How are Facebook, Twitter and BBM replacing SMS?

Graham Brown of Youth Research Partners
Join us live as we spot the worldwide trends in mobile phone usage that have young consumers moving beyond SMS.
Jun 4 2010
32 mins
How are Facebook, Twitter and BBM replacing SMS?
Join us for this summit:
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  • Move over, 2014. The New Year is making an entrance. And it has a whole crop of new design trends in its back pocket.

    From sensory immersion to super still, these are the gems that will be calling the creative shots in 2015. We’ve been taking some serious notes, and we’re going to let you cheat.

    Register for this webinar to get the beat on the biggest visual design trends of 2015 with iStock by Getty Images’ trends expert Rebecca Swift. See how they can help your work blaze a new trail in the New Year.
  • Where are we now, and where are our customers tomorrow?

    According to the CMO Council’s 2014 State of Marketing report, marketers’ investments into online video is taking the next evolutionary leap from experimentation into full-fledged testing. In order words, investments are increasing at a pace like never before. Why? Customers are viewing online video like never before.

    According to a recent report from Neilsen, online video consumption has risen from 13 minutes per day to 27 minutes. While this still pales in comparison to TV consumption, marketers have clearly seen that there is something to online video, and to be late to the game could be a disaster.

    This trend brings with it a slew of obvious questions: What ROI should we expect? What is getting reallocated? Does this mean TV ads should be pulled in favor of online? What content are people really viewing and how will my brand be relevant in that context?

    Join us as the CMO Council delves into a deep dive into online video, asking marketers and industry experts where the key trends, opportunities and pitfalls are when it comes to online video. What are industry leaders investing in…what content are they creating…and how is ROI really being measured?
  • With the accelerated rise of digital media, and as brands and individuals all become publishers, the demand for video content has been growing exponentially. Getty Images are increasingly on the lookout for relevant, local content to support the needs of the market. How can Australian agencies, filmmakers and production companies that are generating a lot of content benefit from this trend?

    Join Getty Images' Creative Content Director, Andrew Delaney, as he outlines:

    •The latest trends in consumption, producing and distributing video content
    •Australian demand for stock footage
    •What makes sellable stock video: topics, styles, technology
    •Practical tips on working with Getty Images as a video contributor: technical requirements, contracts, submission process

    If you want to monetise your existing b-roll or unused production video, or you are interested in shooting for stock in the future, this webinar is for you.

    About the presenter:
    Andrew Delaney - Global Director of Creative Content
    Andrew Delaney and his team are responsible for the development of Getty Images¹ video content. Working closely with filmmakers and art directors from across the globe, Andrew plays a critical role in ensuring that Getty Images continues to meet the changing needs of creators around the world.

    Andrew began his career in 1989 with Tony Stone Images in London and moved to the U.S. in 1998 for Getty Images. He is now the Global Director of Creative Content across both Getty Images and iStock portfolios, based in New York. Andrew¹s two decades of art directing in Europe and America fuel his expertise on creativity and content.
  • Lead Generation & SEM. Sometimes, digital marketing may seem a bit daunting. We know what we want to bring in – business – and we know that online inbound marketing is the way to do it…but we may not sure of exactly how to go about it. Highly competitive, yet highly profitable – if done right – this webinar helps simplify SEM and its best practices, introducing you to keyword selection, landing page optimization, tracking, testing, and maximizing your return.
  • The Creative In Focus book is Getty Images’ annual predictor of the most impactful visual and cultural trends for the coming year. It sets the stage for what the world will look like tomorrow, based upon the research and insights our global creative teams are tracking today.

    Join Getty Images’ Visual Trends Director, Pam Grossman, for this in-depth exploration of the upcoming imagery and aesthetic shifts that will change what we see in brand communications, advertising, and design next year and beyond.

    Based on research conducted by Getty Images Creative Research team, the 2015 visual trends briefing will bring you up to date on the key visual insights and trends shaping visual communication. Register now for this exclusive preview.
  • Every marketer looks for ways to optimize their marketing tactics, and reaching new audiences is top of mind for those that are looking to grow their business. Prospecting methods have evolved over time but with the availability of data and technology today, marketers have more power than ever to find their ideal customers online. Retargeting is effective, but feeding the top of the funnel with new potential customers is just as critical for continued success.

