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Small Business

  • Working a Side Hustle for Better Job Security, Extra Income & Creative Freedom
    Working a Side Hustle for Better Job Security, Extra Income & Creative Freedom Jena Viviano, renowned Career Coach and Side Hustle Strategist Recorded: Oct 11 2017 61 mins
    In the current economic climate, there has never been an easier time to start a side business. In fact, it's almost irresponsible NOT to.

    Whether you have no idea where to start or you're well in the trenches of growing your side hustle, this webinar will give you actionable tips on how to start, build and scale a monetizing side project.

    In this webinar, Jena Viviano, renowned Career Coach and Side Hustle Strategist, will help you launch and build a side hustle that will be a creative outlet outside your 9-to-5, provide financial security for you and your family and alleviate the fear of losing your job.

    You will learn:
    •Why now is the best time to get started in your side hustle
    •How to get over your fear of failure
    •How having a side hustle can help you in your 9-5 and alleviate the fear of losing your job
    •Tips and ideas on how to make extra income on the side

    About the Speaker:
    Jena is a career coach and side hustle strategist who has maneuvered the treacherous waters of multiple career changes—starting out in Investment Banking, she swiftly moved on to the New York Stock Exchange where she met and interviewed C-suite executives as their companies went public. Before leaving NYC, she wrote, evangelized and coached for The Muse, a career platform used by over 50 million candidates looking to advance in their careers. It's there that she launched her side hustle and started encouraging others to do the same. Jena's biggest passion in life is helping others uncover their own purpose and calling.
  • AI facts vs fiction: AI business decisions that really work
    AI facts vs fiction: AI business decisions that really work Avinash Gangadharan, Sr Director of Engineering, Walmart Recorded: Oct 10 2017 61 mins
    Artificial intelligence was Gartner’s top 2017 strategic technology trend, and the year isn’t over yet. But for too many companies, AI myths are persistent, use cases and strategies are still on the “shiny new thing” level, and expectations continue to hover in the spirit of Skynet/HAL, making it hard to determine whether it’s really right for your company.

    As AI technologies multiply, how do you sort fact from fiction? Should you stop daydreaming about replacing your entire staff with chatbots — or can you start augmenting agent abilities? Most importantly, while AI undoubtedly has shown real-live ROI in case study after case study, where is the particular value in chasing the AI buzz for your own company?

    Register now for our our latest VB Live event and find out. We’ll be tackling the AI legends and the AI realities, breaking down the potential AI has for your bottom line, and giving you a glimpse of the future of AI for business.

    In this webinar, you’ll explore:
    * Myths and realities of AI replacing vs. augmenting staff functions
    * How to bake AI into your business strategy
    * On- and offline use cases for AI
    * The future of AI for business

    * Avinash Gangadharan, Sr Director of Engineering, Walmart
    * Allen Sebrell, Senior Manager E-Commerce Team, Amtrak
    * Deep Varma, VP of Engineering, Trulia
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, Venturebeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Sales Forecasting: How to Leverage Your Data to Drive Sales Success
    Sales Forecasting: How to Leverage Your Data to Drive Sales Success Jason Jordan, best-selling author of Cracking the Sales Management Code Recorded: Oct 4 2017 35 mins
    Data, data, data. Companies collect a lot of it, but not all companies know how to use it to improve sales performance.

    Join Jason Jordan, best-selling author of Cracking the Sales Management Code, as he shares his latest research on the topic of sales forecasting.

    During this interactive discussion, Jason will reveal:

    - Drivers of accurate sales forecasts and the fundamental ways to forecast your sales
    - Critical differences between forecasting and pipeline management
    - Key characteristics of a healthy pipeline
    - This webcast features the simple steps you can take to improve your processes and build superb forecasts and pipelines.
  • Legal Landmines: How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business
    Legal Landmines: How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business Michelle Kreidler Dove, Esq. Recorded: Oct 4 2017 60 mins
    The dynamic nature of collection rules and regulations has many businesses and healthcare facilities unclear as to how far they can go in pursuit of delinquent accounts. This free, on-demand webcast will educate and engage viewers with insightful tips for effectively and safely refining their internal collections practices.
    You’ll learn tips such as:
    How to ensure accurate and effective credit reporting
    Why recent changes in case law should have you rethinking your current processes
    What Important information should be included in your consumer agreement
    How you can work with your collection agency to maximize recoveries.

