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  • The Customer Service Retail Report: What Consumers Expect from Retailers
    The Customer Service Retail Report: What Consumers Expect from Retailers
    Andrea Paul (Content Marketing Manager at Kustomer) Recorded: Jan 23 2020 27 mins
    Seventy eight percent of consumers would be less likely to shop with a retailer again if they experienced bad customer service. This means that the way retailers interact with consumers in their greatest times of need could be the difference between a lifelong customer and one lost to the competition.

    Kustomer’s newly released Customer Service Retail Report dives into survey data to expose what consumers expect when it comes to retail customer service, and how customer service impacts business success. Interested in learning what retail customers want from your brand? Join Kustomer Content Marketing Manager, Andrea Paul, to discuss highlights from the report. In this webinar you will learn:

    - Why retailers can’t afford to skimp on service
    - The importance of providing real-time support
    - Why personalization is imperative
    - How omnichannel support can be a competitive advantage
    - The business impact of customer service
  • Lessons from 2019 Peak Season: How Retailers Handled the Seasonal Rush
    Lessons from 2019 Peak Season: How Retailers Handled the Seasonal Rush
    Andrea Paul (Content Marketing Manager, Kustomer) Recorded: Jan 21 2020 27 mins
    The Cyber 5 period—Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday—brings in record shoppers and sales for many retailers. But it can also bring a big lump of coal: increased customer inquiries, shipment delays and website issues.

    Join Andrea Paul, Content Marketing Manager at Kustomer, as we explore key retail insights from the 2019 Peak Season, and explore how retailers should prepare for upcoming seasonal rushes. During this webinar you will learn:

    -How shoppers behaved during the 2019 peak season
    -Issues that retailers ran into during the Cyber 5 period
    -Why a scalable customer service strategy leads to a profitable holiday season
    -How brands can prepare for seasonal spikes in customer service inquiries
  • When every call matters, make sure your business is ready with VoIP
    When every call matters, make sure your business is ready with VoIP
    Erik O'Herron and Judy Fortunato Recorded: Jan 16 2020 48 mins
    When every call matters, being ready is always the right answer. Learn how VoIP can enable you to control your business identity, integrate all your mobile devices, improve the caller experience, promote your business and streamline management.
  • 4 Ways Top Staffing Firms Use Scheduling Automation to Improve Profitability
    4 Ways Top Staffing Firms Use Scheduling Automation to Improve Profitability
    Micah Grotte, Marketing Manager & Clay Robinson, Director of Solution Architecture Recorded: Jan 8 2020 56 mins
    Highly configurable, cloud-based automation technologies are disrupting the staffing industry as more executives turn to scheduling automation to improve operational efficiency, drive higher value, and grow their business in transformative ways. Whether your organization is in the beginning stages of research, or you’re ready to join other industry leaders championing the movement toward automation, this webinar provides you with impact statistics and the customer experience data you need to better understand how scheduling automation tackles staffing challenges head-on, across multiple fronts.

    In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn how workforce scheduling automation can help you:

    •Gain competitive advantage
    •Amplify recruiters’ productivity
    •Improve talent engagement and retention
    •Increase client satisfaction

    Register for the webinar today!
  • The Best Assessment Tools for Boosting Team Effectiveness
    The Best Assessment Tools for Boosting Team Effectiveness
    Deb Calvert Recorded: Jan 7 2020 47 mins
    So many to choose from! But which one is best? Which assessment tool will meet the needs of YOUR team?

    In this webinar, you'll learn about:
    - the various types of assessments most often used for building team effectiveness and strengthening collaboration.
    -- How do identify the type of assessment your team needs
    -- Best practices for using a team assessment instrument
    -- What to do after the assessment for maximum impact

    I'll also share my favorites and explain why I like them and what I've seen them do. After all, you want results (not just a fun workshop), right?

