of speakers are:

    Liz Miller, SVP, Marketing - CMO Council

    Jeff Goldberg, Product Marketing Lead for Customer Information Management - Pitney Bowes

    Maureen Duff, Managing Director, Head of Global Marketing - Pershing
  • More than ever before, brands are redefining success to include a sense of 'social responsibility' and so we're seeing brands challenge the status quo, defy old practices and build social good into their business models. This is an exciting time when the images we create and use to visualize these intrepid leaders can be used to inspire and encourage them and also be used as an agent for change. Join Getty Images Creative Insights Manager, Jacqueline Bourke for an in-depth look at the Vanguardians visual trend and discover how to use this imagery in your campaigns to inspire your audience.
  • Join us on 29th July for a webinar looking at how to make the most of your entry into the Masters of Marketing. Covering the entry process, what to include, some ideas to help capture the judges attention, as well as some hints and tips to help you showcase your work in the best possible light.
  • Date and time: July 15, 2015; 10 am PST/1 pm EST

    Analyst: Andrew Jones, VentureBeat
    Panel of Experts:
    Greg Petro, Chief Executive Officer, First Insight
    Rich Lesperance, VP Digital Marketing and CRM, GrubHub
    Elena Zheleva, Director of Data Science, LivingSocial

    Sponsored by Autopilot


    Personalization is critical to the success of your business model. Many of the most innovative and beloved companies in recent history -- think Facebook, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and Hulu, just to name a few -- have transformed customer expectations and disrupted their individual industries. Now customers expect it. It increases clicks, open rates and conversions -- usually by pretty substantial margins. But -- how do you DO it?

    The process is different at every step of the customer journey and there's a lot that goes into personalization. What's more, there's a lot more ways to reach your customers than ever. Personalizing display ads is very different from personalizing emails or a mobile app experience. The data, content, and delivery mechanisms necessary to personalize those messages changes -- and so should your strategy.

    We're taking a holistic look at the art of personalization -- from customer expectations to ROI. We'll show you a new way of looking at identity -- from both the customer's behavior to predicting their behaviors.

    In this webinar, you'll:

    * Learn how to collect data that helps visualize the customer's journey
    * Get tips on one of the biggest challenges to increasing the ROI of marketing automation
    * Access the theory of identity enrichment
    * Gain insight into best practices for personalization in different channels

    Register for this webinar today and get started doing personalization right!
  • June 30, 2015, 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

    Analyst: Jon Cifuentes, Research Analyst, VB Insight
    Expert Panel:
    Bobby Uhlenbrock, CTO, Everything But The House
    Danny Hsia, Head of Email and CRM, LivingSocial

    Moderator: Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by SparkPost by Message Systems

    This webinar will be based on Jon Cifuentes' VB Insight report, published in May 2015.

    Over 84% of marketers think email contact is important for building brand loyalty -- the thing about email? It works. It works well. It might even work so well that marketers are satisfied with the ROI and don't even know to mine the tools for more gold. In the latest VB Insight report, we learn that a third of marketers don't even know what kinds of devices are opening their emails. And that's leaving money on the table.

    In this webinar, VB Insight analyst Jon Cifuentes will dig deep into email marketing, providing an overview for proven ROI, desired volume and velocity of email.

    With this webinar, you'll:

    Gain a greater understanding of email marketing ROI, volume and ideal velocity
    Learn strategies and competencies for running a great email program
    Develop new methods for email subscriber acquisition
    Understand best practices for email validation and email hygiene

    Check out VB Insight to access Jon's Email Marketing report, and to access the latest research on Marketing Technology:
  • June 24, 10 am PST/1 pm EST

    John Koetsier: VP Research; VentureBeat
    Ian Woods: Chief Engagement Officer; IMM
    Brian Witlin; COO and Mobile; Yummly

    Moderator: Wendy Schuchart, analyst; VentureBeat


    If you're only focusing on push notifications with your MMA solutions, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. We've got the inside story on the features used by the most successful mobile app teams ... and which vendors deliver those features. We'll also talk to industry insiders on how they're using MMA in ways you might not have thought of.

