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  • How to Update Marketing Channels for GDPR - A Practical Guide
    How to Update Marketing Channels for GDPR - A Practical Guide Erik Archer Smith, Marketing Director - ABM, Treasure Data Recorded: May 25 2018 47 mins
    The new GDPR regulation goes into effect on May 25th. While a majority of conversations have revolved around the security and IT aspects of the law, marketing teams will play a crucial role in helping organizations meet GDPR standards and playing a strategic role across the organization.

    Join us to learn more, engage with your peers and get prepared.

    This webinar will cover:

    - How complying with the GDPR will drive better marketing and raise the standard of the quality of your customer engagement
    - The GDPR elements marketers must know about
    - The elements of PII that will be affected and what marketers need to do about it
    - A deep dive on how GDPR regulations will affect your marketing channels - email, programmatic advertising, cold calls, etc.
    - Tactical marketing updates needed to meet GDPR guidelines
  • CRM for Sales
    CRM for Sales Workbooks Recorded: May 24 2018 2 mins
    Workbooks CRM enables you to work more effectively, to better identify opportunities, close more deals and grow revenue.
  • Subject Access Rights: GDPR Implementation Guide
    Subject Access Rights: GDPR Implementation Guide Brian Philbrook, Privacy Counsel at OneTrust | Dr Andreas Splittgerber, Partner, Reed Smith Recorded: May 23 2018 66 mins
    The GDPR grants data subjects new rights including: data portability, access to their data, erasure or “the right to be forgotten”, and rectification. For data controllers, there are specific record-keeping requirements around the time to respond, the ability to request an extension, the requirement to validate the identity, and securely transmitting the response to the individual.

    Join us for this educational web conference to hear about the new rights of data subjects and how organizations can use privacy management software to streamline and automate requests, validation, and notification processes.

    About the presenters:

    Brian Philbrook serves as Privacy Counsel at OneTrust where he provides guidance on global privacy regulations to assist compliance efforts and drive product innovation. Philbrook also conducts training and workshops on the GDPR and contributes to various publications and web-conferences on a regular basis. Prior to OneTrust, Philbrook served on the Privacy Team for RxAnte, a leading predictive analytics and clinical services company committed to improving medication use. He also worked as an extern on the IAPP’s training and publications teams. Philbrook earned his JD from the University of Maine School of Law, where he was the first recipient of the Certificate in Information Privacy Law.

    Dr Andreas Splittgerber is a partner in the Munich office of Reed Smith and member of the IP, Tech & Data Group.

    Andreas specialises in IT law, data protection/privacy, social media law and internet law (Germany and EU). He is passionate about technology and privacy and thought-leader when it comes to legally evaluating new technologies (e.g. internet of things, artificial intelligence).
  • Are you too nice to close the deal?
    Are you too nice to close the deal? Connie Kadansky, Sales Call Reluctance Coach Recorded: May 23 2018 47 mins
    You cannot depend on relationship-building skills alone to make the sale for you! Relationships are important, but buyers primarily want you to fulfill their needs and solve their problems. Customers do not take action unless they are challenged to take action. Learn how to avoid the amygdala hijack and how to overcome yielder Call Reluctance and close the sale.
  • Sales Legends Series - An Interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner
    Sales Legends Series - An Interview with Gerhard Gschwandtner Deb Calvert with special guest Gerhard Gschwandtner Recorded: May 22 2018 46 mins
    Gerhard Gschwandtner is the founder and CEO of Selling Power, a media company that produces the award-winning Selling Power magazine and Selling Power TV, a daily video interview series on sales success. He developed and hosts the Sales 3.0 Conference, which helps sales leaders integrate sales technologies into their sales organizations to create improved sales effectiveness and greater customer value. Over the course of three decades, he has interviewed some of the most successful leaders and experts in sales, business, sports, entertainment, and politics, including Mary Kay Ash, Marc Benioff, Michael Dell, George Foreman, Larry Ellison, Richard Branson, Jay Leno, Meg Whitman, and many more. Gerhard has studied the lives of hundreds of peak performers and worked with world-leading coaches and psychologists to create the unique, new Peak Performance Mindset training program. He is the author of 17 books on the subject of sales, management, and motivation and received the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. 2010 Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award.
  • Get To Know A CMO
    Get To Know A CMO Frank Grillo, CMO, Harte Hanks ; Liz Miller, SVP Marketing, CMO Council Recorded: May 22 2018 58 mins
    Imagine, for a moment, walking into a store where you have only made a purchase one time before. The salesperson runs up to you and greets you by name, and before you can get a word in edge-wise, he offers you five other products that are almost identical to the one you purchased before. Then, without warning, he invites you to talk with five other customers who not only look eerily similar to you, but are also all wearing the same item you purchased. Then, as you begin to hasten your exit—because at this point, you are fairly certain that the salesperson is a stalker—he begins to shout down the corridor after you, begging you to come back and offering you coupons and discounts as your brisk walk turns into an all-out sprint away from the insanity.

