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Talent Management

  • S3 11 - Intersectionality and building a pipeline of diverse talent
    S3 11 - Intersectionality and building a pipeline of diverse talent
    Julia Streets Recorded: Dec 12 2018 28 mins
    In the final episode of Series Three, Mariam Jimoh, Founder & Director of Women in the City Afro-Caribbean Network (WCAN), and Alex Odwell, Managing Director of Referment, discuss why being a D&I pioneer gives firms a competitive advantage, eliminating recruiters’ subconscious bias, creative ways to test job candidates, intersectionality, the shortcomings of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, encouraging diverse talent to apply for roles, and the power of including networks in the recruitment process.
  • A Structured Approach to Better Staff Scheduling
    A Structured Approach to Better Staff Scheduling
    Steve O'Brian, VP of Marketing Recorded: Dec 11 2018 49 mins
    Learn how a better scheduling framework creates a better workflow and leads to better outcomes. Scheduling is a critical activity in modern shift-based workplaces – with impacts on labor cost, productivity, and even legal compliance. A chaotic scheduling process impacts worker satisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover. It also increases the likelihood for human error and makes last minute changes very disruptive.

    Learn about:
    -How to think about a scheduling framework
    -Key ingredients to a staff scheduling workflow
    -7 steps to a better workflow for staff scheduling

    Our presenter, Steve O’Brian is the Vice President of Marketing at Shiftboard and has over a decade of experience in human resources business process optimization
  • Reskilling, Automating and Hiring the Future Federal Workforce Livestream
    Reskilling, Automating and Hiring the Future Federal Workforce Livestream
    Government Executive | Underwritten by: Grant Thornton Recorded: Dec 6 2018 139 mins
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  • ENGAGEMENT MAGIC-5 Keys for Engaging People, Leaders, and Organizations
    ENGAGEMENT MAGIC-5 Keys for Engaging People, Leaders, and Organizations
    Dr. Tracy Maylett Recorded: Dec 5 2018 60 mins
    HRCI and SHRM credit approved

    Join Dr. Tracy Maylett, for a presentation on “ENGAGEMENT MAGIC: Five Keys for Engaging People, Leaders, and Organizations.” Dr. Maylett will review the research behind the five keys and how managers can use ENGAGEMENT MAGIC to increase engagement with their teams. During this webinar we will provide answers to the following questions:

    What is the personal benefit of being engaged?
    What is the difference between being satisfied with your job and being engaged?
    How does each of the ENGAGEMENT MAGIC elements contribute to engagement?
    How do you avoid a victim mentality and take ownership for your engagement?
    How can managers create an engaging work environment?
  • S3 10 - Diversity of Age and Data-Driven D&I
    S3 10 - Diversity of Age and Data-Driven D&I
    Julia Streets Recorded: Dec 5 2018 34 mins
    Tiina Likki, Principal Advisor at The Behavioural Insights Team, and Peter Randall, President of SETL, discuss D&I through the lens of behavioural science, why some D&I initiatives aren’t generating results, why presenteeism is overrated, the importance of the returnee talent pool, using data to drive organisational change, ways to evaluate the impact of diversity, and the importance of pacing yourself, understanding own limitations and learning from history.
  • Workforce Shift Scheduling: Turning a Task into a Strategic Advantage
    Workforce Shift Scheduling: Turning a Task into a Strategic Advantage
    Mollie Lombardi, CEO and Co-founder - Aptitude Research Partners Recorded: Dec 4 2018 62 mins
    The schedule is at the center of life for many organizations. Who needs to be where and when is the foundational construct of running a business. And particularly in organizations with large amounts of hourly staff, or multiple shifts, making sure people show up as needed can be the difference between productivity and standstill.

    In today’s world, simply executing an accurate and effective schedule is not enough. Scheduling has become a strategic element of the employer employee relationship, and a key translation point between business strategy and execution. By using tools to make the scheduling process more manageable for administrators, more interactive for employees, and more informative for the business, organizations can leverage the time and investment it takes to create schedules to deliver value far beyond the tactical.

