Protect Your Company’s Future by Starting a BCDR Plan

Colin Ive, Principal Consultant, CoDRIM, Board Member, British Standards Institute
Colin’s unique and significant assets of knowledge and experience in the importance of Disaster and Business Continuity Management were gained in over 30 years of business. Combined with 26 years as a fire officer commanding a busy fire station in England, where he managed disasters on almost a daily basis until his retirement from this role in 2006.

Following the completion of his MBA in 2001 Colin became the Chief Risk & Continuity Manager with global responsibility at Nokia. During his time in this business critical role he introduced and established many of the BCM processes and procedures essential to a global business with one of the most recognised brands in the world. This knowledge and experience has enabled him to become a leading practioner of Business Resilience.

A Member of the Business Continuity Institute and qualified Lead Auditor for ISO9001 & BS25999 he is an ‘in demand’ presenter at many European and USA Business Continuity and Business Resilience Conferences. He was a contributing author to the BCI Good Practice Guide for Business Continuity Planning and is a published author in his own right.
May 27 2010
43 mins
Protect Your Company’s Future by Starting a BCDR Plan
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  • SMB Impact: Increasing Productivity with Cloud-based Communications Recorded: Mar 25 2014 61 mins
    Businesses today are navigating a complex field of communication services and solutions in search of a comprehensive system that will keep up with the needs of an ever-evolving organization.

    In this live discussion, Forrester’s VP, Principal Analyst, Art Schoeller and Mike Zavos, IT Director of TruGreen Landcare will share leading trends and first-hand experiences in adopting and deploying a cloud-based phone solution.

    Join this eSeminar to learn:

    -Top drivers and trends in the integrated communications market
    -Best of breed capabilities that scale with your business and decrease common IT complexities
    -Success steps for transitioning your on-premise PBX solution to a cloud-based phone solution
  • The Virtual Business: The New Age of Cloud Communications Recorded: Feb 26 2014 43 mins
    More and more companies are moving away from a centralized physical structure and allowing employees to work from home or remotely when traveling on business. In 2013, there were an estimated 28 million small businesses in the United States. These businesses have generated over 65% of net new jobs since 1995.

    So how do small businesses or for that matter, businesses of any size, keep up with competition in the USA and internationally? One of the answers is to incorporate the concepts of a “virtual business” and employ the rapidly evolving technologies generally called cloud communications.

    Some of the topics to be discussed:
    - Telecommuting: The ability to have employees work from their homes or while traveling on business yet appear as if they are working from the office.
    - Be Local, Act Global: The ability to expand into new markets or even countries, without having to expand your office.
    - Contingency Planning: How a virtual business can become more resilient in light of natural or manmade disruptions to business.
  • Developing a VoIP Strategy That Works for Your Business Recorded: Feb 26 2014 47 mins
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, has been sold to enterprises for over 10 years. It is the defacto telephony platform technology used in today’s market. VoIP is also complex, as it is an ‘app’ that runs on the data network, and has an effect on data network design, SLAs, and throughput.

    Attend this upcoming BrightTALK Webinar and learn:

    -How VoIP is different than traditional digital ‘TDM’ Telephony
    -Risks associated with staying with legacy TDM technology
    -What is a high reliability VoIP model (as with TDM digital)
    -How VoIP differs from UCC
    -How VoIP affects your data network, routers, switches, and cabling environment, and what possible options are available
    -Leverage VoIP for Disaster Recovery purposes
    -Why Network Assessments are crucial to VoIP deployments
    -What key areas VoIP can reduce your annual telecommunications costs

    From this webinar. you will take away a baseline for what VoIP is, why it is a must for your enterprise, and strategies for avoiding risk with older technologies while leveraging VoIP advantages and savings.
  • How are Cloud and Mobility Affecting VoIP? - Panel Session Recorded: Feb 26 2014 58 mins
    According to Infonetics Research, the VoIP industry will grow to $76.1 billion by 2015. It is safe to say that VoIP is here to stay, making it crucial to stay up to date with the latest industry shifts to ensure easy, cost-effective and efficient communications within your business.

    Join industry experts in this panel session as they discuss the impact cloud computing and mobility are having on the VoIP industry and what this means for your enterprise. Attend this webinar and participate in the discussion in real time.