    It is so easy to imagine this scenario in real life, but it is far more difficult to admit that this is the very experience that many of us have inadvertently created for our customers across the omnichannel landscape. So it begs the question: When did we forget how to build real relationships with real, live human beings?

    In this latest installment of the CMO Council’s thought leadership series, “Get to Know a CMO,” Liz Miller will have a one-on-one session with Frank Grillo, Chief Marketing Officer at Harte Hanks, seasoned veteran of the advertising, marketing and telecommunications industries, and a passionate advocate for bringing the human back to marketing.

    Join the CMO Council as we hear Frank’s position on what customer centricity truly is (and what it isn’t), how marketing can be made human again, and where we lost our relationship skills somewhere along the way. Liz will also be asking Frank about his own path to becoming a CMO, which has seen stops along the way as the COO of telecommunications companies and a long track record of serving as the chief growth engine and customer experience orchestrator for large, dynamic organizations.
  • A Plan to Grow New Business with a Big Customer
    A Plan to Grow New Business with a Big Customer Barbara Weaver Smith, CEO, The Whale Hunters Recorded: May 22 2018 46 mins
    Your best business is new business with your current large accounts. As the CEO or chief sales officer of a $5m to $250m company, how do you deploy your sales resources to make that happen systematically? You need a carefully crafted plan! Tune in to learn more.
  • Hybrid IT is the New Normal
    Hybrid IT is the New Normal David Gehringer, Principal, Dimensional Research and Ian Bromehead, Dir of Product Marketing, Operations Bridge, Micro Focus Recorded: May 22 2018 39 mins
    How to Effectively Manage and Monitor a Hybrid IT Environment

    Are you having challenges in dealing with cloud based application issues across multiple cloud providers? If so, you’re not alone. 80% of companies are dealing with 2-10 cloud providers and some even more.

    Join us on this webcast as we discuss the findings from the recent Dimensional Research survey of over 500 enterprise cloud professionals who shared their challenges and needs for Hybrid IT monitoring. We’ll review the survey results including the data and analysis.

    You will also receive a complimentary copy of the Dimensional Research report to help you understand where you are in comparison to companies included in the study.
  • SD-WAN and NFV: beyond the hype
    SD-WAN and NFV: beyond the hype Keith Langridge, VP Network Services, BT and Adrian Comley, General Manager Dynamic Network Services, BT Recorded: May 22 2018 55 mins
    SD-WAN and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) are two technologies that are on every business’s radar right now. SD-WAN can help to take away a lot of the complexity you’d find in a traditional network from a routing and configuration perspective. NFV can promise to cut the IT clutter from your business. Both of these technologies offer great advantages, but if you’re considering them, the question is, are you doing it because you want to jump on an industry trend, or have you truly considered the business benefits for your organisation?