    Join Mollie Lombardi, Co-founder of Aptitude Research Partners, she explores the impact of automation integration mobile tools in the consumerization of technology are impacting not only how organizations create schedules in all environments from simple to highly complex and regulated, but the user experience for both employees and executives.
  • Webinar: Building High-Performance Cultures
    Webinar: Building High-Performance Cultures
    Kara Strubberg, Customer Success Manager, YouEarnedIt & Kara Chambers, VP People, The Motley Fool Recorded: Nov 29 2018 45 mins
    Companies are wasting resources by failing to strategically recognize and reinforce the behaviors that drive their businesses forward.

    New research from Gallup indicates that employees who strongly agree that they can link their goals to the organization’s goals are 3.5 times more likely to be engaged. YouEarnedIt has collected real-world examples of how companies use this engagement strategy to drive bottom-line results.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    - How to identify employee behaviors that support business needs at every level
    - Ways to create a recognition and incentive strategy for boosting these behaviors
    - Real-world examples and success stories from organizations
    - Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, and which one drives sustainable behavior change
  • Overcoming Top Workforce Challenges in State and Local Government
    Overcoming Top Workforce Challenges in State and Local Government
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Workday Recorded: Nov 29 2018 64 mins
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  • Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2019: Business as usual?
    Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2019: Business as usual?
    James Marsh, HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, MFC; Ruth Thomas, CURO; Carolanne Minashi, UBS; Recorded: Nov 29 2018 62 mins
    We have Gender Pay Gap data, so we have the beginnings of transparency. We have narratives exploring the drivers and action plans.

    But what are the specific building blocks of change for leading employers?
    How do you actually attract, retain and progress gender diverse talent and close the gap? .

    Our Autumn event aims to think big but also focus on practical actions employers can take as we move towards the next GPG reporting deadline in March/April 2019

    In this lively webinar, James Marsh will be exploring the issues and learning since the first reporting in April this year. He's joined by:

    Jennifer Liston-Smith, Director, Head of Coaching and Consultancy at My Family Care, and a recognised innovator in the Parental Leave Coaching field.

    Ruth Thomas, Senior Consultant at Curo Compensation, summarising the learning from this year’s Gender Pay Gap reporting and its implications for your next year’s report.

    Carolanne Minashi, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, UBS, sharing the factors that really enable women to progress and reach the top at work.

    Andrea Callender, Director, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), Arup UKMEA
    On Arup’s journey in EDI including the promotion of Shared Parental Leave.

    The thought leadership shared will help you benchmark your current practice and gain practical ideas you can put to use
  • Neurodiversity: What is it and how can you cultivate it at your organization?
    Neurodiversity: What is it and how can you cultivate it at your organization?
    Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Nov 28 2018 60 mins
    Neurodiversity is oft associated with autism spectrum but can include an array of conditions affecting mind and brain. 70-90% of these individuals are unemployed/underemployed, yet they can bring a lot of value to an org with skill sets in high demand.

    A neurodiversity program is dedicated to embracing diversity of thought process & background as a way to lead to a more successful and innovative company. Companies SAP, Google, Salesforce, HP, Ford, JP Morgan & Microsoft have already reformed their HR processes in order to recruit neurodiverse talent. Would your org benefit from becoming more welcoming of neurodiversity? What do initiatives look like?

    This episode is for anyone who works with or could hire nuerodivergent individuals & who wants to find ways to hire, onboard & support those with cognitive differences. This episode comes after many questions about this topic during our most popular episode on diversity and pay gaps, & fits in with recurring themes like designing the career you love, mentoring, & flexible work.

    Tia Shafee [they/them] is a UK civil servant working in disability inclusion, founder and chair of Public Sector Neurodiversity Network, which connects neurodivergent individuals across the UK public sector & gives them a platform to share their experiences.

