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Talent Management

  • Maternity & Paternity coaching Maternity & Paternity coaching James Marsh, HRr; Jennifer Liston-Smith, My Family Care; Kulbir Shergill, KPMG; Louise Marshman, IBM; Catherine Oliver, SKY Recorded: May 26 2016 61 mins
    Employees going through the transition to parenthood can be lost from the most demanding roles in the workforce and/or from the talent pipeline, unless we pay attention to this area.
    Coaching that acknowledges the challenges of new parenthood, and focuses on communicating, prioritising, being influential and proactive at work can make the difference between employees returning long term, or leaving again. And equipping line managers for effective, timely communication as well as tips on avoiding pitfalls makes a huge difference.
    In this webinar we examine the business case and hear first-hand from employers who are reaping the benefits.
  • To Cloud Or Not To Cloud... Is The Question To Cloud Or Not To Cloud... Is The Question Christian Wirth Recorded: May 25 2016 34 mins
    Christian Wirth talks about "The impact of cloud learning in today’s mobile workforce"
  • Is your HR team ready for take off? Is your HR team ready for take off? Paul Burrin, CMO & Chris Rauch, Chief Customer Officer, Fairsail Recorded: May 24 2016 38 mins
    Are you a global company struggling to answer simple management questions regarding employees quickly? Is getting basic employee information slow, painful, laborious and time consuming? Do you report reactively on the past? Does your data sit in silos across multiple sources without one version of the truth?

    If you face any of these issues in your HR team, then join this webinar to hear from Fairsail about how HR can fly on instruments instead of flying blind.
  • Fairsail - Global HR System Fairsail - Global HR System Kate Fletcher, Marketing Director, Fairsail Recorded: May 16 2016 2 mins
    Managing your people through spreadsheets? Struggling to engage employees? You may need a global cloud HR system. Find out why here.
  • Mitsubishi UFG improves workforce experience with Fairsail Mitsubishi UFG improves workforce experience with Fairsail Veronica van der Hoeven, Chief HR Officer, MUFG Recorded: May 16 2016 5 mins
    Mitsubishi UFG has employees in multiple locations with complex cross-border statutory requirements, different benefits and processes in existence. Learn how consolidation of their legacy HR systems made managing this simple, improved HR productivity and delivered a better employee experience.
  • SolarWinds favors Fairsail over Workday SolarWinds favors Fairsail over Workday Jen Alessandra, SVP Human Resources, Solarwinds Recorded: May 13 2016 5 mins
    SolarWinds has achieved tremendous growth through both organic and inorganic activity including 12 acquisitions over a three year period. With such a rapid increase in employee numbers, the company required a robust and scalable cloud HRMS to manage the entire workforce and provide better workforce visibility to management. This video explains why SolarWinds chose Fairsail's HRMS.
  • Getting Ready for Retirement Getting Ready for Retirement Presented by: Government Executive | Underwritten by: FLTC Recorded: May 12 2016 61 mins
    More and more federal employees are making the transition to life after government. Regardless of where you are in your career, it pays to plan carefully for this life-changing event. Join us for a discussion of benefits available to federal retirees, pitfalls to avoid and key tips for making the most of your retirement.
  • Office not required? How to make remote working a success Office not required? How to make remote working a success Heather Greig-Smith Recorded: May 11 2016 41 mins
    Technology company DADI decided to dispense with offices for good. Founding partner Chris Mair explains why he rejected bricks and mortar and how the company runs on an entirely distributed basis.

    “We thought long and hard about the role of an office in the kind of company that we are and decided to give it a go without a permanent base.”

    Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith asks Chris what lessons other organisations can learn from this approach, looking at the infrastructure, culture and effort needed to make remote working a business success.

    This session will help organisations keen to embed flexibility and increase employee autonomy and engagement. Tips to help managers, departments and teams challenge the status quo - even if they want to keep their offices as well.

    Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/137643065@N06/
  • Global Mobility Global Mobility Robert Leeming, HRreview; Jurga McCluskey, Deloitte; Helen Walton, Astrazeneca UK Recorded: May 5 2016 56 mins
    More and more companies are taking an international view, in order to try and insulate themselves against economic woes in individual countries and are opening offices in far flung climbs.

