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How We Used 80% of our Junk Leads to Reach Viable Prospects

Like many other companies, our sales team used to spend hours searching online for good prospects. They struggled with outdated contact info, and more often than not, it took them numerous calls to reach the right person in their target accounts.

In this webcast, we will share the resul
Like many other companies, our sales team used to spend hours searching online for good prospects. They struggled with outdated contact info, and more often than not, it took them numerous calls to reach the right person in their target accounts.

In this webcast, we will share the results of a focused project we executed to grow our pipeline using a combination of purchased contact lists and our new Leadspace prospecting solution.

Join us to learn how we -

- Found relevant prospects in target accounts
- Increased connect rate by 300%(!)
- Reduced effective cost-per-lead
- Used social networks for prospecting
Recorded Jun 26 2012 29 mins
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Ran Gishri
Presentation preview: How We Used 80% of our Junk Leads to Reach Viable Prospects
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  • Social Media Customer Care: The Battle for Ownership Social Media Customer Care: The Battle for Ownership Sarah Grace McCandless, Director, Digital Solutions, & Nick Sellers, Sr Director, Strategy & Marketing Recorded: May 4 2016 33 mins
    Today’s consumer has digital connectivity at their fingertips 24/7, and they are flocking to social networks for customer care. Twitter alone recently reported a 250% increase in customer service-related content over the past two years, and 60% of these consumers expect a response within an hour or less. However, many if not most of these messages continue to be ignored.

    What’s the problem? Social media ownership was first tucked under Marketing, with a focus on branding and campaigns, but customer care queries through social networks continue to surge. Most Marketing teams are not trained to deal with customer service and do not prioritize these mentions. This disconnect is growing, and the failure to integrate and include customer service in overall social strategy is having a negative impact on company bottom line.

    Join this webinar and learn why it’s imperative for Customer Service and Marketing to collaborate on social media efforts to provide the best customer experience. We’ll cover the key considerations for developing a mutually beneficial program, and discuss how strong social care drives brand advocacy and overall revenue.
  • Beyond Kim Kardashian: Social media in a Snapchat world Beyond Kim Kardashian: Social media in a Snapchat world Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: Apr 28 2016 32 mins
    Optimize. Connect. Analyze. We’ve all heard the social media buzz words, but how can we move beyond lingo and actualize an effective social media strategy that doesn’t bore the already short-attention-spanned customer?

    Given that the average person receives roughly 200 emails per week, how can we get them to care about our bikinis and personalized soaps (aside from using Kim Kardashian as a model)? This in-depth interactive executive learning session can help you fuel a high powered fast and effective social media strategy that does more than buzz and ping.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how to create a social media strategy that is unique to your corner of the universe, including how to:

    * Differentiate between social media and social messaging
    * Utilize analytics to optimize your results
    * Empower rather than manage your social media by becoming more effective with the tools at your disposal
    * Optimize social media spending to gain the attention of new audiences
    * Engage social influencers by using the right tools and approaches
    * Craft and deliver the right content and promote it -- beyond finding and sending


    * Itamar Benedy, VP of marketing, Yoga.com
    * Stefania Pomponi, Chief Evangelist, Clever Girls Collective
    * Andrew Grill, Global managing partner, IBM Social
    * Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology, VentureBeat
    * Wendy Schuchart, moderator, VentureBeat

    Register today!
  • Universal Truths Jeopardizing Customer Service Experience: Benchmarks Revealed Universal Truths Jeopardizing Customer Service Experience: Benchmarks Revealed Bo Young, Senior Director, Customer Analytics and Kirsten Jepson, Senior Director, Market Strategy Recorded: Apr 19 2016 32 mins
    After analyzing millions of customer interactions, Sykes has identified operational areas that require attention to REALLY cause change to the customer experience. During this interview, Bo Young, Sr. Director, Insight Analytics, has promised to reveal those areas and share key tactics for you to take away and bring back to your own company.
  • Killer Tips To Make Your Online Business A Success Killer Tips To Make Your Online Business A Success Gemma Went Recorded: Apr 19 2016 52 mins
    Whether you have an offline business with an online element or you have a 100% online business, this webinar is for you my friend.

