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  • The Road to Simplicity: Converging Primary and Secondary Storage
    The Road to Simplicity: Converging Primary and Secondary Storage Jacob Cherian, VP of Product Strategy, Reduxio, Mike Grandinetti, CMO, Reduxio, Keith Worthington, IT Manager, LineMaster, Recorded: Feb 15 2018 45 mins
    In the space of storing, managing and protecting data, different approaches for handling information are used. The advent of cloud has brought in compelling benefits, but the amount of data that organizations continue to store is growing exponentially, resulting in mostly unrelated solutions that have lead to the rise of Hybrid IT. On the Data Protection side, Businesses increasingly demand 100% uptime with no data loss, or what IDC refers to as the "new race to zero" – 0 RPO and 0 RTO. Such scenarios are still unrealistic for all but the most expensive and demanding applications that can afford fully redundant systems.

    IT organizations are improving the performance of their storage stacks and gradually driving down their RPO and RTO. Unfortunately, in most cases, this requires a complex strategy of interrelated components, which are often vendor and platform-specific, leaving IT to manually manage multiple systems and increasing the overall complexity of their environments.

    Join this session to learn about:

    - The latest advances in converging your storage and backup stack and how this can radically change the way you manage data
    - The current challenges of copy data management and how to address them
    - A dive into a TCO study depicting the savings achieved through this architectural change
    - Why snapshots are obsolete and you to achieve near-instant data recovery
    - A look into additional use cases of copy data for DevOps team

    The technology advances presented in this session were recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with the award for Technology Innovation for Data Storage and Management.

    Join us for a 360 view from our Industry Expert, Jacob Cherian, VP of Product Strategy at Reduxio and previously Dell Inventor of the Year, as well as a Fireside chat with a Keith Worthington, IT Manager at LineMaster of the technology being presented.
  • Attributes of a Modern Storage Infrastructure: Perspectives from ESG & Dell EMC
    Attributes of a Modern Storage Infrastructure: Perspectives from ESG & Dell EMC Scott Sinclair, Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. Varun Chhabra, Sr. Director - Product Marketing, Dell EMC Recorded: Feb 15 2018 63 mins
    In the era of digital business, IT managers are increasingly responsible for delivering results that drive the success of their business. To achieve this, it is imperative that IT organizations implement a modern storage infrastructure that enables them to increase agility and thereby gain a competitive advantage. In this webcast, experts from Enterprise Strategy Group and Dell EMC will describe the key attributes and benefits of a modern storage infrastructure.
  • The 2 fastest ways to move forward on data center consolidation
    The 2 fastest ways to move forward on data center consolidation Marc Keating: Director of technology and alliance strategy; Darren Miller: Manager of engineering test and performance Recorded: Feb 15 2018 60 mins
    You have multiple physical data centers, all presenting hardware, software, networking and management challenges. You’re making several copies of your data, and the petabytes are adding up. You need to tune into this webinar. We’ll share the two fastest ways forward on consolidation.
  • 5 Key Trends That Could Challenge Your Data Protection Plan in 2018
    5 Key Trends That Could Challenge Your Data Protection Plan in 2018 Storage Switzerland, Micro Focus Recorded: Feb 15 2018 60 mins
    Join Storage Switzerland and Micro Focus for an interactive live webinar where we will discuss the key disruptors in the market that could impact your data protection plan and what you need to consider to avoid them.

    Understand the key 5 trends and their implications on your data center:
    ●The Shift to Hybrid IT
    ●Ransomware and other Cyber Threats
    ●The Proliferation of Mission Critical Applications
    ●Cloud Storage and Cloud Applications
    ●The Rise of Remote Office Computing (ROBO)
  • Bare Metal Restore: How does it work and how can I use it?
    Bare Metal Restore: How does it work and how can I use it? Niall Fahy Recorded: Feb 15 2018 39 mins
    MozyPro now supports bare metal restores (BMR) for Windows physical servers. BMR is a super-fast way to get a bare metal server back up and running should a disaster occur. The Mozy BMR feature should be part of your business continuity plan.

    Join us for an hour-long webinar about BMR—Mozy’s newest feature.
  • Transforming from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to End User Computing
    Transforming from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to End User Computing Doug Chamberlain, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, NetApp Recorded: Feb 15 2018 41 mins
    By untethering the digital workspace and enabling collaboration, End User Computing (EUC) is an important enabler of digital transformation. Despite the many advantages of EUC solutions—centralized management, increased security, and easy accessibility to name a few—many organizations have been slow to adopt. To ensure user productivity, you must also accelerate the key applications and databases users rely on, matching the efficiency of virtual desktops.