    We surveyed 375 mobile developers with over 900 million monthly average users, analyzed 1.8 million apps in Google Play and the iOS app store, conducted 17 live interviews, and surveyed 19 MMA providers to find answers to these questions.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

    * Which features the most successful mobile app companies focus upon
    * Which MMA features you can't afford to ignore
    * How successful apps are using MMA in creative and unique ways

    Join us to learn how to successfully leverage mobile marketing automation to your advantage.

    Sponsored by: Kahuna
  • Personalisation in advertising has become a hot topic for UK brands and marketers. Retargeting uses the power of personalisation to turn shopping basket abandoners into customers, but what else can it do?

    In this Marketing Week webinar join Shane Murphy, AdRoll’s director of EMEA marketing, as he walks through the insights from our survey of 250 European marketers and AdRoll retargeting campaign data from nearly 4,000 advertisers:

    • Real world use cases for retargeting in driving brand awareness, customer retention, and driving sales

    • Industry insight on social, mobile, and attribution

    • Retargeting and attribution best practices
  • Whether currently engaging in online commerce or contemplating such a move in the future, successful CMOs are realizing that their customers want a personalized, frictionless purchasing experience. Consumers seek agile interactions, painless fulfillment, and a memorable experience. CMOs are increasingly embracing a new priority: Identifying new and recurring revenue opportunities and optimizing the consumer experience to maximize customer lifetime value. The good news is that the global digital consumer is ready to spend. According to analyst firm Ovum, global consumer spend on digital content will increase from $76 billion in 2013 to $145 billion in 2018, doubling in a short five-year span.

    Working in lockstep with CFOs, successful CMOs are implementing new strategies to price products and services, bill customers, offer seamless payment facilities, create new opportunities to retain customers, and grow recurring revenue streams – all while defining new business metrics to measure success in terms of customer lifetime value. They team with product management to identify new opportunities and even new products that meet their customers’ growing expectations for innovation, engagement and relevance.

    To address these new mandates for digital marketing, monetization, and frictionless commerce and experience, the CMO Council will be hosting an online webcast (06/18, 10am PST/1pm EST/5pm GMT) to discuss and debate the realities of transforming organizations, strategies and revenue models and develop winning strategies to successfully navigate the online revenue maze. Vindicia, a subscription billing and recurring revenue leader that is driving the pace of the digital economy, will share expert perspectives, along with key questions that marketers must consider when building new digital revenue models.

    Gene Hoffman, CEO/Chairman-Vindicia
    Miriam Volle, Business Marketing Communications Leader-Kaiser Permanente
    Vidya Vishal, Enterprise Growth Leader-Equifax
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  • Roles of the Owner, Controller and CFO in Data Security Sep 24 2015 6:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Brandt Niehaus, Julie Eisenhauer & Peter Henley
    Data breaches strike all industries, but for the hospitality industry the stakes are extremely high, and the financial impact to a company can be significant. As an owner, controller or CFO, your responsibility now includes the safety of corporate data. We will explore how you can effectively work with IT to develop a risk management profile that protects your data and maintains your financial success.

    Meet the Panel: H. Brandt Niehaus, CHB, President of Hotel Brokers International and President of Huff, Niehaus & Associates, Inc., a full-service hotel investment advisory firm. Julie Eisenhauer, CPA is a shareholder at Clark Nuber, a CPA and consulting firm in Bellevue, Washington, where she provides audit, assurance and consulting services to privately owned companies. Peter Henley, CPA, CITP, serves as Clark Nuber’s Senior Director of IT, and is responsible for aligning IT with the firm’s strategic business plan and making Clark Nuber the most technologically advanced accounting firm in the Northwest.
  • Hospitality Lending Report - 2015 Recorded: Jun 24 2015 56 mins
    Brandt Niehaus, Dennis Nessler
    The June 24th Hotel Investor’s Marketplace webcast will focus on Hospitality Lending. HBI President Brandt Niehaus will be joined by Dennis Nessler, Editor at Large of Hotel Business to discuss the magazine’s recently completed survey of hospitality industry lenders and examine the types of loan products available in the market, requirements for generating hospitality loans and opinion on the status of the lending industry this past year and through 2015.
  • The U.S. Economy and its Impact on the Lodging Business Recorded: Apr 30 2015 60 mins
    Brandt Niehaus, Mark Woodworth, Ed Walsh
    The April 30th Hotel Investor’s Marketplace webcast panel will talk about The U.S. Economy and its impact on the Lodging Business. The lessons learned from past economic cycles, where we are in this cycle, and how it is different than previous cycles. They will discuss the economic barometers and what their indications mean for the hotel industry. April 30th viewers will have opportunity to ask questions of the panel and benefit from their combined 90+ years of industry experience.