    You see, there are many elements that need to be in place for an online business to be a success, but it's so easy to lose sight of them when you get stuck in the day-to-day.

    Sometimes it get's so overwhelming you forget the reason you started your business in the first place (remember that thing you were REALLY passionate about right at the beginning?).

    Shall we try to recapture that passion and push you closer to your goals by sorting out a few fundamentals?

    In this webinar we're going to look at some essential elements you can put in place to bolster your business and help you to get the results you crave.

    From managing your mindset, setting goals, positioning and pricing to digital strategy, funnel creation, outsourcing and growth plans. I'll share some of the key elements I've learned in my 10 years of working with online business owners and the success I've had with my own businesses (which makes me proud as punch).

    Join me, you might just enjoy it.
  • Content Marketing: The 2016 version Content Marketing: The 2016 version Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat Recorded: Apr 6 2016 61 mins
    It used to be you could put up a blog, create a white paper or come up with a slick infographic, and claim you’re doing content marketing. Oh, for the easy days.

    Now, in our multi-channel, hyper-social, personalized landscape, content marketing has gotten a lot more complex and far more strategic. And as customers have seized more control of the conversation -- and traditional advertising continues to lose its clout -- content marketing has become an undebatable marketing tool for both lead generation and brand awareness.

    But given how essential it has become, customers are being carpet-bombed with content. How do you rise above the noise? What channels are essential? How do you maintain relevance? What forms of content are most effective? And how do they fit into a comprehensive marketing plan, not to mention the customer journey at all its junctures?

    Join our panel of content marketing experts and VB’s Director of Marketing Technology research to learn essentials no marketer should be without as they head further into 2016.

    In this webinar, you’ll:

    • Design a content marketing program that complements your marketing initiatives
    • Find your voice – and how to adhere to it across media and platforms
    • Learn which internal professionals to target for particular platforms (and how to get them to agree to do it)
    • Uncover the benefits of content marketing, such as lead generation, expanded social presence, cementing brand recognition, and building individual executives' brands
    • Determine the ROI of content marketing, plus the tools and metrics to use.

    * Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology, VentureBeat
    * Ada Pia d'Errico, CMO, Patch of Land
    * Sonny Ganguly, CMO, Wedding Wire
    * Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Don't miss out. Register today!
  • Business Disruptions with Internet of Things Business Disruptions with Internet of Things Sudha Jamthe, Mobile Business Leader & Stanford Instructor, IoT Author; Interviewer: Natascha Thomson, MarketingXLerator Recorded: Apr 6 2016 60 mins
    All things around us are coming to life with sensors and Internet connectivity. As a result there is the opportunity in this new world to create disruptive innovations to enhance your customer value. Plenty of questions arise as a result.

    Where do you create value and how can you make technology the enabler of your connected customers journey?

    What role does data play and help autonomous machines make decisions to change our lives, industries and future.

    How can you tap into this to build customer intimacy and understand customer intent to serve them better?

    Sudha Jamthe is a technology futurist, CEO of IoT Disruptions, an instructor at Stanford Continuing Studies and author of "IoT Business Primer Book" and "IoT Disruption 2020." She is a thought leader in IoT space, focusing on guiding companies with innovation to adopt IoT and to build ecosystems for Digital Business Transformations. She shares her research on IoT with her weekly "The IoT Show" on YouTube.

    Sudha serves on the advisory board of Blockchain university and Barcelona Technology School.
  • Webinar: Visual Marketing Series - Converting bystanders to buyers Webinar: Visual Marketing Series - Converting bystanders to buyers Becky Dutta, Account Director, Olapic Recorded: Apr 6 2016 50 mins
    Learn how to use visual marketing and earned content to drive sales through social

    According the 2015 Customer Acquisition Barometer social media is not working to acquire customers. Yet.

    This doesn’t mean that social media advertising is worthless – far from it. Social can play a decisive part in the success of failure of your campaign.