    Samantha Pierce, owner of NeuroDiversity Consulting & founder of the charitable organization Sanchia A Callender, is a training & dev specialist dedicated to creating a thriving empowered community that includes everyone. She enjoys life with her husband & 5 children, two of whom are autistic.

    Amy Root, associate director of global solutions with UnitedHealth Group, is an experienced healthcare professional with special expertise in design & innovation, medical tech & business ops. As an autistic adult who is raising a child on the spectrum, Amy is passionate about orgs understanding importance of workplace neurodiversity initiatives & thoughtfully creating neurodiverse teams.
  • S3 09 - Inclusivity in tech and intersectionality in the workplace
    S3 09 - Inclusivity in tech and intersectionality in the workplace
    Julia Streets Recorded: Nov 28 2018 30 mins
    Abadesi Osunsade, founder of Hustle Crew and NonTechTech, and Pippa Dale, Head of Fixed Income Roadshows at BNP Paribas, discuss ways to make tech more inclusive, the importance of focusing on intersectionality, the power of digital networks, the value of the OUTDirectory, holding companies accountable to greater social values, and expanding gender pay gap reporting across the board.
  • Yes! You have a crystal ball - HR trends for the next 10 years
    Yes! You have a crystal ball - HR trends for the next 10 years
    Lori Kleiman SPHR SHRM-SCP Recorded: Nov 27 2018 20 mins
    CEO's are focused on long-term success - and the needs of your employees should be too. But how do we know what will impact our organization in 15 years? Business futurists are consulted to predict where trends are going what savvy organizations need to do to complete. Social, environmental, and global issues are touching all businesses today faster and with more impact than ever before. HR departments have to get ahead of the megatrends that are facing their businesses and anticipate trends. Explore the top megatrends CEO's are watching for the next 15 years, and determine how you can implement these to focus your human resources initiatives. Megatrends will change your business in the next ten years. Don't miss this opportunity to get ahead of the curve an bring the latest thought leadership back to your organization.
  • The Graduate conundrum – boosting graduate confidence in the workplace
    The Graduate conundrum – boosting graduate confidence in the workplace
    James Marsh, HRreview; Georgina Brazier, Milkround; Lucy Warren, Milkround Recorded: Nov 22 2018 64 mins
    Earlier this year, Milkround investigated the minds of over 5,700 students and graduates, to find out how they feel about taking their first steps into the world of work.

    The research found out much about what graduates expect in from their early careers, with interesting insight into predicted salary expectations and the disparities between males and female graduates. Other points reveal the uncertainty around internships and the pressure respondents feel against those who have more work experience or are less in need of a high salary.

    Milkround will also present further interesting research around retaining employee’s and what graduates expect in the workplace, with practical advice and tips on how to introduce methods such as reverse mentoring into graduate training programmes.

    The webinar will present an opportunity for you to address your own thoughts and challenges around hiring and retaining graduates to discourage job-hopping and ensuring you are developing and shaping graduates in the workplace, and our expert panel will offer recommendations around these themes.
  • S3 08 - Changing organisational mindsets and the advancement of diverse talent
    S3 08 - Changing organisational mindsets and the advancement of diverse talent
    Julia Streets Recorded: Nov 21 2018 29 mins
    Paul Cleal, Vice Chair of Kingston University and board member and/or advisor to The Premier League, National Citizen Service Trust and Sainsbury’s Foundation and James De Sausmarez, Head of Investment Trusts at Janus Henderson Investors, discuss changing the many false perceptions of working in the City. How can organisations facilitate the advancement of BAME employees and use their recruitment data to attract more diverse talent? Why the ‘safe’ choice isn’t always best and the importance of role models and mentors. How do changing incentives drive greater D&I and increase focus on helping middle management layers to change, and what benefit do placements and internships offer to shift more entrenched mindsets?
  • Making Performance Management as Agile as Your Business
    Making Performance Management as Agile as Your Business
    Josh Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP | Scott Kelly, Hitachi Data Systems Recorded: Nov 15 2018 60 mins
    Today business moves faster than ever before. Teams are more fluid, projects are more dynamic and skills are in more demand. To stay competitive, companies need a workforce that is responsive, agile, speedy, flexible and customer-focused. As a result, Human Capital leaders are on a transformational journey. It’s not enough for companies to give someone a job, they need to provide employees an optimized, connected experience so they can perform their best.