    Meet the Panel:
    H. Brandt Niehaus is President of Hotel Brokers International and President of Huff, Niehaus & Associates, Inc., a full-service hotel investment advisory firm. Mr. Niehaus has over 30 years of experience in hospitality real estate sales and consulting. He has successfully transacted the sales of hundreds of hotel properties from limited-service independents through full-service luxury hotels representing sellers in conventional sales as well as lender-owned transactions for banks and institutions.

    Mark Woodworth is President of PKF Hospitality Research, (PDF-HR), a CBRE company. Mr. Woodworth has over 30 years of hospitality industry experience in both a consulting and hands-on operational capacity. Mr. Woodworth has managed and conducted consulting assignments, involving both the public and private sectors, throughout the U.S. He has worked for the industry’s leading lenders, developers, chains and management companies and has dealt with all aspects of operations, development and financing.

    Edward P. Walsh has nearly 30 years of experience in hotel real estate valuation, consulting, sales and finance. He founded Alpine Realty Capital to provide real estate investment banking services, including debt and equity raising, transaction services, and consulting. Mr. Walsh also provides development related services, including site selection and acquisition, market feasibility analysis, franchise and design recommendations, and capital structuring.
  • Addressing Negative Online Reviews Recorded: Dec 10 2014 79 mins
    Brandt Niehaus, HBI and Clifford Davidson, Sussman Shank
    Online reviews and social media are a blessing and a curse. On one hand, attention on social media and online can drive business. On the other hand, negative reviews can have a significant negative impact. While reviewers have a right to express their opinions without fear of litigation, reviewers may also be held accountable for spreading falsehood that damages reputation or decreases revenue. This webcast will assist the hospitality professional to respond to negative reviews. It will provide the viewer background information intended to assist hospitality professionals in (1) distinguishing between expressions of opinion (which are protected) and statements of purported fact (which are not); (2) responding informally to negative reviews; (3) determining how legal counsel can efficiently and effectively assist; and (4) avoiding potential liability under state statutes that might apply in legal actions brought to curtail speech.

    The webinar will also overview principles established by very recent appellate court decisions pertaining to online reviews.

    About the presenter: Clifford S. Davidson, Attorney, Sussman Shank LLP, is a commercial litigator with jury trial experience. Throughout his career, he has focused on commercial contract disputes, entertainment and intellectual property litigation, First Amendment litigation, counseling in the areas of privacy and data security, and insurance coverage.
  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange Recorded: Sep 10 2014 67 mins
    Tony DeGeorge, CHB and Rochelle Stone, CES
    1031 tax exchange could offer good tax benefit to hospitality asset owners seeking to improve their hotel portfolio. Named for Section 1031 of the United States Internal Revenue Code, this investment strategy is essentially a swap of one business for another, allowing an investor to change the form of their investment without cashing out or recognizing capital gain. This allows the investment to grow tax deferred – avoiding tax until an actual sale for cash.

    Learn about the 1031 tax exchange process during the HBI Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast scheduled for September 10 when Tony DeGeorge, President of Hotel Brokers International, will welcome guest speaker, Rochelle Stone, President and Founding Partner of Starker Services, Inc. Starker Services is the nation's oldest, largest and most experienced independent Qualified Intermediary firm, successfully completing thousands of exchanges each year. Rochelle has been active in the 1031 exchange industry for over 20 years and is a nationally recognized speaker, teaching exchanging and investing techniques to investment and professional groups.