    Bonus giveaways will include discounts on an assessment you may not have heard about yet. It's a powerful one that everyone who's part of a team should consider!
  • Personalized Customer Experiences
    Personalized Customer Experiences
    Kustomer Recorded: Jan 6 2020 1 min
    Do consumers anticipate a personalized customer service experience? We asked New Yorkers to weigh in with their expectations.
  • Best and Worst Customer Service Experiences
    Best and Worst Customer Service Experiences
    Kustomer Recorded: Dec 19 2019 1 min
    We asked New Yorkers to describe their best and worst customer service interactions. Here’s what they shared with us.
  • Power Up Your Personal Presence
    Power Up Your Personal Presence
    Mimi Brown, Amp Up Success Recorded: Dec 18 2019 61 mins
    Would you like to be recognized as confident, poised, and powerful? Do you need to persuade others for part of your job as meeting professional? Can command the room? As a professional, when it comes to advancing your career or business, doing a good job and mastering the craft are just not enough. You need a plan that helps to highlight your value, contribution, and expertise. Your personal brand and presence have a massive impact on how you are seen and respected by others. The ability to influence and get your ideas heard can make or break your career. This interactive, high-energy, hands-on, session, pulls back the curtain on how to create an image that speaks to the level of professionalism you need to power up your presence. After attending this session you will:
    · Create a professional persona that conveys confidence and competence
    · Develop ways to adapt your personality style to successfully engage with others at all levels
    · Develop your own personal presence action plan.
    · Learn how to stand out, gain recognition and enhance your professional credibility
    · Discover how certain actions, words choices and even clothing selections adds or detracts on how others form their perceptions about you
    · Understand your preferred communication style and its impact on others
    · Network with confidence, anywhere and with anyone
    · Negotiate with more, poise, power, and comfort
  • Top Social and Digital Threats Facing Financial Institutions
    Top Social and Digital Threats Facing Financial Institutions
    Dr. Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX & Scott Matsumoto, CISO, Circle Recorded: Dec 18 2019 59 mins
    The threats facing financial institutions are not new: from data breaches and information leakage, spearphishing and customer scams, to financial fraud, bad actors are set on stealing your revenue, damaging your brand, and weakening your customer trust. But as we expand avenues for engagement, the attack surfaces have changed. Bad actors now rely on social media to impersonate your brand and top executives in order to gain access to your information and customers. Cyberattackers use dark web forums to plan attacks and share vulnerabilities. Early warning and visibility into the networks that these actors use to conduct attacks is critical.

    In this webinar, ZeroFOX’s Chief Security Officer, Dr. Sam Small and Scott Matsumoto, CISO, CIrcle, discuss the top digital threats facing their organizations, tactics they’ve seen used most often on social and digital platforms to target their customers, employees and brand, and steps organizations can take to protect themselves against these risks. Sam will present the latest ZeroFOX Threat Research on the top digital threats the ZeroFOX Alpha Team has identified within the financial services industry.

    Key Takeaways:

    •Understand the modern digital threat landscape and where bad actors live, such as deep and dark web forums, code sharing sites and social media sites

    •Gain knowledge of the top digital risks facing the financial industry and the tactics bad actors use to conduct attacks on your organization and customers

    •Hear directly from financial services experts on the top digital threats facing financial organizations and how to effectively and proactively address them
  • Customer Expectations During Holiday Season
    Customer Expectations During Holiday Season
    Kustomer Recorded: Dec 17 2019
    We went out on the streets of New York City to ask the everyday consumer what they expect from a brand’s customer service during the holiday season. Take a look at their response.
  • 11 Tech Tools and Insights To Build A Better Business
    11 Tech Tools and Insights To Build A Better Business
    Raymon Ray Recorded: Dec 12 2019 59 mins
    Learn about 11 Tech Tools and Insights To Build A Better Business from Entrepreneur Raymon Ray.
  • How to Increase Your Visibility With Speaking
    How to Increase Your Visibility With Speaking
    Johanna Walker, founder of Women Who Speak Recorded: Dec 11 2019 61 mins
    (in spite of the nerves that keep you wanting to hide)

    Do you ever find yourself in the audience at a speaking event thinking "THAT SHOULD BE ME UP THERE!"?

    Come on. Be honest.

    You've got this business. You have something to say—an idea, a story, a passion, a kernel of truth. You totally rock it with the clients you have...but you know you could do better.

    You know that speaking is the best way to reach your people, to position yourself as an expert, to build some serious “Know, Like & Trust.”

    And there’s someone else up there speaking and all your potential clients are running her way and inside you're screaming “HEY! OVER HERE! HIRE ME!”

    Maybe you tell yourself you don't have a good story to tell. You tell yourself your nerves will betray you. You don’t want to be salesy. You’ve studied the Speak To Sell Formulas, but formulas just aren’t your thing.
    And besides, the idea of BEING VISIBLE brings out your deepest darkest demons (or at least some slightly uncomfortable wonkiness) so you go home and send another email instead.

    Join public speaking coach & storytelling expert Johanna Walker for a nuts & bolts, interactive, open-your-heart, take-action presentation where you’ll learn
    **How to access the unwavering presence (that, btw, is your birthright) every time you take the stage
    **How to know just which stories to tell, and how to tell them to connect with the audiences you know you can serve
    **How to get crystal clear about the ideas you want to be known for.
  • How to Enhance Customer Experience with Communication Apps on Barcode Scanners
    How to Enhance Customer Experience with Communication Apps on Barcode Scanners
    Todd Carothers, Chief Revenue Officer, CounterPath and Greg Henry, VP Client Solutions, Barcoding Inc. Recorded: Dec 11 2019 40 mins
    In this age of instant gratification and rapid fulfillment, consumers expect to find what they want quickly.