    Heather will discuss the importance of prospecting for full funnel marketing and how to achieve the best results with programmatic buying. Michael will also share how the organization uses real-time bidding (RTB) to find new audiences.

    In this 40 minute webinar, we’ll cover how:

    -- Prospecting has evolved and why it is critical to your sales funnel
    -- Programmatic buying works and why it’s an effective prospecting tool
    -- KQED drives net new donors using RTB-powered display Advertising
  • A new study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Tealium shows that business and marketing performance improvements are directly related to having a formal roadmap for managing digital marketing technologies and integrating the data produced from multiplying customer touchpoints.

    This webcast will discuss the findings of the report—titled “Quantify How Well You Unify”—which explores the degree to which chief marketers are architecting digital marketing technology strategies and unifying and extracting value from multiplying customer data sources.
  • We live in an inherently multi-touch world. Digital advertising increasingly allows us to measure every online touch point we have with our customers, leads and prospects. As a modern marketer, that's information you can use to inform your future media plans.

    Join this session and learn how to make the most of your display budget by using your data to attribute successes to the right tactics, channels and actions.
  • CMOs looking to optimize advertising for the holiday rush might be surprised to know how SEM has changed over the past few months. 3Q Digital's Ada Pally and Fivemill's Susan Waldes will get you up to speed with the latest on:

    - how paid search is working across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)
    - how paid search is working across channels, with Facebook and Twitter rapidly emerging as viable traffic sources
    - all the emerging targeting possibilities in paid search and how they can work for your brand

    We're promising an ROI-positive experience. Join and bring questions!
  • Great content engages your audience, helps with lead generation, lets you learn where leads are in the buying process, and helps sell. Creating content that includes all of these components happens because it’s designed to pass leads along a guided pathway from basic curiosity toward a desire to buy. It includes clear directions toward action, with compelling content that encourage conversion. It can be used and reused across websites, blogs, emails and more. When it all comes together, how a visitor consumes your content tells you where each lead is on the path towards becoming a customer.
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  • How can Mobile Operators Reduce Youth Churn and Increase Loyalty? Recorded: Jul 14 2010 36 mins
    Join us as we share youth insights gathered by our youth research partners from around the world on how and why young people choose their mobile phone networks. Furthermore, we will provide the key drivers to youth churn and how it can be overcome by increasing fan loyalty.
  • How can Nokia recapture the Youth market? Recorded: Jun 23 2010 34 mins
    We'll share our latest global insights into youth mobile trends specifically aimed at product development, marketing and consumer insights managers. The latest youth mobile case studies, statistics and market trends in 25 minutes.
  • How do youth create Social Currency with mobile? Recorded: Jun 16 2010 31 mins
    We'll share our latest global insights into youth mobile trends specifically aimed at product development, marketing and consumer insights managers. The latest youth mobile case studies, statistics and market trends in 25 minutes.
  • From the Big Idea to the Small Whatever Recorded: Jun 9 2010 32 mins
    From the BIG IDEA to the SMALL WHATEVER - who's winning the youth marketing game today? What are the biggest mistakes made by youth marketers today?

    Join Graham Brown of Youth Research Partners for a 30 minute exploration of the key themes in how youth marketing has changed irrevocably. We'll be examining the latest trends and understanding why "marketing to" is no longer effective.