    Join Keith Langridge, VP Network Services, BT and Adrian Comley, General Manager Dynamic Network Services, BT, as they take a look at:
    •The business challenges that are leading many to invest in these solutions.
    •The learnings from our global deployments to date.
    •DIY versus a managed service - the added demands of delivery, skills, security and on-going support can mean that managed is often the preferred option. We’ll give you our view on the value you should expect from a managed service.
  • Workbooks CRM for Marketing
    Workbooks CRM for Marketing Workbooks CRM Recorded: May 21 2018 2 mins
    See what we have to offer for marketing professionals within our CRM
    Workbooks CRM helps you run campaigns and generate more quality leads.
    We give you the tools you need to execute your marketing strategy and measure ROI.
  • How AI is Changing Marketing
    How AI is Changing Marketing Gil Allouche, CEO, Metadata.io Recorded: May 17 2018 43 mins
    In this webinar, Metadata.io CEO Gil Allouche will talk about the different ways AI is being used by marketers. From analyzing data to orchestrating new marketing campaigns, AI is powering marketing activities in new and exciting ways and affecting interactions throughout the entire customer lifecycle. As an example of how AI can have a tremendous impact on marketing practices, Gil will focus on its role in lead generation. Webinar attendees will learn:

    - What Machine Learning is in relation to AI and how it connects your data to find patterns
    - Examples of how machine learning can identify target audiences, including the 20 percent that creates 80 percent of your revenue
    - How AI technology can help marketers prioritize their budgets to focus on the most effective programs
    - Starting with small, iterative uses of AI in marketing can be the most effective way to understand what will yield the most ROI

    Gil Allouche founded Metadata.io to make demand generation easy for non-technical marketers. The Metadata.io platform and AI Operator evolved from Gil's experiences hacking various marketing and CRM systems to get the solutions he needed.
  • Not Good Enough: The Need for a Patient-Focused Content Strategy
    Not Good Enough: The Need for a Patient-Focused Content Strategy Paul Perrotta and Scott Abel Recorded: May 17 2018 62 mins
    Being a patient in need of life-saving medical treatment can be cripplingly frightening—even the bravest humans often find their nerves of steel are no match for fear of invasive surgery or therapy for serious illnesses like heart disease or cancer. Many patients find themselves trapped on an anxiety-ridden ride made worse by the presence of poorly designed, ambiguous, frustrating and confusing healthcare content. Confusing jargon, misplaced focus, and a lack of empathy are common problems with information provided to patients during their journey toward healthfulness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Join Paul Perrotta for a lively discussion with Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, about his recent battle with brain cancer. Scott will discuss the content challenges he discovered while attempting to navigate the disorganized, inconsistent, and often less-than-useful healthcare content provided to him by hospitals, doctors, laboratories, transporters, specialists, nurses, medical device companies, technicians, pharmacies, and insurance providers.

    We’ll hear Scott’s first-hand account of his experiences navigating brain surgery and cancer treatments and learn how adopting a patient-focused content strategy may help professional communicators improve healthcare information provided to those who need it. Come prepared to ask questions of Scott.

    One lucky attendee will win a free pass to Information Development World conference, November 27-29, 2018, in Menlo Park, CA. The theme of the conference is “Creating a Modern Online Technical Resource Center.”
  • When Hare Beats Tortoise: Knowing When to Train Your Predictive Models
    When Hare Beats Tortoise: Knowing When to Train Your Predictive Models Sean Naismith, Head of Analytics Services, Enova Decisions Recorded: May 16 2018 46 mins
    Businesses are realizing the benefits of predictive analytics, especially when using the latest technologies in machine learning & AI. The prevailing methodology has been to train predictive models in order to determine which data is useful and which data is not prior to deployment. While training improves the predictive power of your predictive models, there are cases when training prior to deployment may not make sense for your business.

    This session discusses how to determine when to train your models and how to effectively turn the insights from your models into action that improves business outcomes.

