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The sales management community on BrightTALK is made up of thousands of sales management professionals. Learn about sales training ideas and techniques while improving pipeline development strategies. Join the conversation by participating in live sales development and management webinars and round tables.
  • Join four Sales Development powerhouses as they dive in to more tools to use in your Sales Development stack in 2015. Get a leg up on the competition by reviewing the best available practices in the space to help you get ahead.
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 1: Customer Engagement Practices That’ll Make Your Agency Come In First.

    Today’s most well-known and respected brand names including Starbucks, Apple and Whole Foods have completely changed the customer experience. What can we in the staffing industry learn from them? A lot!

    In order differentiate in a crowded marketplace, sales professionals need to learn how to create an experience for the customer that is different from how they engage other sales professionals. Today’s staffing sales professional needs to create experiences that are so valuable for the customer that the customer would be willing to pay the sales person for their time. But how?

    Proven sales coach for staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will speak to:

    •How to identify high value prospects?
    •How and why you need to change the customer experience?
    •How to create a customer experience that will earn you customer loyalty and exclusivity?
    •How to leverage recruitment agency CRM software for customer engagement?
  • Join David Lahey as he maps out best practices for developing an organizational structure for Customer Success that aligns well with Sales. He’ll cover the common questions and best practices that every CS manager faces, including:

    • What are the best KPIs for a customer success manager beyond client churn? 
    • Should customer success managers have sales quotas? 
    • Where are the most functional and beneficial touch-points between a Customer Success team and a Sales team during a customer's lifecycle?
  • Connecting with customers and prospects is always a challenge. When you finally do get through, it's crucial you make the most of the time you get. If your sales reps have the right insights available to them when they do connect, they're able to have engaging conversations that create sales opportunities.
    Join Salesforce and Dun & Bradstreet to learn how to make your sales team more effective by having access to the information and insights you need directly inside Salesforce.

    What will you learn?
    - New data and content that is available with Prospector
    - The importance of having complete and current customer data to
    achieve your sales objectives.
  • We’ve entered an unprecedented age in B2B marketing.

    Today’s buyers are savvier, more connected, and more informed than ever before — and they’re well aware of the power they possess. When companies fail to deliver the smooth and personalized buyer experience that consumers have come to expect, favorable alternatives are little more than a Google search away; it’s no secret and it’s a challenge that all B2B organizations face.

    But here’s the bottom line that’s too-often forgotten: delivering a seamless buyer’s experience starts with seamless alignment internally. Marketing and sales must work together throughout the decision-making journey, sharing insights and updates and allowing each team to play to their greatest strengths.

    Enter, Pardot plus Salesforce Engage. Join us on June 11th for this 30-minute webinar, as we explore the capabilities of these two powerful tools and discuss how they can streamline workflows to enable joint sales and marketing success. Attendees will learn how to:

    - provide real-time visibility into a prospect’s digital engagements
    - deliver content to prospects how and when they want it
    - translate data into actionable insights for both sales and marketing
  • Imagine being able to prove the value your customers are receiving by measuring the ROI of your software. In addition to improving customer renewal rates, marketing and sales would have the proof points they need to acquire new customers. Sounds awesome, right?

    In this webinar, Chief Customer Officer of Totango, Omer Gotlieb, will introduce ROI metrics you can track that demonstrate increased revenue, improved productivity, and higher quality delivered with your software. This capability is based on innovative customer success technology unmatched in the marketplace.
  • As marketers, we’re trained to think creatively: who is our target audience and how can we reach them? How can we communicate with prospects in new and exciting ways? But, sometimes it’s easy to forget that marketing’s most important customer is sitting right under the same roof, and likely, within earshot: your sales team.

    It may be fairly new terminology for many marketers, but ‘sales enablement’ is about to become one of the most crucial elements of B2B marketing — and businesses that don’t make it a priority are bound to fall behind.

    Join us on June 18th, as Maureen Flaherty, Email Marketing & Campaign Specialist-Pardot, breaks down the five essentials of sales enablement that every B2B marketer needs to understand. Attendees will learn:

    - how technology can allow for seamless communication and alignment across teams
    - how to enable reps with the right campaigns and content to close deals faster
    - how to establish an effective lead flow plan, to get the right leads to sales at the right time
  • There’s a revolution underway in sales. Between the internet, the recession, and increased competition, what used to work for selling is no longer effective. Yet, for many, business is booming and profits are high. Sellers at these companies are winning major deals—and doing so consistently. What is it that these sales winners are doing differently than the rest? To find out, RAIN Group studied over 700 B2B purchases from buyers representing $3.1 billion. What they found is not only surprising, it will change the way people sell for years to come.