    How can businesses become agile and quick-moving while facing fierce competition? While handheld computers, scanners and rugged devices are being used for inventory management and other functions in retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and hospitality environments, the path to higher organizational productivity and competitive edge lies in transforming processes without having to reinvent the wheel. By empowering these devices with portable phone, messaging and collaboration capabilities, businesses can future-proof their employee communications and provide a better standard of support to their customers.

    Co-presented by industry leaders Barcoding and CounterPath, this webinar highlights how voice and messaging solutions when integrated with handheld computing devices improves communication, employee productivity and the customer experience.

    Join to learn how advanced Unified Communication solutions transform handheld computing devices into an extension of the existing corporate phone system. Incorporating voice and messaging functionality with handheld and scanning devices improves the ROI by delivering new and increased functionality.

    This webinar will cover:

    • Emerging trends in mobile and handheld computing
    • How VoIP and messaging solutions are enhancing customer satisfaction and employee productivity
    • Benefits of Unified Communications as part of an omnichannel strategy
    • How VoIP solutions increase the ROI for mobile computing solutions
    • How to remotely deploy and manage your voice and messaging solutions across your handheld devices from a centralized provisioning platform
  • Protect Consumers When Shopping Online Against Fakes and Scams
    Protect Consumers When Shopping Online Against Fakes and Scams
    Dr. Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX & Ashlee Benge, Threat Researcher, ZeroFOX Recorded: Dec 11 2019 50 mins
    For retailers, digital platforms represent real opportunity for profitability. With online sales at an all-time high, retailers rely on social media, websites and marketplaces to promote products and sell goods directly to consumers. Cybercriminals have recognized the opportunities that online platforms represent for retailers, using malicious domains, counterfeit goods, coupon/gift card scams and impersonations on social media to engage directly with unwary consumers. Retailers must address these new risks to protect revenue, brand reputation and consumer trust. Attendees will gain early access to research results and review key findings from the latest ZeroFOX research on the top digital threats facing the retail sector, from domain-based attacks to counterfeit goods and scams. Hear from industry experts from global retailers discussing the real impact of digital transformation and the associated risks to the retail market.
  • 10 Reasons Employees Under-Perform & How to Turn Them Around
    10 Reasons Employees Under-Perform & How to Turn Them Around
    Deb Calvert, Executive Coach & President of People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Dec 10 2019 43 mins
    Don't exacerbate turnover issues or risk losing skilled talent by giving up too soon on under-performers. Instead, take a look at these root causes for a lackluster performance and turn this situation around.Your colleagues and business partners will become more engaged and elevate their performance when you take this approach.
  • Marketing to the Entitled Consumer
    Marketing to the Entitled Consumer
    Kim Hahn, Sabrina Pratts, Alex Krumm Recorded: Nov 20 2019 27 mins
    Join our November Book Club discussion of "Marketing to the Entitled Customer: How to Turn Unreasonable Expectations into Lasting Relationships" by Dave Frankland and Nick Worth.

    Marketers face a paradox. Consumers expect your brand to know everything about them — who they are, what they want — and they expect you to deliver instantaneously. But ad saturation and inbox clutter make them resent everything markets do. In this environment, traditional approaches just won’t cut it. Marketing to the modern day consumer demands a new strategy: consumer-first marketing. This book, featuring a foreword by NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young, is the first to lay out how to do it.
  • Turning a Difficult Client into a Raving Fan
    Turning a Difficult Client into a Raving Fan
    Dana Pharant Badass Business Performance Coach Recorded: Nov 20 2019 60 mins
    We have all taken on the less than ideal clients and then lived to regret it with a barrage of unrealistic demands and complaints that we can not possibly fulfill.

    The thing is that with a few masterful tricks to navigating the difficult conversations with difficult clients you can turn just about any client into a raving fan.

    You will Learn:

    1. The skills of the persuasion, even in the most challenging situations
    2. The vital tricks to diffuse difficult conversations
    3. The internal shift that will move those clients into raving fans
  • How Technology Can Help Small Business Deliver a Better Customer Experience
    How Technology Can Help Small Business Deliver a Better Customer Experience
    Barry Moltz Recorded: Nov 14 2019 52 mins
    People no longer want to buy products, they want experiences and to form relationships with the companies they do business with. Technology use to give large companies the advantage in this area. Barry demonstrates how new cloud and applications can now give small businesses the same power on a fraction of the budget.
  • Student Loan Best Practices
    Student Loan Best Practices
    Laurel Road Recorded: Nov 13 2019 31 mins
    Join IAW and our affinity partner Laurel Road as we team up to share a FREE Student Loan Best Practices webinar on Wednesday, November 13 at 1:00 PM EDT. Laurel Road will share best practices for refinancing your student loans and walk through student loan repayment options.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    What is student loan refinancing, and am I eligible?
    What are the considerations surrounding the decision of whether to refinance vs. pursue loan forgiveness?
    How much money could I save by refinancing?
    Will refinancing affect my credit?
    Are there any costs or fees associated with refinancing?
    How do I qualify for the 0.25% rate discount available to IAW members?
  • The Traditional Marketing and Sales Funnel is Dead
    The Traditional Marketing and Sales Funnel is Dead
    Mark Coronna, Area Managing Partner &CMO, Chief Outsiders and Jeff Parris, Fractional Sales VP, Sales Xceleration Recorded: Nov 12 2019 62 mins
    The traditional concept and application of a sales funnel is very flawed. We will highlight the specific issues with a traditional funnel model. And talk about what is working “Intelligent pipelines!” Selling today is much more of a conversion process, built on a level of intelligence-gathering and engagement.
  • Sales Process Coaching
    Sales Process Coaching
    Deb Calvert, sales manager trainer and coach Recorded: Nov 12 2019 39 mins
    Sales coaching isn't the same as managing or mentoring. There are specific coaching tools and techniques you can use during every phase of the sales process. Learn what the most curbside coaching looks like and get takeaway tools you can use right away to become more effective as a sales manager who truly coaches.
  • Time Management for Managers
    Time Management for Managers
    Deb Calvert, president, People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: Nov 12 2019 44 mins
    So. Much. To. Do.

