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Optimising content marketing performance in a multiscreen world Duncan Clark, Head of Global Research, Netbiscuits The rise of mobile and the multi-screen world puts the consumer firmly at the centre of the digital universe. Content needs to be more personal and more relevant as consumers come to regard traditional advertising and marketing tactics as intrusive and ineffective. Marketers now have to ask themselves some crucial questions:

• Is my content successfully driving more traffic?
• Are those visitors actually engaging with my content?
• Which traffic sources provide the most engaged and highest-converting customers?
• Which of my content is driving positive ROI?
• How can I improve my content to meet sales or conversion targets?
• How can I accurately measure which content is most effective and evaluate why some content performs better than others?

In this webinar, Duncan Clark will explain how you can tackle these questions to ensure your content marketing pulls its weight and delivers against business objectives.
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Mar 19 2015
37 mins
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