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  • Build A Coaching Culture for Successful Large Account Sales
    Build A Coaching Culture for Successful Large Account Sales
    Barbara Weaver Smith, The Large Account Sales Expert Recorded: Mar 20 2019 45 mins
    Part II in the series Your Growth Ecosystem: Don’t Think Small About Your Big Accounts. For CEOs, Presidents, Founders/Owners, Business Development Heads, Sales VPs, and Key Account Managers of companies of any size, with special relevance to those with $10 million to $500 million in annual revenue. The series is a strategic, high-level approach to managing your organization to successfully sell and grow sales to multinational and global corporations.

    The successful large account salespeople today and in the future need to be intelligent, informed, skilled, knowledgeable and wise. Too much sales training focuses on information (mostly product-based) and skill (mostly routine). The leaders’ job is to coach the entire team to translate information into knowledge and move towards real wisdom in their interaction with prospects and customers. This webinar covers how to create a culture of coaching within your sales team, how to develop a deep customer-centric perspective within your company, and how to manage the short-term demands with a long-term perspective.

    You will learn:

    1.How to coach your team to turn their information into useful knowledge.
    2.How to find time and ways to coach your team.
    3.Sales enablement ideas for a coaching culture.
    4.Characteristics of a culture that fosters fast growth.
    5.How to nurture a customer-centric perspective in your sales team.
  • ServiceNow Madrid: Mobile Studio, Agent Workspace, HR & CSM Updates
    ServiceNow Madrid: Mobile Studio, Agent Workspace, HR & CSM Updates
    Adam Mason, Carleen Carter, Ken Michelson, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Mar 19 2019 62 mins
    Acorio Executives will chat all about ServiceNow Madrid. Join the webinar to learn about:

    - The Top Platform Enhancements: Mobile Studio, Agent Workspace, Service Portal, Flow Designer, Automated Testing Framework, Custom App Licensing
    - Improvements & Updates in HR, CSM, Problem Management, and Software Asset Management License Workbench
    - Upgrading the right way
  • Being Future Ready in a Trasformative Digital Economy
    Being Future Ready in a Trasformative Digital Economy
    Chuck Rybacki, Chief Product Officer, Conga & Sheryl Kingstone, Research Director, 451 Research Recorded: Mar 19 2019 47 mins
    In today’s digital economy, companies are competing for customers like never before as price and product are no longer the only drivers of business. The value of delivering an engaging customer experience is on the rise, and businesses are increasingly turning to software and digitized processes to accommodate this trend. In fact, 80 percent of businesses are either planning or formally engaged in digital transformation initiatives to improve their overall customer experience.

    Join us to understand:

    -The importance of Digital Transformation
    -Why businesses must respond to the pace of change
    -The tools for Digital Transformation success
  • Sales Acceleration - 7 Back to Basics Approaches to Propelling Sales Success
    Sales Acceleration - 7 Back to Basics Approaches to Propelling Sales Success
    Deb Calvert w/special guest Drew Stevens Recorded: Mar 19 2019 45 mins
    Are you struggling with sales success? Are you meeting your sales closure goals? Or, are you simply seeking better and more efficient methods to close sales quickly? Selling is a 3000-year-old profession that requires one ideal to achieve success – simplicity! Sometimes it is not what you are doing but what you are avoiding so that you achieve and exceed quota. In this fascinating, interactive and enjoyable presentation you will be engaged with the art of simplicity and basics so that you achieve more, bypass competition and excel personally and professionally in all you do!

    In this interview you will learn:
    1.How to achieve differentiation from other sales professionals
    2.Compare and contrast electronic and traditional methods to break out from competition
    3.Analyze and develop better methods to reaching the economic buyer
    4.Understand the importance of a process and remaining true
  • Are you ready for a future based on orchestration?
    Are you ready for a future based on orchestration?
    Keith Langridge, Adrian Comley, David Llewellyn-Jones, Stephen Moss from BT Recorded: Mar 19 2019 24 mins
    “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” Bill Gates

    It’s not the deployment of SD-WAN that is the major change in your network. Nor the move from physical to virtual devices. It’s the orchestration and service chains of networking functions that brings truly transformational change to your IT organisation.

    In this webinar you’ll discover:
    • how technology can transform your service beyond SD-WAN
    • the importance of new programming languages on delivering these services
    • and how new skills and support can make this possible.
  • Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Intelligent Fraud Management – Banking and Insurance
    Ritika Sehgal Director Pre-Sales Analytics and Alain Martens Analytics Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software Recorded: Mar 19 2019 54 mins
    A perfect storm of legislation, market dynamics, and increasingly sophisticated fraud strategies require you to be proactive in detecting fraud quicker and more effectively.

    TIBCO’s Fraud Management Platform allows you to meet ever-increasing requirements faster than traditional in-house development, easier than off-the-shelf systems, and with more control, because you’re in charge of priorities, not a vendor.
    All this is achieved using a single engine that can combine traditional rules with newer predictive analytics models.
    This webinar will cover:

    - Why is a fraud management platform necessary
    - How to gain an understanding of the components of a fraud management platform
    - The benefits of implementing a fraud management platform
    - How TIBCO’s platform has helped other companies
  • Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications
    Learn How to Seamlessly Connect Cloud and Hybrid Applications
    Paul Varley, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Mar 19 2019 17 mins
    TIBCO Cloud™ Integration makes it easy for anyone to integrate business applications. From developers, to IT specialists, to daily business operations participants, everyone is involved with integration. One of the newest additions to TIBCO Cloud Integration is TIBCO Scribe® Software capability.
  • Manufacturing Intelligence: Keep Your Processes Under Control
    Manufacturing Intelligence: Keep Your Processes Under Control
    Alessandro Chimera, Manufacturing Industry Expert, TIBCO Software Inc. , Danny Stout, Sr. Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Soft Recorded: Mar 19 2019 30 mins
    The current trend in manufacturing is towards tailor-made products in smaller lots with shorter delivery times. This change may lead to frequent production modifications resulting in increased machine downtime, higher production cost, product waste—and the need to rework faulty products.