    Key Takeaways:

    • How machine learning & AI can boost business performance
    • How to determine when to train your predictive analytics models
    • How to turn analytics to action through digital decisioning
  • How to Improve the Future Strategic Status of Your Contact Center
    How to Improve the Future Strategic Status of Your Contact Center Martin Hill-Wilson, Chuck Ingram, Erica Marois (moderator) Recorded: May 16 2018 61 mins
    According to ICMI research, 62% of contact centers believe their organization considers them a cost center. Contact centers have long been misunderstood, plagued by stereotypes, stigmas, and misconceptions. But contact centers of the future are uniquely positioned to fuel growth across the business through product enhancement, customer retention, and employee retention. The strategic contact center of the future won't just focus on people, process, and technology improvements, but products, too. Join us for this webinar to find out how your contact center can use all the customer data at your fingertips to empower smarter business decisions and boost the bottom line.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    * How to establish processes for capturing, analyzing, sharing and using value-added information across the organization
    * The link between driving strategic value and boosting employee engagement
    * How other contact centers are driving ROI for their business
  • The Content Convergence Has Arrived
    The Content Convergence Has Arrived Alan J. Porter Recorded: May 16 2018 60 mins
    Intelligent content is the foundation of the new age of digital customer experiences in any language. As a consequence, the worlds of marketing communication, technical communication, and localization are converging as companies need to take a more holistic view of how customers interact with their global brands. This presentation will discuss this convergence and how companies can best position themselves and their content to power their digital transformation.

    Join The Content Wrangler and our special guest presenter, Alan J. Porter, Head of Strategic Services at [A], for this free one-hour webinar. Porter will demystify how to start the discussion of content convergence in your own organization and he’ll provide samples of metadata you should consider adding when attempting to manage global content. Attendees will also gain insight into a content engineering approach to holistic content use.
  • New Design Principles for Measuring Customer Satisfaction
    New Design Principles for Measuring Customer Satisfaction Dr. René Degen, Co-Founder at Comparable and Former Director of Services - Miele and Jeroen Peters, Co-Founder at Comparable Recorded: May 16 2018 46 mins
    In this webinar, Jeroen Peters and René Degen, of Comparable B.V. will propose the following:Customer satisfaction surveys is a dead end street, why you may not want to use the NPS score anymore, Customer Satisfaction Score is probably not the most meaningful measurement, new design principles for future customer satisfaction measurements, Using your service engineer as an information source.
  • How strategic VCs are priming healthcare startups for success
    How strategic VCs are priming healthcare startups for success Daniel Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures Recorded: May 15 2018 61 mins
    The healthcare system feels as though it’s years behind, compared to other consumer-dominated industries, and for good reason. Fluctuating payment models, care structures, patient journeys, and shifting relationships between patients and their physicians have complex, ever-shifting barriers to implementing innovative solutions – and do it at scale.

    But the potential to disrupt healthcare with innovative solutions and technology at scale is huge. It just takes an astute venture capital partner who can help you navigate the complexities, paired with your own healthcare expertise. Join this webinar to learn how VC partnerships can help you navigate through the regulations and complicated nature of healthcare, and get your startup thriving.

    By attending this webinar, you’ll:

    * Learn what it takes for a startup to be successful in the highly complex and regulated healthcare industry
    * Gain perspective from established health tech CEOs
    * Understand the importance of having a strategic VC in an industry like healthcare
    * See what VCs are looking for in the healthcare and health tech categories


    * Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth
    * Daniel Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Providence Ventures
  • Fireside Chat Series - Sales Management: Coaching Difficult Sales People
    Fireside Chat Series - Sales Management: Coaching Difficult Sales People Steven Rosen and Kevin Davis Recorded: May 11 2018 49 mins
    Sales management expert Steven Rosen is hosting a fireside chat with fellow sales management expert Kevin Davis. Steven and Kevin will have a no holds barred chat sharing their insights on the most challenging issues facing sales managers today.

    No powperpoint, no videos, just open and frank discussion.

