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Many elements come into play when attracting the right talent. Is your careers page up-to-date? Does your website accurately represent your company culture and communicate it clearly to recruited applicants? In terms of internal processes, do you have an ongoing talent acquisition strategy? How efficient are your application screening and onboarding processes? Where and how are you looking for top candidates and are you enabling them to find you? Discover best practices and learn from industry thought leaders by joining the recruiting community.

Webinars and videos

  • Top talent has become more and more challenging to find. And, without an effective strategy that meets your unique business needs, the ramifications may be significant.

    Finding the talent you need requires an integrated approach for both attracting new talent and building top talent internally. Businesses need to be flexible, aligned, and talent focused today in order to respond with speed and agility to rapidly changing market conditions. Which means they must get organized and aligned ahead of time. To attract the right candidates, organizations need to create the optimal sourcing channels and delivery methods to meet critical business objectives.

    By participating in this complimentary webinar, you will learn how smarter talent sourcing can give you improved visibility to talent pools, enhance identification of quality, hard-to-find candidates and enable you to deploy the right mix of resources to meet business objectives.

    Specifically, ManpowerGroup Solutions will address:
    • Leveraging technology platforms to provide analytics and deliver greater workforce insights.
    • Identifying the right workforce mix that is unique to your business.
    • Optimizing your supplier strategy to deliver deeper cost advantages and improved program quality.
    • Integrated resource models that equip you to quickly, efficiently and successfully acquire key talent.
  • Join ManpowerGroup for a complimentary webinar designed to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about negotiating.

    In this fun and fast-paced hour, Mark will share the best-ever negotiation tips in the history of the universe based on all the latest research… and his 20+ years of legal experience. You’ll walk away with a series of simple yet powerful negotiating tools you can put to use immediately.

    By participating in this webinar, you’ll learn everything you could possibly ever want to know to become a top-notch negotiator, including:
    •Negotiation essentials that everyone in business should know.
    •An understanding of negotiation pitfalls and how to avoid them.
    •Practical, real-life examples of negotiation successes and failures.
    •A handy checklist you can use to assess and improve your negotiation skills.
    •Everything you need to become the best negotiator

    Your host is Mark Toth, chief legal officer of ManpowerGroup™ North America, a former partner in a major employment law firm, and widely known for his ability to present legal, HR and business issues in a uniquely entertaining style.

    For a sneak preview, check out Mark’s popular employment law blog, or "blawg" at