    In this webinar, Josh Bersin of Deloitte and Scott Kelly of Hitachi Data Systems will explore:
    - Industry trends shaping the market
    - Why old performance management processes and tools are inadequate in the face of business and employee needs
    - How data served as the backbone for the case against ratings and rankings
    - How Hitachi made performance management exponentially more effective through a culture of continauous feedback and improvement

    After this webinar, attendees will have a better understanding of the trends driving the performance management transformation as well as a real world example of how one company actually made the change.
  • A Connected Military: The Department of Defense's Future in Cloud
    A Connected Military: The Department of Defense's Future in Cloud
    Defense One | Cisco Recorded: Nov 15 2018 63 mins
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  • Fundamentals of Fleet Management for Student Transportation
    Fundamentals of Fleet Management for Student Transportation
    TransPar Group of Companies Recorded: Nov 14 2018 64 mins
    This webinar will review selected elements of an effective school bus operation management program. If you are new to the field of student transportation or are a student transportation director or school business official who serves as the de facto fleet manager in your organization, this webinar is for you.
  • S3 07 - Diversity in AI and the challenges of removing bias
    S3 07 - Diversity in AI and the challenges of removing bias
    Julia Streets Recorded: Nov 14 2018 31 mins
    Tracey Groves, CEO and Founder of Intelligent Ethics, and Sylvia Carrasco, Founder and CEO of Goldex Technologies, discuss the importance of collective accountability in organisations, creating an ethical business in an unregulated market, inclusive recruitment and advertising, how AI systems are being designed, developed, implemented, measured and assessed to drive the right outcomes, the importance of ensuring that human biases aren’t embedded into AI, and the role of governments and schools in educating citizens and future generations about these new, powerful technologies.
  • Route Fifty Tech Roadshow: Data-Powered Transformation Digital Edition
    Route Fifty Tech Roadshow: Data-Powered Transformation Digital Edition
    Route Fifty | Underwritten by: Carahsoft Recorded: Nov 7 2018 134 mins
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  • The Future of Fintech: From Crypto to Payments to Women in Tech
    The Future of Fintech: From Crypto to Payments to Women in Tech
    Jennifer Riggins Recorded: Nov 7 2018 62 mins
    We will have a rousing discussion of the future of fintech from women already driving that future. We will discuss hot topics (of course over tea) such as the payments industry, cryptocurrency, fintech jobs and more!

    We'll be tackling such questions as:
    - What are the lessons learned as we enter the next age of Fintech?
    - Do you need to ‘get’ tech to work in technology?
    - What are some of the mistakes to avoid?
    - What commercial models make sense?
    - What challenges are the payments industry currently seeing?
    - How do marketplace payments differ from standard e-commerce payments?
    - Can payments do more than is currently possible?
    - What's new in fintech marketing?
    ...and of course YOUR live audience questions first and foremost!

    Maya Middlemiss, the managing director of BlockSparks OÜ, and specializes in effective marketing communications for the blockchain and fintech space. Effective storytelling has never been more critical, in this complex and fragmented world, and helping brands and consumers connect and understand each other is her passion.

    Anna Tsyupko, one of Wired's Power Payments 10 and CEO and co-founder of Paybase. She has a passion for payments and the opportunities that eMoney infrastructure can offer businesses that require more than a simple payment gateway. Her goal is to ensure all businesses have the freedom to build what they want to build by offering a truly flexible payment solution.