    Michelle Kreidler Dove, Esq., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at IC System leads this engaging presentation that will answer your most pressing collections-law related questions. You’ll benefit by taking cues and lessons learned from the experts at I.C. System, a family-owned, Seventy-nine year old collection agency.
  • Business Continuity Management in an international travel group
    Business Continuity Management in an international travel group Wolfgang Mahr Recorded: Sep 29 2017 39 mins
    Business Continuity Management in an international travel group: when holiday paradise turns into a disaster site.

    Business Continuity Management (BCM) protects organizations from the impacts of business disruptions. Threats may originate from various origins and may hit an organization without their fault. Effective protection is achieved by following established methodologies such as the BCI Good Practice Guidelines and/or international standards – providing a predetermined level of operation during a crisis.
    Within the tourism industry, much higher requirements prevail: on top of the classic requirement to protect the organization, it has the responsibility to care for the wellbeing of their travelling customers. The focus in on those travelers who already being on their journey. These requirements dictate that two intertwined projects need to be realized, significantly increasing the complexity of the BCM approach.
  • AI: The key to creating a next-gen banking experience
    AI: The key to creating a next-gen banking experience Katy Gibson Vice President of Application Products Envestnet | Yodlee Recorded: Sep 28 2017 61 mins
    AI apps are shaping up to be an essential part of financial institution and fintech offerings. Yet these innovative solutions are only as useful as the data they can access. In our webinar, we’ll show you how to apply predictive analytics and AI to a massive scale of data to derive valuable insights and power more personalized user experiences.

    From financial wellness apps that help your customers save money, to chatbots that assist users with making payments, the better you understand your users, the more relevant your solutions will be. Learn how AI technology and tools can help detect patterns in financial and transactional data, predict future events and even enable you to suggest a course of action for your users, resulting in a deeper and more meaningful connection.

    In this VB Live webinar, you’ll find out how to:

    • Drive customer engagement and loyalty with the next wave of financial wellness solutions
    • Use predictive analytics and AI to deliver more personalized and engaging apps and chatbots
    • Provide users with intelligent financial guidance based on past behavior
    • Extract valuable insight from a wealth of data to measure users’ financial health
    • Partner with vendors to develop the machine-learning based systems that constantly analyze data and derive insights to drive more meaningful conversations with your end users

    * Katy Gibson, VP of Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee
    * Dion F. Lisle, VP Head of FinTech, Capgemini America Inc.
    * John Vars, Chief Product Officer, Varo Money
    * Keith Armstrong, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Abe.ai
    * Evan Schuman, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Yodlee
  • It’s Not Either Or … It’s Both & More
    It’s Not Either Or … It’s Both & More Martin Fenlon MBCI Recorded: Sep 28 2017 45 mins
    You cannot see in total light or total darkness; there will always be shades of grey. This webinar will explore the relationship between business continuity and organisational resilience by addressing key issues such as:

    -At what level of authority and influence in the organisation (if any) is there oversight of all the resilience activities so that synergies can be exploited, unnecessary redundancies eliminated and duplication avoided?

    -How and how often do the managers of these disciplines talk to each other about the combined contribution of their separate programmes that support organisational resilience?

    -How is the personal resilience of individuals being developed so they will be able to perform their roles and responsibilities in the event of a disruption?

    -What value does the validation phase (exercising and audit) add to resilience programmes?
    This webinar will provide an overview of the business continuity life cycle and suggest the needs to integrate this capability with wider organisation resilience activities. This supports a cyclical and ongoing discipline consistent with our understanding of organisational resilience as an evolution, not a “fix”.
  • Top Three Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners
    Top Three Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners Rieva Lesonsky Recorded: Sep 27 2017 65 mins
    One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today is attracting and retaining customers and clients. What are the best ways for small business owners to do this? Today's smart business owners are adapting old marketing methods and embracing new ones. In this webinar, we will discuss the best practices, strategies, tips and tactics business owners can use to create loyal customers, including social media best practices, creating killer content and the secrets of email marketing.
  • Harnessing the Power of Social Media
    Harnessing the Power of Social Media Andrea Vahl, social media speaker and consultant Recorded: Sep 27 2017 63 mins
    For any entrepreneur, social media can provide a huge opportunity to help you grow your business, build your relationships, understand your market, promote your content, and influence your target buyers, all without investing thousands of dollars in marketing.

