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Live weekly webcast for employers and human resource managers

Workers compensation expert guides employers to implement injury managment best practices. Margaret Spence is an expert at showing companies how to slash their workers' compensation cost by implementing strategies that drastically reduce injury rates, increase productivity and energize employees to work safely. Remember, you can write the most effective safety handbooks, implement the best polices and still have injuries - the key is understanding the workers comp system and navigating it sucessfully.

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Drug Free Workplace Programs - Are you compliant? Margaret Spence and Patrick Armstrong October 19 to 23 is National Drug Free Workplace Week - we are hosting this webcast to dispell the myths about drug testing and educate employers on establishing compliant drug free workplace programs. Our Guest Host - Patrick Armstrong is an expert at helping employers set up drug free workplace program - we are going to ask him the key questions about the process and get his insight on effective drug free workplace programs. Read more >
Oct 19 2009
64 mins
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