    Susie West, founder & CEO of sharedserviceslink, a community for shared services leaders, offering thought leadership for those driving the future of the financial market. She lives in New York and London, and works with her team to cover their global market.
  • S3 06 - Diversity in Trading and The Next Generation of Senior Management
    S3 06 - Diversity in Trading and The Next Generation of Senior Management
    Julia Streets Recorded: Nov 7 2018 28 mins
    Adam Conn, Head of Trading at Baillie Gifford, and Mark Fryer, Director and board member of ABSTRACT, discuss improving diversity on trading floors, supporting the next generation of senior talent, accelerating the pace of change at board level, creating inclusive organisations, how flexible working can improve employee retention, why firms with rigid recruitment processes may be missing out, and why we must improve perceptions of financial services in order to attract people from outside the industry.
  • Strengthening the Organization’s Foundations: HR’s Role as Culture Shaper
    Strengthening the Organization’s Foundations: HR’s Role as Culture Shaper
    Srinivas Krishnamurti, CEO, Zugata and David Mallon, Vice President & Analyst-at-Large, Bersin, Deloitte Consulting LLP Recorded: Nov 6 2018 47 mins
    Organizational culture is a top leadership priority for organizations around the globe. As the system of values, beliefs, and behaviors that represent “the way things work around here,” culture is persistent in ways that individual leaders, strategies, and goals are not. Executives increasingly recognize that a proactive approach to culture is essential to both short term success and long term endurance – and they are looking to human resources to play an important role. Bersin’s* recent High-Impact HR research found that high performance organizations have HR teams that embrace their role as culture shapers, actively helping the organization to both preserve the best of what sets it apart and develop values such as trust, empowerment & experimentation, and inclusion.

    In this webcast, we will:

    -Summarize current research on organizational culture, including ways to define, monitor, and evaluate it
    -Discuss HR’s role as shapers of culture
    -Highlight the potential benefits of a proactive approach

    *As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte Consulting LLP, a subsidiary of Deloitte LLP. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of our legal structure. Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting.

    This publication contains general information only and Deloitte is not, by means of this publication, rendering accounting, business, financial, investment, legal, tax, or other professional advice or services. This publication is not a substitute for such professional advice or services, nor should it be used as a basis for any decision or action that may affect your business. Before making any decision or taking any action that may affect your business, you should consult a qualified professional advisor. Deloitte shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this publication.

    Copyright © 2018 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved.
  • Answers to the World’s Scariest Employment Law Questions
    Answers to the World’s Scariest Employment Law Questions
    Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer of ManpowerGroup™ North America, and Neil Alexander, of Littler Mendelson. Recorded: Oct 31 2018 62 mins
    Join ManpowerGroup for a complimentary webinar designed to reduce your employment law nightmares.
    In this engaging and interactive webinar, Mark Toth of ManpowerGroup and guest Neil Alexander of Littler Mendelson will answer the world’s most terrifying employment law questions. Mark and Neil will not only address the questions that keep you awake at night but also ensure that you get all the latest employment law news on everything from hiring to firing and beyond.

    After this fast-paced hour, you’ll walk away with:
    -Answers to difficult legal questions
    -Up-to-the-minute information on the latest employment law developments
    -Tips and tools on everything from hiring to firing
    -Practical solutions based on real-life examples

    Your host is Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer of ManpowerGroup™ North America, a former partner in a major employment law firm, and widely known for his ability to present legal and HR issues in a uniquely entertaining style.

    Special guest Neil Alexander, of Littler Mendelson, has represented companies in employment disputes all across the U.S. for the last 25 years. Neil’s practice focus includes unfair competition disputes, whistle blower and retaliation claims, ADA and FMLA disputes, wrongful termination claims and allegations of harassment or discrimination.

