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Online Advertising

  • How B2C Marketers are Sharpening Their Targeting with Professional Data
    How B2C Marketers are Sharpening Their Targeting with Professional Data Meredith Berninger, Senior Account Director, Data Partnerships at LiveRamp and Orlando Perez, Sr Director, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Dec 13 2017 33 mins
    Truth: Your customers’ professional attributes are just as important as their non-professional attributes. Career paths speak to who a person is - to their values and interests. When you know what someone does for a living or the company they work for, you have a better idea of their intentions and life trajectory. But these consumer insights are often forgotten when the marketing campaign is built and executed, which leaves money on the table.

    If you’re a data-driven marketer who is already using Household Income for targeting or a marketing leader who is ready to uplevel your targeting strategy, join LiveRamp and Dun & Bradstreet in a 30-minute webinar where you’ll learn:

    *How to marry personal and professional-level data for precision targeting
    *How professional-level data empowers better brand experience and campaign performance through examples
    *Is Professional-Level data right for your targeting strategy?: 3 Easy Questions
  • Best Practices to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Facebook Advertising
    Best Practices to Unlock the Hidden Potential of Facebook Advertising David J. Bradley, MBA Recorded: Dec 6 2017 39 mins
    Want to leverage multiple Big Data sources to find a precise target audience and convert them into leads and sales?

    Facebook may have the answer for you. With a collection of multiple data sources in addition to the incredible amount of data Facebook owns and collects, ​we have more power than ever before to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

    Why then is there not an explosion of advertising success through Facebook? While dedicated to supporting its advertisers, Facebook cares most about providing an excellent user experience to its 2 billion monthly active users. Therefore, they have a high level of expectations that advertisers are going to provide the best experience to the people they reach out to.

    If you understand how to advertise on Facebook effectively, you can tap into a source of unbelievable potential. If, however, you don't invest serious attention into how to successfully run campaigns on this unique platform, your results will mirror this with lackluster performance and unnecessarily high costs.

    Watch this webinar to discover a process to create a high-performing, data-backed advertising campaign in one month's time that surpasses what over 95% of marketing agencies can accomplish.
  • 4 Ways to Build a Business Case for CRO: Securing Budget, Resources, and Support
    4 Ways to Build a Business Case for CRO: Securing Budget, Resources, and Support Kendall Giglio: Director, CRO @Elite SEM | Hudson Arnold: Senior Consultant @Optimizely Recorded: Nov 30 2017 50 mins
    Download the presentation PDF for reference:

    Get a free Heat Mapping and ROI Analysis from Elite SEM to help you make a business case for CRO! elitesem.com/cro-roi

    It's hard to argue the effects that CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) can have on the bottom line for a business. So why is it so hard to get the budget and resources you need to run a CRO program for your brand?

    In this live webinar with Elite SEM Director of CRO, Kendall Giglio, and Optimizely Senior Strategy Consultant Hudson Arnold, learn how to make a rock-solid business case that will turn actively adamant colleagues into excited evangelists for CRO. Kendall and Hudson will explain:

    - how to identify the right businesses, brands, and websites that could benefit from CRO
    - fool proof plug-and-play formula for proving ROI through CRO
    - proven approaches to secure budget, resources, and buy-in from your organization
  • What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Omnichannel, Programmatic, & Measurement
    What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Omnichannel, Programmatic, & Measurement Cardinal Path: Corey Koberg, Co-founder, Sr. Partner; Alex Langshur, Co-founder, Sr. Partner; Eric Hitchman, Consultant Recorded: Nov 16 2017 57 mins
    Of the tools in a marketer’s kit these days, some are just too powerful to save for later. This session brings together three of the industry’s top minds to provide practical recommendations on the opportunities marketers need to action as soon as possible:

    * Omnichannel - through recent case studies, learn how you can start tackling cross-channel, personalization, and customer journeys for incremental successes that will pay dividends.

    * Programmatic - discover how automated media buying can reduce costs and create better engagement with customers, and how to know if it’s right for you.