    So with this in mind how should HR departments approach the task of making businesses more mobile? How should issues regarding ever changing legal and immigration rules be approached for example. And how should HR departments deal with the difficult task of assisting employees in relocating individuals and the more complex task of relocating families.
  • Stress et personnalité : comment dynamiser ses ressources ? Stress et personnalité : comment dynamiser ses ressources ? Audrey COSTALIN Recorded: Apr 28 2016 49 mins
    Souvent nous nous focalisons sur le problème, sans penser que celui-ci peut être une source d’énergie. Et si nous pouvions recycler le stress? Comment pouvons-nous l’exploiter pour en tirer un avantage ? En quoi le fait de connaitre notre type de personnalité nous donne des leviers au quotidien?

    Lors de ce webinaire gratuit, Audrey Costalin, consultante formatrice d'OPP France, abordera la dynamique du stress au travers du MBTI, et expliquera comment optimiser le stress pour non seulement diminuer les tensions, mais aussi pour en faire un élément moteur du succès.

    Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être certifié MBTI pour suivre ce wébinaire.
  • Enhance Your Career Series: ADP's Top Sales Performers Live Q&A Enhance Your Career Series: ADP's Top Sales Performers Live Q&A ADP Careers Recorded: Apr 27 2016 27 mins
    Join top ADP Sales Performers for a live Q&A discussion around opportunities in ADP’s Northern California Sales division. Register and learn live how ADP gives you the tools to shape your career. Can’t make the live webinar? A recording will be sent to your inbox. Submit any questions for this one-time event to: adptalentcommunity@gmail.com
  • How to win Family Friendly Employer Awards How to win Family Friendly Employer Awards Jennifer Liston-Smith Recorded: Apr 27 2016 60 mins
    Essentially, employer awards are a great way of building employer brand both internally and externally.

    They provide a 'short form' way of getting a company's message and culture out both internally, and to potential external talent.

    And in a marketplace where more of the talent than ever before has work and family commitments, some employers are leading the field!
    We’re joined by two organisations running key award schemes, Working Families and workingmums.co.uk, to discuss the trends in making work+family work and what they look for when it comes to award entries.

    We’ll also be hearing from multi award winning employers who’ll be sharing their stories.
  • The Defense Department Information Environment of the Year 2025 The Defense Department Information Environment of the Year 2025 Defense One Live | Underwritten by Booz Allen Hamilton Recorded: Apr 26 2016 61 mins
    At today's rate of growth, the size of the digital universe in 2025 will be 176 zettabytes, of information. To put that into perspective, a single zettabyte is enough to hold 250 billion DVDs. All of it could have some relevance to national security. The Defense Department and Intelligence Community will be in charge of managing an exponentially growing amount of outside data, along with an exploding volume of internal data from warfighters in the field, sensors overhead, and from increasingly complex and connected pieces of military equipment. They'll have to manage it via common IT architecture (IC-ITE), do so securely, and in the face of ever more technologically advanced adversaries.

    Welcome to the Defense information environment of the year 2025. This event will give stakeholders, technologists, and the public an understanding of how Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community view the future of digital information. It will touch on new technologies, from quantum encryption to optic telecommunications and even cognitive computing. But it will also look at practical steps that the Defense Department is taking today to prepare for the digital world a decade ahead.
  • Inbound Recruiting Isn't Dead Inbound Recruiting Isn't Dead Tony Le, Roy Baladi Recorded: Apr 26 2016 53 mins
    Hiring executives through inbound is a reality. Just ask Tony Le from IAC Publishing who hired 3 executive positions using recruitment marketing on the SmartRecruiters platform, saving him $250,000 in executive search fees.

    This webcast will explain how to provide an amazing candidate experience and give you the tips and tricks to resurrect your inbound candidates.

    Recorded at the Hiring Success User Conference 2016, Inbound Isn't Dead features, Tony Le from IAC Publishing and Roy Baladi from SmartRecruiters.
  • What’s One Day Worth to Your Organization? What’s One Day Worth to Your Organization? Mark Schmitz, SVP, KinderCare Education Employer Solutions; Lynne Satlof-Karas, Dir of Corporate Services, Care.com Recorded: Apr 26 2016 61 mins
    Learn how employers use backup family care to keep their employees engaged at work – and on the job – when an unexpected change in how they care for a child, parent, spouse or other family member arises. Two leaders in employer-sponsored family care solutions will share real-world examples of how leading employers across the U.S. leverage backup family care to get the job done every day.
  • Everyday stress: avoiding, surviving, mastering Everyday stress: avoiding, surviving, mastering Penny Moyle, CEO of OPP, and John Hackston, Head of Research Recorded: Apr 22 2016 47 mins
    We can all get stressed from time to time. Sometimes things really boil over, what MBTI users call ‘being in the Grip’, but much more often we just have to manage the everyday stresses of life.

