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Protect your business with security analytics and compliance solutions

Your organization, regardless of its size, must turn security and log data into actionable intelligence to make smarter, more efficient decisions. This channel features presentations that help answer your security questions. For example, you can learn how to manage business risk, monitor your IT infrastructure and automate compliance. Take your security knowledge a step forward with best practices in the latest security trends like Big Data Security Analytics, combating Advanced Persistent Threats and understanding the costs of cyber crime.

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The Value of Adopting and Improving Security Maturity Models Eric Schou, Director, Product Marketing at HP Enterprise Security Products Security maturity models can take a variety of forms; they can be embedded on-premises or delivered as a managed third-party service. As such modeling has advanced over the past decade, the need for improved detection and mitigation of attacks has extended well beyond large businesses. A burgeoning underground populated by sophisticated data thieves, state-sponsored hacking collectives, and ideologically motivated hacktivists, is engaged in the systematic plundering and disruption of IT operations at companies of all sizes. This webcast will outline the drivers behind this imperative, summarize the robust approaches security vendors are adopting, and lay out a roadmap for shoring up the security postures of organizations, whatever their size. Read more >
Aug 20 2015
60 mins
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