    Addressing unpredictable user workloads in a complicated EUC environment can require painful re-architecting. Introducing new workloads may rob resources from existing workloads, leaving users unhappy. A better approach to infrastructure for End User Computing is needed. Netapp HCI was built to address the challenges to support your digital transformation to EUC.
  • Automating Storage Provisioning using VMware vRealize Orchestrator
    Automating Storage Provisioning using VMware vRealize Orchestrator Eric Siebert - Product Manager, Chris Snell - Technical Solutions Engineer Recorded: Feb 15 2018 50 mins
    Virtualizing data center infrastructure has reduced server sprawl, and improved provisioning, scalability and TCO. However, it’s come with increased complexity in managing across the infrastructure stack. To address this, IT orgs are turning to automation. VMware vRealize Orchestrator and VMware vRealize Automation let you: easily provision virtual and physical servers, software, networking and storage; develop composite workflows to speed complex infrastructure provisioning; and create customized environments for dev/test. This webinar covers technical details of these products and includes a demonstration of how to start a VMware Private Cloud by automating Storage Provisioning tasks using the new vRealize Orchestrator plugin for HPE 3PAR Storeserv and vRealize Automation.
  • Dealing With The Big Data Explosion
    Dealing With The Big Data Explosion Kevin L. Jackson, CEO, GovCloud Network, LLC Recorded: Feb 15 2018 37 mins
    Cloud computing innovation will power enterprise transformation in 2018. Cloud growth is also driving a rapid rise in the big data storage market, exacerbating the enterprise challenge around storage cost and complexity.

    Join this webinar with Kevin L. Jackson, CEO, GovCloud Network LLC and globally recognized cloud computing thought leader. He will show how Cloud Storage 2.0 can be used to address this proliferation of real-time data from the web, mobile devices, social media, sensors, log files, and transactional applications, and how all of these are affecting today's data centers.
  • DevOps / Usecase Intégration Continue - Pipeline de streaming avec SPARK / KAFKA
    DevOps / Usecase Intégration Continue - Pipeline de streaming avec SPARK / KAFKA Bertrand Ounanian – Ingénieur Expert - Architectures de données non-structurées Recorded: Feb 15 2018 52 mins
    Comment assurer une intégration continue en dédiant uniquement 5% de l’équipe de développement à l'assurance qualité (QA) ?
    Face au développement de produits toujours plus complexes, le nombre de tests explose nécessitant une augmentation du nombre de développeurs affectés aux fonctions de QA. Pour faire face à cette problématique, Pure Storage a développé une solution automatisée qui traite plus de 50 milliards d'événements par jour, tout en fournissant des résultats en temps réel.
    Bertrand Ounanian présente ce cas d'utilisation des technologies d'analyse de Big Data, ainsi que les leçons apprises. On y découvre une vue d'ensemble du pipeline d'analyse utilisant des technologies open source telles que Spark et Kafka. Ce pipeline s’appuie sur la solution de stockage partagé Flashblade qui permet une évolution non disruptive de l’architecture applicative sans remise en cause de l’infrastructure sous-jacente.
  • IT Transformation: Beyond the Traditional Data Centre
    IT Transformation: Beyond the Traditional Data Centre Simon Ratcliffe, Consulting & Advisory, Ensono Recorded: Feb 15 2018 49 mins
    IT Transformation projects are usually driven by the need to reduce complexity, improve agility, simplify systems, contain costs, manage ever growing data and provide more efficient operational management. Arguably, for seasoned IT professionals there is nothing new about the drivers for transformational change; it’s the velocity and scale of transformation today that’s the big challenge.

    Today, to effectively accelerate business innovation, successful IT leaders are building infrastructure that focuses on automation and flexibility, supporting agile application development and helping deliver world-class customer experience. Of course, IT teams are still under pressure to deliver legacy, mission-critical applications but they also need to support a seemingly constant flow of emerging business opportunities. They’re also tasked to lower costs, reduce Capex, while helping to drive revenue growth. That’s a lot of drivers and this complex juggling act often requires modernising infrastructure. An almost inevitable result of this is that the mix of platforms they adopt will include public cloud.

