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  • How to implement Talent Strategies to Ramp up Growth
    How to implement Talent Strategies to Ramp up Growth Arupa Tesolin, CEO, Velocified Recorded: Aug 22 2017 65 mins
    There are massive changes happening in talent management that require companies to implement talent acceleration strategies. These changes create a great impact on staffing and people processes, but also create risks for business capability and continuity. This webinar will give you a firm grounding in what you need to know and how your company or organization can respond to the new agile marketplace.

    Join us for this trend-setting 40-minute webinar & learn:

    - The four big problems most companies face.
    - Three tactical strategies to implement now.
    - Defining the talent acceleration challenge.
    - The value of talent acceleration: effective metrics to quantify business & people impact.
  • 3 Steps to Building a Modern Recruiting Pipeline
    3 Steps to Building a Modern Recruiting Pipeline Ashleigh Anderson, Director of Talent Acquisition and Dean Talanehzar, Senior Technical Recruiting Manager at Climate Corp Recorded: Aug 17 2017 59 mins
    The best talent teams in the business are fighting tooth and nail to transition from a service desk to a strategic recruiting model that drives partnerships, culture, and process. At Climate Corp, the recruiting team is taken a hands on and holistic approach to building and managing their hiring pipeline.

    In a concerted and parallel effort, Climate Corp is building out their employer brand, establishing a strong referral culture, and implementing a structured interview process. Join Ashleigh Anderson, Director of Talent Acquisition and Dean Talanehzar, Senior Technical Recruiting Manager at Climate Corp as they discuss their efforts to:

    - Attract top talent to Climate Corp
    - Leverage their employees social networks to drive recruiting
    - Standardize the interview process to lower bias and improve hiring decisions

    Ashleigh and Dean will stick around at the conclusion of the presentation to take live questions from the audience.
  • The cyber security challenges faced by businesses adopting a BYOD strategy
    The cyber security challenges faced by businesses adopting a BYOD strategy Martin Cook, LogRhythm Recorded: Aug 16 2017 46 mins
    This webinar will focus on the cultural shift from tightly controlled business networks of yesterday to the converged fabric adopted by businesses today. BYOD is becoming a normality for most organisations and it doesn't have to be a heavy burden for security teams with the right policies, people and technology in place. We'll dive into some of the options available for these challenges in this webinar and how having the right BYOD strategy can play an integral role in an organisation's preparation for EU GDPR compliance.

    We’ll address:
    - The security options available today to enable an efficient and safe BYOD strategy
    - How implementing a strong BYOD strategy can help compliance
    - How you can reduce the risk of suffering a damaging cyber-breach
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps: From Security Challenges to Secure Development
    Hybrid Mobile Apps: From Security Challenges to Secure Development Dr. Achim D. Brucker, Security Consultant & Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield Recorded: Aug 16 2017 35 mins
    Cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap, or SAP Kapsel are becoming increasingly popular. They promote the development of hybrid apps that combine native, i.e., system specific, code and system independent code, e.g., HTML5/JavaScript. Combining native with platform independent code opens Pandora's box: all the security risks for native development are multiplied with the security risk of web applications.

    In this talk, we will give a short introduction into hybrid app development, present specific attacks and discuss how Android developers are using Apache Cordova. In the second half of the talk, we will focus on the secure development of hybrid apps: both with hands-on guidelines for defensive programming as well as recommendations for hybrid app specific security testing strategies.

    Speaker bio:

