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  • The Impact of Inclusion, Education, Economics and Technology
    The Impact of Inclusion, Education, Economics and Technology
    Julia Streets Recorded: May 24 2019 26 mins
    Jacqueline de Rojas, President of techUK and the chair of the Digital Leaders board and Edie Lush, British-American Journalist, Executive Editor of Hub Culture and Host of Global GoalsCast, discuss the 2018 UK Government Review of Post-18 Education, the tech skills gap and what this may mean for the UK and economy in general. They also discuss how closely inclusion is tied to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are part of the The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Governance for NEDs - What you need to know
    Governance for NEDs - What you need to know
    Stephen Moss CBE Recorded: May 23 2019 57 mins
    In Touch member, experienced non-executive and chairman, Stephen Moss CBE is set to host ‘Governance for NEDs - What you need to know’. The webinar will be invaluable for both aspiring Non-executives and for those who are pursuing additional positions as governance is constantly evolving.

    Throughout the 45 minute session, Stephen will explain what boards expect non-executives to know in terms of governance, what good governance looks like and he’ll also share his own personal experiences of governance at board-level. Stephen has a wealth of knowledge on the topic having spent 12 years as a non-executive director and chairman, plus 30 years running highly successful businesses, including being the MD of BCP Airport Parking.

    Following his informative presentation, there will also be the opportunity for you to ask Stephen various questions about governance and what it takes to build up a reputable portfolio of non-executive roles.
  • Taking it personally... Talking to Individuals at Scale
    Taking it personally... Talking to Individuals at Scale
    Matt Buckland, VP Customer Advocacy, Workable Recorded: May 23 2019 26 mins
    Is it better to spend more time sourcing less interested candidates? Or less time attracting more interested ones? Matt Buckland, VP of Customer Advocacy at Workable and former recruiter, is, frankly, a bit perturbed this is even up for debate, but nonetheless makes his case for getting high-intent candidates to come to you in this enlightening session. He’ll even show you how to do it, sharing tips rooted in psychology to help you create job ads that reach all the candidates, but still resonate with them on a very personal level.
  • The Parent Transition: The Latest on Policy, Practice and Benefits
    The Parent Transition: The Latest on Policy, Practice and Benefits
    James Marsh, HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Dr Sarah Forbes & Dr Holly Birkett, Birmingham Business School. Recorded: May 23 2019 69 mins
    Retaining employees through the transition to parenthood is now a mainstream tenet of most organisations’ talent retention strategy It’s been 5 years since Shared Parental Leave was introduced in the UK and Gender Pay Gap reporting has added further impetus to organisations’ efforts to retain women as well as men through the new parent transition.

    Many employers have reviewed, updated and introduced new programmes, policies and benefits.

    In this webinar we’ll be sharing the results and insights from My Family Care’s New Parent Transition Benchmark. It’s been designed to shed light on changes to benefits and policy in this area, high-lighting innovative practice and the impact that organisations have seen as a result.

    Elizabeth Kerry, Inclusion Partner, Hermes Investment Management and Gemma Dale, Policy and Engagement Manager, University of Manchester will be sharing their employer journeys in supporting the parental leave transition.
    Dr Sarah Forbes is joining us to discuss the findings of the latest research from the University of Birmingham Business School into the factors that enable or block the take-up of Shared Parental Leave.

    Last, but my no means least, Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director, Head of Thought Leadership, Coaching & Consultancy at My Family Care will be contributing her insights from long term working relationships with employers across a very diverse range of organisations.
  • Big or Small: 5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Mobile Apps
    Big or Small: 5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Mobile Apps
    Jason-Michael Thompson, JobStack Business Product Manager Recorded: May 22 2019 34 mins
    If you only use one piece of technology throughout your day, it’s most likely your phone. And if you have a smartphone, there’s a good chance you also use mobile apps – they account for over 90% of internet time spent on smartphones. It’s clear we all see the benefit of using mobile apps, but are you utilizing them to make your life at work easier?

    You may think your company is either too large, or too small to reap the benefits of implementing tech tools like an app. But no matter the size of your business, using the right technology can be a game changer.

    In this webinar, Big or Small, 5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Mobile Apps, PeopleReady’s, Jason-Michael Thompson, JobStack Business Product Manager, will go over 5 ways taking advantage of mobile apps can help your business thrive.
  • The Business of CBD: Growing Your Product Line From Seed to Shelf
    The Business of CBD: Growing Your Product Line From Seed to Shelf
    Denise Biderman (Mary's List), Brittany Carbone (Tonic CBD), Elana Frankel (Indigo & Haze), Thea Wayne (Humble Flower Co.) Recorded: May 21 2019 60 mins
    CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis - without the psychotropic component THC. But how is it different? How is it used? Why do people use it? Learn all of this & explore how you can create the product line you always envisioned to help heal what ails us in this high-level, introductory webinar.

    Thea Wayne, Humble Flower: Thea has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood & became immersed in the rapidly-evolving cannabis industry while attending Humboldt State University. Shortly after graduating Thea traveled to Nepal, where she volunteered with a women's agricultural cooperative to develop an internet platform for fundraising & provide business training. After returning, her vision for Humble Flower was formed after recognizing the need for quality topical cannabis products on the market in California.

    Elana Frankel, Indigo & Haze: As the co-founder of Indigo & Haze, a highly curated marketplace for plant-based wellness, beauty & living, the company focuses on access (to quality products), education (to learn the truth & unlearn the disinformation about the plant) & inspiration (good design sells). Elana serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Women & Weed, a biannual magazine sold on mainstream newsstands that focuses on the power of personal narratives to bring a better understanding to complex cannabis issues.

