Behind every top performer is a coach

Roger Mar and JC Heinen at Lee Hecht Harrison
With the 2010 Winter Olympic Games underway, we are reminded of the dedication and focus that is required to achieve our desired goals as individuals and team members and the important role coaching plays in performing at our optimal level. This timely webinar will provide you with key coaching strategies for enhancing your performance to compete in the market in which you work and increase collaboration in your teams to exceed the organization’s goals. In today’s competitive environment, top performers seek ways to continuously improve – coaching helps ensure success. Register now to attend this complimentary webinar! You’ll have the opportunity to: * Understand how coaching plays a vital role in skill and leadership development * Get an in-depth perspective on the key role of leaders in developing talent * Explore the ways individuals can impact the business through collaboration Our speakers: * Roger Mar, US Olympian from the 1992 Barcelona Games and 1996 Atlanta Games and SVP, General Manager, Lee Hecht Harrison * JC Heinen, SVP Leadership Consulting Global Practice Lead, Lee Hecht Harrison Who should join this webinar: * CEOs, COOs, CFOs and Chairmen * Chief Learning Officers and Chief Human Resources Officers * HR professionals * Leadership and organizational development professionals Established in 1974, Lee Hecht Harrison is a global talent management solutions company with over 270 offices worldwide providing expertise in Career Transition, Leadership Consulting and Workforce Solutions.
Mar 12 2010
58 mins
Behind every top performer is a coach
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  • Blend in a corporate environment featuring Helen Hyde, Personnel Director, Waitrose

    In this 45 minute webinar you will see previously unseen footage from our November 2014 Keeping Women In launch event. This webinar specifically focusses on one of our guest speakers, Helen Hyde, Personnel Director of Waitrose.

    Our exclusive video footage shows Helen talking candidly about Waitrose, what they do well to Keep Women In and further initiatives they are currently working on.

    Following our exclusive video footage, Anna will host a 15 minute tutorial on ‘Introducing blend to a corporate environment’.

    This webinar is relevant to high achieving working mothers and employers alike. It is highly solutions orientated and full of simple, effective tips for businesses and leaders to support working mothers and ultimately Keep Women In.
  • The online recruiting experience has come a long way since online job boards were launched in the late 1990s. Innovations from consumer applications, including ecommerce and mobile-first apps, have improved the application process, making it easier, more intuitive, and “consumer-esque.”

    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with Vikram Subramaniam, EVP and General Manager at Findly, as he discusses how technological developments in ecommerce, mobile and other online innovations have influenced the recruiting process. With a wealth of experience developing key products for consumer companies like eBay and Netflix, Vikram will share why these features work and how you can implement them to improve your candidate experience.
  • Join ManpowerGroup for a complimentary webinar designed to provide insight into what’s new and what’s next in employment law.

    It’s a new year and there’s no shortage of interesting things happening in the world of employment law. In this engaging and interactive webinar, Mark will provide updates on all the latest developments as well as his perspectives on what may be coming next. Along the way, he’ll share plenty of tips and tools to help you stay out of legal hot water.

    After this fast-paced hour, you'll walk away with:
    + The very latest updates on employment law
    + A peek into the future of employment law
    + Tips and tools for everything from hiring to firing
    + Practical solutions based on real-life examples

    Your host is Mark Toth, Chief Legal Officer of ManpowerGroup™ North America, a former partner in a major employment law firm, and widely known for his ability to present legal and HR issues in a uniquely entertaining style.

    For a sneak preview, check out Mark’s popular employment law blog, or "blawg" at
  • Regardless of our intentions, values and beliefs, we often automatically jump to conclusions. In talent management, this can cause more damage than simply a prolonged hiring process.

    Without mitigating our automatic biases, they can easily make it more difficult for us to find, attract, engage and retain talent. This quick-hitting webinar will unpack the what, why and how of unconscious bias.
  • Thursday February 19th, 2015 11am PT/2pm ET
    Evaluating your interview questions, candidate experience, and more with The Resumator’s Recruiter Sara Niemi.
  • Chances are, your marketing team has perfected the use of email marketing to acquire new customers or stay in touch with existing ones. But did you know that the same tactics can help your recruiting team find new job seekers and keep existing candidates warm?