    Join Olapic’s director of account management, EMEA, Becky Dutta. She will explain how to convert bystanders to buyers, using social media. Learn:

    Video and photo advertising
    The differences and benefits with Facebook, Atlas, Instagram, Twitter and Bloggers
    How to identify highest converting visual content
    A-B testing on social
    UX: from ads to purchase
    Case studies on successful ad campaigns
    In addition, Becky will present a case study on Unilever’s Magnum ‘Pleasure Store’.

    At the end of this series you will be able to run a visual marketing strategy that supports conversion, engagement and loyalty for your brand.

    Take each webinar as a training session. Test your knowledge at the end of each one and, by the end, you can obtain a Visual Marketing Series certificate of completion.

    Sign up now for the low-down on social media advertising
  • Your Brand Reputation is under Cyber Threat. Are you Prepared? Your Brand Reputation is under Cyber Threat. Are you Prepared? Joe Schramm (Beyond Trust), Evan Blair (ZeroFox), Rich Kahn (eZanga), James Carnall (LookingGlass), Natascha Thomson (MXL) Recorded: Apr 5 2016 62 mins
    Did you know that social media exploitation is the most commonly used technique to gain unauthorized access to an organization?

    This was a finding of Cisco’s 2015 Midyear Security Report.

    This means that - as the guardian of the corporate brand and owner of many external communication channels - marketing needs to play an active role in protecting the business from cyber threats.

    In the age of data-driven marketing, companies are collecting and storing more customer information than ever before, while – at the same time – marketing tactics like online advertising and social media outreach have increased organizations’ attack surface.

    Phishing, hacking, mimicking, click and ad fraud, malware distribution, impersonation, social engineering…the list of possible malicious actions goes on and on and new ones keep emerging. Corporate ransomware cases are grabbing the headlines, where “hostage takers” have the power to destroy trust and potentially a whole business.


    In this webinar, a panel of industry experts will:

    •Outline the most common cyber threats to brands, including
    phishing, social engineering, website defacement and compromise,
    corporate impersonation, hacking, click fraud, and insider threats
    •Provide solutions to detect and mitigate threats
    •Offer best practices for threat prevention

    If you are in a marketing role and want to educate yourself about cyber security, this webinar is for you.

    Learn what you can do to protect your brand from malicious actors. You can’t afford not to.
  • Webinar Spotlight: Are you stuck in the notion of what video once was? Webinar Spotlight: Are you stuck in the notion of what video once was? Michelle Salta, BrightTALK Recorded: Mar 31 2016 1 min
    According to InfusionSoft's 2015 Small Business Survey, lead generation is a huge focus for SMB’s. Yet most SMB's spend less than $1,000/month on marketing activities. Small wonder that 55% of business owners also cite time management as one of their biggest challenges.

    Research has proven that video marketing is the most effective way to generate and nurture quality leads. But how does a small business take advantage of this powerful tool without breaking the bank, or stretching themselves too thin?

    In this conversation, the BrightTALK Studios and marketing team discusses techniques to create effective, budget-friendly video content. We also explore how to sell the idea of video to your boss, and how to use external vendors to best effect.
  • Using Animations for Complex Stories Using Animations for Complex Stories Simon Gerzina, Vice President, BrightTALK Studios Recorded: Mar 31 2016 43 mins
    A picture is no longer worth “a thousand words.” In fact, Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst, Dr. James McQuivey, recently valued one minute of moving pictures, (aka video/animation) as being worth more like “1.8 million words!”

    People are visual learners. That’s why, in a world where B2B stories are increasingly growing more complex and data-centric, content marketers are turning to animation - and succeeding. Animated ads with just 6 to 9 seconds of animation are averaging 138% higher conversion rates than those without, according to Rocket Fuel’s Guide to Creative Optimization. Animation is no longer just for Pixar and Dreamworks. It’s also for you and your business.

    Join us on the BrightTALK Academy as we delve into some of the strategies and tactics for leveraging animation to increase the impact of your content marketing programs. In the webinar you will learn to:
    - Maximize your speed to meaning in the world of “8-second attention spans”
    - Strategize the types of stories that best lend themselves to animation and why
    - Captivate new audiences through multiple animation formats
    - Generate more conversions with some simple animation tactics

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