    Watch this webinar to learn how TIBCO’s Smart Manufacturing solutions can help you overcome these challenges. You will also see a demonstration of TIBCO technology in action around improving yield and optimizing processes while also saving costs.

    What You Will Learn:

    -Applying advanced analytics & machine learning / AI techniques to optimize complex manufacturing processes
    -How multi-variate statistical process control can help to detect deviations from a baseline
    -How to monitor in real time the OEE and produce a 360 view of your factory

    The webinar also highlights customer case studies from our clients who have already successfully implemented process optimization models.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Sales Cultures
    Emotionally Intelligent Sales Cultures
    Colleen Stanley, The Emotional Intelligence For Sales Expert Recorded: Mar 18 2019 43 mins
    In today's hyper-competitive markets, sales people are under a lot of pressure. A sales person must not only sell a solution to a client, they must partner with the client to create the solution. This requires the ability to build trust with prospects and customers quickly. This level of partnership, co-creation, is not possible without the ability to engage people on both a rational and emotional level. Emotional intelligence is the competitive tool for sales people.

    Colleen Stanley shares thought provoking and practical tips for incorporating emotional intelligence skills into your sales process. Learn how soft skills produce hard sales results.
    Learning Objectives:
    Understand the art and neuroscience of influence, sales and sales leadership.
    Discover why salespeople—and sales managers---default to fight or flight responses during difficult conversations.
    Learn the power of emotional self-awareness, the mega soft skill. Know thyself before you can know others.
    Discover how and why empathy builds trust and relationships. Leverage the power of truly ‘walking a mile’ in another person’s shoes.
    Gain insights on the importance of delayed gratification in building powerful selling skills and sales teams.
  • Integrated Application Health & Business Impact Analysis with Operations Bridge
    Integrated Application Health & Business Impact Analysis with Operations Bridge
    Saumya Upadhyaya, Wes Cooper and Gary Brandt, Micro Focus Recorded: Mar 14 2019 61 mins
    In this day and age, employees generate so much business from their own devices that application performance management (APM) capabilities have become an essential part of any comprehensive monitoring solution.

    But when you find the weak link using APM data, how do you identify the business impact? For example, how do you know if the root cause of that pesky method call is due to code or to infrastructure issues? Clever analysis is the answer.

    Join us on this webcast and learn how many companies are bringing APM and AIOps together to address this issue and deliver measureable benefits. We’ll also discuss our vision for this evolving domain.
  • How to Identify and Leverage Win Themes™ for Every Prospect Call
    How to Identify and Leverage Win Themes™ for Every Prospect Call
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Recorded: Mar 14 2019 35 mins
    If you want to improve the customer experience and their receptivity to your messages, then you need to know about Win Themes™. Accelerate your sales by staying in the conversation sweet spot thereby moving the prospect through the sales cycle without stalls.

    You will learn:

    1. What are Win Themes™?

    2. Why are Win Themes™ so powerful for customer interactions?

    3. When to use Win Themes™?

    4. What results can you expect with Win Themes™??
  • Data Virtualization for the Energy Industry
    Data Virtualization for the Energy Industry
    Stephen Archut, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Data Virtualization Phil Unger, CEO, Cadeon Niaz Tadayyon, M.Eng, CBIP Recorded: Mar 14 2019 32 mins
    Within the energy industry, Exploration, Production, Refining, and Marketing each present unique business challenges. Analyzing the disparate data created and used upstream, downstream, and beyond poses unique IT challenges. With siloed data assets forming an often-untapped reservoir of business opportunity and insight, energy companies who successfully leverage them can gain a significant competitive advantage.

    Watch this joint webinar with TIBCO and Cadeon, a data and business analytics expert in the Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining industries to learn about:

    •How to federate, abstract, and simplify data using TIBCO Data Virtualization for faster analytic insights
    •How to overcome data and analytic challenges to gain tangible business benefits
    •How to do this with all your data, no matter where it resides — upstream, downstream or anywhere across the globe.
  • What is a Customer Data Platform?
    What is a Customer Data Platform?
    Tom Treanor, Global Head of Marketing Arm Treasure Data Recorded: Mar 13 2019 24 mins
    You may have heard of a Customer Data Platform (or CDP) but really not understand what that means or what functionality to expect. Join us for this webinar to learn about CDPs from how they help you manage your customer data, to how they’re architected, what use cases they serve, and what to look out for when selecting a CDP vendor.
  • What’s Up, Doc(s)? Bringing the Global Personalization Trend into Documentation
    What’s Up, Doc(s)? Bringing the Global Personalization Trend into Documentation
    Joe Gelb & Lawrence Orin Recorded: Mar 13 2019 58 mins
    Personalized content is all around us. Google search results are personalized. Online shopping sites offer intelligent recommendations to up-sell the customer with products they might want. Banks, travel services, hotels, newspapers, streaming television networks, and social media feeds — everywhere you look, personalization is the way content is delivered today.

    So why is technical documentation still stuck in the Dark Ages, with manuals, chapters, and static text?

    Join Paul Perrotta, the Technical Communication Wrangler, and his special guests, Joe Gelb, Founder and President of Zoomin Software, and Lawrence Orin, Product Evangelist at Zoomin Software for this free, one-hour webinar from The Content Wrangler.