    Brittany Carbone, Tonic CBD: Combining her background in the health & wellness industry with her love for cannabis & passion for helping others heal, Brittany created original, plant-based formulations that elevate the effects of CBD to further our body's ability to cope with stress & maintain our essential mind/body balance. TONIC is focused on elevating the conversation around cannabis & wellness & empowering other women to rise up & claim space in this budding industry. TONIC is a self-sustaining company, using CBD sourced from the hemp grown on their organic family farm in upstate NY.
  • HR Dept of One: Tools and Tips
    HR Dept of One: Tools and Tips
    Lori Kleiman, SPHR SHRM-SCP Recorded: May 16 2019 34 mins
    Four Steps to Excelling as a HR Dept of One

    Sole member HR departments are saddled with administrative tasks, while they often have the desire to participate at a more strategic level. The executive team expects you to have CHRO depth of knowledge, the employees want answers to their question now. Finance wants benefit bills yesterday and Operations needs new candidates. How do you navigate to meet the needs of all your internal customers and still get your job done? Learn tips from a former sole practitioner and consultant to small businesses. Lori shares practical real-world advice to get control of your day and shine in the HR function.

    Learning Objectives
    ·Determine the strategic position of HR in your organization
    ·Learn to set priorities to get results
    ·Manage your vendors to get the help you need
    ·Embrace technology to ease the administrative burden
  • How to engage employees w/ realtime feedback, learning & continuous listening
    How to engage employees w/ realtime feedback, learning & continuous listening
    Denis Descause , Founder & CEO of Flashbrand Recorded: May 9 2019 44 mins
    In this webinar you will learn what the key secrets of employee engagement are and how to develop a growth mindset culture with highly engaged employees.
  • How to Recruit and Attract the Best Talent
    How to Recruit and Attract the Best Talent
    Helen Chao, Ravi Goel, Vivi Fenwick, Keith Halperin Recorded: May 9 2019 41 mins
    Join this panel discussion to learn:

    - How culture changes as a company scales and how the culture shift impacts recruitment

    - How to set realistic hiring expectations in order to hire quality candidates

    - Hiring strategies for technical roles
  • 5 Ways To Improve Retention Through Background Screening
    5 Ways To Improve Retention Through Background Screening
    Brad Phillips, Director of Client Strategy, JD Palatine Recorded: May 9 2019 22 mins
    It’s impossible to retain top talent if they never make it onboard!

    Over one third of employers report losing candidates because of a bad background screening process. In a competitive labor market, even the slightest hitch in the hiring process can lead to a poor candidate experience and lost hires. In contrast, well implemented background screens can improve the candidate experience, reduce risky hires, and lead to reduced turnover.

    You will learn:
    -Why background screening is critical to the candidate experience
    -What to look for when selecting and implementing a background screening provider
    -How background screening can impact your overall employer brand and improve retention rates
  • Future-Proofing Succession Planning; Strategies for Developing Talent Pipeline
    Future-Proofing Succession Planning; Strategies for Developing Talent Pipeline
    Debra Calvert (Moderator) | Lori Kleiman, HR Topics | Alex Lovell, O.C. Tanner Institute Recorded: May 9 2019 43 mins
    In this tight labor market, it's more important than ever to have a strategy for an employee to jump to another company. Companies need to be proactive and have a proper succession plan in place before it's too late.

    In this webcam panel, you will learn about:
    - The importance of engaging employees to retain them
    - An always-on approach to talent pipeline
    - The impact of future trends on succession planning

    Debra Clavert, President, People First Productivity Solutions (moderator)
    Lori Kleiman, Managing Director, HR Topics
    Alex Lovell, Manager, Research and Assessment, O.C. Tanner Institute
  • The importance of happiness and   growth mindset for recruiting top talent
    The importance of happiness and growth mindset for recruiting top talent
    Stephanie Davies CEO Laughology learning and development Recorded: May 9 2019 34 mins
    When attracting and recruiting top talent, what does your organisation focus on? Pay? Financial and health benefits such as health insurance and pension or is it something else? Advertising what else your organisation does to promote employee experience and happiness will undoubtedly make you stand out. Attracting and retaining top talents needs an approach that is round and includes more than just pay and benefits. This webinar will look at some of the latest trends around happiness and growth mindset in organisation and why these are the secrets to creating a talent pool of top people in your organisation.
  • Modernizing the Candidate Experience: Drivers for Talent Acquisition Success
    Modernizing the Candidate Experience: Drivers for Talent Acquisition Success
    Melanie Turek, Julie Coucoules, & Erin Michelson Recorded: May 8 2019 51 mins
    The interview process is not a one-way street of candidates applying - both your company and the candidate have to put its best foot forward in today's competitive job market. According to research from Ideal, 46% of candidates would sever a relationship with an organization who had a negative experience. But what factors matter most when designing an optimal candidate experience?

    Join this live, webcam panel as industry experts discuss key factors to developing and executing a thoughtful candidate experience, such as:
    - Listening and communicating more often and quickly with candidates
    - Using workflow automation to process candidates more efficiently
    - Creating a candidate feedback loop to continually improve
    - Telling your story leveraging video and testimonials throughout the process

    Moderator: Melanie Turek, Fellow & Vice President, Frost & Sullivan
    Julie Coucoules, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Glassdoor
    Erin Michelson, CEO, Tech Entrepreneur & Author, Summery
  • Cannabis + Regulations: The Current State of the Industry
    Cannabis + Regulations: The Current State of the Industry
    Denise Biderman: Mary's List; Amanda Ostrowitz: RegsTechnology; Cristina Buccola: CB Counsel Recorded: May 8 2019 49 mins
    Curious about Cannabis? Join Mary's List along with Amanda Ostrowitz (CannaReg & RegsTechnology) to learn about the current state of the industry.