    In this webinar, Penny Moyle, CEO of OPP, and John Hackston, Head of Research, will take you through how, when we become stressed, an over-reliance on our strengths means that we don’t perform at our best, but how an awareness of our MBTI Type will help us to avoid, survive and master the effects of stress. They will also show you how to use new imagery and resources to explain these concepts to others.

    You don’t need to be a qualified MBTI Practitioner to participate in this webinar, but it will help if you know your MBTI Type preference.

    NOTE - There was a sound problem on this webcast so you may want to skip between 14:58 and 17:56. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • Extending Maintenance Intervals & Lowering Maintenance Costs of DPFs Extending Maintenance Intervals & Lowering Maintenance Costs of DPFs Paul Baczewski & Duane Bratvold, Webasto Product North America Recorded: Apr 21 2016 64 mins
    Regardless of climate conditions, pre-conditioning your engine will extend the life of Diesel Particulate Filters, extending regeneration intervals and reducing maintenance costs and failures. DPF failures are costly. Learn how a DPF works and how it fails, and how to protect your fleet and save on these costly repairs.
  • Control the Chaos:  Time Management tips and tricks Control the Chaos: Time Management tips and tricks Lori Kleiman, Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Recorded: Apr 14 2016 49 mins
Its so easy to get caught up in the minutia – but you’ve got to get work done. And then there is your personal life…yes, that is important too! We are all learning that work/life balance is a myth – it’s about work life focus, and owning critical pieces at the right time. Our programs helps attendees understand roadblocks to their day and get more done, while maintaining control of their expectations and constraints. We look at actions and priorities, empowerment and evaluation as tools to take control of your day.
  • FLSA Changes: Is Your Organization Prepared? FLSA Changes: Is Your Organization Prepared? Suzanne K. Lemen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. CEO of Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. Recorded: Apr 13 2016 58 mins
    The proposed Fair Labor Standards Act changes coming in 2016 will have major implications for your organization, but it will impact the bottom line most of all. Do you know what it will cost you in additional pay and overtime? Are you prepared to be audited if you have Independent Contractors?

    This one hour session will walk through all the current proposals and probable changes to the FLSA in 2016. Suggested pay rates will more than double for some employees, budgets will rise across the board as costs rise, and exemption categories are being inspected closely. There may be alternatives to these changes that you can use in your operation to make sure you’re in compliance NOW and plan for tomorrow.

    We’ll cover:

    • Strategies for dealing with the new requirements
    • Formulas for adjusting Salary/Hourly Rates
    • Communication Techniques for discussing these changes with employees
    • Are they Independent Contractors or Employees?
    • Who is exempt and who isn’t
  • Shared Parental Leave - One year on Shared Parental Leave - One year on James Marsh, HRreview; Jennifer Liston-Smith, My Family Care; Xanic Jones, Citi; Kristen Doherty, Accenture Recorded: Apr 12 2016 60 mins
    So what has been the impact of Shared Parental Leave? Is it a revolution that’s finally taken the gender issue out of parenting, or still a small ripple among a few daring pioneers?

    One year on from the legislation coming into effect, this webinar will look at the following areas:

    • How employers have changed their parental pay and policies.
    • Take-up, strategic impact and the factors that have influenced it
    • What challenges and successes employers have experienced since implementing changes.
    • What employers have learnt and how it has affected their broader approach to working parents
  • Developing happy, engaged teams that flourish through growth mind-set Developing happy, engaged teams that flourish through growth mind-set Stephanie Davies, CEO of Laughology Recorded: Mar 22 2016 38 mins
    Today’s concept of a manager is about people development, being supportive to a variety of needs, having techniques to help you manage your own mood, put others in ‘good humour’, be resilient, self-motivated and motivate others amongst other more technical skills is a must. Being the ‘go-to manager’ that is approachable and supportive when others need you are all part of the skills needed in today’s working environment. Laughology understands the role of the manager has changed, in fact even using the term manager seems old fashioned. Team leaders, people leaders or even just leaders seems more apt. It’s all about knowing how to stay on-top in order to keep your team on-top, happy, supported and feeling good. Understanding more about the brain and how it works helps people and organisations increase their ability to recognise their potential and ability, to take on challenges, persist and develop. We call this Growth-mind set, developing people by encouraging high –expectations and supporting them through this process.