    During the webinar, Joe and Lawrence will explore how we can bring various personalization methodologies in use today into the technical documentation space to offer users recommended and personalized product content. They will also explain how some of the world's fastest growing brands leverage technical product content to improve customer experiences, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction.
  • Let's Talk Cybersecurity
    Let's Talk Cybersecurity
    Scott Abel, Tonie Flores, M.K. Palmore, and Keyaan Williams Recorded: Mar 12 2019 62 mins
    All systems have weaknesses – places where a determined attacker has the potential to breach security and either disrupt your organization or steal your data. Defending your organization and its digital assets starts with understanding your vulnerabilities. Therefore, cybersecurity planning must begin with a solid understanding of the places where your systems, processes, and staff are vulnerable to attack.

    The single weakest part of any system is the people who use it. People are vulnerable to a wide range of exploits, including social engineering attacks such as phishing, which attempt to fool people into revealing passwords or other sensitive information, to insider threats, where employees take advantage of their position to breach security. Phishing remains the number one intrusion vector for threat actors.

    Cyberattacks can come from software, hardware, and people. Business professionals must defend against attacks from all of these sources. Although it may seem out of your control, you are not helpless against cyberattacks. There are things you can do to help protect your digital assets.

    Join Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, for a discussion about cybersecurity with Toni Flores, editor of “The Language of Cybersecurity," M.K. Palmore, Senior Federal Law Enforcement Executive for the FBI, and cyberdefense specialist, Keyaan Williams of Cyber Leadership and Strategy Solutions, LLC. We’ll discuss the current state of cyber warfare and help you understand a variety of vulnerabilities, exploits, defenses and controls.
  • Data as a Feaure: A Guide for Product Managers
    Data as a Feaure: A Guide for Product Managers
    Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Software + Guest speakers from Projekt 202 Recorded: Mar 12 2019 51 mins
    Business applications are evolving and user expectations for quality and easy-to-use software are at an all-time high. How do you build products and services that meet demand for both power and simplicity?

    In this on-demand webinar, we will explore how treating data as a feature can help product managers create indispensable applications that help users solve their most critical goals. As a bonus, special guests from experience-driven design and development firm, projekt202, will co-present on best practice methodologies for designing and building software that makes sense.

    You will learn to:

    -Understand users’ goals, the data they’ll need to achieve them, where the data comes from, and how to visualize data effectively
    -Use personas to help keep users in mind when making critical development and design decisions
    -Provide an interwoven data experience by immersing reports, dashboards, and visualizations into your applications
  • Fujitsu | Leading a Digital Workforce powered by connected-RPA technologies
    Fujitsu | Leading a Digital Workforce powered by connected-RPA technologies
    George Gakuru, Head of Digital Workforce, Fujitsu America | Gokul Solai, CEO, Novatio Recorded: Mar 12 2019 63 mins
    Constantly at the forefront of innovation, Fujitsu holds the most AI patents in the world. One of the largest IT service providers globally – with customers in over 100 countries – they are focused on operational excellence, internally and externally. They’ve used RPA to provide a consistent quality of service, while improving delivery, security and resource flexibility.

    This episode of our Blue Prism Café will showcase how Fujitsu have embraced and leveraged their Digital Workforce since adopting Blue Prism RPA in 2016 and how it has driven results through their internal optimisation program, breaking down silos and delivering incredible productivity along the way. The Café will also get an insight into how Fujitsu and their partners Novatio see connected-RPA deployment evolving their internal processes and partner eco-systems, and how it can dovetail with AI technologies in 2019 and beyond.

    Key takeaways
    • Fujitsu’s journey through adoption and implementation of RPA
    • How their cloud-based Digital Workforce powers their multiple automation resources.
    • An in-depth look at how RPA enable Fujitsu to optimise their Network Operations Centre, delivering incredible ROI.
    • What’s next for Fujitsu and Novatio in the Connected RPA world.

    • George Gakuru, Head of Digital Workforce, Fujitsu America
    • Gokul Solai, CEO, Novatio
    • Xina Seaton, VP Customer Experience, Blue Prism

    This live webinar will include a Q&A with the audience: make sure you pre-register and join us live on March the 12th 2019. This session will be recorded and available on-demand on this website.
  • Pindrop at CES 2019 | A Note from John Chambers
    Pindrop at CES 2019 | A Note from John Chambers
    John Chambers Recorded: Mar 12 2019 11 mins
    John Chambers, the former chairman and CEO of Cisco joined Pindrop at CES 2019 for private event to discuss leadership, technology, and landing market transitions. As John says, “When you think about the future of any market transition, people get too excited too early, and that it takes much longer to develop than what most people think...but AI, security, and voice will move with tremendous speed”.
  • PSCU and Pindrop Block $1 Million in Fraud in One Month
    PSCU and Pindrop Block $1 Million in Fraud in One Month
    Pindrop & PSCU Recorded: Mar 11 2019 4 mins
    Last year, PSCU became the first credit union service provider to utilize Pindrop’s proprietary technology to fight call center authentication fraud. Pindrop added a layer of voice security and deep caller authentication to the nation’s largest credit union services provider.

    PSCU began testing Pindrop technology in the fourth quarter of 2017. Within the first month, more than 300 confirmed fraud situations were identified using the technology. With an average credit limit between $3,000 and $4,000, this equates to an estimated $1 million in savings, immediately confirming the immense value of the security solution.
  • Are these Call Center Fraudsters in your Phone Channel?
    Are these Call Center Fraudsters in your Phone Channel?
    Pindrop Recorded: Mar 11 2019 1 min
    Take a deeper dive into the minds of call center fraudsters with audio recordings taken from real fraud calls.
  • Pindrop Panorama: Anti-Fraud & Authentication
    Pindrop Panorama: Anti-Fraud & Authentication
    Pindrop Recorded: Mar 11 2019 3 mins
    Pindrop® Panorama leverages years of innovations in machine learning to provide authentication and anti-fraud solutions for today’s call center. With Pindrop, organizations can verify their callers in a customer-not-present environment while deterring fraudulent access to customer accounts and identities. Pindrop helps you recognize your customers and spot fraudsters based on their voice, device, and behavior.
  • What is the Future of Identity Authentication and Key Trends
    What is the Future of Identity Authentication and Key Trends
    Thomas French, Industry Consultant, SAS & Vince Tocce, Host, Vince in the Bay Podcast Recorded: Mar 7 2019 23 mins
    Join Thomas French, Industry Consultant, SAS for a live Q&A interview at RSA Conference 2019 to learn more about the key trends in digital identity and authentication, specifically in the Financial Services industry.