    We'll be sharing global youth research insights and best practises to save your company money and your own face.
  • How are Facebook, Twitter and BBM replacing SMS? Recorded: Jun 4 2010 32 mins
    Join us live as we spot the worldwide trends in mobile phone usage that have young consumers moving beyond SMS.
  • Youth Mobile Trends India Recorded: May 26 2010 30 mins
    mobileYouth: Insights from our new report featuring key youth mobile trends from India brought to you by Youth Research Partners Graham Brown and Samyak Chakrabarty share with you 3 of the top level trends to take away from today's webinar
  • How can Blackberry win the student market? Recorded: May 19 2010 34 mins
    mobileYouth: There's a battle going on right now between RIM Blackberry, Apple, Nokia and MS to win the influential student beachhead. How does BBM fit into the picture? How is this affecting SMS usage? We'll offer advice for mobile operators and handsets in engaging students as well as some exciting insights from high growth markets.
  • Youth Mobile Trends China Recorded: May 12 2010 25 mins
    mobileYouth: Insights from our new report featuring key youth mobile trends from China brought to you by Youth Research Partners Graham Brown and John Solomon share with you 3 of the top level trends to take away from today's webinar
  • What Do Youth Want from Mobile? Recorded: May 5 2010 30 mins
    Let Ben Leis and Graham Brown explode a few myths for you. Why is the myth of "free" and "cheap" not helping mobile companies in developing valuable relationships with young customers? We'll also look at key insights from our latest research including the role of Control, Recognition and Reliability in garnering youth loyalty.
  • Creating a Youth Health Movement Recorded: Apr 28 2010 26 mins
    Join us live for a webinar on how young people are creating movements aimed at educating and keeping people alive and healthy. Our special guest panelists include Dr. Leonard Sender of the I'm Too Young for This! Cancer Foundation and Pat Padraja of Driving for Donors.
  • Creating a Lifestyle Movement: Action Sports Recorded: Apr 28 2010 28 mins
    Join us live as we discuss the action sports movement in the United States and China with our special guests Issa Sawabini of Fuse Marketing, Action Sports Consultant Ian Votteri and John Solomon of Enovate China.
  • Youth Mobile Trends Indonesia Recorded: Apr 28 2010 27 mins
    mobileYouth: Insights from our new report featuring key youth mobile trends from Indonesia brought to you by Youth Research Partners

    Graham Brown and Muhammad Faisal share with you 3 of the top level trends to take away from today's webinar
  • Youthsourcing: How Brands Co-Create with Young Consumers Recorded: Apr 21 2010 28 mins
    Youthsourcing: How Brands Co-Create with Young Consumers.

    Learn from the experts on how smart brands are transitioning from traditional marketing strategies to the adoption of new methods that focus on existing customers.
  • Fanspotting: Identifying Your Most Passionate Customers Recorded: Apr 14 2010 29 mins
    Youth Research Partners Presents the "Young Ideas Salon"

    Join us live as our expert panel discusses...Fanspotting: Identifying and sustainably engaging your most passionate customers.

    Expert Panelists include
    Josh Levine, CEO, Rebel Industries
    Doug Akin, CEO, Mr. Youth Agency
    Gregg Witt, Founder & Creative Director, Premise Immersive Marketing
  • What Youth Think: Passion for Brands Recorded: Apr 14 2010 21 mins
    Youth Research Partners presents "What Youth Think"

    If you're looking for a marketing guru for your brand - hire a 18 year old!
    There's no better means then to really listen to what youth have got to say.
    Experience live youth insights as we bring you the What Youth Think webinar series this Wednesday with Bernard Hor.

    Muhammad Faisal - YouthLab, Indonesia
    Cyan Loh - YLife, Kuala Lumpur
    Marlissa Dessy - AIESEC, Jakarta
  • mobile Youth North American Tour 2010 Insights Recorded: Apr 7 2010 26 mins
    Join us live as we look at where young consumer's loyalties lay when it comes to mobile handsets versus network providers, the price argument that everything must be free or cheap when it comes to youth, and the risk aversion when it comes to switching networks.
  • Mobile Handsets: Liked and Loved Recorded: Mar 31 2010 22 mins
    Graham Brown and Ben Leis discuss the trust and advocacy issues that drive young consumers towards brands that are "loved" rather than to those that are simply "liked".
  • Loyalty and Youth Mobile Usage Recorded: Mar 24 2010 30 mins
    Debunking common myths about youth marketing and examining at brand challenges
  • Branded Communities - Absolut Vodka Recorded: Mar 22 2010 26 mins
    This week Graham Brown of mobileYouth talks to Andres Colmenares - our Youth Research Partner from WabiSabi Lab in Spain to share his latest insights on their branded community work with Pernod Ricard (Absolut).
  • Branded Online Communities - Bringing Your Beachheads Together Recorded: Mar 15 2010 32 mins
    We take a look at three brands that bring together their beachheads by creating online communities.
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  • Title: How are Facebook, Twitter and BBM replacing SMS?
  • Live at: Jun 4 2010 12:15 pm
  • Presented by: Graham Brown of Youth Research Partners
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