    So. Little. Time.

    Reclaim control of your calendar and focus your time where it matters most. Learn how to avoid getting sucked into reactive, fire-fighting mode and other time-sucking derailers. Get practical strategies for making every minute count so you can be the best people manager possible.
  • Bleeding edge or Leading Edge: Getting ahead with Wi-Fi 6 and so much more.
    Bleeding edge or Leading Edge: Getting ahead with Wi-Fi 6 and so much more.
    Bridget Watkins, Product Marketing Director at Calix and and members from Five Area Telephone Recorded: Nov 7 2019 54 mins
    Are you late to the game or hoping to fine-tune your approach to managed and whole home Wi-Fi? Are you wondering how to keep up – and keep your subscribers satisfied – with new technologies such as Wi-Fi 6?

    If so – join us for the webinar, Bleeding Edge or Leading Edge: Getting ahead with Wi-Fi 6 and so much more.

    Calix Product Marketing Director Bridget Watkins will share insights from service providers who have previously launched managed wi-fi as well as from those that are integrating new enhanced services into their existing managed wi-fi models.

    You’ll understand:

    • How to elevate the subscriber experience with enhanced managed and whole-home Wi-Fi work using the Calix GigaSpire
    • How you can be the first in market with Wi-Fi 6 and why the time is now.
    • How customer demand maybe driving the need for 10 Gig solutions
    • How the GigaSpire is the easy button of Connect America Fund (CAF) performance testing
  • [Panel] Navigating California’s Regulations: What's Wrong and How Do We Fix It?
    [Panel] Navigating California’s Regulations: What's Wrong and How Do We Fix It?
    Jackie McGowan, K Street Consulting; Jennifer Gumer, CGL LLP; Hilary Bricken, Harris Bricken; National Cannabis Bar Assoc. Recorded: Nov 6 2019 59 mins
    California’s entry into the cannabis market has been less than smooth. Understanding the regulations and upcoming deadlines is important to make sure you pass inspections and receive your license, especially as provisional licenses expire before you receive your annual license. Join live to have your questions answered by a panel of experts what you need to know to stay ahead.
  • Be The Change: How Coming Together to Lift Up Women Founders Can Lift Us All
    Be The Change: How Coming Together to Lift Up Women Founders Can Lift Us All
    Chaitra Vedullapalli and Tanya Loh Recorded: Nov 1 2019 32 mins
    It’s well-documented that women-led companies deliver higher returns over time than those founded by men, yet female founders—particularly of enterprise tech startups—continue to receive significantly less access to capital. M12, Microsoft's venture fund, is partnering with Pivotal Ventures and Mayfield Fund to invest $6 million in the best B2B startups, founded by women. Learn more about #FemaleFoundersComp and how to get involved. Submissions will be accepted from Oct. 17-Dec. 15, 2019, and are open across Europe, India, Israel, Canada (excluding Quebec) and the United States for enterprise software and deeptech founders.
  • How the Top E-Commerce Stores are Handling Support
    How the Top E-Commerce Stores are Handling Support
    Julia Luce (Marketing at Simplr) and Andrea Paul (Content Marketing at Kustomer) Jan 28 2020 4:00 pm UTC 26 mins
    The good, bad, and ugly of online support. Kustomer's partner, Simplr, hired a 3rd party research firm to dig into how the top e-commerce stores are handling support. Tune in to hear who takes the cake and what consumers are expecting from the top retail brands.
  • A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation
    A Modern Approach to Application Development Driven by Digital Transformation
    Steve Moritz, Chief Digital Officer; Ashok Yarlagadda, Chief Information Officer Jan 28 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Application development used to be relatively simple. You built one application to solve one problem that users accessed through one type of interface on one type of device. Requirements, data types, and formats were all pretty static. Development was linear and predictable. Skill sets/expertise of developers and user expectations were well-defined, not too diverse, and stable.