    Dr. Achim D. Brucker (https://www.brucker.ch) leads the Software Assurance & Security Research Team (https://logicalhacking.com) at the University of Sheffield, UK. Until December 2015, he was a Security Testing Strategist in the Global Security Team of SAP SE, where, among others, he defined the risk-based security testing strategy of SAP. He is a frequent speaker at security conferences.
  • Finding Stolen Data
    Finding Stolen Data Kirby Plessas Recorded: Aug 10 2017 49 mins
    Regardless of how the material is maliciously obtained, finding stolen data efficiently - before your customers know they have been compromised - is a critical component of information security. Using the Open Source Intelligence methodology presented in this workshop, the information security professional can search and monitor for stolen data as well as users linking to and advertising the sale of your customers' data. With live examples from the dark web, this fast paced tutorial lays the groundwork for safe, effective investigations and includes searching with advanced search operators, email addresses, usernames and people searches in both the public internet as well as the dark web.
  • Great Workplaces in 2017
    Great Workplaces in 2017 Jeremie Brecheisen Recorded: Aug 8 2017 55 mins
    Hear Gallup deliver the State of the American Workplace. We’ll discuss engagement as a competitive advantage, complex team structures in a matrixed and remote world, the shift to a consumer mindset among employees, and the latest trends in performance and development.
  • Take Advantage of Tax Credits for Employer-Provided Child Care
    Take Advantage of Tax Credits for Employer-Provided Child Care KinderCare Education at Work in association with Karen Slotsky of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Recorded: Jul 18 2017 21 mins
    Join Karen Slotsky of PriceWaterhouseCoopers to find out how your company can claim the tax credits it deserves for offering child care benefits to employees. Log on July 18 at 10 a.m. PT.
  • Childcare & Employers:Vouchers to Tax-free. What you need to know in 2017
    Childcare & Employers:Vouchers to Tax-free. What you need to know in 2017 James Marsh, HRreview; Jennifer Liston-Smith, My Family Care; Richard Milligan, Computershare; Lindsey Doe, Tinies Recorded: Jul 6 2017 62 mins
    There are lots of legislative changes afoot this year affecting working parents. 30 hours free childcare and Tax-Free Childcare are two separate government schemes, to help parents with the cost of childcare. Current Childcare voucher schemes offered through employers will close to new registrants in April 2018

    So in our summer employer event of the year, we’re looking at all things childcare related.
    With HR benefit experts, we’ll look at how and why the childcare voucher system is changing, together with both the practical and cost implications for employers and what they could or should be doing between now and when the changes come into effect.

    On a broader front we’ll examine where employers are at when it comes to being ‘family-friendly, to what extent do UK employers support working parents with childcare related benefits and support?

    We’ll be sharing the results of our latest employer survey benchmarking family friendly support.
  • 7 Digital Best Practices for HR Professionals: Ways to Recruit and Hire Faster
    7 Digital Best Practices for HR Professionals: Ways to Recruit and Hire Faster Teja Voya, Director, Commercial Marketing, DocuSign; Derek Temper, Director, Human Resources, Dent Wizard Recorded: Jun 29 2017 48 mins
    Industry experts predict that all successful businesses will soon become 100% digital. The biggest challenge is the “how”. The HR world is rapidly changing; global candidates are becoming more tech-savvy and rely on mobile-enabled interactions. Now more than ever, HR teams are looking to attract and retain the right talent, increase employee satisfaction, and enrich the overall recruiting and onboarding experience.

    Here’s the time to make 2017 a year of digitization and transformation. The plan: revamp all of your current HR processes and swap paper for an eSignature solution for everything ranging from offer letters, new hire approvals, candidate NDAs, and contractor agreements.

    Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the 7 important ways that HR teams can make meaningful progress in their digital transformation. You will also learn:

    • Top HR pains in the workplace
    • How other companies achieved success in digital transformation
    • How leveraging an eSignature solution can help you save time and money

    Featured Speakers:

    • Teja Vora, Director of Commercial Marketing, DocuSign
    • Derek Temper, Human Resources Director at Dent Wizard
  • Using Recognition to Drive Engagement – A Best Practice Guide with Scotiabank
    Using Recognition to Drive Engagement – A Best Practice Guide with Scotiabank James Marsh, HRreview; Erik Finch, Achievers; Ramón Edilio Vargas, Scotiabank Recorded: Jun 29 2017 65 mins
    Is your company looking to align employees with business goals and success, and fuel a culture of recognition and innovation to drive business outcomes? Join Erik Finch, Sr. Director of Field Operations, Achievers, and Ramón Edilio Vargas, Director Global Employee Recognition, Scotiabank as they discuss using recognition to build engagement and results.

