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The sales management community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of sales management professionals. Learn about sales training ideas and techniques while improving pipeline development strategies. Join the conversation by participating in live sales development and management webinars and round tables.
  • Webinar to discuss:
    •Dissolving the factory model of care and repair
    •Empowering patients
    •Engagement with the wider community
    •How to fully harness the renewable energy represented by patients and communities
    oImproving patient experience
    oImproving service improvement through quality markers
    oRedesigning and transforming services through user involvement

    Roshani Perera & Lindsey Cook, Co-founders, Wicked Minds Healthcare Consultancy

    Patient and community panel:
    •Roger Wotton, Chair of Tackle Prostate Cancer
    •Keith Jackson, Chair of British Cardiac Patients Association
    •Representative– Citizens Senate (East of England)

    Who should attend?
    •NHS – commissioners, pathway development leads, programme directors, providers, clinical leads, network leads, user involvement leads
    •Charities – patient advocates, programme managers, service development leads, policy managers
    •Life Sciences – patient relations, public affairs, communications, marketing, sales, business intelligence
  • Establishing a trusted relationship with prospects is a challenge that all B2B marketing and sales teams face. Targeted, relevant interactions are crucial, and prospects expect vendors to provide insightful information and resources that truly addresses their specific pains and preferences.

    Salesforce Engage brings the power of Pardot to sales, arming them with the insight, information and tools they need to meaningfully connect with prospects. Join us in this 30-minute webinar where we will take a look at how Engage:

    - provides visibility into notable prospect interactions and decision-making action patterns to help sales better understand needs of buyer.
    - pulls marketing content and insights right into the tools reps are already using for effortless accessibility.
    - allows sales to easily track the success of—and improve upon—their own mini campaigns to more effectively engage.
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 2: Accelerate Past Your Competition By Improving How You Qualify Job Orders.

    What if there was a way to shorten your sales cycle from 25 days to 20 days? And imagine if instead of closing two or three job orders out of ten you could close five or even six or seven out of ten job orders? Combined, that would be a significant boost to your sales results, without having to exert additional prospecting time and energy. That is what we call working smart!

    Proven sales coach to staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will highlight the most important and often most overlooked qualification elements of taking a client requirement.

    Key learning experiences include:
    •How to establish yourself as an equal peer with your client (& why this is so critical)?
    •How you can change the playing field (change the client requirement)?
    •How to eliminate latency and avoid a stalled sales cycle?
    •How to leverage recruitment agency CRM software to drive consistent practices of taking a job order?
  • Sales enablement professionals face the same challenges as the sales reps and should be armed with similar tools and methodologies made available to the sales teams. Sales training organizations should be able to use performance analytics based needs assessment frameworks to send out highly personalized sales recommendations to the sales reps. Marketing automation and analytics tools, can be effectively used to send personalized sales training and coaching communications to internal consumers improving the chances of adoption and business impact.

    The session will bring to you how tools, techniques and methodologies used for customer engagement and success can also be used internally to improve sales teams' engagement and success.
  • Using LinkedIn is a big enabler of sales success. Join Celina to learn 3 primary ways you can enable your sales team to use LinkedIn to increase their likelihood of getting an appointment with their ideal customer.

    Follow Celina on Twitter: @socialtosales
  • Social Selling is a hot topic with Sales Enablement professionals. That's because social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter have become one of the best ways to reach decision makers. Still, many companies struggle with how to turn grass-roots social selling tactics by a few leading salespeople into a coordinated, strategic approach by the entire sale organization.