    Join this webinar, presented by Mike Schultz, President of RAIN Group, and David Blume, VP Strategic Alliances at Qvidian, and learn what you need to do to count yourself among the sales winners, like:

    •How sales winners sell differently than second-place finishers
    •What sellers can do to maximize loyalty and repeat business
    •What is most important to buyers to win their business
    •How to maximize a buyers’ perception of value they get in the sales process
  • 68% of a sales rep’s time is spent not selling. Companies struggle because they can’t give enough selling time back to their reps in the field. This is because they don’t have the right sales tool in place. For instance, maybe they don’t have mobile access.
    Fortunately, there’s a solution for all of this. In our webinar, Spend More Time Selling with Salesforce, you’ll learn how you can focus on what matters most: spending more time with customers to close deals. Anywhere.
  • B2B marketing and sales teams are on a constant quest to improve upon their revenue-generating efforts, and the tasks involved — seeking out new business, creating a seamless buyer experience, building and tracking campaign efforts — all require significant time and effort.

    What if there was a way marketers and sales teams could save time and effort and increase revenue generation at the same time?

    Enter, your technology toolbox. With Pardot marketing automation, marketing and sales teams can maximize campaign efforts, boost productivity, and shorten sales cycles — yielding consequential benefits both marketing and sales teams. Join us for a quick 40-minute look at how Pardot can:

    - help generate new business
    - identify quality leads for quick conversion
    - create a faster, smoother buyer’s journey
    - prove real results

    Also, hear from an awesome Pardot client describe how using Pardot has helped their business!
  • Does your organization struggle to find the right talent? You’re not alone. Many organizations face ongoing challenges finding the right candidates with the right skills – the people who can improve performance, strengthen competitive advantage and drive sustainable growth. In fact, while surveying over 5,000 hiring managers, ManpowerGroup's 10th annual Talent Shortage Survey revealed that 1 in 3 U.S. employers continue to struggle filling mission-critical positions.

    Join ManpowerGroup for a complimentary webinar designed to provide insights into the talent shortage and offer strategies to overcome hiring challenges and accelerate business success.

    By participating in this webinar you will:
    •Gain insights into factors behind the talent shortage and how it impacts your organization.
    •Learn how your hiring challenges compare to those of other employers and understand why competition for in-demand talent today is so intense.
    •Get insights into the top 10 hardest jobs to fill, how they have changed over the past decade and why employers continue to have difficulty filling these critical roles.
    •Identify strategies you can pursue to overcome your shortages and win the race for in-demand talent.

    Your expert for this informative webinar is Christopher Rowland, ManpowerGroup Managing Director.
  • Mobile represents a new way of interacting with technology. But for many of us, we still feel chained to our desktop. Join Brian for a conversation about rethinking the ways we interact with customers and prospects in a "mobile-only" world.
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 2: Accelerate Past Your Competition By Improving How You Qualify Job Orders.

    What if there was a way to shorten your sales cycle from 25 days to 20 days? And imagine if instead of closing two or three job orders out of ten you could close five or even six or seven out of ten job orders? Combined, that would be a significant boost to your sales results, without having to exert additional prospecting time and energy. That is what we call working smart!

    Proven sales coach to staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will highlight the most important and often most overlooked qualification elements of taking a client requirement.

    Key learning experiences include:
    •How to establish yourself as an equal peer with your client (& why this is so critical)?
    •How you can change the playing field (change the client requirement)?
    •How to eliminate latency and avoid a stalled sales cycle?
    •How to leverage recruitment agency CRM software to drive consistent practices of taking a job order?
  • Welcome Staffing & Recruiting Agency Professionals to Jobscience & Menemsha Group's 3-Part, Sales Productivity Series --- "The Road to Winning More Business."

    Part 3: Cold Calling Techniques That Can Take Your Agency To The Finish Line. No Joke.

    Cold calling is the lifeblood of the staffing sales rep yet so few find it an effective use of their time.

    Proven sales coach for staffing agencies, Dan Fisher of Menemsha Group will dispel the myth around the ineffectiveness of cold calling, and in fact provide a a fresh approach to cold calling that actually yields results.

    Key learning experiences:

    •Why (and how) you need to do the opposite of what prospects expect from sales people?
    •How sales people create objections (and how to stop these behaviors)?
    •How to craft a message that cuts through the clutter and will compel the client to engage?
    •How to power your recruitment agency CRM with market intelligence so a cold call isn't so cold?