    Amanda Ostrowitz, Esq. is a regulatory attorney & entrepreneur who’s identified a need for a user- friendly, scalable platform to research regulations & laws in the cannabis industry. Amanda founded RegsTechnology & its current product, CannaRegs, as a tool to aid attorneys, business people, & governments with localized tracking of regulatory issues. Although RegsTechnology has its origins in covering the dynamics of cannabis regulation, Amanda has created an innovative framework that can be applied more broadly to other emerging, hyper-localized regulatory issues. Prior to conceiving, developing & founding RegsTechnology, Amanda worked as a bank examiner in the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.
  • Branding and Social Media-A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition
    Branding and Social Media-A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition
    Jenni Stone, MHRM, PHR, SHRM-CP Partner, HR Director-HR Shield, Robin Quale Sr. Talent Acquisition Advisor-Malwarebytes Recorded: May 8 2019 62 mins
    “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”- Jim Collins, Good to Great

    Not that long ago, talent acquisition was referred to as the recruiting department – with no more responsibility than reviewing resumes, screening candidates, and organizing candidate interviews. The phrase “talent acquisition” is now mainstream and widely accepted by companies of all sizes.

    Now you and your organization, your employee brand ambassadors, have a story to tell, one that draws people to your organization now, and in the future, so what’s YOUR STORY?

    This presentation will identify how individual communication impacts the brand, how brands communicate and what it all means for recruiting and employer branding. This session will demonstrate how to utilize the best search engines and sourcing tools available today to find biographical information as well as lists of names of top talent on the web. We will explore a variety of search tools as well as essential techniques for leveraging social media sites to attract and locate the candidates that you need to fill your toughest requisitions.

    There is a broad end-to-end focus needed; one which stretches from building a strategic employment brand, through sourcing and recruiting, all the way to onboarding top people.

    Key Takeaways:

     Planning and Strategizing

     Segmenting the Workforce

     Creating, Validating and Maintaining an Employment Brand

     Managing and Cultivating Candidate Relationships

     Defining Metrics and Conducting Analysis

     Creating an Organizational Recruiting Culture
  • The Struggle Is Real: How to Crush Hiring Hurdles in Today’s Economic Landscape
    The Struggle Is Real: How to Crush Hiring Hurdles in Today’s Economic Landscape
    Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D, Chief Economist, Glassdoor Recorded: May 7 2019 45 mins
    It’s the strongest job market in a generation, which means it’s harder than ever to attract top talent. Join Glassdoor Chief Economist, Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., as he breaks down the data on why hiring in today's economic landscape is so difficult and how prioritizing positive culture can give you a competitive edge.
  • Part 3: Personal Development Essentials - How to Find the Time
    Part 3: Personal Development Essentials - How to Find the Time
    ISM Leader: Ruta Misiunaite Recorded: May 7 2019 30 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    You have set yourself an exciting goal. You’ve come up with a solid step-by-step plan of how to achieve it. But you just can’t find the time in your busy schedule to work on it? You’re not alone!

    In the final installment of Personal Development Essentials, Ruta will show how she managed to find 100+ hours a year of her time for personal development whilst keeping up with her day to day activities. Make sure you find time for what’s important and sign up to this webinar now!

    Key Takeaways

    • An overview of what’s getting in the way of you achieving your goals
    • Simple mindset tricks to help you achieve your goals quicker and with more ease
    • Practical tips on how to carve out at least 15mins for personal development each day
  • Part 2: Personal Development Essentials - How to Create an Effective Plan
    Part 2: Personal Development Essentials - How to Create an Effective Plan
    ISM Leader: Ruta Misiunaite Recorded: May 2 2019 29 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Have you set yourself a quality goal and you get the things started, but you’re don’t know where to start? Well then, it sounds like you’re in need of some help building a solid plan!

    During this second instalment of our Personal Development Essentials, Ruta will talk you through the importance of having a personal development plan and show you how to write an effective and actionable plan that helped her progress from being the most junior sales person in the company with no prior sales experience to one of the Senior Business Development Managers within 4 short years.

    Key Takeaways
    • Clear understanding of why having a solid plan is so important in successfully achieving your goals
    • Practical advice on how to use reverse engineering to create an effective personal development plan
    • Tips on what to do when you feel that you’re not getting anywhere close to achieving your goals or if your goals are not exciting to you anymore.
  • Developing Women in Leadership to Recruit and Retain
    Developing Women in Leadership to Recruit and Retain
    Angela Crossman - Bain & Co, Molly Q. Ford - Salesforce, Mark Lipscomb - 23andMe Recorded: Apr 30 2019 41 mins
    Talent leaders from top Best Places to Work winners will engage in a conversation around the importance – in both small and large companies – of having women in leadership. Led by Glassdoor’s Amy Elisa Jackson, panelists will cover how they effectively minimize hiring bias, elevate the candidate experience, and shape their employer brand on Glassdoor to challenge the expectation for a mostly male executive team and bring on the very best talent.
  • Gender Pay Gap: Where are we now?
    Gender Pay Gap: Where are we now?
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Ruth Thomas, CURO; Catherine Manson, Christie's; Sarah Gregory, Baker & McKenzie Recorded: Apr 30 2019 75 mins
    The UK has one of the biggest gender pay gaps in Europe as well as a growing skills shortage. Research shows 92% of people would use gender pay gap information when looking for a job and half of female employees would favour an organisation with a smaller gap (Business in the Community, 2015).

    We now have data from two rounds of Gender Pay Gap reporting and we’ve seen many narratives and action plans exploring the drivers, and solutions.

