Why Digital Certificates are Essential for Mobile Users.

Christian Brindley, Systems Engineer
Looking for a simple and transparent solution for strong authentication for your end user's mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads?
Join our webcast to learn why digital certificates provide strong but transparent user authentication for mobile applications. We'll discuss real customer use cases, best practices for implementing mobile authentication security using digital certificates and why they are especially important to use along with mobile device management servers. A demo will also highlight how easy certificate management can be.

During this webcast, you will learn about:
•Using a single, certificate based authentication method for both strong mobile user authentication and mobile device management.
•Easily deploying digital certificates with all the leading mobile device management solutions.
•Lowering the cost of certificate management and gaining the high availability and reliability of a world-class, cloud-based managed service.
•Automating end user certificate enrollment and configuration.
•Making strong security a totally transparent experience for your end users.
Learn how to maintain a secure mobile computing environment, simplify mobile security management, and keep your mobile workers productive all at the same time.
Aug 28 2012
47 mins
Why Digital Certificates are Essential for Mobile Users.
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  • EU General Data Protection Regulation is coming: Time for ‘Privacy by Design' Mar 18 2015 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    The European Union’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has left even the most informed confused.
    Attend Mike Smart’s panel session to hear from Sian John, Symantec’s Chief Strategist and Tamzin Matthew, Symantec’s Director of Legal introduce this new legislation.
    This webinar will cover 3 topics of discussion; Scope of the new regulation, roles and responsibilities of those involved in data privacy and how implementing ‘Privacy by Design’ will minimize the impact of the GDPR.
  • How Does Big Data Threat Analytics Heighten Cyber Security? Recorded: Feb 17 2015 47 mins
    Advanced cyber-attacks are just too difficult to deal with! Often hard to detect, challenging to respond to and even then you are not sure it will be any better next time. Big data threat analytics is a growing theme in the security industry that helps organisations move from simple reaction to being able to detect and defend themselves more effectively. With 25 years of malware research and big data threat analytics experience, Symantec explains the benefits of big data threat analytics.
  • Reduce the cost and securely extend the life of your Windows 2003 Estate. Recorded: Feb 5 2015 61 mins
    Time is short. With Windows Server support due to end on the 14th of July 2015, now is the time to consider your strategy to address this issue. You have options but you need to be sure your business critical applications are available & secure whilst not incurring significant costs from custom support agreements. Symantec has an answer which will extend the life of your Windows 2003 systems and that is cost effective and increases your security.

    Attend this webinar if you want:
    •Safely extend the lifetime of Windows Server 2003 systems in your environment
    •Reduce business costs
    •Significantly improve your security
    •Reduce risk to business critical applications
  • Advanced Threats & Malware Attacks Rising: Ready for the impact of a breach? Recorded: Feb 3 2015 47 mins
    2013 was the year of the Mega Breach…and unfortunately the trend continues. Attacks on global corporations were highly visible in 2014 – a direct result of the huge increase in complex breaches. It’s no longer enough to simply work on keeping the bad guys out. You need a response and remediation plan for when (not if) a breach occurs.

    In this webinar Mike Smart From Symantec will be hosting a panel with Sian John and Laurence Pitt discussing ‘how to protect against cyber-attack from the inside’. You will also hear Symantec discuss how IT Security leaders can balance business innovation and protection in the modern IT world.
  • Dynamic Data Protection: set your data free with confidence Recorded: Feb 3 2015 46 mins
    Information is everywhere: with an increasingly mobile workforce and snowballing adoption of cloud services, IT leaders are struggling to protect information in this distributed environment. In this webinar Mike Smart From Symantec will be hosting a panel with Sian John and Laurence Pit discussing why ‘work is what you do not where you are’. You will also hear Symantec discuss how IT Security leaders can balance business innovation and protection in the modern IT world.
  • Why PCI/DSS needs to be part of a bigger security strategy Recorded: Jan 20 2015 59 mins
    Cybercrime is booming.

    Every day we hear new headlines about breaches that have resulted in the significant loss of credit card information or customer data. Many of these companies are PCI/DSS compliant. So what went wrong? More importantly, what can you do to make sure your business isn’t attacked next?
    In this webinar we talk about the advantages of using PCI/DSS as a base from which to build a wider, stronger cyber security strategy. By making strategic security investments, you can mitigate risk while maximizing business opportunities. Ticking the boxes to avoid a fine isn’t enough to keep cyber criminals at bay.

    Our experts will cover:
    •Overview of PCI/DSS and characteristics of successful projects
    •The new European General Data Protection Regulation and likely regulatory/financial impact
    • Case Study
  • Step up to your Digital Security Responsibilities Recorded: Jan 15 2015 61 mins
    Malware has grown to be a major concern across the Enterprise. The emergence of ransomware, such as Cryptlocker, shows the increasing sophistication of modern malware attacks and the threat these cause to your business. Ransomware disables the functionality of a computer in some way. The malware, in effect, holds the computer ransom and requests payment from the user to restore function. According to our research, as many as 2.9 percent of compromised users admitted to paying out, however the real number is likely to be much higher.