    The panelists will discuss:
    - the drivers for moving to cloud, the different types of cloud and its benefits for small and medium businesses and enterprises
    - the security concerns of moving to the cloud
    - mobility strategies and BYOD
  • Re-Thinking Communications to Grow Your Business Recorded: Jan 30 2014 47 mins
    With a customer’s ability to use the Internet to search for businesses 24 hours a day and use social media sites, one of the biggest changes (and challenge) facing businesses is how customers find, contact, and do business with them. Join us to learn how companies are rethinking their communication strategy and translating that into more sales. You’ll learn:

    - How these changes can impede or accelerate business growth
    - What you can do to be more available to respond to customers and potential customers
    - How rethinking your communication strategy can translate into more customers and more sales
    - What features to look for when choosing a communications provider
  • SMB Game-changer: Tips for Choosing the Right Cloud-Based Communications System Recorded: Dec 12 2013 62 mins
    Where do you start when choosing a business phone system? You need to choose a product that works right from the start so you can stay focused on your business.

    In this live presentation, Forrester Research Analyst Henry Dewing talks about issues concerning business owners and IT departments, including: BYOD, improved customer service, and collaboration. You'll also hear a real-world experience from Finfit's Director of IT, Vernon Giroud who successfully rolled out a new system to his highly dispersed work force.

    Join this eSeminar and learn:
    - How FinFit saved 65% on their phone bill
    - How they quickly brought 60 remote offices into the cloud
    - Who the market leaders in cloud communications are
  • Keep Business Digital: Get Smart, Be Paperless and Go Green Recorded: Sep 26 2013 46 mins
    As the world moves to the cloud to keep businesses digital, more companies turn to mobile cloud, and social and solutions to save in printing, processing, distribution and storage costs. As a result of using electronic signatures and other innovative technologies, they are accelerating the velocity of business in areas such as sales, HR, finance, legal, operations, and more.

    During this live webinar, you will hear about best practices, transformational trends, and success stories on how to increase efficiencies and:
    · Eliminate mail, fax and storage costs

    · Save time and close more deals

    · Streamline business processes
  • How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent as a Small Business Owner Recorded: Sep 26 2013 40 mins
    With the undersupply of qualified talent and more competition to find and recruit them, it is vital to your businesses’ success to play to the strength of your business against other small, medium and even enterprise businesses. Learn new approaches to recruiting the most talented employees in this competitive market, and once you've recruited them, how to maximize their potential.

    About Tom:
    Tom Becker is vice president of recruiting for ManpowerGroup North America. In his role, Tom is responsible for developing the recruiting strategy and overall operational framework, with a focus on creating a world-class recruiting organization across all of ManpowerGroup’s lines of business. Most recently, Tom served as vice president of recruiting for North American operations for the ManpowerGroup brand, Experis. Tom joined Experis when Manpower acquired COMSYS in April 2010. At COMSYS, he served as senior vice president of recruiting, leading the company’s recruiting, employment branding and the consultant experience organizations. Tom has extensive experience leading large recruiting and change management organizations. He is considered an industry recruiting expert, providing public commentary on recruiting best practices and innovations.
  • How to Boost Your Revenue Without Ever Selling Again Recorded: Sep 26 2013 41 mins
    Every small business owner knows the drill. When business is booming, they ignore their sales and marketing efforts. Then, business slows down as a result and they turn your attention back to sales and marketing. This is a hamster’s wheel to nowhere. Their business will remain flat-lined and stuck as long as they stay on the Double Helix treadmill.

    Barry will show how to grow a small business by tossing out the old paradigms and traditional sales techniques through his easy to follow step by step guide. Follow these steps and every sales funnel will always be full.

    You will learn:
    - The Relationship Ratings Methods: Forget about getting sales, have a system to create systematic relationships. We actually can’t sell anything to anyone, we just need to be there when people are ready to buy!
    - The Rapid Release Strategy: The exact method to avoid long, fruitless sales cycles, and how to get prospects to a buying decision in one-tenth of the time.
  • Big Business Tools on a Small Business Budget: 3 Essentials for Business Success Recorded: Sep 26 2013 42 mins
    America’s 23 million small businesses are the heart and soul of our economy. It used be that small business owners could only dream of accessing the powerful technology solutions fueling Fortune 500 companies. Now, in a truly momentous time, small businesses can easily access the same rich functionality at incredible affordable prices. In this webinar, you’ll learn how technology can help boost three key areas of your small business: productivity, mobility and security.

    Steve Strauss, Small Business Columnist, USA Today

    Cindy Bates, Vice President, U.S. SMB Group. Microsoft
  • Roundtable Discussion: Beating the Competition as a Small Business Owner Recorded: Sep 26 2013 59 mins
    Modern technology and empowered customers have changed the way small business owners market their business and communicate with prospects and customers. Hear from our expert panelists on how the most successful small business owners are navigating through these changes and how you can turn prospects and customers into raving fans.