    Some of the things to be discussed during the September 10th Webcast include:
    •the difference between a sale and an exchange;
    •protections offered by a 1031 exchange;
    •types of qualifying property;
    •how a delayed exchange works;
    •the timing rules;
    •and, what to look for when selecting a Qualified Intermediary.
  • Legal Strategies: Bringing Balance to the Transaction Recorded: Jun 11 2014 74 mins
    Tony DeGeorge, HBI; Joseph A. Field, Field Jerger LLP and Richard M. Saltzman, Giambrone & Saltzman, LLC
    Attorneys Joseph A. Field of Field Jerger LLP and Richard M. Saltzman of Giambrone & Saltzman, LLC will join HBI President Tony DeGeorge via the organization’s webcast series - Hotel Investor's Marketplace to discuss franchise agreement negotiations, terms and conditions as well as tips on how to get ahead of the foreclosure curve and reach resolution with the bank. Register now for this complimentary webcast.
  • Hotel Appraisals Recorded: Mar 5 2014 69 mins
    Tony DeGeorge, CHB and Adam Cowart, MAI
    Methodology for the appraisal process may change based on the asset being valued, but the end goal is always the same – establishing monetary value. Hotel valuation, a highly specialized process, is different from valuing any other cash flowing real estate as the appraiser must give consideration to four elements: land, business, improvements, and personal property. Join the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast on March 5, when Adam Cowart, MAI, Senior Appraiser and Director of Operations for Cowart Hospitality Services and HBI President Tony DeGeorge will discuss new trends emerging in hotel valuation, how hotel lending criteria has changed in recent years, and what impact this has on the valuation process.
  • The Hotel PIP Recorded: Nov 6 2013 68 mins
    Charlie Fritsch, HBI; Dan Couture, Choice Hotels and Kevin Brickner, Wyndham
    An improved economy brings rise in the dreaded hotel PIP. Hotel brands are requiring franchise property owners to deal with property improvement and deferred maintenance issues that were put on the back burner while the country weathered the economic downturn. The concept of reinvesting and improving your hotel to maintain and increase the asset’s value makes sense; however, with the economy showing only modest growth, hoteliers are reluctantly letting loose of the purse strings. Kevin Brickner, Vice President at Wyndham Worldwide and Daniel Couture, Sr. Director of Product Improvement at Choice Hotels International, join Charlie Fritsch, president of Hotel Brokers International to discuss the PIP process from inspection and negotiation to budgeting and execution.
  • Hotel Industry Trends & Projections Recorded: Sep 12 2013 78 mins
    Charlie Fritsch, HBI and Jeff Higley, STR/STR Global/HNN
    Presentation featuring the most up-to-date and recent hotel performance trends data as tracked by Smith Travel Research. Join Charlie Fritsch, president of Hotel Brokers International, and Jeff Higley, vice president of digital media & communications for STR/STR Global/, as they discuss the hospitality real estate industry market and opportunities for investment.
  • 19th Annual Hotel Financing Report Recorded: Jul 17 2013 59 mins
    Charlie Fritsch and Dennis Nessler
    This year, HOTEL BROKERS INTERNATIONAL conducted their annual HOTEL FINANCING SURVEY in partnership with HOTEL BUSINESS magazine. The survey – now in its 19th year – was distributed to nearly 200 hospitality industry lenders and examined the types of loan products available in the market, requirements for generating hospitality loans and opinion on the status of the lending industry this past year and through 2013. During this Webcast, Dennis Nessler, editor of Hotel Business, will join HBI President Charlie Fritsch to discuss the hotel financing market and share the results of this survey with the hospitality investment community.
  • Trends in U.S. Lodging Real Estate Recorded: Mar 13 2013 67 mins
    Charlie Fritsch and Stephen Hennis
    The U.S. hotel industry reported increases in all three key performance metrics for fourth quarter 2012 in year-over-year measurements, according to the data tracked and compiled by STR and STR Analytics. On March 13, Stephen Hennis, Director of STR Analytics, will join the HBI Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast and HBI President Charlie Fritsch to take a detailed look into the hotel performance data and review which regions, markets, and segments were the greatest contributors to the increases posted in 2012. Could the industry’s occupancy, ADR and revenue per available room continue this upward trend throughout 2013 and 2014?

    About Stephen Hennis, CHA, ISHC
    As Director of STR Analytics, Stephen Hennis oversees specialized consulting projects and the development of new STR products and services. Mr. Hennis has over 17 years of experience in the analysis of lodging investments. He has appraised and evaluated over 500 lodging facilities, and has been involved in the underwriting, negotiation and acquisition of luxury hotels and resorts.