    * Measurement Framework - without a measurement framework, you won’t know what part of your marketing efforts are working, and which are wasted. Learn how a measurement framework aligns the business goals to specific KPIs so you can double-down on what matters.
  • Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences
    Centralizing Intelligence to Power Individualized Experiences Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council; John Timmerman, Teradata; Peter Francis, T-Mobile Recorded: Nov 16 2017 63 mins
    True one-to-one interaction is considered the holy grail of customer experience. However, according to a recent CMO Council study, only 7 percent of marketers are able to consistently create these individualized experiences across all channels.

    For the third and final webinar of this series, the CMO Council and Teradata are concluding the conversation around shaping customer experiences by focusing on the importance of coordinated cross-channel messaging through a centralized hub for all customer interactions—one that listens to all interactions, automatically tells marketing channels when and about what to say based on all the latest data and machine-learning analytics, and applies contact governance so that your marketing is smart and optimized, not fragmented by channel.

    During this one-hour webinar, our expert panel will share insights around how companies can build one central messaging hub for all customer interactions, regardless of channel. Marketers can elevate their marketing with a marketing hub to optimize and coordinate messaging, analytics and data so that the messaging automatically shifts, whether it’s time to sell or time to provide customer care, ensuring that each interaction is good for the customer and the brand. A featured brand expert will also share their company’s challenges in this area, as well as the steps they have taken in order to create consistent cross-channel messaging for the customer and make one-to-one experiences a reality for their organization.

    Among the topics to be discussed:

    • Challenges to achieving a full, cohesive view of all customer interactions
    • How to balance multiple customer interaction strategies amid the focus on clicks and conversions
    • Industry best practices and results from marketers who are coordinating their
    marketing in a hub and how it has elevated their marketing
  • Navigating the Amazon Jungle: How to Sell, List, & Advertise on Amazon
    Navigating the Amazon Jungle: How to Sell, List, & Advertise on Amazon Matt Devinney Account Lead, Paid Search @Elite SEM | Joe Minz: Senior Account Manager, Shopping & Feed @Elite SEM | Brian Roi Recorded: Nov 15 2017 57 mins
    You've seen the stats everywhere you look:
    - 72% of people used Amazon when finding products and information before making a purchase in 2017
    - 43% of all retail sales in the US were made through Amazon
    - Amazon has the second-fastest-growing digital ad business of any publisher in the US.

    It's time to start getting serious about the retail behemoth if you haven't yet. Join SEM and Shopping & Feed experts from Elite SEM, Matt Devinney and Joe Minz, and Brian Roizen from listings and integration platform Feedonomics, to learn:

    - what and how to sell on Amazon (hint: it's not "ALL THE PRODUCTS!")
    - fulfillment options, challenges, and recommendations
    - how to get and optimize listings
    - advertising options: sponsored product ads, headline search ads, and product display ads
    - context for all the jargon you've probably heard like FBM, ASIN, ACoS, AMS, and more
  • Tackling the f-word: The smarter approach to ad fraud
    Tackling the f-word: The smarter approach to ad fraud Emily Storino, Network Strategy Lead, Electronic Arts (EA) Recorded: Nov 15 2017 61 mins
    Ad fraud isn’t becoming more prevalent -- the fraudsters are just getting slicker. From bot nets to device ID spoofing, the tricks are getting more sophisticated, and raking in more and more cash for the swindlers.

    Staying ahead of the fraudster’s learning curve is the key — and collaboration is the crucial element. While vendors and advertisers are directly impacted by fraud, tracking partners provide the technology to help fight fraud – all three players have to work together to circle the wagons.

    Making a game plan can be complex, when there are no clear benchmarks for defining or measuring fraud, as each player defines it differently and different benchmarks are needed for each app type, geo, traffic source, and so on.

    Join this VB Live event to learn how to tackle that complexity, how to define benchmarks, detect and manage fraud, and work with your partners to circle the wagons against the fraudsters.

