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Many elements come into play when attracting the right talent. Is your careers page up-to-date? Does your website accurately represent your company culture and communicate it clearly to recruited applicants? In terms of internal processes, do you have an ongoing talent acquisition strategy? How efficient are your application screening and onboarding processes? Where and how are you looking for top candidates and are you enabling them to find you? Discover best practices and learn from industry thought leaders by joining the recruiting community.
    • Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

    • Recorded: Mar 19 2014
    • To succeed in this qualified candidates’ market, employers must enhance their candidate experience to be enticing, engaging and most importantly, easy. From best practices on mobile and social recruiting to employment branding, join this summit to learn from innovators and industry leaders on how to attract, recruit and place great talent fit for your organization.
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    • Human Resource Management

    • Recorded: Nov 6 2013
    • Talent shortage, rising labor costs and preparing for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are among the biggest challenges for HR executives today as businesses strive to stay competitive and economical. Attend this summit to hear experts explain how to attract, recruit and retain the best talent for your business, while staying compliant and within budget.
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    • B2B Advertising Virtual Summit

    • Recorded: Mar 21 2013
    • One Day, Five Webinars. Keys to success in the B2B advertising world. Learn the ins and outs of making display advertising work for B2B. Sessions include the latest approaches to advertising that help marketers reduce waste, effectively drive business, and deliver advertising effectiveness more than ever before. A must attend event for any B2B marketer including advertising in your marketing mix. Please join us.
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    • Data Driven Marketing

    • Recorded: Mar 14 2013
    • With a surge of social, mobile and cloud apps capturing data from various channels, marketers are challenged with driving insight from all data sources. Join this summit to learn how big data impacts marketing, how to use insights to drive revenues and the ROI marketers should be focused on to propel business forward.
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    • Talent Marketing Strategies Round Table

    • Recorded: Feb 28 2013
    • Talent acquisition is no longer just-in-time.The hiring cycle is shifting from filling jobs to developing relationships and expanding network. Therefore, talent solution experts are challenged to find scalable solutions for maintaining relationships with colleagues, candidates and clients through marketing channels. Join talent solution experts as they discuss: - Effective marketing channels for connecting with and engaging colleagues, candidates and clients - How platforms such as the human cloud are changing the way recruiters are marketing to talent - The role of video as a talent marketing and management tool - How recruiters and their marketing teams use content to nurture relationships
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