    Discussion topics will include:
    - Tends in payments fraud
    - Ways this data is being monetized today
    - Emerging cybersecurity and fraud trends that have resulted from the adoption of faster payments
    - How financial institutions manage their risk postures with increasing security and fraud challenges
    - How the concept of digital identity is changing in financial institutions
  • Closing Sales? No Excuses!
    Closing Sales? No Excuses!
    Michael Griego, The Enterprise Sales Effectiveness Expert Recorded: Mar 7 2019 46 mins
    Are you a Sales Closer? Do you know what it really takes to close deals in today’s environment? This session will cut through all the noise about closing deals with clear, doable, professional sales best-practices. Let’s revamp how we sell. No excuses!

    You will learn:

    1. What Closing is and what it isn’t
    2. How Super Star Salespeople really Close
    3. Key Disciplines for Effective Closing
  • The New World of AI - Powered Contracts
    The New World of AI - Powered Contracts
    Tim Cummins, IACCM President and Jason Gabbard, Head of AI, Conga Recorded: Mar 6 2019 54 mins
    Contract management is an area that is ripe for innovation and digital transformation. Often contracting processes are bureaucratic, burdensome, and a major source of delays. Yet new technological solutions are emerging quickly, affording the opportunity for AI to manage much of the process, while freeing up people—contract management staff—to focus on more strategic tasks.

    Are you prepared for the pace of change?

    Join us live to hear from IACCM President Tim Cummins and Conga Head of AI Jason Gabbard while they chat about:

    -The essential documents and contracts to automate.
    -Driving compliance across departments and increasing collaboration.
    -Boosting efficiency by reducing errors with key AI technology and Machine Learning.
  • How to Create a Sales Experience that Doesn’t Suck
    How to Create a Sales Experience that Doesn’t Suck
    Melissa Madian, The Sales Experience Expert Recorded: Mar 6 2019 40 mins
    Your sales people are often the first people with whom a prospective customer interacts. Are you equipping Sales with what they need to have an engaging, relevant conversation while also providing an experience that makes the customer say, ‘Wow, that salesperson really got me!”? This session will cover how to design a sales experience that is geared towards building customers for life.

    You will learn:

    1.Why the Sales experience is so critical to the customer lifecycle.
    2.How to design a Sales experience that meets the needs of revenue-generation while creating a fantastic customer experience.
    3.How to empower your Sales teams so they are customer-centric.
  • How to Build a CX Dashboard that Drives Better Results
    How to Build a CX Dashboard that Drives Better Results
    Lauren Volpe (Fareportal); Shorit Ghosh (Clarabridge); Erica Marois (ICMI Moderator) Mar 20 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    According to 2018 ICMI Research, customer experience strategy is a top priority for contact center leaders this year. The challenge? Determining which KPIs to use to track success, and interpreting all the data already available to drive meaningful results.

    Join us on March 20 as we walk you through the ins and outs and CX metrics, and help you discover new ways to understand even the most complex customer feedback. We’ll also show you how the contact center can deliver actionable insights that will fuel success across the rest of the business.

    During this webinar, you will learn:
    - How to determine the right mix of CX metrics for your team
    - How to design dashboards that measure what matters most to customers and inspire agents to deliver
    - How to better leverage contact center data to drive operational excellence

    Join us for an interactive and informative hour, filled with practical tips, and complete with live audience Q&A.
  • Essential SaaS benchmarks for a competitive advantage
    Essential SaaS benchmarks for a competitive advantage
    Recurly Mar 21 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The competition is coming. By 2020, eighty percent of SaaS players will move to a subscription-based model, which means your success strategies have to evolve — and that includes the all-important fundamental: how your subscriptions are structured.

    Your subscription pricing and plan structure have a profound impact on subscriber acquisition and retention, and once you nail the formula, you'll see revenue increase. Do you choose an annual or monthly plan? Offer a trial or discounts?

    This is where a test plan is critical. Combined with benchmark data, you can test and iterate your way to the right pricing and plan structure. And when important decisions are backed by comprehensive benchmark data, you’re far more likely to see an increase in adoption and revenue.

    Join this VB Live event to discover essential SaaS benchmarks and best practices to maximize revenue, improve acquisition, and spur adoption.

    Registration is free!