    This highly focused webinar will provide an unmissable guide to social media and how to utilize the different platforms to benefit your business. Learn how to get more leads and more exposure for your business, and how to actually generate sales from your social media efforts.

    Topics covered:
    •Best practices across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    •Growing your list and attracting people who can’t wait to work with you
    •Building better relationships
    •Positioning yourself as an expert and authority in your industry
    •Getting others to refer potential clients, partners, and high-level decision-makers to you

    About the Speaker

    Andrea Vahl is a social media speaker and consultant who is passionate about helping businesses understand and leverage the power of social media to actually grow their business. Andrea is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and was the community manager for Social Media Examiner for over two years.
    She was named in 50 Favorite Online Influencers of 2014 on Entrepreneur.com, 21 Best Blogs That Will Help You Grow Your Business on Inc.com in 2016, and Top 30 Women in Social Media by Boom Social. She is the co-founder of Social Media Manager School, an online learning program with over 1,400 students. Andrea Vahl’s proven ability to make social media marketing easy to understand and implement has directly impacted the bottom line of thousands of companies through her training and one-on-one consulting. Learn more about Andrea’s books and resources, and get her Quick Start Guide to Social Media for Business on her website: www.AndreaVahl.com.
    Visit Andrea’s website: https://www.andreavahl.com
  • Is Your Supply Chain About to Be Disrupted Again? Analytics Provides the Answer.
    Is Your Supply Chain About to Be Disrupted Again? Analytics Provides the Answer. Nick Wildgoose, Zurich Insurance, and Jon Ball, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Sep 27 2017 42 mins
    Join our webinar led by Nick Wildgoose – Global Supply Chain Product Leader at Zurich Insurance and Jon Ball – Senior Global Director, Analytic Consulting at Dun & Bradstreet, to hear the results of the latest market research. You’ll learn at which tiers in the supply chain disruptions are occurring more frequently and the causes of these disruptions. Nick and Jon will be providing you with a greater understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing companies across North America and Europe to improve supply chain resilience. They will also describe the innovations being brought in terms of supply chain risk assessment, technology, and transfer to help protect financial performance.
  • Q&A with David Thorp - Executive Director of the BCI
    Q&A with David Thorp - Executive Director of the BCI David Thorp Recorded: Sep 27 2017 27 mins
    What does the future hold for the BCI?
    Discover with David Thorp, Executive Director of the BCI, how the leading institute for business continuity and resilience plans to contribute towards shaping the future of the business continuity and resilience industry.
    How will it widen its international network of professionals and organizations, and further develop thought leadership, research, and resources for the benefit of the business continuity and resilience community.
    This webinar will allow you to ask the questions that are most important to you, and have a first look of the BCI’s upcoming changes.
  • Once bitten Twice Shy – (Maybe)!
    Once bitten Twice Shy – (Maybe)! Mark Penberthy FBCI Recorded: Sep 26 2017 31 mins
    One would think that catastrophic incidents of global proportions would cause organizations globally to exercise extra vigilance in ensuring that these events do not recur, particularly in their proverbial back yards!

    Surprisingly, as we continue to analyze events which have caused untold damage and disruption to organizations, we have to ask ourselves; are they becoming less frequent and why do we seem to see history repeating itself?
  • BCI Cyber Resilience Report 2017
    BCI Cyber Resilience Report 2017 Gianluca Riglietti CBCI Recorded: Sep 25 2017 26 mins
    The BCI Cyber Resilience Report is an analysis of cyber security incidents experienced by organizations across the world, and how they respond to them. These types of incidents are not rare occurrences with two-thirds of organizations experiencing at least one disruption during the previous year, while 15% report at least ten. Furthermore, one third of respondents report cumulative losses in excess of €50,000, while 13% put this figure in excess of €250,000.
  • Out with the old, in with the new: changing perceptions of Business Continuity.
    Out with the old, in with the new: changing perceptions of Business Continuity. Chris Rhodes (Senior Consultant, PlanB Consulting) and Gordon Brown (Senior Consultant, PlanB Consulting) Recorded: Sep 22 2017 39 mins
    Chris and Gordon argue that a lasting tendency to focus on outdated or improbable threats, risks alienating millennials and may even de-value the BC profession in the future. Take, for example, loss of staff due to a winning lottery syndicate, or even the ever-prominent focus on loss of premises. Whilst we cannot rule out any eventuality, is this really the kind of subject matter that will excite prospective millennial BC professionals?
    Talking from their own experience and looking at the 2017 BCI Horizon Scan Report, they discuss the current threat landscape, arguing that with growing digitalisation and increased cyber risks, never before has there been such exciting prospects for young people in BC.
  • Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a segment of one
    Hyper-personalization: Marketing to a segment of one Cherie Yu, Head of Local Marketing, Lyft Recorded: Sep 21 2017 61 mins
    Consumers aren’t actually impressed by just a "Hi!" And as deluged by content as they are, they know they have the luxury of simply ignoring you. To catch their interest, you need to demonstrate that you know what they want, and you can deliver it.