    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with Angela Zener, VP of Product Marketing at Findly, as she shares tips for optimizing your candidate email strategies, including automation, personalization and performance tracking. Extracting best practices from her product marketing and lead generation roles at top technology companies including SAP and LexisNexis, Angela will share strategies that marketers and recruiting professionals alike should integrate into their customer acquisition and retention plans.
  • Top 8 Blend Elements - Bringing Them To Life featuring Karen Blackett OBE, CEO MediaCom

    In this 45 minute webinar you will see previously unseen footage from our November 2014 Keeping Women In launch event. This webinar focusses on one of our guest speakers, Karen Blackett, OBE. Karen is the CEO of MediaCom and in 2014 she was the first businesswoman to top the Powerlist 100.

    Our exclusive video footage shows Karen talking candidly about her own work / life blend, lessons she has learnt along the way and steps she has taken to improve her unique blend.

    Following our exclusive video footage, Anna will host a 15 minute tutorial on ‘Our top 8 blend elements – bringing them to life’.

    This webinar is relevant to high achieving working mothers and employers alike. It is highly solutions orientated and full of simple, effective tips for businesses and leaders to support working mothers and ultimately Keep Women In.
  • Participate in Jobscience's panel conversation!

    When compensation -- or a consumer brand -- is not the main attraction of your offer, how does your organization find, engage, and hire top talent?

    Recruiting leaders from non-profit sectors of government and education discuss attracting talent for their social causes, cost effective strategies when budgets are limiting and the role of technology.

    Panelists include::
    Catherine Pajic, Global Recruiter, National Democratic Institute
    Ian McLellan, National Director of Recruitment and Selection, Educational Enterprises
    Ted Elliott, CEO, Jobscience
  • As organizations continue to battle for top talent, distinguishing your company from the competition has never been more crucial to attracting the best candidates. A strong employer brand enables companies to stand above the crowd, to source higher quality applicants, and ultimately, to drive business growth.

    The reality is that to be successful your employer brand and your talent acquisition strategy must be in lockstep. As such, organizations are increasingly looking to external experts, including RPO providers, to ensure this critical alignment of strategy and brand.

    Join us as we take a look at the current employer brand landscape, how a strong talent acquisition strategy impacts the brand, and the role providers are playing in the space.

    Gary Bragar – HR Outsourcing Research Director, NelsonHall
    Mitzi Jordan – Global Practice Leader, Talent Acquisition Advisory, Futurestep
    Neil Griffiths – Global Practice Leader, Talent Communications & Employer Brand, Futurestep

    This is the fourth in Futurestep's six part webinar series on Talent Acquisition Strategy.
  • Join us for a discussion on how to engage employees and show them how their work contributes to top company objectives with Alex Zima, Director of Learning and Wellbeing at ShapeUp, and Paul Reeves, BetterWorks Co-Founder and Customer Success Lead. Alex will share how ShapeUp uses central, transparent goal-setting and progress tracking to hold people accountable for results, and in turn, increase employee engagement and further important wellness initiatives.
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  • Engaging the next generation of engineers: Filling the talent shortage Recorded: May 1 2012 62 mins
    In our free webinar, we’ll provide valuable insight on why you should be investing in tomorrow’s engineering talent. We'll discuss how this relationship can be beneficial to your organization. By taking an interest in talent pipeline today, organizations will be better able to adapt to ever-changing workforce.

    During this webinar we will cover the following key points:
    - The current state of the engineering talent pipeline
    - How the landscape of engineering talent is changing
    - Developing educational solutions and partnerships to solve real-world challenges
    - Ways in which you can develop your talent pipeline in your community
  • Social media and the job search: Finding employment in the digital age Recorded: Apr 18 2012 44 mins
    Social media is no longer just for keeping in touch with friends and family. Today, it is a prominent part of the professional landscape. However, while many people rely on social media to find a job, few know how to utilize social media effectively.

    In our upcoming webinar, we’ll help you turn your social media presence into a successful professional platform.