    Attendees will learn:

    * Important SaaS benchmarks by industry segment
    * How to structure your SaaS subscription plans and pricing to maximize revenue and retention
    * How successful SaaS companies use a test, learn, and iterate framework to optimize revenue
    * The key metrics — and reports — to monitor for success and maximum LTV
    * The results of an in-depth case study on SaaS testing and pricing

    *Panelist: Emma Clark, Chief of Staff, Recurly
    *Moderator/Analyst: Sean Joyce, Recurring Revenue Technologies, Navint
  • The AI Advantage – Practical Steps Toward Realizing the Promise of AI
    The AI Advantage – Practical Steps Toward Realizing the Promise of AI
    Seth Earley, Founder and CEO, Earley Information Science, Tom Davenport, author of The AI Advantage Mar 21 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) for organizations of all sizes is becoming more practical every day. Many successful implementations are having subtle, but far reaching implications for companies across industries. In this roundtable we will discuss:

    1. Where to begin looking for practical opportunities to leverage AI in your organization
    2. How market forces are driving this evolution
    3. Prioritizing incremental wins over big hit projects
  • Lessons Learned from an Enterprise-Scale Migration Project
    Lessons Learned from an Enterprise-Scale Migration Project
    Lars Muller, CRM Partners AG, TIBCO MVP Mar 25 2019 3:00 pm UTC 37 mins
    Data migration projects are growing more complex. With companies adopting more applications, especially cloud applications, and using more data sources than ever before, migrating just one system to the cloud can be a high-stakes, risky project. CRM Partners AG has a history of implementing successful migration projects, such as a recently completed project for a global manufacturer. Their methodology for data migration projects is designed to reduce the cost and risk they may encounter.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    - The advantage of using the TIBCO Cloud™ Integration cloud-based (iPaaS) integration platform for your migration project vs. custom code
    - Key decisions you need to make at the outset of your project that will minimize risks
    - How to prepare your data for a successful migration
    - How to test and execute your migration to ensure a smooth launch
  • Blockchain: Flying the Friendly Skies
    Blockchain: Flying the Friendly Skies
    Nelson Petrack, CTO, TIBO Software Mar 26 2019 10:00 am UTC 36 mins
    According to the newest research released by SITA, Blockchain is fast emerging among airports and airlines as the priority technology for making the travel experience more efficient. The most commonly expected use of blockchain is for passenger identification, with 40% of airlines saying it would offer a major benefit, and more use cases around passenger experience and airport operations are emerging.

    Watch this webinar with TIBCO CTO Nelson Petrack presenting:

    -A new business model where the traveller is highly connected. Can a blockchain be used to streamline airport operations and improve the customer experience? Increase security?
    -How can blockchain play a role in passenger identity management? What about issues like privacy, GDPR, and blockchain’s immutable behaviour (meaning no deletes)?
    -What is the role of consensus in an enterprise/permission blockchain deployment? What are some examples?

    Learn more about Project Dovetail™ at https://www.tibco.com/resources/community/project-dovetail.
  • How to Prepare for Your HubSpot-CRM Integration Project
    How to Prepare for Your HubSpot-CRM Integration Project
    TIBCO Mar 26 2019 4:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    Any integration project can have gotchas, such as custom fields or duplicate records that can slow you down. Proper up-front planning can help you successfully manage the gotchas, reduce the time needed and achieve better results.

    In this presentation, integration experts from LyntonWeb discuss:

    - How to prepare for your HubSpot-Dynamics CRM integration project to get the results you want
    - How to apply this advice to other marketing automation-CRM integration projects, including Salesforce integrations
  • Throwing IoT in the Trash (literally)
    Throwing IoT in the Trash (literally)
    Shane Swiderek, Brett Orr, Peter Girgis, Gavin Adams Mar 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    Innovative IoT solutions are solving real-world problems, with data serving communities in ways you would never expect. Who would have predicted the hidden insights and cost savings waiting to be uncovered in our trash? Well, Bigmate! This IoT solutions provider turns real-time sensor data into insights.

    Realizing the trash collection process was outdated and inefficient, Bigmate developed a system with IoT sensors providing location, temperature, and bin level monitoring to optimize trash pickup. Saving money, streamlining operations, and optimizing processes, IoT sensor data can help your business discover new ways to solve old problems.

    Join our interactive webinar panel with Bigmate and AWS to learn:

    -How city-wide IoT implementation is optimizing trash pickup
    -How to translate raw data into actionable insights for users
    -The ins and outs of Bigmate’s IoT platform

    Presented By:

    -Gavin Adams, Sr. Solutions Architect, IoT at Amazon Web Services
    -Peter Girgis, Chief Technology Officer, Bigmate
    -Brett Orr, General Manager, Bigmate
    -Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Jaspersoft
  • Branding and Positioning for Marketplace Leadership:Revenue Growth Series Part I
    Branding and Positioning for Marketplace Leadership:Revenue Growth Series Part I
    Christopher Ryan, The B2B Revenue Growth Expert Mar 26 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    A clear, compelling and differentiated brand is a critical factor in the success of every market leader (company or individual). The right branding and positioning strategy can propel your growth and provide significant competitive advantage and the wrong branding strategy can make it more difficult to achieve revenue goals.

    In this event, part 1 of the revenue growth series, discover how to craft your messaging to accelerate revenue and command higher prices. Find out how to use artful branding to take yourself out of bidding wars and become the “obvious choice”. Understand how you can brand yourself both for today’s and future markets. Hear examples of companies that have been branding winners and losers (and the differences).

    We’ll cover the scenarios where you need a major brand overhaul and those where a branding tune-up is sufficient. You will understand why your brand promise is not just a clever slogan that your marketing department dreams up, but rather the foundation upon which your business is built. Last, but certainly not least, we will discuss how your branding and positioning can be used as a key asset to achieve profitable revenue and grow the value of your company.

    You will learn:
    1.Which branding elements contribute to greater revenue.
    2.How to successfully out-brand a larger competitor.
    3.The six major principles that separate great brands from mediocre brands.
    What you can start doing today - to get your branding and positioning on track.
  • Sales Management: Fireside Chat - You Are Managing Salespeople - Now What?
    Sales Management: Fireside Chat - You Are Managing Salespeople - Now What?
    Steven Rosen Mar 27 2019 4:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    Join sales management expert Steven Rosen and his guest sales management expert Suzanne Paling for an exciting “Fireside Chat.”

    In this episode, they will share their insights on what sales leaders who are ill-prepared to lead the sales organization must do to achieve their company’s objectives.

    No PowerPoint, no videos, just open and frank discussion.