    Register for free!

    You’ll learn:
    * Who the stakeholders are, plus why and how is each is affected
    * The MMPs’ role in this ecosystem
    * What fraud is and what benchmarks should be used for defining it
    * How to collaborate to detect and manage fraud on an ongoing basis
    * What tools are out there to fight fraud

    * Emily Storino, Network Strategy Lead, Electronic Arts (EA)
    * Grant Simmons, Head of Client Analytics, Kochava
    * Tal Nissenson VP Client Success US, Taptica
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by: Taptica
  • Boohma’s Recommendation Engine: Bringing Machine Learning to Out-of-Home
    Boohma’s Recommendation Engine: Bringing Machine Learning to Out-of-Home Muneer Mubashir, General Manager of Boohma Technologies Recorded: Nov 8 2017 32 mins
    Boohma’s Recommendation Engine: Bringing AI-based Machine Learning to Out-of-Home for the First Time.

    Machine learning and AI are part of our modern life, used in everything from mobile banking to driving directions to Amazing product recommendations. The technology offers an unprecedented level of prediction and accuracy with wide applications across our modern world. And with the launch of the Boohma software platform, that now includes out-of-home advertising.

    In this webinar, Muneer Mubashir will take you through Boohma’s journey in bringing machine learning to out-of-home. You’ll get to see a live demo of their recommendation engine and see first-hand what the powerful prediction algorithms can do. You’ll also get a taste of what the industry’s first recommendation engine can do to help brands make stronger connections with their consumers and get better, more reliable ROI for out-of-home campaigns.
  • Take Your Walmart Digital Shelf to the Next Level
    Take Your Walmart Digital Shelf to the Next Level Ram Rampalli, Chief Catalog Evangelist & Sr Director @WalmartLabs with Dave Copeland, Sr Dir Solutions Architecture, Salsify Recorded: Oct 31 2017 38 mins
    Walmart relies on product content to help determine assortment, pricing, promotion, and drive every touchpoint across the customer shopping journey. Walmart Executive Ram Rampalli discusses the ways in which brands can provide this critical information. He outlines best practices to keep in mind to improve your Walmart go-to-market strategy and answers audience questions about Walmart Supplier Central.

    “If you can give us your best content, then we don’t have to go and search for this content from other sources.” -

    Learn an actionable set of next steps including how to:

    Boost product discoverability and brand accuracy on Walmart
    Expand your sales via item set up on Walmart.com
    Improve your strategy with insights and analytics on content performance
  • A Guide to Activating Audiences Using Analytics
    A Guide to Activating Audiences Using Analytics Nick Iyengar, Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path; Mary Andrews, Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path Recorded: Oct 31 2017 56 mins
    "Many organizations are getting better at tracking the different data sources required to measure their individual KPIs, but they're still doing so in an ad-hoc manner, meaning they have no guiding strategy or measurement framework in place. Without being able to paint a full picture of your online performance, how can you know if your analytics efforts are going to waste, and how do you succeed in turning insights into action?

    View this on-demand webinar to understand measurement frameworks, customer journey mapping, and KPI development at a deeper level, and come away with practical steps to activate your data and personalize the customer experience."
  • Applying Data Science Methods for Marketing Lift
    Applying Data Science Methods for Marketing Lift Charlotte Bourne, Assc. Director, Digital Intelligence, Cardinal Path; Danika Law; Consultant, Data Science, Cardinal Path Recorded: Oct 24 2017 58 mins
    "Data science can deliver transformational business insights by bringing together statistics, mathematics, computer science, machine learning, and business strategy. A variety of data science techniques are available which allow marketers to surface insights from large swathes of data. Which technique is right for your business and where do you start?