    Today, organizational innovation as fueled by digital transformation has completely changed this model. A tremendous variety of users (internal and external) demand an experience that delivers flexible functionality accessible across a number of interfaces, using a plethora of access pathways (cloud, mobile devices and apps, wearables, digital assistants, browsers). Their needs/expectations are fluid and the applications built must accommodate a much wider spectrum of requirements.

    For organizations to service their customers effectively in this new environment, many are turning outside app dev services to augment their in-house capabilities. These services are turning the traditional model on its head and providing valuable capabilities and capacity to deliver business agility.

    Attend this webinar and learn how to use this innovative model to deliver transformative technology and accelerate innovation.

    - What is appdev outsourcing and what are the characteristics of organizations that should leverage it?
    - What are the typical business benefits of these services?
    - How should an organization get started and determine the optimum service solution and provider?
    - What’s the future for appdev services?

    When: January 28, 2020, 11 am PST
    - Steven Moritz, Chief Digital Officer, System Soft Technologies
    - Ashok Yarlagadda, CIO, System Soft Technologies
  • What to Do When Your Business Operates in Silos
    What to Do When Your Business Operates in Silos
    Deb Calvert Feb 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Not all silos are bad. They serve a purpose, and they provide clarity about roles and responsibilities. But when organizations operate too narrowly in silos, results suffer. Join me for new insights about:

    - How to identify when silos have become a barrier to productivity
    - Why silos may be causing you to lose high potential talent
    - What to do about silos that have become a problem
    - Ways to build cross-functional collaboration

    Don't wait until it's too late. Assess and address your silo situations before they divide your business any more.
  • How AI and Automation Are Changing Customer Service as We Know It
    How AI and Automation Are Changing Customer Service as We Know It
    Taylor Lowe (Product Manager, Kustomer) & Gary McGrath (Success Operations Manager, Paddle) Feb 5 2020 7:00 pm UTC 28 mins
    It’s predicted that the use of AI in customer service will increase by 143% by late 2020. This means that AI is something that can’t be ignored, both on the business and consumer side.

    Taylor Lowe from Kustomer and Gary McGrath from Paddle dive into how AI and automation are changing customer service and what the future of customer service looks like. After watching this webinar, you will learn:

    - The rise and fear of artificial intelligence in the customer service space.
    - How AI and automation are currently being used for customer service.
    - How AI can support building relationships with your customers.
    - How AI is shaping the future of not only customer service but the role of the customer service agent of the future.
  • What to Look for in a Customer Service Software Solution
    What to Look for in a Customer Service Software Solution
    Gabe Larsen (VP of Growth, Kustomer) Feb 11 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Sixty-six percent of younger consumers believe that the customer is always right. This generation expects more from the brands they choose to engage with, wanting seamless, personalized service on every platform, instantaneously.

    Join Kustomer VP of Growth, Gabe Larsen, to discuss highlights from our newly released buyer’s guide, and understand how technology can enable you to deliver on customers’ growing expectations.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    -What makes a modern day customer service solution
    -What to look for in a customer-centric CS platform
    -How to measure the success of your solution
    -Why it is important to choose the right technology
  • What’s next in B2B Marketing: Looking beyond inbound and ABM
    What’s next in B2B Marketing: Looking beyond inbound and ABM
    Karthik Nair, Director of Demand Generation, JOOR Feb 12 2020 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    For every B2B marketer who ever wondered 'why should B2C marketers have all the fun?', the 2010’s had all the answers. We got to learn frameworks such as inbound, ABM, conversational marketing, talk triggers and had access to technologies that helped us achieve those goals.

    So, what’s next? Evoking strong emotions among your users/prospects for your product is the future for B2B companies, and the Product Led Growth (PLG) framework, combined with building communities is how you get there. Marketers should look at adopting specific elements of PLG’s framework whether you sell to SMBs, Mid-market or Enterprise businesses. PLG will soon become a basic expectation, like Inbound became a few years ago.

    At the heart of PLG is the approach of giving users the ability to easily experience the product before the paywall and equip them to appreciate the value in the trial period or trial version. While companies have begun finding their stride with successful sales-marketing alignment, the stakes how now increased, the future is going to be about sales-marketing-product alignment.

    Join this session for:

    1. A quick introduction to PLG and how it will take you further along in the journey to higher personalization and higher organizational alignment

    2. An approach to generating demand with traditional approaches, with some creative nuances, as you set yourself up for PLG

    3. Build alignment with technology/product teams to structure data to move to PLG

    4. A guide to building ‘tribes’ by connecting audiences with each other and with your company around theme of the problem you are solving for them

    5. A recommended approach to structuring your team

    6. Metrics you should track to measure performance
  • B2B Demand Building Strategies
    B2B Demand Building Strategies
    Rod Sloane, LinkedIn Champion Feb 12 2020 2:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Successful marketing is about more than just MQLs. More than delivering leads, modern marketing departments are playing ever-larger roles in all stages of business development. Join us for conversations with top demand generation experts on how their strategies can impact the entire sales cycle, fill the pipeline, and accelerate business growth. Deliver more of the leads your sales teams need and take them further than ever before by utilizing intelligent targeting, wholistic campaign design, and effective.