    So, does that signal the end of the corporate data centre as we know it? Well, as is so often the answer – yes and no. ‘Yes’ because there is no doubt that the complexity and cost of building and managing on-premise infrastructures is becoming increasingly unsustainable for many businesses. And ‘no’ because business continuity and stability of legacy applications are still, quite rightly, primary drivers today. But the corporate data centre may well now be a service provider’s data centre...
  • NVMe in the Data Center: Expanding Above and Beyond the Local Server
    NVMe in the Data Center: Expanding Above and Beyond the Local Server Petros Koutoupis, Senior Platform Architect, IBM Cloud Object Storage Recorded: Feb 14 2018 32 mins
    NVMe adoption has taken the Data Center by storm. And while the technology has proven itself to outperform all other competing SSD implementation, it is still quite limited and restricted to the local server it is attached to. This is where NVMe Targets come into the picture. In this presentation, we will explore how NVMe devices can be exported across a network and attached to remote server nodes.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Is Software-Defined Storage the Missing Piece of the Puzzle?
    Hybrid Cloud: Is Software-Defined Storage the Missing Piece of the Puzzle? Gaurav Yadav, Software Engineer at Hedvig Recorded: Feb 14 2018 44 mins
    The inevitable march to the cloud has begun and Hybrid Cloud is a huge milestone in that journey. It’s easy to use on-prem infrastructure and public cloud in parallel for your workloads, but a lot of friction occurs when these two worlds come together. High Availability, security, and interoperability are just a few. Demand for Data Sovereignty and GDPR throws another wrench into the mix. Storage solutions need to keep up with evolving demands and SDS will play a huge part in making Hybrid Cloud a reality.

    In this session we'll look at:
    - Common pitfalls when building or transitioning to a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure
    - The effect of different use cases on Hybrid Cloud implementation
    - The future of Hybrid Cloud and how to get there
  • Why Legacy Backup Software Is Failing & What You Can Do About It
    Why Legacy Backup Software Is Failing & What You Can Do About It Christian Smith, VP of Product, Igneous Systems Recorded: Feb 14 2018 24 mins
    Legacy backup software is failing for enterprise NAS under the growing demands of massive unstructured data, but digital assets are more critical than ever to business success in this data-driven age. To keep up with this digital transformation, businesses need to modernize their data management infrastructure.

    Igneous delivers a streamlined secondary storage solution built to handle billions of files and petabytes of data and designed to protect your digital assets as they grow.

    Learn how Igneous delivers these key benefits for massive unstructured file data:

    - Ease of management: Igneous takes care of maintenance, troubleshooting, and software updates.
    - Scalability: Our scale-out solution effortlessly handles your growing data and eliminates silos.
    - Agility: Automatic, non-disruptive updates (NDU) and user-friendly search and retrieval increase business agility.
  • Storage Performance Benchmarking: Workloads
    Storage Performance Benchmarking: Workloads Mark Rogov, Dell EMC, Chris Conniff, Dell EMC, Tim Lustig, Mellanox Recorded: Feb 14 2018 57 mins
    Benchmarking storage performance is both an art and a science. In this 5th installment of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum’s “Storage Performance Benchmarking” series, our experts take on optimizing performance for various workloads. Attendees will gain an understanding of workload profiles and their characteristics for common Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications and learn how to identify application workloads based on I/O profiles to better understand the implications on storage architectures and design patterns. This webcast will cover:
    •An introduction to benchmarking storage performance of workloads
    •Workload characteristics
    •Common Workloads (OLTP, OLAP, VMware, etc.)
    •Graph fun!

    Spend Valentine’s Day with us. We think you’ll “love” this webcast!
  • 2018: Trends in Information Storage and Management
    2018: Trends in Information Storage and Management Randy Kerns, Sr. Strategist, Evaluator Group Recorded: Feb 14 2018 49 mins
    There are many developments going on in the industry for storing and managing information. This webinar will cover the major trends, explaining the development and status as well as the potential impact on data center environments. Technologies such as advanced flash and storage class memory and enabling software and systems for digital transformation will be covered. Randy will give the industry analyst view of the trends and provide background on the maturity and adoption.
  • The Impact of Blockchain on Enterprise Storage and Data Security
    The Impact of Blockchain on Enterprise Storage and Data Security Ian Smith, CEO and Reuben Thompson, VP Technology, Gospel Technology Recorded: Feb 14 2018 61 mins
    Join this webcast with Ian Smith, CEO and Reuben Thompson, VP Technology at Gospel Technology, as they discuss:

    - Private enterprise blockchains vs public ecosystems (i.e. crypto)
    - Enabling data transactional trust without compromising speed
    - How blockchain can be used to store and protect data

    Gospel is an enterprise data platform built on blockchain, providing data storage for the distributed era, as well as enterprise data security and data breach avoidance.

    About the speakers:
    Ian is a serial entrepreneur and experienced enterprise technology executive, at one point holding a VP Product Management role for IBM Storage, and has been involved in solving some of the largest and most complex infrastructure and data problems in enterprise business.

