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Happy employees make productive employees. HR managers are now finding that compensation and benefits alone cannot keep employees happy; they also need nurturing through proper training and development. Join the BrightTALK talent management community to learn how to engage and retain your best talent by providing them with the tools and rewards they need to enhance their performance and reach their potential.
  • The online recruiting experience has come a long way since online job boards were launched in the late 1990s. Innovations from consumer applications, including ecommerce and mobile-first apps, have improved the application process, making it easier, more intuitive, and “consumer-esque.”

    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with Vikram Subramaniam, EVP and General Manager at Findly, as he discusses how technological developments in ecommerce, mobile and other online innovations have influenced the recruiting process. With a wealth of experience developing key products for consumer companies like eBay and Netflix, Vikram will share why these features work and how you can implement them to improve your candidate experience.
  • Regardless of our intentions, values and beliefs, we often automatically jump to conclusions. In talent management, this can cause more damage than simply a prolonged hiring process.

    Without mitigating our automatic biases, they can easily make it more difficult for us to find, attract, engage and retain talent. This quick-hitting webinar will unpack the what, why and how of unconscious bias.
  • Join ManpowerGroup for a complimentary webinar designed to provide insight into what’s new and what’s next in employment law.

    It’s a new year and there’s no shortage of interesting things happening in the world of employment law. In this engaging and interactive webinar, Mark will provide updates on all the latest developments as well as his perspectives on what may be coming next. Along the way, he’ll share plenty of tips and tools to help you stay out of legal hot water.

    After this fast-paced hour, you'll walk away with:
    + The very latest updates on employment law
    + A peek into the future of employment law
    + Tips and tools for everything from hiring to firing
    + Practical solutions based on real-life examples

    Your host is Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer of ManpowerGroup™ North America, a former partner in a major employment law firm, and widely known for his ability to present legal and HR issues in a uniquely entertaining style.

    For a sneak preview, check out Mark’s popular employment law blog, or "blawg" at manpowergroupblogs.us/employment_blawg/.
  • Thursday February 19th, 2015 11am PT/2pm ET
    Evaluating your interview questions, candidate experience, and more with The Resumator’s Recruiter Sara Niemi.
  • Chances are, your marketing team has perfected the use of email marketing to acquire new customers or stay in touch with existing ones. But did you know that the same tactics can help your recruiting team find new job seekers and keep existing candidates warm?

    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with Angela Zener, VP of Product Marketing at Findly, as she shares tips for optimizing your candidate email strategies, including automation, personalization and performance tracking. Extracting best practices from her product marketing and lead generation roles at top technology companies including SAP and LexisNexis, Angela will share strategies that marketers and recruiting professionals alike should integrate into their customer acquisition and retention plans.
  • Top 8 Blend Elements - Bringing Them To Life featuring Karen Blackett OBE, CEO MediaCom

    In this 45 minute webinar you will see previously unseen footage from our November 2014 Keeping Women In launch event. This webinar focusses on one of our guest speakers, Karen Blackett, OBE. Karen is the CEO of MediaCom and in 2014 she was the first businesswoman to top the Powerlist 100.

    Our exclusive video footage shows Karen talking candidly about her own work / life blend, lessons she has learnt along the way and steps she has taken to improve her unique blend.

    Following our exclusive video footage, Anna will host a 15 minute tutorial on ‘Our top 8 blend elements – bringing them to life’.

    This webinar is relevant to high achieving working mothers and employers alike. It is highly solutions orientated and full of simple, effective tips for businesses and leaders to support working mothers and ultimately Keep Women In.
  • Participate in Jobscience's panel conversation!

    When compensation -- or a consumer brand -- is not the main attraction of your offer, how does your organization find, engage, and hire top talent?

    Recruiting leaders from non-profit sectors of government and education discuss attracting talent for their social causes, cost effective strategies when budgets are limiting and the role of technology.

    Panelists include::
    Catherine Pajic, Global Recruiter, National Democratic Institute
    Ian McLellan, National Director of Recruitment and Selection, Educational Enterprises
    Ted Elliott, CEO, Jobscience
  • As organizations continue to battle for top talent, distinguishing your company from the competition has never been more crucial to attracting the best candidates. A strong employer brand enables companies to stand above the crowd, to source higher quality applicants, and ultimately, to drive business growth.

    The reality is that to be successful your employer brand and your talent acquisition strategy must be in lockstep. As such, organizations are increasingly looking to external experts, including RPO providers, to ensure this critical alignment of strategy and brand.

    Join us as we take a look at the current employer brand landscape, how a strong talent acquisition strategy impacts the brand, and the role providers are playing in the space.