    Topics we’ll cover include:
    - Steps you can take to manage your social media presence and build your personal brand
    - Ways to build your professional network and uncover job opportunities
    - An insider's look at how companies are utilizing social media to assess you
    - A breakdown of new websites and resources that can help you find the best career path
  • New GAAP for the New Year Recorded: Mar 15 2012 51 mins
    New GAAP for the New Year
  • Get ahead in the year ahead: Recommended HR resolutions for 2012 Recorded: Jan 12 2012 54 mins
    Join Adecco and explore ways your organization can change for the better in the new year.

    Topics we'll cover include:

    - Tips to engage and retain key talent
    - Finding small ways to make big improvements
    - Stepping out of your comfort zone to find unlikely solutions for your business needs
    -And more!
  • IFRS Update and Outlook for the USA Recorded: Dec 20 2011 69 mins
    IFRS Update and Outlook for the USA
  • VMS 101: A Current Perspective Recorded: Dec 20 2011 59 mins
    More and more organizations are relying on the use of contingent and project-based labor to complement their permanent workforce. The increased use has stemmed from a variety of factors including economic uncertainty, skill shortages, and individuals choosing to enter the workforce through alternative methods. With the upward trend of contingent and project-based labor usage and regulatory changes across the globe, it is imperative that organizations have full visibility into all classifications of their workforce.

    This webcast will explore the evolution of Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and current trends associated with the Vendor Management System. Simply put, VMS is the software that automates the hiring process of contract workers. It is often an Internet-enabled, Web-based application that helps to manage and procure staffing services from requisition to billing and reviewing. Most VMS tools are delivered through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. VMS tools provide significant improvements in reporting and analytics capabilities that far outperform manual systems and processes. VMS tools are typically operated externally by an MSP (managed service provider), by the VOP (vendor on premise) or internally within an organization by a VMO (vendor management office).

    A VMS is implemented to reduce costs, enforce policy and improve the quality of contingent and project based labor programs. You will discover how the workforce is changing across the board in terms of demographics, headcount, strategy, and cost management. Learn how your contingent labor can be divided into four key areas to better help manage your workforce. In this webcast, you will review the different improvement models and discuss how to begin building a business case.
  • 2012's Workplace Forecast: Securing Top Talent for Business Growth Recorded: Dec 8 2011 38 mins
    An overview of 2012 salary predications for professional positions and how your team can manage expectations with potential and existing employees to support business growth.

    The following topics will be covered:
    - Emerging Salary Trends & Predictions
    - Talent Management
    - Talent Retention
    - Negotiating Salaries & Benefits with Top Talent
  • The December dilemma: Managing the challenges of the holiday season Recorded: Nov 16 2011 60 mins
    As the temperatures drop and holidays spring up, many businesses find themselves faced with the challenge of balancing cultural sensitivity, employee morale and workplace productivity.

    If you are faced with this December dilemma, Adecco's upcoming webinar can make this holiday season one that everyone in your office can celebrate. This interactive discussion explores what makes the season so complex and offers practical strategies for managing the December dilemma in your office.

    Topics we'lll cover include:

    - Effective time off and vacation scheduling
    - Planning holiday celebrations in the workplace
    - Suggestions for updating your holiday practices
    - And more!
  • Beyond the service: Tips for veterans transitioning into the workforce Recorded: Nov 10 2011 46 mins
    Shifting from life in the service to life in the workforce can be daunting for all veterans. That’s why we’re excited to let you know about our upcoming webinar which can help you deploy a successful battle plan for your career.

    Some of the topics we will discuss include:
    • How you can use your military knowledge to succeed in the workplace
    • Top occupations to pursue
    • An introduction to today’s job search
    • The critical skills you need to gain an advantage over the competition
    • Strategies for securing your civilian career path
  • Tricks of the trade: Management techniques that work Recorded: Oct 18 2011 60 mins
    Being the boss isn't always easy. So, in honor of Boss Day, Adecco would like to offer a little encouragement to hard-working managers everywhere. Our free webinar will help you learn proven management skills to streamline team organization and improve morale.

    Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

    •How to develop your leadership skills
    •Methods for organizing task loads and improving team production
    •Ways to communicate more effectively with your employees
    •Strategies for implementing and guiding change within your company
    •And more!
  • 2011 Severance and Separation Practices Benchmark Study- Reviewing the Results Recorded: Oct 5 2011 23 mins
    Develop an effective severance and separation policy with our latest study. The sixth edition of the Lee Hecht Harrison's Severance and Separation Practices Benchmark study can help you develop, implement and manage optimal severance practices in your organization. The study features:
    - Thought leadership from industry experts
    - Extensive trends and data analysis
    - A comparative look at the state of severance and separation in 2008 versus 2011
    - And more!

    Designed to help you strategize, plan and implement your organizations severance practices, this webcast will share key findings from our 2011 survey including:
    - More than 50% of organizations report the need to maintain positive relationships with their workforce and protect their brand.
    - Over 80% of firms have reviewed their severance policies in the past 3 years.
    - 98% of organizations blend face-to-face interaction and technology for outplacement
  • Mapping out a successful job search Recorded: Sep 14 2011 31 mins
    Whether you are new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, pursuing a new position can be overwhelming. With so many things to consider -- your resume, your cover letter, your interview preparation and your career goals -- it is easy to get lost along the way. Fortunately, our upcoming webinar “Mapping out a successful job search,” can help make sure you stay on the right path.

    Topics we’ll cover include:

    · How to regulate your time effectively
    · Ways to maximize your opportunities and interviews
    · Strategies for keeping organized and focused throughout the search
    · The best approach for overcoming setbacks
    · And more!
  • Examining the American workforce Recorded: Sep 7 2011 61 mins
    The recession and globalization have permanently altered the business landscape, changing the state of the American workforce -- and the American worker. In our latest webinar, we’ll explore just how significantly things have changed over the last several years. We’ll also provide a glimpse into the mindset of your employees and give you the strategies you need to in order to meet new demands, and new challenges.

    Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

    · The evolution of demographics, compensation and benefits
    · The aspirations, concerns and realities facing the typical American worker
    · A breakdown of trends by industry
    · Practical ways companies can adapt in the wake of recent changes
    · And more!

    We hope you can join us for this insightful webinar that can give you the tools -- and perspective -- you need to succeed in the new business landscape.
  • What Influences Contract Talent Usage? Recorded: Aug 1 2011 62 mins
    What Influences Contract Talent Usage?
  • Meet Volatility in the Market with Flexibility in Human Capital Recorded: Jul 28 2011 60 mins
    Meet Volatility in the Market with Flexibility in Human Capital Strategy
  • A new era in HR: Top trends affecting your organization Recorded: Jun 28 2011 62 mins
    With the recession behind us, now is the time for organizations to reassess their needs and reinvest in their resources.

    In our webinar, Adecco will explore the state of the economy as the dust finally settles from the recession. We’ll also discuss the new and expanded roles human resources professionals must play in order to help organizations adjust and meet their goals.

    This program has been approved for one general recertification credit hour towards PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR certification institute.

    Topics we’ll cover include:

    -How the recession has impacted human resources
    -Emerging industry trends
    -Methods for addressing and adapting to a changing work environment
    -Tips to help steer your organization to success
  • Classroom to boardroom: Job search advice for the recent graduate Recorded: Jun 22 2011 31 mins
    Now that you’ve graduated college, it’s time to embark on your professional career and take on new opportunities. Whether you are looking to be in manufacturing or marketing, our webinar will provide you with useful tips on how to approach your job search in the new economy.

    Subjects we'll cover include:
    • How to access job opportunities
    • Determining which jobs fit your goals and your lifestyle
    • The current state of the job market for college graduates
    • Common obstacles you may need to overcome
    • And more!
  • Millennial Makeover - Integrating the newest generation of talent Recorded: May 12 2011 61 mins
    Just as the economy has changed, so has the generational composition of the workplace. The recruiting and retaining tactics you have used in the past will not work for the newest generation of talent. It’s time to think about a “Millennial Makeover.”

    Our webinar will cover the following themes:

    - Changing workplace demographic trends
    - Key Millennial attributes
    - Generational job and career ideals
    - Successful recruiting approaches and tactics
    - Creative ideas and strategies to keep your Millennial staff engaged

    This program has been pre-approved for one general recertification credit hour towards PHR, SPHR, and GPHR recertification through the HR certification institute.
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