    In this webinar we’ll be sharing analysis of the latest round of reporting and examining what it tells us about any progress in closing the gap. But it’s not just about the numbers, we’ll also be considering challenges and opportunities of the mandatory narrative and asking what ‘good’ looks like.

    We’ll be discussing what employers are actually doing to close the gap with a focus on addressing the key ‘motherhood’ and ‘good daughter’ penalties.

    Join James Marsh and our panel of employers, thought leaders and gender pay experts for an insightful and lively discussion.

    Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director, Head of Coaching, Consultancy and Thought Leadership at My Family Care and Ruth Thomas, co-founder and Senior Consultant at Curo Compensation will be providing expert insight and a broad perspective on the topic. Catherine Manson, Global Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Christie's and Sarah Gregory, Inclusion and Diversity Partner at leading law firm Baker & McKenzie will be sharing their gender pay gap journeys.
  • Marginal Gains to Improve Outcomes as a Sales Leader
    Marginal Gains to Improve Outcomes as a Sales Leader
    ISM Fellow: Ian Moyse Recorded: Apr 25 2019 30 mins
    Key Takeaways:

    •Key metrics to address to transform a sales team
    •What the board wants to see
    •How to make a positive personal impact

    Reasons to attend:

    In today’s selling world, Sales Leaders often hit roadblocks, start new roles and need to make an impact and find it harder and harder to make their mark. Ian Moyse has achieved success in firms running large multi-national teams, smaller startup’s needing to ramp and in joining companies needing sales fixing or acceleration and speaks often on fundamental approaches to driving sales growth and performance. If you take one new idea or focus away, it is with your 30 mins to attend this webinar.
  • Networking, Connecting and Communicating your way to a Non-Executive Career
    Networking, Connecting and Communicating your way to a Non-Executive Career
    Anne Watson & Naomi Coxwell Recorded: Apr 25 2019 79 mins
    This interactive, free webinar session will take place on Thursday 25th of April at 10 am and will give you a clear insight into the art of networking and how it can unlock a multitude of opportunities when conducted well.

    The presentation will be led by Anne Watson, award-winning author and non-executive director and she will be joined by Naomi Coxwell, former Vice President of BP America and portfolio non-executive.

    The session will last around 45 minutes, with the first 20 minutes led by Anne, dedicated to the secrets of good networking. It will cover:

    The challenges you may face in a career transition
    How to harness your existing connections and make new ones
    Why Corporate Governance could dictate what roles are available to you
    How to create new connections, reach out to recruiters and engage at events

    This will then be followed by an informative Q&A between Anne and Naomi, where Naomi will discuss her transition to a non-executive career, experience on our Ahead of the Curve programme and how she’s managed to secure and excel in three different boardroom roles.
  • Trailblazing Women Changing the Face of Cannabis: Community & Events
    Trailblazing Women Changing the Face of Cannabis: Community & Events
    Denise Biderman: Mary's List, Solonje Burnett: Humble Bloom, Sasha Perelman: Revolver Productions, Ashley Kingsley: Ellementa Recorded: Apr 24 2019 55 mins
    Wondering how to get into the cannabis industry? Join Mary's List along with Solonje Burnett, Sasha Perelman & Ashley Kingsley as they discuss community & the importance of creating events of impact.

    Solonje Burnett is a cannavist & Co-Founder of Humble Bloom. As a culture consultant, she creates innovative workplace conferences, designs & implements D&I plans & forges agency partnerships. Her clients include Databricks, Working Mother Media, BetterCloud, & Koya Leadership Partners. Solonje produces events & festivals for conscious companies, hosts nightlife parties & programs music at membership clubs. She has worked with Afropunk, Summit Series, Le Bain at the Standard Hotel, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund & Soho House, among others.

    Sasha Perelman is the CEO of Revolver Productions. With 17+ years of global brand event curation, her portfolio includes Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, 23&Me, & Lenscrafters. Sasha’s event 'Immersion' was featured in Rolling Stone as the “Best Pot Party in California.” In 2017, Revolver worked with the Grammy Award Winning Artist & Activist Common’s Non-Profit, Imagine Justice, for the Hope & Redemption Tour - a 30,000 person concert in Sacramento, & two prison shows raising awareness around mass incarceration. In 2018, Revolver Productions, partnered with MARY Magazine to launched Mary Talks - discussions around cannabis as a wellness & lifestyle tool.

    Ashley Kingsley is the Co-Founder of Ellementa. She is a strategic, multidisciplinary marketing executive who partners with CEOs & entrepreneurs - multi-million dollar brands and start-ups alike - to grow companies, brands, & profits. Noted as 'Top 50 People to Watch in Social Media' by Arrea Agency in 2017, she built & launched Daily Deals for Moms that expanded into 27 markets before it sold. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fox, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, Mashable for Daily Deals for Mom, HERB, Techcrunch, Women's Day Magazine, Westword, & Fox31.
  • Trailblazing Women Changing the Face of Cannabis: PR, Advertising & Media
    Trailblazing Women Changing the Face of Cannabis: PR, Advertising & Media
    Denise Biderman (Mary's List), Mary Pryor (Cannaclusive), Cynthia Salarizadeh (AxisWire) Recorded: Apr 24 2019 44 mins
    Wondering how to get into the cannabis industry? Join Mary's List along with Mary Pryor and Cynthia Salarizadeh as they discuss the world of cannabis marketing, their own career transitions, and the future of cannabis advertising and media.

    Mary Pryor is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cannaclusive. She is a passionate and vocal media expert currently based in Los Angeles and New York. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Mary received exposure to automotive design, electrical engineering, music, digital arts and marketing at an early age. Today, Mary is a powerful and accomplished Digital and Marketing Specialist who has worked for major brands such as Sony Music Group, Viacom, Attention PR, City Parks Foundation, Mirrorball, Uptown Magazine, Black Enterprise, CBS News, Ebony Magazine, The Rolling Stones, VaynerMedia, Mindshare, McGarryBowen, McCann, SheKnows, and MusicWorld.