    ManpowerGroup is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRMSCPSM. This program is valid for 1 PDC for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit www.shrmcertification.org

    This webinar is approved for 1 HRCI credit. The use of the HRCI seal confirms that this activity has met HR Certification Institute’s® (HRCI®) criteria for recertification credit pre-approval.
  • S3 05 - Securing the future of financial services through improved diversity
    S3 05 - Securing the future of financial services through improved diversity
    Julia Streets Recorded: Oct 31 2018 28 mins
    This episode was recorded live at Sibos 2018 in Sydney, on Monday 22nd October 2018, as part of The Swift Institute’s 'Bridging the gap between academia and the financial industry' programme. Our host Julia Streets was joined by Rae Cooper, Professor of Gender, Work and Employment Relations, Associate Dean in the University of Sydney Business School and Director of the Women Work and Leadership Research Group at the University of Sydney, Rosemary Stone, Global Head of Human Resources at SWIFT, and Sam Turner, Head of Inclusion & Diversity for the Westpac Group. Topics discussed included the war on talent in financial services, neurodiversity, creating more inclusive teams and leaders, financial incentives around D&I, intersectionality, managing potential backlash, retraining and reskilling in response to industry demand, the importance of changing corporate policies, and how younger generations are paving the way for true equality.
  • Driving Engagement and Learning with Video Chat Gamification
    Driving Engagement and Learning with Video Chat Gamification
    Marcia Rubin, Founder Yak Network Recorded: Oct 25 2018 24 mins
    A key issue for businesses, in every industry, is that employees forget 65% of the material covered, and after six months, that number jumps to 90%.
    However…studies have shown that using video improves the ability to
    remember concepts and details and will increase over time engaging employees in a way that lectures, documents and even PowerPoint rarely do.
  • Compliance Conundrum - What's on tap for 2019 in Human Resources
    Compliance Conundrum - What's on tap for 2019 in Human Resources
    Lori Kleiman SPHR SHRM-SCP Dec 12 2018 7:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    United States HR teams are pulled in different directions every day. Staying on top of the human resources activities can be complex enough, and compliance must be managed in midst of all of it. There are 6 non-negotiable areas of compliance that have to be incorporated to your daily operations. You must embrace these, and be able to navigate the leadership team to embrace them as well. Lori will share effective method of securing the resources needed to move initiatives forward, you will be sure you leave the program with the tools you need to get it all done. You don’t have to figure it out on your own - join us and get a quick path for 2017 compliance now! Employees are the backbone of every organization and managers know that. When the focus is on getting new customers, creating new revenue streams, making a profit and being innovation - who has time to make employees happy. Aren’t they here to do a job anyway? Well yes, but they still need to know they make a difference. In this program, we’ll look at how happy employees can support your corporate initiatives and actually give you time back. And, it can all happen with minimal effort and budget. Learning Objectives (for our sheet) •Identify what your employees need from you •Align employee appreciation with corporate strategy •Set 3 goals to connect directly with your team •Develop strategies to incorporate engagement into every day work

    Learning Objective: Learn about laws being considered in Washington DC for 2018 Implementation techniques for recent compliance obligations Evaluate your own policies and procedures to ensure compliance this year
  • Recognition & Engagement: Get Set for Success in 2019
    Recognition & Engagement: Get Set for Success in 2019
    James Marsh, HRreview; Chase Dolomont, Achievers; Colin Watt, Chief People Officer, NCC Group Dec 13 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Join Colin Watt, Chief People Officer, NCC Group and Chase Dolomont, Employee Engagement Strategist, Achievers, as they share practical advice on how to take your recognition and engagement programme to the next level for enhanced results in 2019.