    Take an Intelligent Approach to Security

    Intelligent Security from HP ESS and Symantec not only identifies how to proactively approach your cyber security, but also how making the right risk management decisions can enable your business to operate most securely and efficiently.
  • Vers une approche cyber sécurité intégrée Recorded: Jan 9 2015 39 mins
    La complexité et les enjeux liés à la cyber sécurité requièrent une plateforme de sécurité cohérente et unifiée, prenant en compte autant la connaissance des risques internes qu'externes. Lors de ce webcast vous découvrirez comment Symantec peut vous aider à mettre en place une approche sécurité complète et holistique, combinant les meilleures pratiques, l'expérience et l'intelligence, au travers d'une plateforme de services sécurité, et ainsi rendre votre entreprise cyber préparée.
  • Un monde sans mot de passe ? Recorded: Jan 9 2015 35 mins
    Durant les 20 dernières années, les experts sécurité ont toujours clamé que les mots de passe étaient le talon d'Achille de leur stratégie. Les entreprises ont dû composer avec l'augmentation des risques, les freins à la productivité des utilisateurs et les investissements dans des solutions de gestion des mots de passe. Découvrez lors de ce webcast la nouvelle solution VIP, la première solution d'authentification pour limiter les mots de passe en entreprise. Vous en saurez plus sur cette nouvelle méthode d'authentification à vos applications mobiles, SaaS et web. Et vous découvrirez comment Symantec Identity and Authentication Platform s'intègre avec des offres tiers pour servir de socle commun d'IAM, d'authentification forte, de provisionning et de protection de l'information.
  • L’actu cyber du mois, so what ? Recorded: Jan 9 2015 31 mins
    •C’est arrivé durant les 30 derniers jours, nouvelles attaques, nouvelles vulnérabilités, rapport d’experts, point de vue des analystes, les éléments les plus marquants du mois seront commentés et interprétés en terme d’impact et d’analyse de risques, pour les décideurs et professionnels de la cyber sécurité.
    •Votre rendez-vous de 20 minutes pour comprendre l’essentiel, vous aider à y voir plus clair et répondre à vos questions du moment.
  • L’actu cyber du mois, so what ? Recorded: Dec 12 2014 31 mins
    •C’est arrivé durant les 30 derniers jours, nouvelles attaques , nouvelles vulnérabilités, rapport d’experts, point de vue des analystes, les éléments les plus marquants du mois seront commentés et interprétés en terme d’impact et d’analyse de risques, pour les décideurs et professionnels de la cyber sécurité.

    •Votre rendez vous de 20 minutes pour comprendre l’essentiel, vous aider à y voir plus clair et répondre à vos questions du moment.
  • How to achieve a proactive approach to security Recorded: Dec 9 2014 53 mins
    Achieving a proactive approach to security: All organisations are looking to lower their risk when it comes to Cyber threats, but increasingly need to have faster incident response and containment. The question becomes one of how can you embrace technological change while minimising IT risks? Are you looking to meet compliance regulations and audit requirements, but also improve efficiency and productivity of your IT staff? Join us to understand how talking a different approach and shifting your investment may enable to you respond faster but importantly give you better awareness.
  • The future of Endpoints & Identities: Increases in Threats, Cloud & Mobility Recorded: Dec 3 2014 46 mins
    Join Mike Smart at Symantec and Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President for IDC's Security Products Service on this interview-style webinar to hear about how the industry needs to evolve endpoints and identities to embrace evolution and flexible working as well as defend off increasingly complex attacks. In this session there is a twist! – you, the audience will have control over the topics we’ll choose to discuss! To conclude this session, we’ll be hearing from Charles on his view of what the future holds!
  • Die Spionage-Software Regin | Einladung zum deutschen Webcast Recorded: Dec 3 2014 62 mins
    Am 23. November 2014 hat Symantec als erstes Unternehmen Informationen über Regin, ein hoch entwickeltes Tool für die Cyber-Spionage, veröffentlicht. In den Medien wurde ausführlich darüber berichtet und wir möchten Ihnen einige wichtige Informationen über diese Bedrohung sowie dazu, wie wir Sie davor schützen, geben.

