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Understanding How to Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience In this 60-minute webinar we will kick-off our Consistent Customer Experience webinar series. We will clearly identify the elements that define the customer experience and will explore why delivering a consistent experience is critical for your brand and bottom line. We’ll outline the processes, tools and technology that enable retailers to deliver their vision for their customers.

Sessions will take attendees through the entire process of optimizing the customer experience, including strategies around: payroll, labor allocation, communication, space optimization and data analytics. Each presentation also will include an inside look at these strategies in action.
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Apr 23 2014 6:00 pm
75 mins

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  • Today’s consumer has unprecedented access to product and pricing information. Virtual merchandising technology allows retailers to extend the benefits of online shopping into the physical store. Interactive in-store apps blend the best of both worlds, physical and virtual, for an amazing in-store experience.

    Beyond converting sales, omnichannel is about creating a consistent experience across all channels. By extending shelf space to a limitless number of products and offering access to online product information and content, virtual merchandising is a new and exciting way for customers to shop and experience your brand.

    During this session, we’ll discuss how bringing virtual elements into the physical store gives retailers added control, flexibility and customizability to the customer experience.

    Alen Puaca, Creative Director, iQmetrix
    Perry Kramer, Vice President, Boston Retail Partners
  • Retail Winners recognize that customer service is the single most important driver of success in today’s omnichannel marketplace, and they are racing to deploy all their human, store and technology assets in order to compete.

    Recognizing the need to provide the best omnichannel experience in the most cost-efficient way, retailers are investing in a central commerce hub as the answer to this challenge. Maintaining multiple, siloed systems is expensive and puts retailers at risk of delivering a disjointed experience.
    At end of day, omnichannel customer service is what customers expect, and is the cost of doing business today. Where once it was a differentiator, excellent omnichannel customer service must be provided and promoted, or retailers will not be getting the wallet share they’re targeting. In this webinar, we’ll explore effective strategies and technologies to improve customer service and re-engage disaffected consumers.
  • It’s time for retailers to throw out the idea that workforce management exists only to control labor costs. If implemented effectively, WFM solutions can help businesses meet the demands of the modern consumer and provide a new lever for driving revenue.

    This webcast will explore how retailers can maximize revenues with smart schedules that improve customer service by deploying sufficient employees with the right knowledge and selling skills at the right time. Using business driver data like traffic, conversions and predicted sales, WFM and labor forecasting can highlight the peak hours for your business and help you understand where you may be missing opportunities or have a chance to reinvest your labor budget. Learn how optimized schedules and accurate labor forecasting can deliver better business results.
  • In this webinar, executives from Forrester Research and Swirl Networks will shed new light on beacons and share best practices for delivering compelling, location-based offers to shopper smartphones. Adam Silverman from Forrester will review insights from the firm’s recently released beacon report; and Rob Murphy from Swirl will share original research, as well as a real-world case study featuring Alex & Ani.
  • Fierce competition in today’s retail marketplace is motivating retailers to upgrade their store analytics capabilities. During this webinar, Russell Evans from ShopperTrak will reveal how next-generation store analytics can help retailers get to know their customers on a more personal level in order to deliver a superior in-store experience. With new types of analytics solutions at their fingertips, retailers can uncover more innovative ways to reach shoppers, resulting in increased transaction size and improved long-term loyalty. Also, by tapping into the latest analytics solutions, retailers will be able to more quickly respond to changing shopper behavior.
  • The term “omnichannel” conjures up thoughts of a consistent and excellent brand experience enjoyed by shoppers across all channels. But the brand experience is just the marionette of the performance. The puppeteer pulling the strings is proper supply chain execution.

    The brand experience is only as good as the inner workings that make it happen. Those components include business intelligence tools such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This webinar will guide retailers through the proper performance of today’s best-in-class ERP and CRM solutions that help deliver the command performance shoppers are demanding.
  • A brand can travel with a shopper wherever she roams, from the couch to the car and into the mall. But it is the store that remains the most important part of her shopping journey. Today’s smart retailers are embracing that journey by re-imaging their stores as a physical expression of their brand and the center of the omnichannel shopping journey by providing solutions and services that delight shoppers from the minute they enter the store through checkout and beyond.

    This optimum experience can be facilitated through key strategies and solutions, around assisted selling in the store, omnichannel fulfillment and social monitoring following the transaction, encouraging the customer to visit the store more and more.

    The experience may look something like this: Karen sees a special online and sets up an appointment to go to the store. At the store she is greeted by her personal shopper, who shows Karen the blouse she has chosen, but also presents accessories and shoes. Karen is delighted with the personalized service and easy shopping experience. The purchase, including upsell, is completed on the spot with mobile point of sales capabilities. But that’s not the end of the story. After the sale, Karen receives special offers from the store, for herself and friends. They all return for more shopping…and live happily ever after.
  • The store continues to be the front line for retail purchases. And store associates are the direct link to winning a sale. But today, retailers must be innovative and savvy in order to meet the demands of technology-enabled consumers. That means arming store associates with the tools to deliver the information and services that will drive increased revenue, including upsells and cross-sells.

    So what are the best ways to enable store associates to deliver a superior customer experience? This webinar will outline 5 ways retailers can win the battle for brand loyalty and long-term success.

    1.Anticipate customers’ questions before they ask.
    2.Be ready to offer suggestions for upsells and cross-sells.
    3.Create an interactive experience throughout the store.
    4.Deliver personalized offers and promotions.
    5.Execute a seamless checkout experience.
  • During this webinar, Ernan Roman will share recent insights from more than 10,000 hours of Voice of Customer (VoC) Relationship Research conducted by his firm, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing.

    Based on the findings, Roman will share 5 key VoC research findings that will help retailers significantly improve customer engagement and personalization of offers and experiences. And critically, how personalization can be driven by individual preferences.

    Roman’s part of the session will conclude with an 12 Point Checklist for transforming your customer experience.

    Rick Ludolph from Productive Solutions will follow with a look at the enabling technologies to help retailers achieve their customer engagement goals in an omnichannel marketplace.
  • Retail “winners” see mobile as a vehicle to understand consumers’ path to purchase, according to Retail Systems Research (RSR). Mobile apps, in particular, are serving as the telescope into consumer behavior.

    This webinar, featuring Brian Kilcourse from RSR, will highlight the latest mobile innovations and the ways successful retailers are implementing innovative and unique mobile strategies.

    Key topics to be discussed during this webinar include:
    •Mobile browsing and buying trends and behaviors;
    •The influence of mobile throughout the entire path to purchase;
    •How retailers currently are investing in mobile (apps, mobile web, versus enterprise mobility/mPOS);
    •Integrating mobile into the in-store experience;
    •Mobile success stories; and
    •Future mobile plans and investments.

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