    In this webinar, we will:
    •Share top tips on how to make your recognition and engagement programme a sustainable success
    •Talk you through case studies that show how other organisations have impacted business outcomes through leveraging engagement and recognition
    •Give you the opportunity to ask your questions to our experts and client advocates

    Who should attend?
    •Managers/HR leaders looking for ideas on how to improve employee engagement and performance, through joined up strategy and maximising untapped ecosystems around them
    •Executives who want to learn more about the top driver of employee engagement, employee recognition, and how to implement or improve a company-wide recognition programme
    •IT professionals looking for answers on how to maximise current technology and add engagement to the mix
  • How to Optimize Hourly Labor Costs Through Better Forecasting
    How to Optimize Hourly Labor Costs Through Better Forecasting
    Steve O’Brian, VP of Marketing, Matthew Oostman, Product Management at Shiftboard Dec 18 2018 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Discover how your organization can avoid costly overtime by leveraging historical data to ensure you are better prepared for changes in labor demand.

    During the webinar we will cover the following:

    -How to use a demand forecasting framework to help you identify your key labor demand drivers
    -How to leverage the framework to create optimized workforce schedules.
    -Industry examples to give you actionable insights aligned to your particular business.
  • Never Miss Another Great Candidate
    Never Miss Another Great Candidate
    Raj Dev and Steve Feyer Dec 19 2018 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    You spend hours with a perfect candidate who isn't hired, and then don't speak to her again. You have strong applications that are never reviewed. You spend all your time sourcing because you can't use your database of past applicants. Has this ever happened to you?

    It doesn't have to! Attend this webinar to hear how Credit Sesame and Eightfold are powering up talent acquisition.

    * Gain insight from practitioners who are finding and hiring today's most in-demand candidates.
    * Learn how to stop the application black hole that swallows great applications.
    * Hear how experts can leverage existing data to gain insights into a candidate database.
    * Discover how to nurture silver medalists so you can hire them later.
  • Understanding the Impact of Labor Laws on Employee Scheduling
    Understanding the Impact of Labor Laws on Employee Scheduling
    Dorothy Pults, Director of Product Marketing at Shiftboard Dec 27 2018 6:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    Organizations that manage a shift-based (and hourly) workforce must contend with complex scheduling rules including labor laws and labor agreements. With more states and even cities supplementing US Labor laws, it can be difficult to keep up with all the changes. Many of these laws impact overtime pay, required break periods, and employee rights around a more predictable schedule–which can significantly increase your labor costs. By understanding labor laws, you can create better employee schedules, reduce overtime, and ensure compliance.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    • What is driving changes to labor laws in states and cities across the US
    • What are the key labor laws that affect employee scheduling
    • How technology can help you automate and create better schedules

    We will also provide some practical examples to help you understand the complexity of California, Washington, Seattle, and San Francisco labor laws. These same examples are often found in collective bargaining agreements (CBAs).

    About the presenter:
    Dorothy Pults recently completed a significant research project on US and International Labor Laws and GDPR compliance implications for scheduling shift-based (hourly) workforce. Dorothy has held leadership roles in engineering, product management and product marketing at fast growing companies including EMC, Limelight Networks and F5 Networks drive record customer growth and is recognized for her work aligning products to meet the unique needs of customers.
  • Do you have the right digital leaders to drive digital change in HR?
    Do you have the right digital leaders to drive digital change in HR?
    James Marsh, HRreview; Suzanne Courtney, MD, cut-e; Lena Justenhoven, Senior Consultant, AON Jan 17 2019 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Yesterday’s way of working is obsolete. Today’s fast-paced, technology-fueled business environment means that the demands on employees, and the way in which they work, have changed.

    Are your employees and your organisation ready to cope with the digital future?

    On 17th January at 11.00am our digital readiness expert panel will be hosting a free live webinar to discuss:

    •Why digital transformation of the workforce is a priority for all organisations.
    •The core set of competencies that is needed to succeed in tomorrow's workplace.
    •How digital readiness can be measured and assessed.
    •How to approach digital transformation and take action right now.

    There will be the opportunity to interact live with our panel on the day by taking part in live polls and posting your questions, many of which will be answered during the webinar.