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Envisioning the Workforce of 2015

The Future of Talent Institute provides early insights and in-depth research into employment trends, demographics, workforce attitudes, organizational structure, and new technologies so that your firm can make faster and better decisions about talent and talent-related issues.

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The Social Engagement Journey Christopher Carfi, VP of Social Business Strategy, Ant's Eye View “Social business” isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires fundamental change and discipline to transform from a traditional enterprise to one that is fully engaged with its customers, partners, and employees. This conversation about the social engagement journey illustrates how leading enterprises are combining social business strategy with pragmatic tactics to engage and achieve measurable results.

Chris Carfi, a customer experience and social media expert, writes the award-winning blog The Social Customer Manifesto. Today's webinar will be moderated by Future of Talent's Anne Hill.
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Jul 10 2012
60 mins
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