    In other words, hyper-personalization. Innovations in marketing tech, like AI, machine learning, and shopping bots, enable you to microsegment all the way down to a customer’s purchase and interest patterns to develop messaging that triggers powerful interest, creates deep engagement, and drives sales.

    Learn more about the tech you need, the strategies that win, and how to deliver the “you know me” satisfaction that keeps customers coming back for more when you join this VB Live event!

    Don’t miss out!

    You’ll learn:
    * Why broad segmentation is no longer enough
    * How shopping bots, AI + more enable one-to-one marketing
    * How psychographics, lifecycle data, and multi-channel behavior can build customer profiles
    * How engagement, experience and retention improve one-to-one marketing
    * The importance of not being creepy
    * The trends and future of hyper-personalization

    * Cherie Yu, Head of Local Marketing, Lyft
    * Dr. Martin Prescher, CTO of AutoGravity
    * Stewart Rogers, Direct of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Taking Microsoft Office from Good to Great
    Taking Microsoft Office from Good to Great Ben Sloane, Jared Fox - both Systems Engineers at SAS Recorded: Sep 20 2017 54 mins
    In this webinar, you will learn how to use SAS to enhance the security, reporting and analytical capabilities of Microsoft Office while eliminating any data size restrictions. Regardless of your skill level, you will be able to harness the power of SAS from the Microsoft Office environment and take it from good to great!

    During the webinar attendees will see how they can use Microsoft Office to:

    * Access data from multiple sources.
    * Create historical analysis and use predictive analytics.
    * Disseminate findings to key stakeholders.
  • The “Good” BIA
    The “Good” BIA Kathleen Lucey FBCI Recorded: Sep 20 2017 49 mins
    This webinar will enter the current “BIA Controversy” with a description of what works….and what doesn’t.
    I learned in 1991 what makes a BIA “not work” when my team and I had to deal with a BIA report that had covered all sites of a global firm.. Key characteristics: it took over 2 years to complete and had cost nearly half a million dollars, did not provide a basis for building a plan, and much of the information was out of date. So I made a few common-sense process changes that made all the difference in going forward to complete useful plans in a reasonable time-frame.
  • Third Party Dependencies and semolina
    Third Party Dependencies and semolina Martin Caddick FBCI Recorded: Sep 20 2017 45 mins
    This session is about thinking and planning outside your own organization boundaries as well as inside.
    I will use the ‘Great semolina disaster of Yarmouth’ as a case study, looking at what you might reasonably be expected to foresee, and why sharing plans is a good thing. I will also look at some case studies that changed the focus of regulators, who have become increasingly concerned about interdependencies between organizations.
    I will then look at what needs to be done to make sure you are working in the right way with the right third parties.
  • Fast Track to Career Bliss: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work & Succeed
    Fast Track to Career Bliss: How to Dig Deep, Discover Your Right Work & Succeed Kathy Caprino, M.A., internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert Recorded: Sep 19 2017 77 mins
    This powerful and transformative webinar is designed with the needs and desires of professional women in mind, to help you:

    •Uncover your amazing gifts, talents, and strengths
    •Gain deeper insight into how to move forward to shine your unique light and make a bigger impact
    •Identify the best direction and action for you now
    •Learn the five key steps to take before you make ANY change
    •Understand your preferred action-orientation style and what that means for your life and career