    - Scott Klososky, ‎Partner, Future Point of View, LLC
    - Anita Campbell, CEO, Small Business Trends LLC
    - Ramon Ray, Marketing & Tech Evangelist, Infusionsoft & Smallbiztechnology
    - Robin Joy, VP, Mobile and Online, DocuSign
  • Blurred Lines: Where does marketing end and sales begin? Recorded: Sep 26 2013 49 mins
    We’ve come a long way from the Wild Wild West of sales and marketing efforts, where we were shooting blind and straight from the hip. It used to be that customer intelligence and behavior insights were slim pickings. Sales and marketing teams worked largely independently of each other – marketing established the brand messaging, while sales focused on prospecting and closing deals.

    The Wild Wild West has now become the Online Globe – disruptive technology advancements have revolutionized the way buyers make purchasing decisions and have drastically shifted how companies engage with buyers. A disjointed approach to sales and marketing doesn't cut it anymore.

    Discover how you can integrate your marketing and sales systems for better engagement with your buyers and improve lead conversion. Act-On’s Chief Marketing Officer, Atri Chatterjee, will discuss how you can leverage customer intelligence and insights to build a consistent and compelling marketing program that closely ties into your sales objectives to not only turn more prospects into customers, but also help you better engage with customers to increase their loyalty and commitment to your products or services.
  • The Power of Marketing & Innovation – Your Unfair Business Advantage Recorded: Sep 26 2013 45 mins
    The world has changed—we are living in the most challenging financial times in history. In order to achieve sustainable business growth you need to know your customers better than anyone else and meet their needs at the deepest level by constantly adding value. Does your business have the unfair competitive advantage it takes to not just survive but thrive?

    Watch this session as Tony Robbins explores how to add more value to your customers through constant and never ending innovation and marketing.

    *About Tony Robbins*
    For over 35 years, Anthony Robbins has helped people to breakthrough and take their lives to another level — in their businesses, personal finance, families, careers and health. More than 50 million people in 100 nations have used his powerful strategies of leadership psychology, negotiation, business turnarounds and peak performance to create an extraordinary quality of life.

    The creator of the #1 personal and professional development system of all time, Robbins has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World,” and by American Express and Harvard Business School as one of the top business leaders in the world.

    Marc Benioff, CEO of, recently stated, “Tony Robbins and his strategies and tools, have been at the core of our culture from the beginning. He has been one of the critical keys to's leadership in cloud computing and its growth into a 3 billion dollar company.”
  • How to Grow Your Business with Social Media Recorded: Oct 16 2012 60 mins
    According to a recent survey by eMarketer, only one-quarter of small businesses and one-third of medium businesses use social media in a structured and strategic way. Although they have a social media presence, most businesses lack the tools and methodologies to consistently leverage these platforms to make money and drive customer acquisition.

    Join Jamie Turner, co-author of "How to Make Money with Social Media" and "Go Mobile" for an engaging and interactive presentation that will walk you through how to set-up and manage a successful social media campaign.

    Jamie is a regular guest on CNN and HLN on the topics of social media and mobile marketing and has been profiled in the world's best-selling marketing textbook.

    This webinar is perfect for businesspeople interested in learning more than just the basics of social

    You will learn:

    - How to choose the most relevant social media tools to engage with your target customer
    - What platforms are available to help you manage and measure your social media campaigns
    - How to measure the ROI of a social media campaign

    If you're interested in taking the next step with your social media campaign, you won't want to miss this fun, engaging webinar presented by one of the nation's leading experts on social media.
  • The Ultimate Blueprint for an Insanely Successful Business Recorded: May 24 2012 59 mins
    In this fast-paced, can’t-miss webinar Keith Cunningham will provide proven, actionable strategies that you can apply to drive business growth and maximize operating cash today and into the future. You will learn how to monitor and control the levers of your business and how small changes can make a huge difference to your company’s cash and growth potential. Join Keith Cunningham as he discusses how to create a path to a more profitable business future.
    Brought to you by T-Mobile.

    Your Savvy. Our Solutions. Better Business
  • Catch the Third Wave: Timing Your Market Response to Maximise Business Value Recorded: Apr 24 2012 40 mins
    The world is moving out of the ‘flat’ mode of the economic cycle. The uneven recovery is making businesses hesitant and some are panicking as we appear to enter the feared double-dip.

    The Third Wave is the final phase of the recessionary cycle where the market bottoms out and turns towards strong recovery. While the double-dip recession might be a worrying place to be for some business owners, it also provides a hugely significant wealth creating opportunity.