    Expect an action-packed webinar filled with sales management gems, pearls, powerful insights and stories that will help you crush your sales numbers.

    Steven and Suzanne will answer these questions and share their insights into how to step up and lead the sales team.

    You will learn:

    - What is the role of the sales manager?
    - How can you ensure you are leading your sales team to achieve the objectives?
    - What are the biggest mistakes new sales managers make?
  • Got CRM? Why you need marketing automation, too
    Got CRM? Why you need marketing automation, too
    Katie Jameson - Head of EMEA Marketing at Act-On Software Mar 28 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    CRM systems transform sales through organization; marketing automation completes the picture by generating leads and managing lead engagement.

    While marketing automation and CRM have different capabilities, when used together this dynamic duo forms a powerful sales and marketing tool.

    In this webinar, led by Katie Jameson, Head of Marketing at Act-On Software, you'll learn:

    1. What is a lead to revenue process?
    2. How to enable a lead to revenue process with the right technology
    3. How marketing automation and CRM systems compliment each other
    4. How to get the best out of both platforms.

    Katie will also share with you some top tips on how to get the most out of your marketing automation and successfully integrating it within your tech stack.

    Katie is the Head of EMEA Marketing at Act-On Software, one of the fastest growing tech companies in North America. A marketing automation native, for the past ten years she has implemented, integrated and executed programmes on a variety of marketing automation platforms at industry leading companies such as Symantec, Paywizard and ResponseTap and now Act-On.

    Katie's hands-on experience gives her the ability to cut through the jargon and speak candidly about marketing automation, demonstrating the absolute power it can bring to the sales and marketing organisation.

    The data we collect here will be used to manage your webinar booking and provide you with useful and relevant sources of B2B Marketing content. By registering for this webinar you specifically consent to us passing on your details to Act-On so that they can contact you by email or by telephone with details of marketing products that they provide. For more information on how we manage your personal data please see our privacy policy below:

  • Smart City Solutions: Futuristic or Feasible?
    Smart City Solutions: Futuristic or Feasible?
    Ritika Sehgal Director PreSales Analytics and Ashwin Datla Senior Solution Consultant TIBCO Software Mar 28 2019 10:00 am UTC 29 mins
    How does a modern city transform into a smart city? A city that would like to function as an integrated orchestration of people, processes, services, organizations and technologies to enhance living conditions has some challenges.

    What’s needed is an agile AI and machine learning-enabled ecosystem that can provide intelligent, connected and predictive services in healthcare, utilities, and/or transportation.

    Watch this short webinar on smart cities for real-life customer examples of how TIBCO’s Connected Intelligent solutions can help:

    - Make use of data sources for informed decision-making
    - Monitor and manage change through streaming analytics
    - Realize new revenue streams and engagement models for modern urban environments
  • Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Digital Transformation Next Steps, from the Analyst
    Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst, Forrester Mar 28 2019 3:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    Today’s enterprises are now required to evolve into the next phase of their digital transformation journey. This next step is driven by value transformation—and integration plays an important role. During this thought leadership session, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst, Henry Peyret, author of The Forrester Wave™: Strategic iPaaS And Hybrid Integration Platforms, Q1 2019, discusses what this evolving landscape looks like, its key drivers, and what enterprises should consider to be successful.

    Watch this webinar to learn more about:

    - Evolving from digital transformation to values transformation
    - The integration challenges and drivers in this transformation
    - Integration trends: iPaaS, strategic iPaaS, and API-led hybrid integration
    - What the next IT evolution looks like, and why you should care
    - How to design your next enterprise organization
    - Key recommendations
  • Chat with Pat: Exploring the future of connected-RPA & Award Finalists
    Chat with Pat: Exploring the future of connected-RPA & Award Finalists
    Pat Geary, Chief Evangelist, Blue Prism | Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism Mar 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    On March 28th, Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA at Blue Prism, will be hosting our next webinar, where we’ll be announcing the customer winners of our prestigious Excellence in Enterprise RPA Awards. You’ll also have the chance to talk to Pat Geary, Chief Evangelist at Blue Prism, about the future of RPA.

    * A new generation of RPA trailblazers

    The Excellence in Enterprise RPA Awards is our annual celebration of RPA success, helping us to recognise the innovation and dedication of our growing customer base.

    We’ll be announcing the finalists of our customer awards and telling you how these RPA success stories have helped to drive the digital transformation and business efficiency of our leading RPA customers.

    * RPA: what's next?

    RPA has come a long way in the 17 years since Blue Prism first brought the innovation and efficiency of the Digital Workforce to the global market. And who better to talk about the future path of connected-RPA than Pat Geary, Chief Evangelist at Blue Prism, who coined the term and invented the industry back in 2012?

    Pat will be giving his key insights into the history and future direction of RPA, and will be answering your questions on the next stage of evolution when it comes to automation, digital transformation and the world of connected digital solutions.

    In this webinar you’ll:

    ● Find out who’s shortlisted in the customer awards at the Excellence in Enterprise RPA Awards
    ● Hear more on those customer success stories and the added value of connected-RPA
    ● Hear from Pat Geary, Blue Prism’s Chief Evangelist, about the future path of the Blue Prism product and the world of automation
    ● Take part in a live-audience Q&A with Pat Geary and Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism.

    If you have a burning RPA-related question to ask, make sure to pre-register and join us on March 28th for this webinar. If you can’t make it on the day, you can easily watch a recording of the session from our webinar page, after the event.
  • The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    The Unknown Hero In Financial Services: Hybrid Faxing
    Jim Wieser, Senior Strategic Manager, Opentext Mar 28 2019 4:00 pm UTC 18 mins
    Meeting the ever-changing requirements of regulations is an increasing and costly challenge for all organizations in the Financial Services sector. All the while, customers demand faster transaction times and highly available information from financial institutions. Today, fax remains at the core of many Financial Services information exchange processes. Paperless digital fax solutions mitigate the compliance and security risks involved in document exchange, while driving customer service.

