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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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  • Web scraping - the process of using bots to systematically lift content from a website - is either loved or hated. Startups love it because it’s a cheap and powerful way to gather data without the need for partnerships. Large companies use web scraping to gain competitive intelligence, but try to block others from doing the same. However, new legislation and high profile court cases have called into question the legality of web scraping.

    In this lively conversation, diverse panelists will discuss the origin of web scraping, the changing legal landscape, and the legal and technical best practices for protecting your website content.
  • There is a substantial cost associated with reaching and maintaining PCI DSS compliance requirements, but the cost of non-compliance is often much greater. While the initial cost of the technology, staff and other resources necessary to implement satisfactory controls has its price tag, it is vital that all organizations affected by the PCI standard consider both the short and long-term costs of non-compliance as well as the benefits to meeting the requirements.

    This is especially important as PCI DSS evolves and increase in complexity as the standard moves towards becoming a federal regulation. The costs of non-compliance can far exceed the cost of systems to bring a company into compliance, as demonstrated by so many high profile data breaches. Join this executive panel as we discuss ways to prevent costly cases of non compliance with PCI DSS.
  • Outsourcing shifts the burden to mitigate risk to the vendor. But, it does not shift the impact of the risk. Your company’s reputation and its’ customers can be negatively impacted when your vendor experiences failure.
    This presentation discusses how to formulate a vendor resiliency strategy. And, will equip participants with practical solutions for effectively, as well as efficiently, assessing the business continuity risk exposures introduced by outsourcing business functions
  • It doesn’t matter what industry vertical you are in or how big or small your business is, we are all plagued by the same concern, the security of your most valuable asset – your data. Moreover, the threat is sometimes the ones that you trust most, namely people that have access to your privileged information and data. This insider threat can be your customers, partners and even your employees that accidentally or purposefully release or acquire sensitive data and use it for something other than what it was meant for.

    Just imagine if you had a complete and panoramic scene sizeup along with the ability to proactively address potential threats of both the traditional threat vector of outsiders gaining information as well as the increasingly common and dangerous internal threat. Join us as we discuss this important topic as well as how you can ensure that your organization does not find itself in the eye of the security cyberstorm..
  • Regulatory compliance and security breach protection, is complex in today’s organizations, and this job is not getting easier.

    One of the major challenges that many organizations and managed security services routinely face is that the sources, numbers and types of attacks being generated are increasing exponentially. When you add the growing unknowns associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) it becomes exceedingly difficult to separate the truly lethal threats from the merely mundane. This results in greater complexity and higher costs in terms of not only the number of security incidents that need to be investigated, it is driving organizations to hire the security expertise needed to maintain these services.

    Join us for this webcast to see where state-of-the-art SIEM tools are being used to create a modern managed security service that not only scales to meet the potential threats for organizations, but also allows Managed Service Providers to deliver higher quality managed security services.
  • The Cloud Standards Customer Council will define hybrid cloud computing, explain why this deployment model is essential for addressing business requirements, and outline the key considerations that customers must take into account as they start their transition. The presentation will include strategic and tactical activities for decision makers implementing hybrid cloud solutions. It will cover all the essential technical considerations for hybrid cloud deployment including integration, connectivity, governance, management, security and privacy.
  • Your organization has turned to cloud platforms and applications (including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and even IDaaS) to meet business needs, and it’s your job to make sure those applications are both easily accessible as well as airtight. Luckily, a new set of identity and security solutions have arrived that ensure fast access and security around all your publicly accessible data,w the apps it resides on, and the users engaged.

    Find out how OneLogin’s identity and access management capabilities including single sign on (SSO), combined with CloudLock’s cloud cybersecurity solution can make users more secure and productive in the cloud, no matter the data, applications, or people they work with.

    Join OneLogin and CloudLock to learn how to:
    – Identify the top five cyber threats to your cloud environment
    – Protect against cloud security risks leveraging advanced user behavior analysis
    – Improve company-wide productivity through streamlined identity and access management
    – Easily automate your cloud access management process
    – Put it all into action quickly – managing cloud application security with a powerful IDaaS+CASB joint solution
  • The CyberEdge 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) provides a penetrating look at how IT security professionals perceive cyberthreats and plan to defend against them. Based on a November 2015 survey of 1,000 IT security decision makers and practitioners, the CDR delivers insight IT security teams can use to compare their perceptions, priorities and security postures to that of their peers.

    Join Steve Piper, CEO at CyberEdge and Lane Roush, Systems Engineer at Code42 to review the results from the 2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report and:

    •Understand why 62 percent of organizations expect to be breached this year.
    •Learn which cyber threats are of the utmost concern to the enterprise in 2016.
    •Explore how Code42 CrashPlan endpoint backup helps safeguard your most important asset–data!
    As workloads, data and processes shift across on-premises, hybrid clouds and mobile infrastructure, enterprises must develop a strategy to manage IT change and the risk that comes with it. Attend this webinar to learn:

    How to craft an IT modernization strategy for the enterprise architecture
    How to select the tools to control risks associated with IT modernization
    Case studies of global firms that have successfully modernized their infrastructure to enable business and IT transformation
  • Join us for an exclusive preview of the new BMC product developed to address your security needs! Watch and see how you can eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface by providing Operations teams with actionable data combined with automation. Help your Security and Operations teams address threats and vulnerabilities based on impact and priority.

    Watch as Principal Product Manager Mitch Sherfey demonstrates how the tool:

    - Provides a customized “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact – ensuring the most critical issues are fixed first
    - Offers Security teams a first-time ever view into operational plans – providing visibility into planned actions, predictive SLAs, and burndown views
    - Creates an automated and standard process for Security and Operations teams to enable the relentless pursuit of threats

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