    Cynthia Salarizadeh is the Founder of AxisWire, as well as the Founder of House of Saka, which houses the world’s first cannabis infused still and sparkling rosé out of Napa Valley. In addition, Cynthia is the Co-founder of Green Market Media, most recognized for its cannabis finance news publication, Green Market Report, as well as Co-founder of Industry Power Women. As an entrepreneur, Cynthia has either founded or co-founded multiple companies that have successfully exited through acquisition within the cannabis industry. In 2018, Cynthia was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and CEO of the Year by Cashinbis; she was named by High Times as one of the 100 Women in High Places, and she was featured by Dope Magazine as one of the “Outstanding Women in Cannabis."
  • Future of Work and Workforce Transformation
    Future of Work and Workforce Transformation
    Kathi Enderes, Vice President, Talent and Workforce Research Leader, Bersin (TM), Deloitte Consulting LLP May 29 2019 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    As technology is advancing exponentially, productivity is often stalling. A new approach to talent management is needed to lead into the future.

    Join Kathi Enderes, Vice President, Talent and Workforce Research Leader, Bersin TM , Deloitte Consulting LLP and eightfold.ai to learn about the disruptors in the Future of Work, and ways to use the new Bersin Workforce Transformation framework to help you continuously transform work and the workforce for these new realities.

    What You Will Learn:
    - Apply the 7 disruptors driving the Future of Work for your organization, and see why productivity is stalling
    - Define the change from talent management to workforce transformation
    - Determine what dimensions need to be addressed to continuously transform work and the workforce
    - Identify specific use cases and examples where smart technology can enable workforce transformation
  • [Panel] Recruiting in Cannabis: Best Practices to Attract and Retain Talent
    [Panel] Recruiting in Cannabis: Best Practices to Attract and Retain Talent
    Denise Biderman, Mary's List; Bryan Passman, Hunter & Esquire Jun 5 2019 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The job market in cannabis is booming: It’s estimated that there will be 340,000 full-time jobs in North America by 2022, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Join as experts discuss the challenges to hiring candidates within cannabis and best practices to ensure you attract and retain the right talent.
  • 10 Compliance issues your HR Department of One MUST embrace
    10 Compliance issues your HR Department of One MUST embrace
    Lori Kleiman, SPHR SHRM-SCP Jun 5 2019 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    HR Departments of One are pulled in different directions every day. Staying on top of the HR function can be complex enough, and compliance must be managed. HR professionals often ask themselves how we can maintain our compliance obligations, without being a roadblock to the success of our organizations. There are 6 non-negotiable areas of compliance that have to be incorporated to your daily operations. You must embrace these and be able to navigate the leadership team to embrace them as well. Utilizing a proven system of process, management and communication, it is possible for HR Departments of One to attack it all and be a partner to the business. Concluding with action-oriented steps and an effective method of securing the resources needed to move initiatives forward, we will be sure you leave the program with the tools you need to get it all done.
    Learning Objectives
    ·Understanding compliance priorities for smaller organizations
    ·Creating a plan to assess compliance obligations that is manageable
    ·Knowing when to ask for help and where to go
    ·Communicating with executives to gain necessary resources
  • Insights from the Boardroom: Steps to Landing your First Board
    Insights from the Boardroom: Steps to Landing your First Board
    Alexander Lowry; Board Consultant & Naomi Kent, In Touch Networks North American President Jun 6 2019 11:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Have you just joined In Touch? Are you ready to start your board career? If so, watch our short webinar to learn exactly what you need to do right now to secure your first board seat and set yourself up for success.
  • Les relations interpersonnelles au service du leadership
    Les relations interpersonnelles au service du leadership
    Audrey Costalin Jun 11 2019 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    La question du leadership n’est pas seulement un sujet RH, c’est un sujet business avant tout. Exercer son leadership a des répercussions directes sur la performance d’une organisation. Plus un leader est à l’écoute de son collaborateur, plus celui-ci va s’impliquer et se donner à 100% pour réaliser sa mission, plus l’entreprise relèvera ses challenges.

    La réussite est également collective, elle dépend d’une réelle cohésion dans l’équipe et d’un rassemblement des talents autour de projets collectifs. La qualité des relations interpersonnelles a un réel impact sur la motivation et l’engagement.

    Lors de ce webinaire, nous nous interrogerons sur votre style de leadership et votre style relationnel pour voir en quoi ils peuvent favoriser l’efficacité en tant que membre d’une organisation.
  • Talent Assessment Trends in the Digital Age
    Talent Assessment Trends in the Digital Age
    James Marsh, HRreview; Suzanne Courtney, Cut-e; Lena Justenhoven, Cut-e Jun 13 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Talent Assessment in the digital era is changing, organizations must focus on attracting, retaining, and developing digital talent, as no one can predict the future of work in five years’ time.

    As the war for digital talent continues to progress, assessing for technical skills and “soft skills” together become key to building an agile, digitally ready workforce.