    In this on-demand webinar, our experts go over a broad range of data science techniques, and expose how major global brands are using them for valuable business insights including:

    * Customer lifetime value for customer segmentation and activation
    * Forecasting and predictive analytics with machine learning
    * Natural language processing for digital marketing optimization
  • Optimize 360: Test, Adapt & Personalize for Greater Returns
    Optimize 360: Test, Adapt & Personalize for Greater Returns Jonathan Mesh, Google; Dave Eckman, Cardinal Path Recorded: Oct 11 2017 43 mins
    Google’s own Jonathan Mesh, Lead Product Manager for Optimize, joins our webinar on Google Optimize 360 where we uncover ways to accelerate your testing and optimization strategy.

    We’ll step through the power of personalization, share a real-time platform demo, and explore experiments to get started on delivering more compelling user experiences.
  • How to Optimize Your Product Pages for the Holiday Season
    How to Optimize Your Product Pages for the Holiday Season From Salsify: Andrew Waber/Data Insights, Ashley Young and Alex Clark/Customer Success Recorded: Oct 4 2017 14 mins
    In our recently launched "Holiday Shopping Keyword Intelligence Report," we discovered that the 2016 holiday season drove a 30% increase in the number of top retail search terms. Not only that, 76% more product detail page content updates were pushed during an average holiday month last season.

    These are just two of the dozens of findings from last year's busy holiday season. To bring this report to life, we're putting on a live webinar that will arm you with actionable tips and best practices to ensure your product pages are ready for success during this year's holiday rush.

    You will learn:

    - How consumer shopping searches change over the holidays
    - What leading brands do to improve holiday product pages
    - How to effectively refresh your holiday content
  • Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey
    Activating and Shaping the Customer Journey Vicky Currie, N Brown Group; Tony Brown, Teradata Customer Journey Solution; and Mary Anne Hensley, CMO Council Recorded: Oct 4 2017 55 mins
    It is easy to commit to delivering to exceptional customer experiences, but executing on the same can often be the hardest step. Join CMO Council, Teradata and N Brown Group (JD Williams) in part 2 of our webinar series to hear how organizations can enhance the customer experience and influence their buyers’ next steps to align with organizations’ desired goals and objectives.

    During this one-hour webinar, Vicky Currie, Head of Segmentation and Selections in the Customer Insight Group for N Brown Group (JD Williams), will share insights around how the company transitioned from just collecting customer data to influencing customer decisions with predictive insight. Specifically, Currie will share how N Brown Group moved from mapping the customer journey to actually understanding where customers are in the buying process, and then intervening with the right offer, at the right time and through the right channel, to lead customers to a purchase. Hear Currie explain how the ability to combine insights with action has helped the company meet business objectives, drive revenue and, above all, improve the customer experience.

    Joining the CMO Council and Vicky Currie will be Tony Brown, Vice President of Product Management and Business Development, Teradata Customer Journey Solution. Tony will share insights on the critical steps marketers must take to better inform and shape the buyer journey.

    Among the topics to be discussed:

    • How data and analytic insights can help identify a customer’s stage in the buying journey
    • Why integrating online and offline data is critical for a holistic view of the customer
    • Real-life business benefits of optimizing customers’ journeys
  • Boosting Product Discoverability on Amazon: Are your products standing out?
    Boosting Product Discoverability on Amazon: Are your products standing out? Rob Gonzalez, Co-Founder/VP, Salsify and Rana Kannan, Strategic Programs, Salsify Recorded: Sep 29 2017 44 mins
    Over 55% of all product searches start on Amazon.

    Amazon’s giant product selection and helpful content has made it the go-to site for online shoppers researching products. With over half of product searches starting on Amazon, it has become a retailer you cannot afford to ignore.

    Join Salsify and content26 for a webinar on the ways you can use content and advertising to get your products discovered on Amazon’s digital shelf. We’ll be sharing tips to improve both organic and paid search on the site.