    Reuben is responsible for all Gospel platform development and has extensive experience of managing large-scale software projects, scalable, distributed, service-oriented software architectures, and satisfying complex and divergent compliance requirements (FCA, PCI, etc).
  • Crossing The Digital Transformation Chasm
    Crossing The Digital Transformation Chasm Shailesh Manjrekar, Sr. Director, Product & Solutions at Vexata, Frederic Van Haren, Senior Analyst at Evaluator Group Recorded: Feb 13 2018 58 mins
    Leverage Vexata Active Data Fabric Ecosystem for AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Cognitive Pipelines

    Digital Transformation is cutting across industries and making a profound impact in our lives. Data is the new oil, however, businesses need a different approach to drill this oil, in a way it impacts the business processes positively and instantaneously. Existing datacenter infrastructure falls short in meeting the requirements of these new distributed and massively parallel pipelines and datatypes and need to evolve.

    Several trends are proving to democratize Digital Transformation vision and technologies are emerging as building blocks. Notably Convergence of HPC, Big Data Analytics, and Artificial intelligence markets, driven by GPU computing, open sourcing of ML / DL frameworks, Distributed architectures, faster storage media like NVMe and 3D-Xpoint and faster networking with NVMeOF are fueling these trends.

    Join this webinar and learn about the latest industry trends, vertical use cases and how Vexata with its Active Data Fabric ecosystem is uniquely positioned to help its customers cross the chasm.

    Webinar takeaways:
    1. Future of Analytics – move from descriptive to prescriptive and now to cognitive, leveraging Deep Learning, neural nets, streaming paradigms
    2. Business Value of Digital Transformation – remain competitive, survive and thrive.
    3. Remove infrastructure bottlenecks, particularly as they pertain to storage and data management when using AI, Deep Learning, Cognitive pipelines for use cases across verticals like:
    - EDA / Manufacturing
    - Media and Video Analytics
    - Genomics, Precision medicine
    - Speech Recognition
    - Industrial IoT
    - Financial and Security Analytics
    - Retail Customer Churn / Sentiment Analysis
  • 2018 Trends in Information Security
    2018 Trends in Information Security Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security and Dan Kennedy, Research Director, Voice of the Enterprise Recorded: Feb 13 2018 66 mins
    In 2018, the gains realized from applied analytics will become so pervasive that we expect virtually every security product to be an analytics product. Automation will become more evident, identity will assume new importance, and consolidation will be the word of the day at the endpoint. With new classes of security concerns already making headlines in 2018 – and with EU Global Data Protection Regulation and privacy in the spotlight - what risks are on the horizon?

    Join Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security and Dan Kennedy, Research Director, Voice of the Enterprise, for a live webinar on February 13 as he reviews these and other trends expected to shape the information security landscape in 2018, and the level of impact those trends will have on the market. Come armed with questions, as there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
  • Easier and faster VMware protection – On premises and in the cloud
    Easier and faster VMware protection – On premises and in the cloud David Lombardi, Mike Adams, and Steve Duplessie Recorded: Feb 13 2018 62 mins
    Join David Lombardi from Dell EMC Global Technology Office and Mike Adams, Sr. Director, Cloud Platform Product Marketing at VMware, along with Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, for an in depth discussion on latest trends and challenges with respect to VMware data protection and how Dell EMC and VMware are making it easier to protect virtualized workloads, even as more mission critical workloads are becoming virtualized and public and private clouds are increasingly becoming a central part of the IT environment.

    Attendees to this webinar will:

    •Find out what your colleagues are worried about with respect to protecting VMware workloads
    •Hear about the latest innovations from VMware, including VMware Cloud on AWS
    •Learn about best practices and technological innovations from Dell EMC to protect all VMware workloads, including high IO mission-critical applications, and cloud workloads
  • Ep. 8 Using Splunk to Analyze Performance Metrics: Q&T SIG Talk
    Ep. 8 Using Splunk to Analyze Performance Metrics: Q&T SIG Talk Chris Trimper Recorded: Feb 13 2018 18 mins
    Using Splunk to Analyze Performance Metrics

    Chris Trimper will show you how to leverage Splunk for storing and analyzing performance data from LoadRunner. This allows for easy trending and possible collaboration with other application metrics stored in Splunk. We will also look at building self-service dashboards showing application performance metrics.

    You will be hearing about:

    • Introduction to Splunk
    • Process of preparing LR data for Splunk consumption
    • Building dashboards and performing analytics in Splunk

    Join us for the next upcoming SIG Talk on Tuesday, March 13, 2018: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1073255&group=.