    Developing and supporting happy teams (what-ever you like to call yourself) starts with developing the individual. At Laughology we understand and have researched the principles of happiness and how to create teams and individuals that are emotionally flexible. We understand happiness is about understanding human beings, not about processes and systems but developing humans to help them reach their potential and in turn they will commit to helping the organisation reach theirs.
  • What levers can a team pull to become high performing? What levers can a team pull to become high performing? Joe Espana, Managing Consultant, Performance Management Recorded: Mar 18 2016 49 mins
    Teamwork is seen as a business prerequisite, but as we know not all teams operate at the same level. This is true at the top of an organisation as it is elsewhere in the business. Establishing the basics around clarity, team goals and dynamics will get you good teamwork and of course good results. The difference between a good team and a high performing team is small, but the results can be up to a 3 times as much. So what are the levers and what could a team and team leader do to develop them into a great team?

    This webinar aims to answer two questions:

    •What are the characteristics of a High Performance Team?
    •What can a team actually do to become one?
  • Encouraging Leadership over Management: It’s about doing the right thing, right? Encouraging Leadership over Management: It’s about doing the right thing, right? Simon Jackson, Executive and Sales Coach, Aecern Coaching Recorded: Mar 17 2016 40 mins
    Today’s fast moving, highly competitive marketplace is placing unprecedented pressure on organisations and individuals to develop and change. From taking advantage of technology innovations to capitalising on the opening up of global markets, protecting ourselves from economic uncertainties to understanding the expectations of our customers and workers; the need for strong leadership has never been greater. Why? Because everything rises and falls on leadership.

    And leadership is not about position or job title. Leadership is about the person. Strong leaders give hope and confidence. They provide the optimism that leads to success and achievement, an optimism that can so easily be affected by uncertainty and change. Leadership is a skill that can be learnt and developed.

    In this webinar Simon Jackson will share his experience and insight that has been gained over many years working with leading global brands on transformation initiatives that have focused on leadership development and change programmes. We will explore the essential elements of leadership and how our behavior so significantly affects those around us. We will look at the inner game of leadership to understand how our own thinking may be holding us back.

    If you are an experienced leader, how do you know how you are doing? Whether you are an experienced leader or you are aspiring to lead others, we all have the ability to grow and become better leaders.
  • Leading through uncertainty: 7 leadership skills to learn about leading change Leading through uncertainty: 7 leadership skills to learn about leading change Jude Jennison, Director of The Leadership Whisperers Recorded: Mar 16 2016 37 mins
    In her keynote speech, Jude Jennison introduces 7 leadership skills that horses teach us about leading change. She explains why they are critical to business and the impact these skills have on clients, teams and organisations.

    Jude inspires her audience by sharing her personal accounts of life and leadership, the lessons she has gained through her corporate leadership experience and how it was only when she overcame her fear of horses that her leadership skills developed in earnest.

    Audiences are regularly moved by her stories of working with horses and leave the talk inspired to fine-tune their leadership and develop the courage, compassion and commitment that Jude role-models in every day work and life.

    Jude is an international speaker, Horse Assisted Educator and author of the book Leadership Beyond Measure. She helps senior leaders develop embodied leadership skills through live events and workshops with horses. Horses provide non-judgmental feedback, enabling clients to identify their leadership behaviours and transform themselves into courageous and hugely influential, non-verbal communicators.

    Twitter: @judejennison and @leadershipwhisp
    Linked In: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/judejennison
    Tel:0800 170 1810
    Mob: +44 (0)7584 248822
  • Retail Spotlight: Improving Talent Attraction & Engagement Retail Spotlight: Improving Talent Attraction & Engagement Kyle Lagunas Recorded: Mar 15 2016 61 mins
    Most employers are coming to understand that the age-old, post-and-pray advertising tactics aren’t working, and many are venturing into a more progressive approach: Recruitment marketing. Fundamental challenges to this approach include defining key performance indicators and how to measure success.

    According to the latest findings from Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s benchmark survey, Modern Measures of Success in Talent Acquisition, 78% of companies say that measuring performance in Talent Attraction and Engagement is important or critically important. The only problem (and it’s a big one) is that 45% of companies are relying on inconsistent, or anecdotal data. Among retail employers, 38% aren’t tracking performance data at all.

    On March 15th 2016, 11am PDT / 2pm EST, Lighthouse’s Principal Analyst, Kyle Lagunas, will share key findings from his research on modern measures of success in these critical capabilities including:

    –What key metrics hiring organizations are tracking today
    –How they’re tracking performance data in these areas
    –What insights they’re generating as a result
    –How they’re leveraging these insights to optimize recruiting performance

    Register today and as a thank you we will send you complimentary report including a summary of key findings from the research post webinar.