    Gary Bragar – HR Outsourcing Research Director, NelsonHall
    Mitzi Jordan – Global Practice Leader, Talent Acquisition Advisory, Futurestep
    Neil Griffiths – Global Practice Leader, Talent Communications & Employer Brand, Futurestep

    This is the fourth in Futurestep's six part webinar series on Talent Acquisition Strategy.
  • Join us for a discussion on how to engage employees and show them how their work contributes to top company objectives with Alex Zima, Director of Learning and Wellbeing at ShapeUp, and Paul Reeves, BetterWorks Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead. Alex will share how ShapeUp uses central, transparent goal-setting and progress tracking to hold people accountable for results, and in turn, increase employee engagement and further important wellness initiatives.
  • Introduction to blend:

    Last year Guidant Group and Anna Rasmussen launched a research project called Keeping Women In. We asked 250 high potential UK-based working mothers to tell us about their lives inside and outside of work and specifically what employers need to do to support them to reach their full career potential. The results of Anna’s research are based on the concept of achieving a sustainable work-life blend.

    In this 45 minute webinar you will see previously unseen footage from our November 2014 Keeping Women In launch event – which was attended by 100 high achieving working mothers and influential business leaders. Our video footage shows Anna talking through the background of the research and our key findings.

    Anna will then host a live 15 minute tutorial on ‘How to work out your own unique blend’.

    This webinar is relevant to high achieving working mothers and employers alike. It is highly solutions orientated and full of simple, effective tips for businesses and leaders to support working mothers and ultimately Keep Women In.
  • A few weeks back, we heard from US recruiting thought leaders had to say about trends you cannot ignore and tools recruiters cannot live without in 2015.

    It’s a brand new year -- the perfect time to evaluate your recruiting tool set. What worked in 2014, and what missed the mark? Our panel of dynamic UK recruitment executives will update you on the latest and greatest technology & services so you can continue to grow your talent pool, engage and nurture candidates, and surpass your growth goals in 2015.

    Panel representatives from: Guy Rubin, CEO, ebsta; Clair Bush, Marketing Director, Broadbean EMEA; Katrina Collier, Recruitment Specialist, Winning Impression; Kirsten Pope, UK Account Manager, Burning Glass; Mark Seemann, CEO, Synety; and Ted Elliott, CEO, Jobscience.
  • What will a ‘leader’ look like in 2050? The world is changing physically, technologically and demographically, and this will have a huge impact on HR and in particular leadership. John Hackston, Head of Research and Development at OPP, will describe these trends, the implications for future leaders, and how the MBTI can help.
  • With the immediacy and ubiquity of social media and the changing attitudes towards work, workers encounter non-stop enticement to consider new career opportunities. This makes the challenge of recruiting, communicating your employer brand, and decreasing employee attrition virtually non-stop. Research from McKinsey and other thought leaders now allows us to map the 5 critical phases in this job seeker journey from awareness (what job seekers learn and know) to engagement (what they decide to do).

    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with Mark Hornung, Senior Vice President and brand strategist at Findly, as he discusses these 5 steps to employee engagement and offers tips for responding to each. Mark will share insights on trigger events that occur with increasing frequency to the all-important ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) as well as Active Evaluation to Commitment.
  • Kick off the new year by improving your interview process! Join us for a hands-on webinar to get practical tips on how to speed up the interview process through video interviewing. Learn how companies like ZenPayroll, MeySen Academy, and others use Spark Hire and Greenhouse to interview at scale and hire faster than their competitors. Get tips and tricks to implement today, and learn about some technologies available to help you in the new year!
  • Join our live panel webinar discussion!

    It’s a brand new year -- the perfect time to evaluate your recruiting tool set. What worked in 2014, and what missed the mark? Our panel of dynamic recruiting executives will update you on the latest and greatest technology, so you can continue to grow your talent pool, engage and nurture candidates, and surpass your growth goals in 2015.

    Panel representatives from:
    - Terry Bustamante, Director @ Daxtra
    - Dan Hughes, Co-Founder @ RingLead
    - Betsy Rowbottom, Co-Founder @ The GoodJobs
    - Paul Mladineo, Co-Founder @ HRNX
    - Tracey Parsons, CEO @ CredHive
    - Ted Elliott, CEO @ Jobscience
  • Employers often rush to assemble and promote their employer brand. However, before using technology, AKA the “tools” for communicating your employer brand, first you need to develop your strategy, or the blueprints, for your company’s brand.

    Join us for an informative webinar featuring SVP Mark Hornung as he explains the top 5 do’s and don’ts that employers should consider when both developing and executing employer branding. Mark will touch on these topics and more:

    - What (or who) are the best resources for effectively communicating your employer brand?
    - What are the best research best research methods for understanding how employees really feel about your brand?
    - What is an Employer Value Proposition and how does it impact your relationship with your employees?
  • Join this session to learn:

    - How to leverage new technologies to engage employees and increase participation
    - How Johnson Controls communicated change and drove participation from stock to new RSU program
    - How Johnson Controls used multimedia to effectively communicate complex compensation plans, such as ESPPs, RSUs and Insider Trading
    - Creative ways to drive new levels of equity plan understanding, engagement and participation
  • For HR managers, even simple changes to employee information—a new address, a marriage, etc.—can take hours. First you update your payroll system, then your HRIS, and then you send paper forms to each one of your benefits providers. But what if you could do all of this with one click? And what if all of these systems could actually work together to help you manage everything from new hire onboarding to payroll deductions to benefits renewals—all online, all in one place, all for free?