    Join us for a free webinar to discuss:

    - Identifying skills gaps and redeploying internal talent
    - How to make better decisions when hiring for agile and digital behaviors with case study examples
    - Top digital readiness trends and how to get your organisation ready for digital change

    We look forward to meeting you.
  • Pension Accounting Deficit or Surplus? Why it's irrelevant?
    Pension Accounting Deficit or Surplus? Why it's irrelevant?
    Richard Farr - Managing Director Jun 18 2019 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Brief description of the webinar:
    The calculation of the true pension deficit is not straightforward and is certainly not the one that regularly appears in the accounts. There are a number of different approaches and whichever approach you choose will give you a different pension risk perspective. What we can say, with regard to pensions, is that your company accounts, do not give a true and fair view.
    Warning: This is not an accounting webinar. We will demonstrate why corporate accounts are misleading and what the real question to ask should be - Is the covenant strong enough to underwrite the risk? By listening to this webinar and understanding the integration between covenant, funding and investment, companies may better prepare themselves for inevitable storms ahead.
    Who should attend:
    Head of Audit/Risk/Compliance
    *that have defined benefit pension schemes or are contemplating becoming one of the above
    What are the benefits:
    1. To better understand your actual defined benefit (DB) pension risk
    2. To be able to challenge your current pension advisors
    3. To be able to ask for more relevant information and ask the right questions
    4. Drive forward a better pension risk management agenda from a C suite perspective
    What is the opportunity:
    Have better transparency of the underlying issues; a firm grasp of your pension risk obligations; and be better prepared for risks going forward
  • Incentives – following the money and growing profits
    Incentives – following the money and growing profits
    Christian Atherton and Sam Oliver-Welsh: Simon - Kucher & Partners Jun 18 2019 10:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Incentives can be a powerful lever to drive sales, but it can be a challenge to get them right.

    Questions like:

    What metrics should we use? Sales? Gross Margin?
    Should we keep it simple or should we drive better outcomes more elements in a balanced scorecard?
    How much of the reward should be variable?
    Should we cap incentives?

    We think that we are rational about incentives, but actually, we all share some innate biases that could be leading to sub-optimal sales outcomes. Join us for our “Incentives - following the money” webinar to see how you can counter or even take advantage of sales biases to drive better sales performance.

    Key Takeaways

    •Insight on what metrics tend to work best
    •How thinking of incentives as a cost can lead to sub-optimal decisions
    •Learn whether incentive caps tend to be a good idea or not
    •The place and relative value of penalties vs. positive incentives
    •How to maximise the impact incentives
  • Growing sales with unified digital platform
    Growing sales with unified digital platform
    Jim Preston, Sales Director, Showpad Jun 20 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Today’s B2B buyers are more savvy and demanding than ever. They want a high quality, personalised and interactive content in real-time that will enable them to make informed buying decisions.

    Learn how a relatively new discipline, sales enablement, empowers teams with the tools, content, knowledge and skills to boost engagement with buyers resulting in improved returns. Furthermore, understand how digital alignment from CRM to marketing automation and sales tools, is essential for success empowering real-time activity and reporting through AI.

    Key Takeaways

    Understand how ‘Sales Enablement’ together with Digital Transformation help your organisation to:

    - Boost Sales and ROI through a centralised end-to-end platform that aligns Sales and Marketing.
    - Adopt a buyer-first approach by creating personalised, buyer-driven content in real-time to boost engagements and results.
    - Reduce cost and drive efficiency with AI-driven search, recommendations and integrated IT infrastructure.
  • Upskilling talent for the modern workforce
    Upskilling talent for the modern workforce
    James Marsh, HRreview; Brent Colescott & Amanda Wellborne, SumTotal Systems Jun 20 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    In a world of uncertainty and changing economic direction, upskilling your workforce for the modern world should be the number one priority on your people and development strategy.

    But knowing where to start can be a challenging hurdle to overcome. Understanding first what is needed from your organisation and subsequently people is critical to developing and retaining the best people.

    In this complimentary webinar you will hear from Morne Swart, VP Global Product Strategy and Transformation, SumTotal Systems who will explore:

    -The current and emerging skills gaps in the modern workforce
    -What skills are most highly sought after
    -How to develop a long term strategy for talent development and retention
    -And practical tips on where to start first

    Register today!
  • WORK+FAMILY: Caring for the Generations
    WORK+FAMILY: Caring for the Generations
    James Marsh,HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Nikunj Upadhay, Barclays; Cassie Raine, PiPA Jun 27 2019 10:00 am UTC 90 mins
    The way we work and live has changed (and continues to change) at a rapid pace. There are now potentially 5 generations in the workplace, meaning greater age and life stage diversity than ever before.

    With the increasing employer focus and understanding of stress and anxiety caused by the Work+Family juggle and well-being in the workplace in general, we’ll be exploring the challenges, issues and solutions in supporting and retaining those with any kind of family care responsibility.

    In this webinar hosted by James Marsh, we'll have thought leadership as well as being joined by two very different leading organisations sharing their experiences, opinions and what works for them.

    We're looking forward to hearing from Nikunj Upadhay, Diversity and Inclusion lead at Barclays.

    Barclays clearly recognises that diversity is critical to their success; multiple generations of global colleagues work together to serve an equally diverse set of clients. Understanding that colleagues have many roles in addition to their career, Barclays has put a wide range of policies, programmes and benefits in place to support them and enable them to thrive at work and outside the workplace.

    We're also delighted to welcome Cassie Raine, PiPA (Parents in Performing Arts) co-founder and Actor.

    PiPA’s vision is of a performing arts sector that is effectively inclusive of the parent and carer workforce. A not-for-profit company working in partnership with leading performing arts organisations, it's dedicated to raising awareness, finding creative solutions and promoting best practice.

    Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director, Head of Coaching, Consultancy and Thought Leadership at My Family Care, will be contributing her broad experience working with diverse of employers in supporting multiple life stages in the workplace.

    Join us for a lively discussion, expert comment and some surprising insights!
  • How to Overcome Every Sales Objection
    How to Overcome Every Sales Objection
    Chris Murray, founder of the Varda Kreuz Training Group Jul 2 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Some sales philosophies will tell you that - if you follow a simple formula – customers will never interrupt your presentation with an objection.