    This webinar discusses how digital fax helps automate and integrate faxed content – and its data – with the applications that power business processes. Learn how a hybrid fax deployment, combining integrated on-premises fax software with the cloud for fast and scalable transmissions, decreases compliance risk, reduces transaction times and improves customer satisfaction – all in a single solution.
  • Stop Random Acts of Cloud (and Overspending) At Your Organization
    Stop Random Acts of Cloud (and Overspending) At Your Organization
    Neil Miles, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus Mar 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    Is public cloud spending exploding at your organization?

    Enterprise IT teams find public cloud spending hard to control—as business teams often use public cloud services directly. When accounts are not linked or visible, there is little chance to negotiate better vendor pricing or assist teams in staying within their budgets. This typically results in cloud overspending.

    Join us on this webcast and learn how Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) can help central IT select and aggregate public cloud offerings, placing them in a central user catalog for on-demand access along with available on premise resources.

    See how this provides central IT with policy governance and show-back reporting to optimize resource utilization and guide department spending.
  • Are We Prepared to Achieve Digital Transformation?
    Are We Prepared to Achieve Digital Transformation?
    Liz Miller - CMO Council, Patrick Quinlan - Convercent, Gene Holmquist - Insight, Alvin Lu - HashiCorp Mar 28 2019 5:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Digital transformation is, for most executives and organizations, top of mind as we look to shift our people, processes and platforms to a more connected, efficient and effective ecosystem. For many brands, the reality is that transformation has not come at the behest of an internal quest for innovation but rather to keep up with a connected customer making new choices based on experiences and value delivery.

    But the quest for transformation has been rife with buzzwords, failed promises and more than a few platform investments that have only partially yielded results. Teams continue to be hampered by fractured operations and limited access to customer intelligence, and there is growing frustration that transformation initiatives may prove to be never-ending with no real payoff in sight.

    The call to action for business leaders focused on growth is to shake off the missteps of past transformation programs and embrace new strategies that empower employees to act. This also means entrusting teams with intelligence and insight into the customer, and better connect and align teams and partners across the customer engagement lifecycle, in order to deploy truly relevant and meaningful experiences. These experiences, according to today’s customer, must be personalized, relevant and must not violate the customer’s trust that the data they have provided the brands they love has not been misused or mismanaged.
  • Connected Intelligence for AI and ML - Smart Energy
    Connected Intelligence for AI and ML - Smart Energy
    Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer - TIBCO Software, Inc. Hosted by: Bill Vorhies, Editorial Director - Data Science Apr 2 2019 9:00 am UTC 61 mins
    TIBCO Connected Intelligence solutions connect data, systems, processes, and people—and it delivers predictive analytics, AI, and data visualizations for all aspects of asset management, customer information, distribution, forecasting, production, and supply chain.

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a one-stop-shop, a single platform to connect data, systems, processes, and people? What if this solution could also incorporate predictive analytics, data visualization, and analytic actions for applications such as asset management, customer engagement, risk investigation, and supply chain management?

    We’ve got you covered!

    Watch this webinar hosted by Data Science Central to learn how the TIBCO® Connected Intelligence portfolio helps you:

    Reduce costs and downtime
    Increase output, and
    Improve customer retention

    With TIBCO Connected Intelligence you can easily construct and embed visual analysis and machine learning models into business processes—and even into field equipment—for responsive batch and on-demand software action.
  • The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy
    The Business Value and Bottom Line Impact of Taxonomy
    Seth Earley, CEO, EIS & Carla Pealer, Taxonomy Consultant, EIS Apr 3 2019 5:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Business agility rests upon a well-architected environment of business processes, workflows, and communications.

    So how does taxonomy fit in? It’s everywhere - taxonomy is the foundational building block that improves efficiencies, collaboration, and cost reductions across the enterprise. And the more agile you are, the better opportunity you have to compete and win.

    In this webcat you will learn:

    • Industry-agnostic best practices to boost your bottom line and beat your competition through taxonomy design and semantic integration
    • How taxonomy design enables customer acquisition, search relevancy, structured data, faster time to market, asset reuse, and more.

    Speaker: Carla Pealer, Consultant, Earley Information Science
  • Equinix | Opening your eyes to the power of OCR and RPA
    Equinix | Opening your eyes to the power of OCR and RPA
    Jaideep Vijayakar, Director and Feng Wang, Senior Manager - Finance Strategy and Transformation at Equinix Apr 9 2019 3:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    Equinix, providers of carrier-neutral interconnection capabilities and data centers, embarked on a Supply Chain Digital Transformation program that spanned people, process and technology. As a part of that journey, they recently introduced Optical Character Recognition to open the eyes of their Digital Workers and adding efficiencies and accuracy to their internal operations.

    Working closely with WonderBotz, Equinix has transformed a range of accounts payable tasks and will soon be automating account reconciliation and customer service.

    In this webinar, we’ll look at their procure-to-pay process and will see how RPA and OCR have boosted both accuracy and productivity. This one automation is projected to free up 14,000+ hours per year for their finance team, increasing focus on higher-value tasks and cutting time from the procurement cycle.

    Connecting your RPA solution to OCR tools allows your Digital Workforce to scan paperwork, PDFs or digital forms – digitizing the information that’s contained. Whether it’s an invoice that needs processing, or a customer request that needs actioning, your Digital Workers can automatically ‘see’ the contents and turn that resulting data into a meaningful output for the business.