    You could really take any angle on demand gen thought leadership, but some sample topics are:

    - Demand generation strategies
    - Holistic campaign design & effective segmentation
    - Attribution and reporting best practices
  • Great Campaigns Don’t Chase: Demand Generation Starts with Knowing Your Audience
    Great Campaigns Don’t Chase: Demand Generation Starts with Knowing Your Audience
    Keith Johnstone & Dennis Le, Contrast Digital Marketing Feb 12 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Simplify your demand generation process by breaking it down and focusing on the components that matter most. Dividing the process into 4 steps, you can create an effective demand generation strategy that will drive interested leads into your sales team's open arms. Rather than chasing potential customers down and selling them on the same value propositions you and all your competitors are using, consider what it will take to make them chase you.

    · Define your audience

    o Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns by starting with understanding the needs your product satisfies, and who will benefit most

    · Gather insights

    o Consider how and where your audience spends their time to identify what their interests, needs, or parallel pain points they may suffer from are

    · Demonstrate value

    o Create compelling content that attracts them to you and demonstrates value – something that will make your audience say thank you

    · Set the bait

    o Lastly, use your content and leverage targeted marketing channels to drive leads to you


    As General Manager of Contrast Digital, Keith directs all marketing activities and has a track record of successfully growing client revenues and lead volume quarter over quarter. He has had his insights featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Sales and Marketing Magazine, and HubSpot Sales to name a few.

    Specializing In digital demand generation, Dennis has been in the marketing industry for nearly a decade. He has worked on campaigns across industries including software, professional services, and construction, executing campaigns that have helped drive leads in excess of $20M in potential revenue.


    Keith Johnstone, GM, CMO, CDO, Contrast Digital Marketing

    Dennis Le, Digital Demand Generation Manager, Contrast Digital Marketing
  • Facebook Ads Made Simple
    Facebook Ads Made Simple
    Andrea Vahl Feb 12 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Facebook ads are an extremely effective tool to grow your audience and get more leads and sales. But they can feel overwhelming when you are starting out not to mention the fact they keep changing. Plus you can waste your money with the wrong strategy and tactics – and we don’t want that!

    Topics covered:
    What is changing with Facebook
    How to maximize the Boosted Post options on Facebook and Instagram
    What types of ads to run
    How to best target and retarget with a smaller audience
    How to best allocate your budget
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Demand Gen Marketers
    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Demand Gen Marketers
    Mary McCoy, Demand Gen Marketing Manager, Klaviyo Feb 12 2020 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Every demand gen marketer knows how complex the marketing mix has become—every day you get a LI message, cold email, or ABM outreach about how X new tool can get you Y% more leads. It’s incredibly exciting, but it poses a challenge. When constrained by time, resources, and budget, how do you grow acquisition meaningfully and scalably?

    During this webinar, I'll share seven tenets I've learned in my experience leading demand generation for two high-growth SaaS companies. Whether you're just starting out or looking to deepen your marketing know-how, you'll discover how to keep yourself grounded with strategies and tactics that drive results.

    Being a successful DTC marketer isn’t about relying on a silver bullet or mastering one paid channel. I'll show you how to think holistically about the sales and marketing funnel, develop a multi-channel approach, and accelerate sales pipeline. Register now!
  • Webcam Panel: Are you Leveraging New Technologies to Maximum Marketing Effect?
    Webcam Panel: Are you Leveraging New Technologies to Maximum Marketing Effect?
    Janice Dru, Cambridge Innovation Center | Ray Renna, IVI RMA GLOBAL | Christie Post, Hypergiant Feb 12 2020 10:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Social media, data analytics and artificial intelligence are all changing how marketers are connecting with their customers—are you ready for the revolution? This panel will explore the ways in which new technology is forcing marketing teams to rethink their practices, spanning everything from building the brand to developing new campaigns. Join us for a lively discussion that will help you drive your organization into the next decade.

    Join the Conversation to Learn:

    - How does social media affect brand/campaigns/engagement?
    - How are AI and analytics impacting campaigns?
    - What role does personalization play, and how can I make it happen?
    - What compliance requirements do I need to worry about?
    - How are internal relationships and networks affecting the marketing team?