    Expect an action-packed webinar filled with sales management gems, pearls, powerful insights and stories, that will help you crush your sales numbers.
  • YOUR NEW BIZ DEV STRATEGY: Stop Endlessly Prospecting
    YOUR NEW BIZ DEV STRATEGY: Stop Endlessly Prospecting Shawn Karol Sandy Recorded: May 11 2018 35 mins
    For Account Executives, Business Owners, or Service Providers, prospecting, and new business development often falls to the bottom of the priorities pile. Current customers are more urgent with more immediate rewards. Endless prospecting is difficult to sustain and produces nominal results. This session delivers a NEW BIZ DEV strategy – a new concept with increased results.
  • The true value of combining CRM and Marketing Automation
    The true value of combining CRM and Marketing Automation Christelle Fraysse, CMO and Clare Hordle, CRM Consultant Recorded: May 11 2018 63 mins
    During this webinar we will cover:

    - Marketing priorities
    - How can CRM & Marketing Automation support those priorities
    - Practical examples
    - Conclusion
  • Building a Sales Playbook that Salespeople Will Really Use
    Building a Sales Playbook that Salespeople Will Really Use Michael Griego Recorded: May 10 2018 46 mins
    Trying to get your sales team to be on the same page? Locking down on optimized sales actions and best-practices? Want to build a Sales Playbook beyond paper documentation? We'll show how to lock down right-practices and roll it out to your salespeople in a way that they'll REALLY use.
  • Cash in at scale on the esports explosion
    Cash in at scale on the esports explosion Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat Recorded: May 9 2018 60 mins
    The esports market is on fire. Last year 43 million people watched the League of Legends world championships, a multiplayer fighting game. And it's not a niche market of teenage boys in basements. A recent report found that 31 million people watch esports tournaments in the U.S., and more than double that -- 68M -- in China.

    And the question is -- how do you monetize that at scale?

    Look to the wild success of the Asia-Pacific esports companies. The companies who stage events like China’s 2017 Riot Championships, which posted more than 32 million viewers, have been able to compel customers to actually pay to view content, and even tip players, with the right streaming and payment technologies.

    Don’t miss this VB Live event for keen insights from leaders in the space on how U.S. companies can effectively operate globally or begin to expand globally. You’ll learn how to confront the challenges that scaling your audience can pose and improve it, from west to east, as you look to capture more of the global audience opportunity.

    Register now for free.

    You’ll learn about:
    * The opportunities provided by the growth in the esports streaming content market
    * What's causing the streaming content surge and market growth
    * The technology making this explosive esports growth possible on a global scale
    * Confronting the problems around scale in markets like China and elsewhere

    * Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat
    * Johannes Waldstein, CEO, FanAI Inc.
    * Roc Harry, Relationship Director, Worldpay
    * Carter Rogers, Senior Analyst, SuperData Research

    Sponsored by Worldpay
  • Data Preparation Done Right
    Data Preparation Done Right Davinder Mundy, Specialist Big Data Technologies, Informatica Recorded: May 9 2018 45 mins
    How do you avoid your enterprise data lake turning into a so-called data swamp? The explosion of structured, unstructured and streaming data can be overwhelming for data lake users, and make it unmanageable for IT. Without scalable, repeatable, and intelligent mechanisms for cataloguing and curating data, the advantages of data lakes diminish. The key to solving the problem of data swamps is Informatica’s metadata driven approach which leverages intelligent methods to automatically discover, profile and infer relationships about data assets. Enabling business analysts and citizen integrators to quickly find, understand and prepare the data they are looking for.
  • Software Defined Networking has Arrived: Are You Ready to Manage it?
    Software Defined Networking has Arrived: Are You Ready to Manage it? David Gehringer, Principal, Dimensional Research; Frank Bonifazi and Jon Kies, Micro Focus Recorded: May 8 2018 59 mins
    Join us on this webcast as we discuss the exciting findings from the recent Dimensional Research survey of network professionals about their SDN plans, rollouts and challenges and get ahead of the curve for your SDN deployment.

    Learn how Network Management Operations from Micro Focus can help you deploy SDN more effectively to drive down cost and enhance performance and agility in your environment.
  • Why Decision Automation is Necessary for Digital Transformation
    Why Decision Automation is Necessary for Digital Transformation Enova Decisions Recorded: May 4 2018 3 mins
    Opportunities and challenges uncovered from a recent Forrester commissioned study on the rise of decision automation and emerging technologies like machine learning to achieve digital transformation.