    But that’s just nonsense.

    And - contrary to popular belief - prospects aren’t sitting in darkened rooms trying to invent new fiendish ways to stop you from selling your stuff.
    If people regularly tell you;

    • that you’re too expensive - or
    • that they’re already happy with their current supplier – or
    • they’ve had problems with your company in the past - or
    • your lead time is too long

    Then you need to jump on to this webinar so that I can share with you how to overcome every single objection that you’ll ever hear.

    Key Takeaways

    Everyone who attends will walk away with this tool box of sales gold;

    • How to overcome every genuine sales objection – including those based on price
    • The names of the four headline objection types and the silver bullet that takes each one of them down
    • The three reasons that salespeople fail to overcome the most difficult customer objections – and what to do about them
  • How To Build High Performance Sales Teams That Make More Sales In Any Economy
    How To Build High Performance Sales Teams That Make More Sales In Any Economy
    Gavin Ingham: ISM Fellow Jul 2 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    This #IAM10 High-Performance Teams webinar will help you to build world-class teams that are more motivated, more focused and more productive.

    Are your teams frazzled, constantly fire-fighting and drowning in day-to-day challenges? Do they struggle to find time to focus on their most important tasks? Does it sometimes feel like Groundhog Day where your people seem to be going through the motions, day after day? Do you feel like a small percentage of your people are on fire and the rest is just smoldering, lacking that important spark of motivation, commitment, and passion?

    Key Takeaways

    What could you achieve in your business if your teams were more motivated, more focused and more productive? What if you could light the touch paper and stand back and watch them ignite?
    Attend this webinar for more.
  • The Future of Work Part II: Technology & the New World of Work
    The Future of Work Part II: Technology & the New World of Work
    James Marsh, HRreview; Richard Doherty, Workday; Chris Murray, PwC Jul 4 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In June 2018 we discussed the future of the workforce and how HR professionals can prepare their organisations for this brave new world.

    One year on it’s time to revisit the future of work with a review of what has changed in the last year and a look at how new waves of technological disruption and innovation will continue to shape the new world of work where agility and therefore HR, will be at the heart of an organisation’s ability to succeed.

    Joining the discussion and sharing some of their innovative work in this area will be Richard Doherty, Senior Director Product Marketing EMEA at Workday & Chris Murray, a partner at PwC and Global HR Transformation & Technology Consulting Leader.

    This webinar will examine and consider the impact of the following areas on the workplace:

    • Machine Learning
    • Augmented Analytics
    • The Employee Experience
    • Talent Marketplaces

    Register now to reserve your place!
  • 10 tips for maximising your win rates
    10 tips for maximising your win rates
    Jon Williams, Managing Director, Strategic Proposals Jul 4 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    •75% of Buyers say that proposals are the critical part of their decision-making process and therefore critical to winning business for many sales teams
    •Majority of clients and prospects are disappointed with the proposals they receive
    •In fact, according to recent research, most buyers think they could write better proposals than their bidders!

    Key Takeaways

    •Understand latest industry thinking
    •Leading insights into buyers
    •10 tips for maximising your win rates by ensuring your proposals are the best
    •Best practice examples

    Written proposals are a key part of winning business for many sales teams. Yet salespeople often find the process for responding to an RFP frustrating – and clients report being disappointed in the tenders they receive. According to Strategic Proposals’ most recent survey, the majority of buyers think they could write better proposals than their bidders!
    Join our July 4th webinar with Jon Williams, the managing director of Strategic Proposals, to gain insight into how leading organisations ensure their proposals are the best. Jon will share the latest industry thinking, best practice examples and his top ten tips for maximising your win rate.
  • How To Help Employees Find Meaning In Work
    How To Help Employees Find Meaning In Work
    Andre Andersen, Motivational Guide and Trainer Jul 25 2019 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Leading yourself or others, it doesn’t matter. At the end of each day, we are all looking for meaning and purpose for what and why we get out of bed every morning.

    It's an important aspect that impacts our daily lives.

    As a business and leader, you play an instrumental role in helping your employees finding purpose, and it should start with your business being 'purpose-driven' instead on 'product/solution' driven.

    Many employees feel that they are just working for a paycheck and aren’t contributing to the greater good of society.

    Without a sense of purpose, it’s difficult for employees to connect with their work and their company. Working with a sense of purpose boosts employee motivation, productivity, morale, and overall job satisfaction.

    Key Takeaways

    - What is purpose or meaning?
    - How do I find it?
    - How can I help others to find it?
    - Why should I care?
  • Why membership is the new revenue generating community
    Why membership is the new revenue generating community
    Gordon Glenister, FISM Jul 30 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:
    If you want to find a way to create a great sales funnel and community to develop long-lasting relationships, provide a regular revenue stream and opportunities to up and cross-sell then this is the webinar for you. Many of the major brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Linkedin all have very successful membership models, find out how it can work for your business

    Key Takeaways

    •Are you membership ready – the different types to consider
    •How to create a membership programme
    •Understanding the importance of member engagement
    •Why they join, why they leave
  • Combining  #3brainselling with Neuroscience to accelerate growth
    Combining #3brainselling with Neuroscience to accelerate growth
    Mark Erskine: ISM Fellow Aug 27 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Understanding brain development since caveman times provides the key to influencing others especially given the massive advances in neuroscience over recent years which has taken the art of persuasion beyond psychology into brain chemistry. The Reptilian brain, the Limbic system and the Neo Cortex can be likened to your “Gut”, “Heart” and “Head” brain. These three brains transmit data constantly to each other when we make decisions but if we want sales success we must first understand our own preferences by using behavioural profiling and then diagnose which of these dominates the customers brain to stimulate sales, increase conversion ratios and shorten sales cycles.