    About STR Analytics
    Meeting the needs of all lodging industry participants for in-depth, comprehensive analysis of hotel industry performance data, STR Analytics provides an extensive range of services and creative applications to a variety of clients. STR Analytics offers the unique combination of experienced lodging industry experts and STR’s unparalleled international hotel database. STR Analytics is based in Boulder, Colorado. STR is the recognized leader in providing accurate, actionable information and analysis to the lodging industry. Since 1985, the company has served the industry operating on the key principles of integrity, confidentiality and customer service.
  • Hotel Real Estate Industry Forecast 2013 Recorded: Nov 28 2012 61 mins
    Charlie Fritsch, pres HBI; Laurie Ivy, PMC Commercial Trust; Joe McCann, pres Optimum Brokerage
    As the year winds down, we look toward 2013. How will the hospitality real estate and finance markets differ from 2012? What new opportunities will the New Year bring? What, if any, impact will the United States Presidential Election have on the hospitality industry? Be a part of the conversation as our panel of hospitality industry professionals - Charlie Fritsch, Hotel Brokers International; Laurie Ivy, PMC Commercial Trust; and Joe McCann, Optimum Hotel Brokerage – look toward 2013 and discuss the issues most important to hotel real estate investment, financing and operation.
  • By the Numbers: Hospitality Industry Stats by STR Recorded: Sep 12 2012 62 mins
    Charlie Fritsch, pres HBI & Jeff Higley, vp STR/STR Global/
    Webcast will feature the most recent hotel performance trends data as tracked by Smith Travel Research. Join Charlie Fritsch, president of Hotel Brokers International, and Jeff Higley, vice president of digital media & communications for STR/STR Global/, as they discuss the hospitality real estate industry market and opportunities for investment.
  • What's the state of hospitality lending? Recorded: Jun 27 2012 51 mins
    Charlie Fritsch, HBI President & Ed Watkins, editor Lodging Hospitality
    The 18th ANNUAL HOTEL FINANCING SURVEY sponsored by HOTEL BROKERS INTERNATIONAL and LODGING HOSPITALITY, distributed to nearly 200 industry lenders, surveyed the types of hotel lending available in the market, requirements for generating hospitality loans and opinion on the status of the lending industry this past year and for 2012. During this webcast, Ed Watkins, editor of Lodging Hospitality will join HBI President Charlie Fritsch to discuss the hotel financing market and share the results of this survey with the hospitality investment community.
  • 2012: The Year of Opportunity Recorded: Apr 18 2012 85 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    The economic recovery has brought new opportunities in real estate investment, and hotel acquisitions seem especially well positioned to benefit from rising asset values and the recovering capital markets. The U.S. hotel industry closed 2011 with increases in occupancy, ADR and RevPAR. While the industry is not back to 2007 and 2008 levels, 2012 shows signs of continuing this upward trend and opening a new window of opportunity.

    Join the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast as our panel of industry professionals discusses 2012: The Year of Opportunity.

    Our Panel

    Charles H. Fritsch, V, CHB
    President, Hotel Brokers International
    President, MBA Hotel Brokers, Inc.

    Christopher G. Hurn
    CEO & Cofounder
    Mercantile Capital Corporation

    Robert L. Hunter, Jr., CHB, ISHC
    CEO, Hunter Realty Associates, Inc.
    Co-chair, Hunter Hotel Investment Conference

    Robert W. White
    Hospitality Appraisals, Inc.
  • State of the Lodging Industry Recorded: Nov 9 2011 56 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    During the complimentary Hotel Investor's Marketplace Webcast scheduled for November 9, HBI president Joe McCann will be joined by lodging industry media... And, instead of posing the questions, these Editors will be answering them. Lodging industry Editors spend every day focused on the facts of the industry, participating in industry investment conferences, interviewing experts in the industry and studying industry analyses. They are familiar with all aspects of the industry. Through this Webcast industry Editors will share their perception on the State of the Lodging Industry. Webcast attendees will glean invaluable information on a variety of hospitality industry topics including: finance, hotel franchise and the overall health of the industry.