    Moderated by Melanie Turek, VP Research and Fellow - Connected Work, Frost & Sullivan

    Janice Dru, Senior Marketing Director, Cambridge Innovation Center
    Christie Post, Marketing Director, Hypergiant
    Ray Renna, US Marketing Director, IVI RMA GLOBAL
  • How to Drive More Traffic by Optimizing on Search and Review Sites
    How to Drive More Traffic by Optimizing on Search and Review Sites
    Dana Albert Feb 13 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Dana Albert of Yahoo Small Business will share secrets on how to stand out online and update your business information across search engines, social networks, maps and more from one dashboard and how to enhance your listing to attract new customers the moment they search.  We all know how damaging bad reviews can be to a business - he will share the best tools to track and enhance your online reputation on review sites. He will also show you actionable reports on how visitors interact with your listings by tracking everything from profile views to calls and get competitive insights.
  • Unlock Your Inner Leader: Reveal and Redesign Your Power to Lead
    Unlock Your Inner Leader: Reveal and Redesign Your Power to Lead
    Debra Kunz, Founder and Executive Coach, Center for Deliberate Growth® Feb 19 2020 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Decide today to unlock the leader within you. You’re already smart, savvy, and strong. Now you want to become more effective, and make it easier to create results for yourself and for the business.

    Whether you are a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, evolving leader, or business owner, understanding what creates your leadership power gives you the tools to achieve what you want the most. Use these insights to manage your simultaneous business challenges, competing priorities, limited time, and endless decisions.

    Learn to lead-easier™ as Debra Kunz, Executive Coach and Founder of the Center for Deliberate Growth®, reveals the crucial decisions that create intentional growth. See those decisions in action as she shares case studies from her years of empowering leaders and advancing companies forward.

    What You Will Learn:
    • The #1 decision that optimizes how you spend your time.
    • How to manage the obstacles that interfere with your growth, and derail business results.
    • Recalibrate how you use your energy, and what to give your mental time and focus to.
    • The most critical question that creates productive breakthroughs.
    • What you must do first.

    ©Copyright 2020 Center for Deliberate Growth®. All rights reserved.
  • How Sales & Marketing Work Together
    How Sales & Marketing Work Together
    Ashleigh Burskey, CEO Pistil Brands and Tom Morgan, OVPS, Breakthrough Sales Solutions Powered by Sales Xceleration Feb 20 2020 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    It is no longer Sales Vs Marketing, they now work in tandem to generate revenue. Learn best practices for Sales and Marketing working together to drive growth.
  • 10 Ways to Make Any Team More Effective
    10 Ways to Make Any Team More Effective
    Deb Calvert Mar 3 2020 4:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    It's true: team work makes the dream work. Also true: keeping all members of a team engaged, motivated, and pulling together isn't easy. That's why every team could use a tune up. And it's why you'll want to tune in for this presentation to learn how you can:

    -- Build and sustain solid, committed teams
    -- Ensure that both group goals AND individual goals are valued by all team members
    -- Foster healthy dialogue that improves team decision-making
    -- Capitalize on the strengths of every team member
    -- Make your team more productive and more efficient

    This presentation is for everyone who works with anyone in a team setting.
  • Digital Transformation - See how the Dental Family took the office 100% Digital
    Digital Transformation - See how the Dental Family took the office 100% Digital
    Brett Druger Mar 10 2020 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Learn how Brett Druger of the Dental Family in Westfield, NJ took their office completely digital with the support of Verizon services.
  • Developing a Sales Infrastructure That Emphasizes Your Corporate Culture
    Developing a Sales Infrastructure That Emphasizes Your Corporate Culture
    Patrick Lyons, Sr. Assoc, New Legends Now and John Lee, OVPS, Stumptown Sales Success, Powered by Sales Xceleration Mar 13 2020 7:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What sets good to great sales teams apart? It starts with the culture. Learn what a winning sales culture looks like and how to build one.
  • How to Get the Most Out of Business Meetings
    How to Get the Most Out of Business Meetings
    Deb Calvert Apr 7 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Ugh. Another meeting.

    It doesn't have to be that way. Whether you're the one facilitating the meeting, setting the agenda, or simply attending, there are proactive steps you can take to make sure your time (and others' time!) is well spent. In this presentation, I'll show you how to:

    -- Create outcomes-based meetings and get things done
    -- Plan the perfect agenda in minutes
    -- Determine who should attend your meeting and which ones you really need to attend
    -- Engage every person attending every meeting
    -- Get what you need from the meetings you attend

    No more sitting in the back slumped down in your chair! You can make the most out of every business meeting but using these practical tips!
  • Be the Manager that Everyone Wants to Work for
    Be the Manager that Everyone Wants to Work for
    Deb Calvert May 5 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    What is it, really, that sets the best supervisors apart from the rest? And what would it take to BE that supervisor, the one that everyone wants to work for and never wants to leave?