    Key Takeaways

    •Understand how the human brain has developed and how to use this in sales
    •Discovering your own behavioural brain preferences is the critical first step to managing your selling style
    •Learn what techniques stimulate which part of the brain and how to leverage them
    •Understand why selling has to stimulate each part of the brain to ensure success
    •Learn why so many training methodologies and programmes are too one dimensional to succeed.
  • The Science of B2B Sales
    The Science of B2B Sales
    James Isilay, CEO & Founder, Cognism Aug 29 2019 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Imagine if you knew the formula for outbound success.

    Attend the Revenue AI: The Science of B2B Sales with James Isilay CEO of Cognism and you will! Learn how you can use a simple formula to improve your outbound B2B marketing and sale.

    Key Takeaways

    •Areas of AI in Sales & Marketing
    •Impact of AI in Sales & Marketing
    •Benchmark with conversion rates
  • Lack of Pipeline: The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Hitting Quota
    Lack of Pipeline: The Number 1 Reason You Are Not Hitting Quota
    ISM Fellow, Steve Burton Sep 24 2019 10:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Let’s face it… selling isn't easy. Sometimes it seems easier to lure a ravenous lion with a lettuce leaf than hit your monthly sales target. Even the best, most seasoned salespeople will feel pressurized from time to time and result in them not hitting the target. It’s this pressure that spawns excuses – excuses that detract attention away from a salesperson’s performance (or lack of it).

    I hate hearing excuses; it feels like people are trying to blame others rather than accepting their own failings. But what are the top excuses you’ll hear from a salesperson?
  • Motivating Millennials
    Motivating Millennials
    Nazma Qurban, Chief Revenue Officer, Cognism Oct 8 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    In 2017, millennials comprised 35% of the UK workforce. By 2020, they are projected to represent an astounding 50% of the total global workforce.

    They bring wants and needs which differ greatly to previous generations, and hold more bargaining power than ever before in the labour marketplace.

    With that in mind, companies and business leaders need to be made aware of how to harness that power in their favour. Nazma Qurban, Chief Revenue Officer at Cognism, has built a high-performing sales team that is made up of 98% millennials.

    In this inspiring and insightful webinar, Nazma will demonstrate how to motivate millennials – by being a mentor, not a manager.

    Key Takeaways

    •Why understanding millennials is key to your business’s future success
    •Identifying misconceptions about this generation and demonstrating why they are incorrect
    •How millennials have been integral to Cognism’s growth and success
    •How to create an honest, transparent and inclusive working culture that millennials thrive in
  • Crushing Your Sales Quota by Coaching Sales Champions Interview with Keith Rosen
    Crushing Your Sales Quota by Coaching Sales Champions Interview with Keith Rosen
    Keith Rosen: CEO of Profit Builders Oct 10 2019 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Sales training doesn’t develop sales champions. Managers do. If you want to make your people more successful and have them live their fullest potential today, first make your managers and salespeople best in class coaches – the critical and missing skill of top sales leaders.

    Join Keith Rosen, global authority on sales and leadership and award-winning author of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions and Sales Leadership to discover how you can become a more effective leader by developing the habit of coaching to boost sales and productivity, develop sales champions, retain top talent and most important; builds trust.

    Key Takeaways

    During this interview, you will learn how to:

    • Ask more questions, give less advice, and build the trust and accountability to rely on people to do their job

    •Reduce your workload and save over 20 hours every week on unproductive, wasteful activities

    •Shatter the toxic myths around coaching to eliminate generational gaps and departmental silos

    •Improve forecast accuracy, achieve business objectives, boost sales faster, as well as a winning and retaining more customers

    •Create buy-in around strategic change and improve daily performance metrics

    •Assess company readiness and ensure implementation of a successful, sustainable coaching initiative to create a healthy, happy workplace and extraordinary sales leaders

    •Turnaround underperforms fast, and identify the critical conversations managers engage in. (Leveraging CRM, account, pipeline, performance, deal reviews, etc.)
  • Inside Sales – Inhouse vs. Outsourced
    Inside Sales – Inhouse vs. Outsourced
    Owen Richards. Managing Director. Air Marketing Group Oct 22 2019 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Outsourcing your sales, lead generation or telemarketing activity can be a fantastic way to grow revenue. But why wouldn’t you simply grow an in-house team?

    The reality is that both models can work well, but without the right systems and processes, both have many potential pitfalls.

    In this webinar, we explore the potential risks, upsides, and downsides of in-house vs. outsourced, as well as analysing the differences in investment levels, time and resource.

    You should attend this webinar if inside sales, telemarketing or lead generation is, or could be, part of your growth plans and if you’d like to learn more about which model is right for your business.

    Key Takeaways

    •The benefits if both outsourcing your sales and lead gen
    •How to choose the right outsourced sales partner – What to look for
    •The benefits of building your own inside sales team
    •How to setup and in-house Inside sales team successfully
    •The investment level required for both models
    •How to measure your investment and return
    •Running a combined in-house/outsourced model
  • How to generate B2B leads with international digital marketing
    How to generate B2B leads with international digital marketing
    Xabier Izaguirre, Head of Planning, Oban International Oct 24 2019 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    Reasons to Attend:

    Oban has helped several clients across various sectors and has learned a few tips and tricks to influence the whole lead generation process: from setting out a strategy based on audience insight to write content and promote it online.

    This is an opportunity to gain some basic insight into how marketing departments can increase the rate and efficiency in generating leads for sales departments.

    Key Takeaways

    •Ways to understand your audience better and prioritise countries
    •Techniques to generate content ideas to attract more prospects to your site
    •Whether capturing date is always better
    •Best practice in data capture
    •How to use paid media to drive users to your site