    In unserem deutschspraching Webcast am 3.12.14 möchten wir näher erläutern, was Regin ist und warum diese Bedrohung ernst ist: Regin ist deshalb als Malware so bemerkenswert, da sie äußerst komplex ist und sich in ihrer Funktionalität für die verschiedensten Zwecke anpassen lässt. Regin basiert auf einem Framework, das sich bestens für die langfristige Informationsbeschaffung eignet, indem es die Malware vor einer Enttarnung schützt. Regin unternimmt erhebliche Anstrengungen, um sich und seine Aktivitäten auf infizierten Computern zu verbergen. Für seine Tarnung werden zahlreiche der raffiniertesten Techniken eingesetzt, die wir bisher beobachten konnten.
  • 2014 Cyber Attack Review & What Can We Learn for Better Cyber Defence in 2015? Recorded: Dec 3 2014 42 mins
    The world has changed. The increasing digitization of our personal & business lives is driving an evolution in cyber threats never seen before while forcing our relentless focus on prevention to be modified to one of resilience. This webinar explores the evolution of cyber threats across the emerging spectrum of digital interactions for businesses, governments and consumers and highlights both the human and technology shifts we need to make to not only prevent threats but become more cyber resilient in our digitally connected worlds.
  • Archiving and Backup: Accelerate your business agility and innovation Recorded: Nov 13 2014 28 mins
    The data explosion is a given, but the increase in rules and regulation are driving compliance and governance requirements and the traditional view of archiving and backup need to be refined – just adding storage is not the solution; a better approach to information life cycle management is.

    Join David Moseley & Arjan Van Proosdij as they discuss methods and share top tips for accelerating your agility and innovation when dealing with your archiving and backup solutions.
  • Symantecs Per Hellqvist, talar om hur man hanterar en komplex pågående hotbild Recorded: Nov 13 2014 40 mins
    Att hantera en komplex , pågående hotbild

    Försvar av ditt företag mot cyberhot har aldrig tidigare varit så utmanande. Den IT-relaterade brottsligheten finns överallt och växer ständigt. Är du beroende av gårdagens metoder för att bekämpa dagens hot?
    Lär dig mer om de fyra stegen i en riktad attack och hur man kan skydda sig.

    Under denna session får du:

    •En genomgång av dagens hotbild, pedagogiskt genomgången och med råd och tips om hur du kan undvika att bli utsatt eller upptäcka när attacken sker.
    •Lära dig hur attackerna går till samt vilka säkerhetsverktyg du behöver för att stå bättre rustad
    Denna webcast är lämplig for alla som arbetar med IT-säkerhet i både privata som publika företag och organisationer.

    Presenter Biog - Per Hellqvist, Senior Security Specialist

    Per Hellqvist is one of Symantec’s security experts. He has broad experience and knowledge around IT-security and issues. His specialty is mobile security, malicious code – virus, Trojan and worms in specific. He is also a trend analysis of security and is very interested in what is going on in cryptography.
    Per has become a well-known profile and spokesperson within virus and IT-security. He writes articles, speaks at seminars and conferences for journalists, industries and organizations. Per Hellqvist is also the initiator of the Swedish virus list, an independent and up-to-date statistic, where he once a week report on the most frequent viruses in the Swedish companies. Per is also the only Swedish person to report Swedish virus status to The Wild List Organization.
  • Mobile Applications: How Safe is your information? Recorded: Nov 11 2014 46 mins
    Mobility is still one of the top trends for the business. How can you balance the risks with the rewards that it brings to the business? In this Panel session you will hear Symantec discuss emerging mobile trends, the need for trust and identity in the mobile application development space and how business can develop and deliver secure applications to their users and customers.
  • Moving to a Software-Defined Anything (SDx) Data Center: Beyond Virtualization Recorded: Nov 11 2014 22 mins
    The traditional datacenter landscape has changed forever, leaving infrastructure abstracted and virtualised, delivered as a service. We’re seeing virtualisation extend well beyond just computing, with storage and network virtualisation quickly becoming the norm for most organisations.
    This model holds true regardless of whether the infrastructure resides internally or in the cloud. Dependency on physical hardware is being eliminated as software manages everything, increasing flexibility and agility. As infrastructure becomes highly virtualised and moves toward the private cloud, traditional IT resources need to evolve or risk becoming irrelevant.
    If achieving an agile data center requires elastic infrastructure, service-model delivery, and the application of IT intelligence,
    how does Symantec help advance these objectives? By taking each one of these goals individually, we can better understand
    Symantec’s role in building an agile data center by:

    •Improving Infrastructure Elasticity
    •Delivering Resources As-a-service
    •Cultivating IT Intelligence
  • Symantec’s latest endpoint protection & encryption solution update Recorded: Oct 28 2014 34 mins
    Attend this webinar to learn how combining Symantec Endpoint Protection with Symantec Endpoint Encryption gives you an endpoint security solution that mitigates pervasive software attacks and encompasses physical security from loss and theft. Topics covered include:

    •Threat landscape overview
    •What’s new in Endpoint Protection
    •What’s new in Endpoint Encryption
    •Better Together: Protection & Encryption
Webcasts targeted to software security professionals
Symantec Corporation Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Our software and services protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored. Our presenters usually are combined with a customer, analyst or partner. We plan to run 2 webcasts a month and they are targeted to the software security professional.

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