    In this webinar you’ll:
    ● Hear how OCR has driven productivity gains for Equinix
    ● Find out how visual recognition can be implemented
    ● Learn the key applications for a Digital Workforce with ‘open eyes’
    ● Hear what worked, and didn’t work, on Equinix’s path to digital worker value

    ● Jaideep Vijayakar, Director - Finance Strategy and Transformation, Equinix
    ● Feng Wang, Senior Manager – Finance Strategy and Transformation, Equinix
    ● Steve LaValle, Managing Partner, Wonderbotz
    ● Matt Juden-Bloomfield, Head of RPA, Blue Prism

    Make sure to pre-register and join us on April 9, 2019. If you can’t make it on the day, a recording will be available on our webinar page, after the event.
  • Get Ahead of your Competitors through Strategic Landmines
    Get Ahead of your Competitors through Strategic Landmines
    Lisa Magnuson, The Landing 7-Figure Deals Expert Apr 9 2019 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Do you want to beat out your competition for your largest opportunities? Do you know how set competitive landmines? Are your competitive block strategies working? Learn how to get ahead of your competitors through strategic landmines.

    You will learn:

    1.What are the competitive trends that you need to know about?
    2.What kind of competitive intel is essential to build your strategy?
    3.The ‘must have’ competitive analysis tools, including a Competitive Strategy Checklist.
    4.How to set competitive blocks to beat your competition more frequently.
  • Streamlining Your Release Notes Process
    Streamlining Your Release Notes Process
    Jarod Sickler Apr 9 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Release notes are a crucial part of customer communication for product companies. It seems too many organizations either do the bare minimum and hope no one notices, or simply accept an inefficient and expensive process. At Jorsek LLC, makers of easyDITA, they’ve been working on their release notes process for easyDITA and they have made some big improvements.

    Join Paul Perrotta, The Technical Communication Wrangler, and his special guest, Jarod Sickler, Customer Success Manager for Jorsek LLC, for this free, one-hour webinar. Jarod will take you through Jorsek’s process, tools, and results for the creation and production process for release notes.


    Jarod Sickler is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Rochester and an Information Developer at Jorsek LLC, makers of easyDITA. Most of Jarod’s time is revolves around developing clear, precise, and concise content and arguments. Any remaining time, Jarod spends in the outdoors, with his family, climbing rocks and ice.
  • Driving Growth from the C-Suite
    Driving Growth from the C-Suite
    Michael Dalis, The Drive-Sales Expert Apr 9 2019 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    As Leadership, you want faster sales acceleration.  You spend a lot on Sales Management and Sales talent, and Sales Enablement, so why aren’t your sales growing at the pace you need?  Your experience may not be in Sales, so what role should you and your Leadership team play in Sales Enablement?

    Michael Dalis — a recognized leader on the subject of B2B selling, a former sales leader and author of Sell Like a Team - How to Win Big at High Stakes Meetings — invites you to join him in this webinar to enable you to:

    -identify the likely root causes of your organization’s slow sales acceleration,
    -avoid the common failure points in sales development initiatives, and
    -pick your spots where strong Leadership and Coaching impact faster sales growth.

    Following this webinar, you will be clear on how you can drive faster Sales Acceleration from the C-Suite by making the right adjustments to your Sales Development investment.

    You will learn:

    1. Why the responsibility for growth cannot be fully delegated
    2. What roles senior executive plays in growth
    3. How to play those roles effectively
  • Paving the Last Mile to Production: Putting the “O” in DevOps
    Paving the Last Mile to Production: Putting the “O” in DevOps
    Travis Greene, Mark Levy and Ian Bromehead, Micro Focus Apr 9 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In 2018, DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) began, for the first time, to capture and measure operational performance in their industry-leading DevOps survey. Their analysis showed that availability measures and Ops are significantly correlated with software delivery performance.

    But large enterprises often struggle to meet end user availability commitments due to the complexities and constraints of hybrid IT environments. For example, do you need to strengthen collaboration between agile teams and operators? Are your Ops tools able to share key information on service availability and performance with non-operations staff?

    Attend this session and learn how to shift the focus to Ops and scale DevOps in your enterprise.
  • From Here to There: Intentional Sales Success A Framework for Sales Executives
    From Here to There: Intentional Sales Success A Framework for Sales Executives
    Dionne Mischler, The Inside Sales Team Expert Apr 10 2019 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    During this webinar, we’ll talk about the top five key aspects that must be in place for a team to be intentionally successful. These aspects create the framework for:
    Effective Prospecting
    Graceful Conversations
    Increased Productivity

    This framework leads to more confident sales people closing more deals.
  • Accelerate Sales Growth by Streamlining Customer Experiences
    Accelerate Sales Growth by Streamlining Customer Experiences
    Docusign Apr 10 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Customers choose to work with you not just based on what you deliver, but how you deliver it. Traditionally the big guys have had the advantage in resources and personnel. But with the digitization of customer communications, sales processes, and customer service, small and medium-size companies can now do more than catch up -- they can compete.

    Affordable, accessible business technology is at your fingertips, and it can help you manage prospect and customer relationships in a way that feels personalized, accelerate business workflows and processes, and not just meet but exceed customer expectations while you boost your sales growth.

    To learn more about how technology is transforming the way SMBs do business, and how to launch the strategy that ensures your company maintains competitive advantage, don’t miss this VB Live event!

    Register here for free.

    Webinar attendees will learn:

    * How to deliver success across the entire customer lifecycle from lead to retention
    * How to configure, price, and quote complex deals, fast and efficiently
    * How to accelerate business by closing deals with instant sign-offs on agreements
    * How customer-focused organizations win business with personalized experiences


    * Katie Foote, Vice President, Demand Generation for Small Business, Salesforce
    * Dave Simon, Vice President, Small Business Sales, DocuSign
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
    * Dave Clark, Host, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by DocuSign