    You can be that manager. It's easier than you think to engage, motivate, inspire, and win the hearts and minds of team members. In this presentation, you'll discover how to:

    -- Manage work AND lead people so you are more effective
    -- Do the little things that add up to strong employee engagement
    -- Reallocate your time to the tasks that have the right impact
    -- Leverage your strengths for connecting with people
    -- Access resources and training for ongoing skills development

    It all boils down to simple behavioral choices that anyone can make. The first choice is attending this presentation so you can get started right away!
  • Soft Skills Are Hard! Becoming a Well-Rounded Leader
    Soft Skills Are Hard! Becoming a Well-Rounded Leader
    Deb Calvert Jun 2 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Your technical expertise will only take you so far. In every job, there comes a time when the functional knowledge and experience just aren't enough to get the job done. That's why you need soft skills, too. Join me to learn about:

    -- What are "soft skills" any way and why do I need to work on this?
    -- The impact it can make when managers have strong soft skills
    -- How to develop soft skills (no matter what your personality type!)
    -- When and where your soft skills will come in handy

    Become a more well-rounded leader by developing yourself, not just your expertise.
  • How to Grow Your Startup and Scale Your Product Using Rigorous Research
    How to Grow Your Startup and Scale Your Product Using Rigorous Research
    Robert J. Lewis, Ph.D. Jun 17 2020 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    A broad overview of basic research methods accessible to product-based businesses of all sizes. The discussion focuses on the most common and useful qualitative and quantitative research methods, and how to overcome each technique's individual disadvantages.

    Participants will learn:

    - How to define their business problem better, and choose the right method(s) to solve it.

    - How to practically implement several very useful methods without the need for proprietary software.

    - How to leverage the data they already have to find insightful patterns.

    - Which methods are out there. Business leaders often do not realize there is a method that has been built specifically for their class of problem.
    Having a broad understanding of the types of techniques that are out there (*and what they are for*) can be 90% of the battle.

    About the speaker:

    Robert J. Lewis, Ph.D. is a quantitative social scientist and software developer. His academic work in media psychology and entertainment has garnered more than 700 citations in his discipline. He has worked with multiple clients on various types of research problems, including Whatsmywine.com, Summery.ai, Crux Climbing Gym, and Rhu Collective.  Additionally, he taught analytics and research methods to advertising students for seven years at The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Critical Thinking: an Essential Skill in Turbulent Times
    Critical Thinking: an Essential Skill in Turbulent Times
    Deb Calvert Jul 7 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Logic. Reason. Rational thought. In the heat of the moment, in a volatile and turbulent time, sometimes these get lost. Emotions prevail and hasty actions create bigger problems that could have been prevented with a healthy dose of critical thinking. When you build this essential skill, you'll get better at:

    -- Evaluating options
    -- Solving problems
    -- Resolving conflict
    -- Making decisions
    -- Negotiating
    -- Influencing others

    Check out this presentation for a re-introduction to critical thinking. It's a core competency that is more important now than ever.
  • How Much Is Too Much? Appreciation, Recognition, and Rewards
    How Much Is Too Much? Appreciation, Recognition, and Rewards
    Deb Calvert Aug 4 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    I once had a boss who said "I give you a paycheck. That's all the recognition you need." He was missing the point. No one NEEDS recognition... But, studies show, most people do a better job when they get it!

    In this presentation, we'll cover:

    -- The basics of when, where, why and how to show gratitude and to recognize employees
    -- The risks of rewards (yes, they can backfire!)
    -- The business case for creating a culture of encouragement
    -- Myths about Millennials and what they expect
    -- What research says about employee recognition

    Don't worry. We're going to cover more than the kumbayah and fluffy stuff in this one!
  • Introduction to Customer Experience for Every Organization
    Introduction to Customer Experience for Every Organization
    Deb Calvert Sep 1 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Customer Experience (CX) is not a passing fad. It's THE business differentiator that will draw customers to you like moths to a flame. Or, if you ignore it, it's what will have your competitors eating your lunch everyday.

    This presentation is for small business owners, salespeople, and others who are seeking ways to become memorable and indispensable to buyers. We'll cover:

    -- The basics of CX: what it is any why it matters
    -- Research with buyers that explains why you want to get in on this!
    -- How to provide a relevant, meaningful, personalized experience
    -- Why superior customer service and low prices aren't enough anymore

    CX really does give you a competitive advantage. Don't get left behind!
  • What You Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience in Your Workplace
    What You Can Do to Improve the Employee Experience in Your Workplace
    Deb Calvert Oct 6 2020 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    The war for talent is heating up. Employees have options, and they just aren't as loyal as they used to be. But there is something you can do, something that will improve your rates of retention and stabilize your workforce.

    It's all about creating a better employee experience. It doesn't have to be outrageously expensive or terribly time-consuming. You just need the secret sauce that will help you to:

    -- Boost employee engagement
    -- Create a workplace culture that fosters a sense of belonging
    -- Ennoble and enable employees

    That may sound like an elusive fantasy. But it's not. Tune in to find out how you (yes, YOU) can improve the employee experience in your workplace.