    In this webinar, we will:
    •Demonstrate the powerful link between recognition and engagement
    •Share valuable insight into how recognition can be used to align employees with the corporate values and business goals that impact your bottom-line results
    •Talk you through case studies that show how to implement effective engagement programmes
    •Give you the opportunity to ask your questions to our experts and client advocates

    Who should attend?
    •Managers looking for ideas on how to improve employee engagement and performance;
    •Executives who want to learn more about the top driver of employee engagement, employee recognition, and how to implement or improve a company-wide recognition programme
    •IT professionals looking for answers on how to maximise current technology and add engagement to the mix

    If you are looking for ideas on how to improve employee engagement and performance or want to learn more about the top driver of employee engagement, employee recognition, and how to implement or improve a company-wide recognition programme, then this webinar shouldn’t be missed.
  • Supercharge Employee Referrals with Teamable
    Supercharge Employee Referrals with Teamable Veronica Rundle, Head of Account Managment and Joe Tottent, Director at Teamable Recorded: Jun 21 2017 33 mins
    Did you know? Referred candidates are hired at a rate that is 8X higher than candidates from all other sources. That translates to significant cost reductions and time efficiencies for your organization.

    Tune in for a quick look at how Teamable is helping companies identify, engage and hire top talent with employee referrals.

    We’ll cover:

    - The data behind the power of referral recruiting
    - Optimizing employee referrals to get the candidates you want
    - How to leverage employees’ social networks to source passive candidates
    - Building a tracked referral pipeline

    You'll leave the webinar with an understanding of how top talent orgs run and optimize their employee referral programs and what you can do to get started.
  • A Structured Approach to Better Staff Scheduling
    A Structured Approach to Better Staff Scheduling Steve O'Brian, Vice President, Shiftboard Recorded: Jun 15 2017 49 mins
    Learn how a better scheduling framework creates a better workflow and leads to better outcomes. Scheduling is a critical activity in modern shift-based workplaces – with impacts on labor cost, productivity, and even legal compliance. A chaotic scheduling process impacts worker satisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover. It also increases the likelihood for human error and makes last minute changes very disruptive.

    Learn about:
    -How to think about a scheduling framework
    -Key ingredients to a staff scheduling workflow
    -7 steps to a better workflow for staff scheduling

    Our presenter, Steve O’Brian is the Vice President of Marketing at Shiftboard and has over a decade of experience in human resources business process optimization
  • Panel: 4 Trends Driving Proactive Talent Acquisition
    Panel: 4 Trends Driving Proactive Talent Acquisition Erin Wilson, co-founder at hirepool; Mike Podobnik, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Medallia Recorded: Jun 14 2017 61 mins
    In many organizations today, recruiting functions as a tactical, on-demand service that is initiated by hiring managers and plays a supportive role. This state of affairs represents a huge missed opportunity.

    That's why we at Teamable are excited to bring Erin Wilson, co-founder at hirepool.io, and Mike Podobnik, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Medallia together in conversation, to learn why the modern business needs a radically new hiring model and how recruiters can: 

    1. Fit talent strategy into HR and the broader organization.
    2. Align your talent delivery model with company goals.  
    3. Drive proactive talent acquisition strategies.  
    4. Create benchmarks to measure and prove talent value. 

    Erin and Mike will stick around at the conclusion of the presentation to field questions from the audience.

    Leads from this webinar will be shared with Teamable and Lever.
  • Power your Business with Adobe Sign
    Power your Business with Adobe Sign Lisa Croft, Group Manager, Product Marketing, Adobe Recorded: Jun 12 2017 54 mins
    When it comes to future-proofing your business, open standards matter. Adobe Sign supports the first open standard for cloud-based signatures, so you can offer the highest level of compliant signing from any device. And you can use Adobe Sign in your everyday applications to streamline your workflows across your entire organisation.

    With the new-and-improved Adobe Sign experience, you can:

    • Future-proof your business with digital ID signing and the highest levels of compliance
    • Connect people, processes, and tasks with end-to-end digital workflows
    • Turn mobile devices into serious business tools with mobile scanning
  • [Video Panel] Fighting Ransomware: Lessons from WannaCry
    [Video Panel] Fighting Ransomware: Lessons from WannaCry Josh Downs, BrightTALK, Darren Thomson, Symantec; Chris Ross, Barracuda Networks Recorded: Jun 8 2017 50 mins
    - BrightTALK at Infosecurity Europe 2017 -

    One month on from the WannaCry attacks, we'll be discussing their influence on the cyber security industry; whether it was a success for the cyber criminals and what organisations could've done to be better protected.