    You will learn how to:

    - Boost product discoverability through paid and organic search
    - Improve brand accuracy on product pages to drive conversion
    - Get the most out of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)
    - Create content that works in tandem with your Amazon advertising efforts
  • Data Studio: Visualization & Reporting Solutions to Enable Better Decisions
    Data Studio: Visualization & Reporting Solutions to Enable Better Decisions Nick Mihailovski, Google; Mary Andrews, Cardinal Path; Dave Eckman, Cardinal Path Recorded: Sep 26 2017 50 mins
    In this webinar, we’re joined by Nick Mihailovski of Google Data Studio to explore the value of dashboards, demonstrate the simplicity and power of Data Studio, and share incredible real-world examples from leading organizations.
  • Enhancing Email Marketing with New Targeting and Customer Experience Tactics
    Enhancing Email Marketing with New Targeting and Customer Experience Tactics David Daniels, CEO & Founder, The Relevancy Group | @EmailDaniels Recorded: Sep 26 2017 53 mins
    Join Kath Pay of Holistic Email Marketing, and esteemed marketing industry analyst David Daniels, as he shares new research, tactics and strategies to improve the customer experience and relevance. David will review several new innovations and technologies and discuss their effectiveness.

    David’s presentation and discussion will address the following:
    • Data utilization in email marketing and the efficacy of real time data
    • Individual targeting and the rise of People Based Marketing and its role in email marketing
    • The impact of machine learning and other artificial intelligence technology on email marketing
    • Innovations in mobile utilization to drive mobile app usage
    • The challenges and opportunities of utilizing embedding video in email

    David will also take your questions and offer access to research reports available for download.

    About David Daniels – CEO & Founder, The Relevancy Group
    Follow David on Twitter @emaildaniels Learn more at www.relevancygroup.com

    As CEO of The Relevancy Group, David directs market research and advisory services essential to digital marketing. Direct Magazine said David is “one of the most influential experts in email marketing, if not the most influential.” Co-author of ‘Email Marketing An Hour A Day’, David has held senior level positions at Forrester, JupiterResearch, Apple, Anthropologie and other top brands. In 2017 David was named Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year by the eec/DMA. David is also the Publisher and Founder of The Marketer Quarterly a digital magazine for marketers by marketers available for free with registration at www.marketerquarterly.com or via the MQ App on Apple, Google and Amazon.
  • Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a segment of one
    Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a segment of one Cherie Yu, Head of Local Marketing, Lyft Recorded: Sep 21 2017 61 mins
    Consumers aren’t actually impressed by just a "Hi!" And as deluged by content as they are, they know they have the luxury of simply ignoring you. To catch their interest, you need to demonstrate that you know what they want, and you can deliver it.

    In other words, hyper-personalization. Innovations in marketing tech, like AI, machine learning, and shopping bots, enable you to microsegment all the way down to a customer’s purchase and interest patterns to develop messaging that triggers powerful interest, creates deep engagement, and drives sales.

    Learn more about the tech you need, the strategies that win, and how to deliver the “you know me” satisfaction that keeps customers coming back for more when you join this VB Live event!

    Don’t miss out!

    You’ll learn:
    * Why broad segmentation is no longer enough
    * How shopping bots, AI + more enable one-to-one marketing
    * How psychographics, lifecycle data, and multi-channel behavior can build customer profiles
    * How engagement, experience and retention improve one-to-one marketing
    * The importance of not being creepy
    * The trends and future of hyper-personalization

    * Cherie Yu, Head of Local Marketing, Lyft
    * Dr. Martin Prescher, CTO of AutoGravity
    * Stewart Rogers, Direct of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Using Native Advertising To Fuel Your Top-of-Funnel Holiday Marketing
    Using Native Advertising To Fuel Your Top-of-Funnel Holiday Marketing Dave Hennessy, Sr. Native Advertising Manager at 3Q Digital & Ryan Bettencourt, CEO and Co-Founder at Spoutable Recorded: Aug 29 2017 71 mins
    This year's holiday season is almost here. You have special sales, promotions and giveaways planned. Your bottom-funnel channels are ready to close. But how are you thinking about top-of-funnel marketing and how you'll introduce potential customers to your brand? A few questions worth asking:

    - What content can we amplify to create awareness around sales and promotions?
    - How will we reach ad-fatigued audiences with that content before and during promotional-heavy periods?
    - What are the most cost-efficient ways to reach consumers with that content?