    Timing what you do in response to the market, is key.

    This seminar will provide you with the market and business insights that will enable you to act with confidence to grow your business faster through the next phase of the economy.

    Specifically, this seminar will:
    •Help you identify where your business is in its lifecycle and how that impacts your decision-making
    •Demonstrate how the current economic cycle presents a unique challenge for business owners wanting to maximise the value of their businesses
    •Show you some of the key strategic investments that will enable you to overcome that challenge to build value faster
    •Teach you how you can do more with less to free up resources for growth

    The Presenters:
    The 45-minute seminar will be presented by Rowan Andrews of business coaching firm Shirlaws ( and Christopher Jenkins of accountants Wingrave Yeats (
    Shirlaws was founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the fastest growing business coaching companies in the world. The firm helps business owners accelerate growth to achieve higher business valuation.
    Wingrave Yeats is a Partner-led, award-winning firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, based in W1 with international reach through the Ecovis Network.
  • Introduction to Virtualization Recorded: May 18 2011 40 mins
    Virtualization is a proven software technology that is rapidly transforming IT landscape and fundamentally changing the way people compute. This video webcast provides a basic overview of virtualization solutions from VMware and explains the technology and products that enable these solutions.

    In this webcast, Michael Adams, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at VMware, will discuss the core functionality of VMware vSphere, the industry-leading virtualization platform for delivering the next generation of flexible, reliable IT services.
  • Are SMBs Prepared for Disaster? Recorded: May 18 2011 41 mins
    According to Symantec’s 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey report, the findings show that though SMBs are at risk, they are still not making disaster preparedness a priority until they experience a disaster or data loss. Half of the respondents do not have a plan in place, even though 65 percent of respondents live in regions susceptible to natural disasters.

    The data also reveals that the cost of not being prepared is high, putting an SMB at risk of going out of business. The median cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day.

    According to the survey, downtime not only costs SMBs several thousands of dollars, it also causes their customers to leave. Fifty-four percent of SMB customer respondents reported they have switched SMB vendors due to unreliable computing systems.

    Symantec’s Monica Girolami will discuss the findings from the Symantec 2011 SMB Disaster Preparedness Survey report, and share tips for small businesses to follow when pulling together a disaster preparedness plan.
  • Productize Your Service Engagements Recorded: May 18 2011 49 mins
    Achieve more for less by delivering predictable and consistent services.

    Stop 'one-off' project mentality and move to delivering repeatable, high-quality engagements to increase efficiency and improve resources utilization.

    ITIL's service catalogue has primarily been focused on productizing support maintenance services. As a result, services delivered through projects have traditionally been left outside the scope of service catalogues in the belief that projects cannot be productized.
    Join us for an in-depth discussion with eTask Technologies CEO Juan Manrique as he explores the benefits of productizing project based services and shares tips on how to capitalize on this new industry trend.
    •Key attributes of a productized service offering
    •How delivering productized services improves quality and margins
    •To PMO or not to PMO (Project Management Office.)

    Learn how to achieve more for less by productizing your services.
  • Are you or Have you Ever Been a Vulnerability to your Customers? Recorded: May 18 2011 28 mins
    A study by the University of Worcester shows that nearly 60 per cent of businesses polled currently have no security policy in place and are ill-prepared to meet the real and increasing threat to their business information. The research also shows how businesses who fail to maintain adequate information security measures are putting their supply chain partners at risk of being targeted.

    A complementary study published by the Information Commissioner's Office cites the need for an affordable information security certification for SMEs that will encourage good security practices and encourage business with their customers without complicated forms and second-party audits.

    IASME is a national programme that provides qualifying SMEs (less than 250
    staff) with certification that has been specifically designed with the small business in mind. The programme is well grounded in international standards and has credibility and affordability built in.

    IASME certification reassures your customers that you manage their information securely; it can be the make or break decision as to whether you get their business.
    IASME certification can be the credentials you need to form supply chains and partnerships for effective and successful business deals.

    IASME certification is a framework for effective and efficient information security practices that are designed to keep you working and the keep authorities who can fine malpractice at bay.

    IASME is a programme to ensure that profits stay with you rather than compensate for information security breaches.
Webcasts for Small and Medium Business Owners
Resources for small business owners on how to thrive, grow and maintain profitability in the current economy among larger companies.
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  • Title: Protect Your Company’s Future by Starting a BCDR Plan
  • Live at: May 27 2010 10:00 am
  • Presented by: Colin Ive, Principal Consultant, CoDRIM, Board Member, British Standards Institute
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