    This expert panel will cover how the ransomware spread, why there's been an explosion over the last few years, why businesses are especially vulnerable and how the malware is more and more intertwined with crypto currencies.

    Fighting Ransomware was a top priority on security professionals' minds in 2016 and that will only continue into 2017. Tune into this live panel to get insights and takeaways to protect your business from the threat of ransomware.
  • [Video Panel] Protecting the IoT: Threats, Vulnerabilities & Solutions
    [Video Panel] Protecting the IoT: Threats, Vulnerabilities & Solutions Josh Downs, BrightTALK, Patrick Grillo, Fortinet, Danielle Cattedu, CSA & Marc Laliberte, WatchGuard Recorded: Jun 7 2017 48 mins
    - BrightTALK at Infosecurity Europe 2017 -

    IoT networks grow by the day - prompting sleepless nights from security professionals the world over. As more and more devices join the network, how can we ensure that they're not becoming the latest weak link in the network?

    This expert panel will look at vulnerabilities in the IoT, those that are more obvious and those that perhaps aren't. It'll also cover the latest threats targeting IoT networks; the mechanisms and techniques that are being used and how to stop them.

    The IoT will be critical to business and consumer life from hospitals to connected cars to factory floors. Security and privacy remain key concerns and this panel will break down what the explosion of IoT networks will mean for security professionals.
  • Wellbeing and burnout: New research shows it’s real and immediate.
    Wellbeing and burnout: New research shows it’s real and immediate. James Marsh, HRreview; Rob Bravo, Director of Wellbeing,Talking Talent; Sally Evans, Talent Inclusion & Wellbeing, PwC Recorded: Jun 7 2017 62 mins
    It is astonishing to think that as many as three quarters (75%) of professionals aged 25-34 already feel worn out by the type of work and the environment in which they work in. And as many as 57% of all professionals feel that way.

    The threat of burnout is real and immediate. It is not reserved for middle age or later life. In fact, last year in the UK, younger workers took more days off work due to stress than older workers (roughly 65% of 16-24 young workers compared to only 24% of older workers).

    In April 2017, Talking Talent conducted the study ‘working on burnout’ which looks to challenge all types of professional organisations to prioritise the importance of the wellbeing issues experienced by their employees in the workplace and at home. The research highlights the very real impact on individual and organisational performance when the subjective wellbeing of an employee is poor, and the risk of burnout is high.

    In this webinar we’ll be sharing the findings and insightful commentary on what triggers burnout with professionals in UK businesses, identifying trends across family set-ups, industries and seniority of position, as well as offering key insights for employers on preventative approaches to burnout.

    You’ll hear from Rob Bravo, Director of Wellbeing at Talking Talent and Sally Evans, Senior Manager - Talent, Inclusion & Wellbeing at PwC on successful strategies to support employee’s holistic wellbeing, as well as leading employer panellists and an industry expert sharing their experiences and perspectives.
  • [Video Panel] GDPR: The Next 12 Months
    [Video Panel] GDPR: The Next 12 Months Josh Downs, BrightTALK; Patrick Grillo, Fortinet; Roger Francis, Mandiant & Tim Hickman, White & Case Recorded: Jun 6 2017 59 mins
    - BrightTALK at Infosecurity Europe 2017 -

    GDPR and its May 2018 deadline are now fully the minds of the vast majority of security professionals and with massive fines on the horizon for non-compliance, now is a better time than ever to get to grips with the legislation and ensure that your organisation is secure and compliant.

    Join this live interactive panel where our selection of industry experts will be discussing the ins and outs of the regulations; how to prepare, steps to take and what to look out for.

    It’s vital that your business has carried out the relevant preparations for compliance by then to make sure you don’t get whacked with a huge fine of up to £15m or 4% of your organisation’s global annual turnover.

    Not only are there potentially huge financial repercussions, but leaving your business open to attack and your customers at risk can cause serious reputational damage.

    This expert panel will be discussing next steps to make sure that the next 12 months are as pain free as possible.
  • Boosting your Brand on Glassdoor
    Boosting your Brand on Glassdoor Lisa Holden Employer Communications Manager Glassdoor Recorded: Jun 1 2017 31 mins
    Glassdoor is more than just the first place people go to find a job. Companies now check it out before deciding to do business with you. Even potential investors use Glassdoor before making their final decisions! That’s why a strong presence on Glassdoor is vital for your company.