    In this presentation and demo, you'll learn how 2000+ HR managers and business owners are using Zenefits to:

    - Sync their payroll, benefits, and HR systems instantly
    - Connect their separate HR software systems to a single online dashboard
    - Delight employees with a 100% online and paperless onboarding and benefits enrollment process
    - Set up intuitive benefits self-service portals for employees and managers
    Automate State and Federal benefits compliance
  • Every company struggles to efficiently communicate internally. Coordinating teams, making decisions and managing work is complicated and time consuming - it's no surprise that teams are spending 40% of their time on administrative chores.

    In this session we will discuss the most common communication inefficiencies that teams face and how to correct them through process improvement and with new communication tools.

    You'll leave this session with concrete actions that you can take to improve the way your team communicates.
  • Organizations of all shapes and sizes are constantly challenged to adequately fill and strengthen their leadership pipeline – thus calling into question if they are truly prepared to take on the challenges of today and achieve the strategy charted for the future.

    Please join us for an exciting and thought provoking webinar featuring Gelair Gilson and Jayson Finnigan from ManpowerGroup as they explore challenges to attracting high performing talent to leadership roles and the keys to identifying and fostering potential in the next generation of leaders.
  • As companies ask their employees to take more risks, do more with less, and try to anticipate the future, courage is becoming an ever more critical leadership and job skill. Human Resource professionals and leaders of all stripes are looking for the new and innovative ways to build courageous organizations and teams to meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace.

    While many believe that courage is a quality people are born with, Solomon’s extensive research shows that everyone can build their “courage skills” and help create the strong, productive culture your organization needs to succeed. But all courage is not alike. Knowing which type of courage to invoke, and when, is the key to success.

    Cindy’s provocative and hilarious take on how we can each build our personal and professional courage skills will leave you excited and able to take on the cultural challenges within your own organization.
  • Selecting technologies that will drive your talent strategy

    Picking the right recruitment technologies can make an immediate and dramatic impact on your talent acquisition strategy. But picking the wrong one can seriously derail that strategy, as well as using significant amounts of resources, time and, thus, money.

    This webinar looks at the multitude of new technologies being used by top companies today, and explores the best ways of ensuring the technology you select directly supports your strategy – and delivers a great candidate experience.

    Join us, and hear from the following expert speakers:
    •Rajesh Ranjan – Partner, Everest Group
    •Jamie Liddell – Editor, Outsource Magazine
    •Mitzi Jordan – Global Practice Leader, Talent Acquisition Advisory, Futurestep
    •Mir Ali – Vice President, Global Recruitment Technology, Futurestep

    Please join us for the third in the six part webinar series on Talent Acquisition Strategy.
  • Whether you’re investing in a global initiative or just want to better understand global trends, this complimentary TAPFIN webinar will provide expert insights to help navigate you to success.

    We’ll share our latest Quarterly Market Report – an analysis of current trends, opportunities, global market indicators and considerations for tracking talent globally, with an emphasis on how these market conditions can impact hiring activity and business outcomes. The webinar will also provide insights into regional considerations that can impact the best approach to sourcing and hiring talent.

    As organizations increasingly recognize their global workforce as means to improving business performance and efficiency, it is important to understand how hiring requirements and processes need to be adjusted due to cultural and market dynamics. Subject Matter Experts Brian Hoffmeyer, VP of Product Marketing at IQNavigator and James Winter, Director of European Process Excellence at TAPFIN, will join us for a discussion on regulations and trends impacting global workforce strategy.

    By participating in this webinar, you will learn:
    + How workforce utilization is shifting internationally.
    + How regulations impact best practices to achieve your hiring objectives.
    + How technology can be more effectively leveraged as you ‘go global.’
  • As a recruiting professional, you expect your applicant tracking system to help you quickly hire, process, and onboard candidates. But time and again, we hear stories about a company’s ATS failing to ensure a fast and smooth hiring process.

    Join us for a 30 min webinar featuring Director of Product Management Brian My as he explains the top 5 things recruiters tell us they really want from their ATS. From easy implementation to seamless integration across all other HR systems, we’ll discuss all the things you should add to your ATS wish list.
  • You spend a lot of time and resources generating interest in your jobs. You advertise open roles, optimize your career site, and write thoughtful job descriptions. Candidates click, they start filling out an application and then… nothing.

    What would cause a job seeker to start but fail to complete a job application? (The industry averages 90 percent drop off.)

    Join us for an informative webinar featuring Senior Vice President of Products Jeff Kreutz as he explains the reasons why job seekers don’t submit applications they have started. This webinar will address these questions and more:

    - How are job seekers really searching and applying for jobs?

    - What prevents a job seeker who has started an application from completing it?

    - What is an optimal candidate experience to improve application rate?