    Panelists include:
    Joe McCann, president, HBI / president, Optimum Hotel Brokerage LLC
    Dennis Nessler, editor, Hotel Business
    Stephanie Ricca, editor in chief, Hotel Management
    Eric Stoessel, managing editor, Lodging Hospitality
  • Lodging Industry Outlook Recorded: Sep 14 2011 59 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    In the first six months of 2011, Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR were all on the rise in the hotel industry. According to STR data, “The U.S. hotel industry finished June with the highest revenue per available room since August 2008.” Will this steady improvement continue into the second half of the year? What are the greatest opportunities for hotel investment? Join the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast as Joe McCann, president of Hotel Brokers International, and Jeff Higley, vice president of digital media & communications for Global, sit down to discuss the outlook for the hospitality real estate industry market. Jeff will share the most recent hotel performance trends data tracked by Smith Travel Research.

    About the Presenters:
    Joseph R. McCann, CHB, is president of Hotel Brokers International and president of Optimum Hotel Brokerage. Joe is a thirty-year hotel industry veteran who has held senior management positions with Hilton and Marriott at their largest and most successful properties. During his hotel brokerage career, he has closed more than $500 Million in hotel asset transactions and his Philadelphia-based firm, Optimum Hotel Brokerage, is recognized as one of the leading hotel brokerage and hotel capital advisory services companies in the United States.

    Jeffrey Higley is the vice president of digital media & communications for Global. Jeff, a 26-year journalism veteran, has specialized in the hotel industry for the past 14+ years. He launched, a division of Smith Travel Research in September 2008. Prior to joining and Smith Travel Research in March 2008, Higley served in various leadership positions for Questex Media Group’s Hotel Management. Higley was instrumental in the company’s launch of Hotel Design, Luxury Hotelier and The Hotel Times magazines.
  • Distressed Hotel Asset Market Recorded: Jun 1 2011 61 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    Fourth quarter 2010 brought a measurable uptick in the number of distressed hotel property and note sales. More than half of all distressed asset sales in 2010 transpired in the year’s final three months. Will this upward trend continue through 2011? When will the promised flood of distress come to market? Where will this year’s greatest opportunities exist? What strategies should a would-be-purchaser employ? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Joe McCann, president of Hotel Brokers International, and Jeff Kolessar, senior vice president of development of GF Management, sit down to discuss the great overhang of distress in the hospitality real estate industry market.
  • Social Media Marketing Recorded: Mar 2 2011 77 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    Social media networking has catapulted to the #1 activity on the Web and has changed forever the way in which we interact. Approximately 75% of all adult Americans use at least one of the hundreds of established social media platforms. While it can be overwhelming, social media is an essential component to a business marketing plan. Your marketing program doesn’t have to include all social media outlets, but there is a significant importance to having some kind of presence in the online social scene.

    Join the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast on March 2 as we welcome Brian Bagel, social media director for TIG Global, who will talk about the overall importance of using social media in hotel marketing and share what tactical steps hotel owners/managers can take to improve their hotel’s online marketing.

    TIG Global provides hotel Internet marketing management services to more than 800 hotels, resorts, restaurants and spas - from small, independent boutique properties to large international brands, located in more than 20 different countries around the world.

    Joe McCann, CHB
    President, Hotel Brokers International
    President, Optimum Hotel Brokerage

    Brian Bagel
    Social Media Manager
    TIG Global
  • Midterm Elections and their Impact on the Lodging Industry Recorded: Nov 17 2010 72 mins
    Hotel Brokers International
    Join the Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast on November 17 as a panel of hospitality professionals analyze the results of the United States midterm elections and the impact they may have on the lodging industry. What ramifications, if any, will this election have on the hot button issues most important to hotel real estate investment and operation?

    Participants in the discussion will include:

    Tony DeGeorge, CHB
    President, Hotel Brokers International (HBI)
    President, Greene, Canfield, DeGeorge, Ltd.

    Marlene M. Colucci
    Executive Vice President, Public Policy
    American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA)

    Fred Schwartz
    Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA)

    Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the live Hotel Investor’s Marketplace Webcast and ask your questions about the important issues affecting the lodging industry.
Live webcasts for hotel investors
Gain insight into hotel real estate investment. Check the temperature of the market. Preview the most recent hotel listings and obtain information from leaders in brokerage, franchise, finance and media.

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  • Live at: Sep 12 2012 6:00 pm
  • Presented by: Charlie Fritsch, pres HBI & Jeff Higley, vp STR/STR Global/
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