    Join 3Q Digital and Spoutable as we explore how your brand can leverage native advertising to drive targeted awareness around your holiday promotions and augment overall performance of your online advertising channels in Q4.

    We'll share:

    * What native advertising is and how it fits into your online media mix
    * The important factors driving native advertising growth and 2018 projections
    * How to measure your native advertising ad spend ROI
    * How to optimize your creative for native advertising
    * How to approach your top-of-funnel native advertising to push higher conversions down the funnel
    * Best practices and insider tips from agency and native network experts
  • Mobile advertising: Stop fraud and step up clicks
    Mobile advertising: Stop fraud and step up clicks James Peng, Head of Mobile and Social Acquisition, Match Group Recorded: Aug 24 2017 61 mins
    It's 2017 and the digital ad space hasn't stopped growing in size and complexity. Mobile advertisers are seeing increased opportunities for ad placements in apps and messaging platforms, which means more opportunities, but also new marketing challenges—and a major surge in fraud.

    Make this the year you stop letting fraudulent bots burn through your budget and start maximizing the power of mobile advertising with must-click messaging. Join our latest live, interactive event for an in-depth look at how to stay in front of your audience, ahead of your competitors, and on top of fraud.

    In this webinar you'll:
    * Learn what works and what doesn't in 2017's mobile advertising arena
    * Mitigate the mobile advertising fraud risk in your own applications
    * Create the most engaging mobile advertisements for savvy app patrons
    * Use video and 360 advertising to stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile advertising

    * James Peng, Head of Mobile and Social Acquisition, Match Group
    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Technology, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Adjust
  • The Key to Exceeding Advertiser Expectations
    The Key to Exceeding Advertiser Expectations Tore Frihagen, EVP at Cxense | Kimmo Kiviluoto, CEO at Enreach | Tor Helge Løvåsen, Head of AdOps with Agderposten Mediagroup Recorded: Aug 24 2017 39 mins
    Your Audience Data is a treasure trove of insights that can deliver premium services to the readers who expect a personal and engaging experience, and the advertisers who are looking for audience segements that convert.

    Join Tore Frihagen, EVP of Strategic Alliances at Cxense, Kimmo Kiviluoto, CEO of Enreach and special guest Tor Helge Løvåsen, Head of AdOps at Agderposten Mediagroup, as they dive deep into the gap between what advertisers want and what publishers deliver. On this webinar you'll discover how premium publishers are closing the gap and exceeding advertiser expectations with out-of-the-box, next-generation solutions that provide a win-win for publishers, agencies and ad op teams alike.
  • Getting your email marketing team GDPR compliant
    Getting your email marketing team GDPR compliant Steve Henderson, Compliance Officer, Communicator Corp Recorded: Aug 24 2017 48 mins
    Join us on this webinar and learn:
    - What are the new challenges with gaining consent for new and existing data.
    - How technology and clever copywriting can help with new sign-ups(examples on how to make sign-up both compelling and compliant with GDPR and ePrivacy)
    - How to run your own GDPR audit

    About Steve Henderson:

    With over a decade’s experience, Steve is a data protection and email deliverability specialist and is an expert on the impact of the GDPR to the email marketing industry. Steve has worked with the DMA since 2012 and was elected to the DMA Email Council in 2015.
    Steve belongs to the CIPP/E (Certified Institute of Privacy Professionals – Europe), the CIPT (Certified Institute of Privacy Technologists) and was recently awarded the IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy.
  • Is Real-Time Content Creepy?
    Is Real-Time Content Creepy? Guy Hanson, Return Path & Jenna Tiffany, Let'sTalk Strategy & Lili Boev, dotmailer Recorded: Aug 22 2017 62 mins
    One of digital marketing's biggest bugbears is the ability for brands to follow customers, often clumsily. Join this webinar on BrightTALK to hear how to make 'real time' work really well for your brand.