    Register for this seminar to see how to do it. Attendees will learn:

    The 3 Stages of Corporate Social Selling
    Options for Training Your Sales Team
    How to Put the "Social" into Social Selling Training

    Kurt Shaver speaks and trains corporate sales teams on advanced Social Selling skills. He has appeared at conferences like Sales 2.0, AA-ISP Social Selling, and LinkedIn's Sales Connect. Clients include leading companies in the technology, telecom, and business services industries. Learn more at The Sales Foundry.
  • You’re invited to join Matt Heinz, a nationally accredited Sales and Marketing leader and award-winning blogger, on July 16th at 8:30am PDT/11:30am EDT for an engaging presentation on “7 Reasons Why Inside Sales Reps Aren’t Making Quota”

    Matt will specifically define how to solve your quota challenges through effective process, technology, systems and discipline. You will leave this webcast with practical and proven tips to improve your inside sales team’s performance.

    Following his presentation there will be an interactive QA discussion around common sales challenges and solutions, enabling an enlightened peer-to-peer knowledge share.
  • Ever wonder how we use our own products?

    At Pardot, we’ve used our own marketing automation solution to build our business as we’ve grown from a small start-up to a part of a Fortune 500 company. Now, Pardot is changing the way that other areas of Salesforce do business as well.

    Hear straight from the experts in this 40-minute webinar on how Salesforce uses Pardot. We’ll have representatives from Pardot,, and Salesforce Foundation to share insights on:

    - how Pardot powers their day-to-day marketing and sales processes
    - specific challenges that Pardot has helped them overcome
    - the killer results they’ve seen with marketing automation

    - Ryan Johnston, Demand Generation Manager - Pardot
    - Ginny McSwine, Campaigns Manager - Salesforce Foundation
    - Tracy Foster, Sr. Manager, Marketing Automation & Email -
  • The capacity of your sales force isn't just feet on the street. What type of conversations are your reps having with customers? Are they strategic or are they product (read: price) driven? Now, more than ever, sales reps need knowledge about your company and products in order to better respond to your customers with the answers they need. This knowledge is critical in connecting your customers to your company. Sales reps have an overwhelming amount of information coming to them at various stages of the sales cycle. Balancing mission-critical sales activities with both the tools and information that sales reps must leverage can be a difficult task. The result is slowed sales cycles and clogged pipelines.

    This webinar will help you:
    - Identify obstacles that slow down the sales process.
    - Build a plan to give time back to your sales reps.
    - Unclog your sales pipelines.
  • With multiple options for communication solutions and providers, it’s hard to determine the right one for your business. Many times, businesses end up conforming their processes based on the limitations of their software, making management and user adoption a challenge. So, how can you find the right phone solution for your business and ensure that it will last?

    Learn how Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings can pair with cloud communications solutions to help put you back in control of how your processes work with your software.

    In this session we’ll discuss:

    ● What is PaaS
    ● How PaaS and SaaS can work together to create your ideal communications solutions
    ● Key benefits for your internal teams and your bottom line
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s experience
    - prove real results

    Also, hear from one of Pardot's incredible clients as they share how using Pardot has their benefited their teams and business!
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 3: Cold Calling Techniques That Can Take Your Agency To The Finish Line. No Joke.

    Cold calling is the lifeblood of the staffing sales rep yet so few find it an effective use of their time.

    Proven sales coach for staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will dispel the myth around the ineffectiveness of cold calling, and in fact provide a a fresh approach to cold calling that actually yields results.

    Key learning experiences:

    •Why (and how) you need to do the opposite of what prospects expect from sales people?
    •How sales people create objections (and how to stop these behaviors)?
    •How to craft a message that cuts through the clutter and will compel the client to engage?
    •How to power your recruitment agency CRM with market intelligence so a cold call isn't so cold?
  • In this webinar we focus on where you should be directing your time to optimize your investment in Sales, and what results you should expect. There is a lot of confusion out there about how to fully enable Sales for success. This has left businesses turning towards their marketing teams or supporting departments to assist in hitting their sales targets, but there is another way!

    In this webinar we gain some key insights from two prominent sales and marketing consulting leaders as they show you what, where, and how much to invest in your Sales enablement. Throughout this journey we are going to highlight the impact of misdirected sales enablement and share some of the findings of our global sales and marketing study.