    About the Speaker
    Kathy Caprino, M.A., is an internationally-recognized women’s career success and work-life expert, leadership consultant, speaker, and trainer dedicated to the advancement of women in business. A featured contributor on women’s careers, business, and leadership for Forbes, Huffington Post, and LinkedIn, she is also the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: the Professional Woman’s Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power, and Purpose. A champion for working women, Kathy is a former corporate vice president, a trained psychotherapist, a specialized career and executive coach, and a sought-after writer and speaker on women’s issues. She is the founder and president of Ellia Communications, Inc., and the Amazing Career Project, supporting women to build successful, rewarding careers of significance.
    Visit Kathy’s website: http://kathycaprino.com
  • How to Improve BC/DR Programs by Auditing
    How to Improve BC/DR Programs by Auditing Paul Kirvan FBCI Recorded: Sep 19 2017 49 mins
    This webinar discusses how to leverage auditing skills, particularly IT auditing, to improve BC and DR programs. We will discuss how to design BC/DR controls, examine and analyze them in existing BC/DR programs, and prepare work papers that summarize the audit results. One of the key components of the ISO BC and DR standards is reviewing and auditing BC management systems and DR programs to ensure they are compliant with standards and good practice. We will refer to ISO 22301:2012 and ISO 27031:2011, as well as the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines, in the course of the presentation.
  • Why is cyber-attack not a security issue?
    Why is cyber-attack not a security issue? Saul Midler FBCI Recorded: Sep 19 2017 45 mins
    We live in a world of uncertainty. The BCI Horizon Scan Report 2017 provides clear confirmation that organisations are being disrupted and there are a range of threats that are of great concern.
    Cyber-attack is the top concern and while considerable effort goes into reducing cyber threat, an actual attack is not a security issue.
    This presentation will help you understand the difference between Business Continuity and Information Security and their role before and after an attack.
  • BCI Horizon Scan Report 2017
    BCI Horizon Scan Report 2017 Gianluca Riglietti CBCI Recorded: Sep 18 2017 25 mins
    The BCI Horizon Scan has become a vital resource to those working in the fields of business continuity, risk or resilience, and as such it is getting a greater number of respondents from a wider range of countries and industries. The 2017 Horizon Scan Report showed that once again it was cyber attack that was the number one threat, with data breaches remaining in second place and network outages third. Adverse weather moved up three places to enter the top five along with security incident.
  • Spinning Plates in a Changing Landscape
    Spinning Plates in a Changing Landscape Betty A. Kildow FBCI Recorded: Sep 15 2017 50 mins
    In recent years we have experienced ongoing changes in BCM: increasing demands from customers for a validated BC capability, new and/or increased risks such as cyber threats, the need to fully include supply chain continuity, changes in terminology, scope, technology, and planning procedures, and requirements to earn and maintain certifications for our organizations and ourselves. All this is in addition to day in/day out responsibilities. This conjures up a mental image of the performers who keep plates and bowls spinning on poles without letting any of them fall. For BC professionals this at times may even seem like preventing tumbling crockery while riding a unicycle.

    This webinar will explore current issues including the changing BC landscape, the division of responsibility for some risks such as cyber threats, and discuss the increasing importance of cooperation, collaboration and communication to avoid gaps and overlaps in efforts to develop a resilient organization.
  • 4 Schritte zur Automatisierung des Krisenreaktionsplans  (webinar in German)
    4 Schritte zur Automatisierung des Krisenreaktionsplans (webinar in German) Matthias Rosenberg and Andreas Deliandreadis Recorded: Sep 15 2017 23 mins
    Wenn eine Krise stattfindet, verwenden viele Unternehmen immer noch manuelle Prozesse als Teil ihres Reaktionsplans. Um die damit verbundenen Risiken abzuschwächen, gibt es ein paar einfache Schritte, die Sie ergreifen können um den Prozess wesentlich zu verbessern.
    In diesem Webinar werden folgende Themen behandelt:
    - Rollen und Verantwortlichkeiten
    - Unfallbewertungs-Teams
    - Aktionsplan und Status
    - Wirksame Kommunikation
  • How much is my work worth? (BCI Salary Benchmarking Report 2017)
    How much is my work worth? (BCI Salary Benchmarking Report 2017) Patrick Alcantara DBCI Recorded: Sep 14 2017 34 mins
    ‘What are salaries in business continuity and resilience like?’

    This is doubtless one of the most frequently asked questions by new entrants to the business continuity and resilience fields. Patrick Alcantara DBCI, author of the 2017 CI Salary Benchmarking Report, will answer this question and more during this webinar. This webinar will feature the results of a survey of more than 1,100 professionals worldwide.