    Join us to find out:
    · Why to use it
    · How to use it effectively
    · Whether it actually makes a difference
    · If it's worth the time, money and effort to set-up for the long-term benefits

    Brands are increasingly investing in 'real time' content. This webinar will feature experts in email and real-time marketing to give you the answers your business needs. Explore what this actually means, and what the implications and rules are for marketers.
  • Google’s UAC, the App Landscape, and Best Practices for New App Success
    Google’s UAC, the App Landscape, and Best Practices for New App Success Natalie Aller, Assoc. Director Mobile Strategy, 3Q Digital & Aaron Austin, Mobile App Strategy & Sales Expert, Google Recorded: Aug 10 2017 43 mins
    With so many new apps launching on the app stores everyday, app discovery and acquisition has become a challenging endeavor. Join experts from Google and 3Q Digital to learn how to use Google’s powerful Universal App Campaigns (UAC) to drive your user acquisition for your app.

    Register now for this live webinar on Thursday, August 10th at 2pm ET / 11am PT, where we'll discuss:

    * How mobile apps are disrupting the industry
    * Tools for promoting a new app and how UAC uses machine-learning and AI to optimize discovery
    * How to solidify the KPIs for your app, and use advertising metrics as instant feedback to improve app performance
    * Common UAC mistakes to avoid
    * How to allocate your budget to maximize app discovery and engagement
    * UAC insights for the Finance, QSR, and Retail industries
  • BrandZ™ Top 100 Markenranking 2017
    BrandZ™ Top 100 Markenranking 2017 Thomas Deneke, Client Director, Kantar Millward Brown Recorded: Aug 10 2017 38 mins
    Bereits zum 12. Mal wurde dieses Jahr Kantar Millward Browns internationale Markenwertstudie BrandZ veröffentlicht. Auf der Basis von Finanzkennzahlen und der Befragung von mehr als drei Millionen Konsumenten bestimmen wir die wertvollsten Marken weltweit.

    Google ist auch 2017 die wertvollste Marke der Welt. Mit einer Steigerung des Markenwertes von 7% im Vergleich zum Vorjahr auf nun 245,6 Mrd. USD verteidigt das Internetunternehmen den Spitzenplatz in der jährlich veröffentlichten Markenwertstudie BrandZTM. Auch Apple und Microsoft verzeichnen mit +3% (234,7 Mrd. USD) und +18% (143,2 Mrd. USD) ein Wachstum ihrer Markenwerte und bleiben damit weiterhin auf den Plätzen zwei und drei.

    In diesem Webinar werden wir Ihnen weitere Schlüsselergebnisse der BrandZ Studie mit einem Fokus auf die europäischen und deutschen Marken vorstellen und aufzeigen, was wertvolle Marken von weniger wertvollen Marken unterscheidet.
  • Digital & Media Predictions 2018
    Digital & Media Predictions 2018 Claudia Gelbe, Client Director & Thomas Deneke, Client Director Kantar Millward Brown Jan 11 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Kantar Millward Brown hat die zentralen Digital- und Medientrends für das Jahr 2018 analysiert und identifiziert was das kommende Jahr für das Marketing bereit hält.

    Die Predictions liefern Unternehmen einen Überblick über zukünftige Chancen und Herausforderungen mit Blick auf die Markenführung im digitalen Umfeld. Marketingverantwortliche müssen sich auf Wachstum in den Bereichen geschlossener Plattformen und bei OTT-Angeboten einstellen. Medienhäuser und Plattformen hingegen sollten mit einer veränderten Verteilung der Werbebudgets rechnen. Und Konsumenten dürfen sich auf Innovationen freuen – etwa in den Feldern Branded Entertainment, Content Marketing und künstliche Intelligenz.

    Erfahren Sie mehr zu diesen Trends in unserem Webinar.
    Was ist neu und was muss von den Werbetreibenden berücksichtigt werden, um erfolgreich zu sein?