    But don’t fear: this is all good news. Having a Glassdoor profile can help your company grow in all the right ways.

    Tune in to this tutorial to hear:

    - Easy ways to showcase your company
    - How you can attract more than just talent
    - What businesses and investors look for in your profile
    - How Glassdoor data can help you improve your financial results
  • Should employees bring their personal lives to the workplace?
    Should employees bring their personal lives to the workplace? James Marsh, HRreview; Heidi Allan, Neyber; Marcus Underhill, Staffcare; Charles Cotton, CIPD Recorded: May 24 2017 63 mins
    People often associate stress with workload, but issues that arise outside work are often the biggest triggers and contributors to mental ill-health – troubled relationships, financial worries or family problems. We spend so much of our time working that it’s almost inevitable we cannot leave our problems at the office door.

    But is it fair for employers to ask questions about individuals’ personal circumstances? And is it appropriate or practical to offer support?

    A range of wellbeing experts and HR practitioners explore these issues, debate best practice and provide practical guidance on a number of topics which could include:

    •Types of stress and how they manifest at work.
    •The implications of stress at work, and why work-life balance is an increasingly anachronistic idea.
    •Ways of dealing with stress – should employers be proactive or stay out of it?
    •How to equip employees to deal with stress at work (i.e Neyber)

    STATE OF THE NATION – The DNA of Financial Wellbeing, 2017

    Key findings. The last 12 months have seen great progress, however recent economic changes have bought us some big challenges and we will need to stay focused.

    Encouragingly, employee wellbeing is starting to be recognised. Financial worries are still employee’s biggest concern.

    Many employers are starting to think about their employee finances more broadly.
  • [Video Panel] Fighting Ransomware & Responding if the Worst Happens
    [Video Panel] Fighting Ransomware & Responding if the Worst Happens Josh Downs, BrightTALK; Adrian Taylor, FireEye; Ian Whiting, Titania & Bart Parys, PwC Recorded: May 18 2017 47 mins
    Ransomware was one of the biggest threats facing businesses in 2016 and that trend is expected to continue as we press further into 2017.

    As more and more cheap malware becomes available to cyber criminals the sheer amount of ransomware attacks is on the rise.

    However, cyber defences are beginning to catch up.

    This expert video panel will be discussing the ransomware landscape, what you can do to better protect your business from the threat and steps to take should the worst happen.


    - Josh Downs, BrightTALK (moderator)

    - Adrian Taylor, Field CTO, FireEye

    - Ian Whiting, CEO, Titania

    - Bart Parys, Threat Intelligence Analyst, PwC
  • Email — The Achilles Heel of Cybersecurity That Lets Everyone Down
    Email — The Achilles Heel of Cybersecurity That Lets Everyone Down Randal Pinto, Co-founder & COO, Red Sift Recorded: May 17 2017 21 mins
    A hole in the way the global email infrastructure works exposes every business to cyber-criminals. DMARC is a new security protocol that secures your email, protects your clients and improves the deliverability of every email you send.

    This webinar will provide you with an overview about the DMARC protocol and the types of attack that it protects against, its email configuration and deliverability benefits and how to protect your business.
  • Compliance Conundrum
    Compliance Conundrum Lori Kleiman, SPHR, SHRM-SCP Recorded: May 16 2017 19 mins
    United States HR teams are pulled in different directions every day. Staying on top of the human resources activities can be complex enough, and compliance must be managed in midst of all of it. There are 6 non-negotiable areas of compliance that have to be incorporated to your daily operations. You must embrace these, and be able to navigate the leadership team to embrace them as well. Lori will share effective method of securing the resources needed to move initiatives forward, you will be sure you leave the program with the tools you need to get it all done. You don’t have to figure it out on your own - join us and get a quick path for 2017 compliance now!

    Employees are the backbone of every organization and managers know that. When the focus is on getting new customers, creating new revenue streams, making a profit and being innovation - who has time to make employees happy. Aren’t they here to do a job anyway? Well yes, but they still need to know they make a difference. In this program, we’ll look at how happy employees can support your corporate initiatives and actually give you time back. And, it can all happen with minimal effort and budget.