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Unified communications improve collaboration and increase productivity among employees through technologies such as VoIP, instant messaging and social media. Join this community to learn how to benefit from the full value of unified communications and collaboration technologies.
  • Hybrid IT is fast becoming the new normal across organizations in Asia-Pacific. With the increasing utilization of data centers and cloud services across the Asia Pacific region, companies have gradually updated or upgraded their existing IT systems, giving rise to the Hybrid IT environment. Besides helping enterprises to drive digital disruption, the latest Hybrid IT environment is also enhancing the customer experience and encouraging business model innovation. As a result, there is greater acceleration in the adoption of a multi-vendor multi-cloud environment or Hybrid IT.Together with the Cloud, Hybrid IT is enabling the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Connected Industries. 

    Mayank Kapoor, Industry Principal, ICT - Data Center and Cloud Computing, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific discusses these and key insights on how these new technologies are driving industry transformation not just across the ICT industry but also the Manufacturing, Automotive and Healthcare industries.
  • The Cloud provider market is crowded and offerings vary greatly from provider to provider. How do you ensure that a Cloud product meets the particular needs of your business? Assistant General Counsel Dennis Garcia discusses how one goes about choosing a Cloud provider and provides tips and tricks as to how to approach the move to the Cloud within your organization to ensure a successful transition.
  • What you should consider before investing in cloud-based video conferencing?

    There are many decisions when choosing a video conferencing solution. Free versus subscription? Cloud solution or not? What type of video system is best suited for your meeting rooms? Our presenter Andy Nolan will breakdown the top five considerations of video conferencing and will also elaborate on the competitive landscape and which solutions best fit your company’s needs.

    Secure your spot today & learn more!

    The online event will be held on Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 1:30pm BST (London).

    More information? Please contact us at +44 208 3407 888 or
  • The Road to Enterprise Voice can be challenging. Join us for this webinar where we will discuss how organizations can navigate their way and share real-world examples of success.

    Dave Bottomley, Communications Solution Engineer, will be joined by Heide Gloudemans, Technical Sales Professional at Microsoft, to share the important steps to having a successful Skype for Business deployment - that realizes ROI.

    Following the session there will be time for Q&A.
  • Businesses are moving applications and communications to the cloud, which offers a unique opportunity to bridge the two with integrated capabilities. They are at a junction to break down silos and utilize tools that enable greater productivity. This webinar offers businesses an opportunity to learn how they can benefit from integrated communications and the options they need to consider.
  • Tech support at a college or university can be a daunting task to take on. Most IT departments in higher education face meeting varying support demands of faculty, staff and students that are often spread across multiple locations. This makes delivering unified service a challenge. This session will outline how Bomgar can combat such issues in the higher education setting. Attendees will hear from two customers, The University of Miami and Cape Fear Community College, who will share a glimpse into how they consolidated support efforts with Bomgar to provide a more unified and collaborative approach to tech support. Learn how both schools improved all-around success for their service desks, and how they turned tech support into a positive experience for the school as a whole.
  • Grow your business, not your IT. Cloud technology is helping early stage companies focus on rapid growth by eliminating the burden of IT. Come join us to learn about a cloud enabled business management solution that can scale easily to support your business growth.
  • Learn how to use the latest advances in cloud communications to activate your customer data and call activity into profitable sales accelerators. Every day, you collect more data in your CRM and telephone call reports. 8x8 will show you how to turn that data into higher close rates and more satisfying customer engagement experiences and provide you the analytics tools required to measure the results.
  • Everyone likes the idea of Cisco’s “Anywhere Office” But, once you get past the fantasy of working poolside, margarita in hand, just how much are workers taking advantage of Unified Communications? Industry reports show very low adoption rates by workers, with many tools left on the table. Collaboration software expert Peter Hogan-De Paul takes a look at ways to improve your ROI on the Unified Communications investments you’ve already made.

    In 2014, Hogan-De Paul joined the ranks at NYC-based Akkadian Labs as an experienced engineer of Cisco Collaboration software.
  • According to a PwC report “One of the main reasons many banks world over have resisted embracing a customer-centric model is because of integration challenges.”

    The future of most financial institutions depend on the strong connections they forge with customers. The relationship between banks and customers are constantly evolving and they need to adapt and connect in new ways with the customer to remain competitive today and win tomorrow’s customer. Mobile technology and social media are presenting opportunities and challenges to reach out to the customers like never before. While driving customer centric transformation initiatives are important for the bank, it is also extremely critical for the banks to have a strong Run the Bank strategy to drive operational efficiencies and manage cost pressures. Business integration plays a very critical and powerful role in designing and implementing Transform the bank and Run the bank initiatives. Despite the evident dividends banks seem to wrestle with their technology plans and investment decisions.

    In this session, we will address a few effective strategies for banks to address the challenges posed with integrating technology and business and how banks can take the leap towards
    a)Leveraging the strong multichannel interaction and delivering a seamless customer experience
    b)Segmenting consumers dynamically through real-time insights
    c)Tailoring real time offers based on real-time customer data
    d)Run the bank initiatives with focus on efficiencies and cost savings.

    With the right partner and technology expertise, you can deliver seamless banking experience to your customer.
  • Are you communicating with your customers the same way you did 5 years ago? As technology evolves, so do your customers’ communication preferences. The customer service industry has seen a significant increase in SMS (aka texting) due to its ability to deliver convenient, proactive service for today’s on-the-go customer. Register for our webinar to learn how SMS technology can help you lower wait times and keep your customers informed.

    In this webinar you’ll learn how SMS can:
    - Reduce wait times and lower call volumes
    - Help you stay proactive with your customers
    - Mitigate risks for your business or customers
    - Pair well with other communications solutions
  • File sharing is the single most common activity on corporate networks and between companies, and email is still the most-used channel for file sharing. It’s easy, it’s ubiquitous, and it gets the information to its destination with a single click. So what’s the problem with sharing files via email?

    Register today to hear Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, and Peter Brown, Director of Product Marketing, Intralinks, review:

    •The drawbacks and costs of relying on email for file sharing
    •The problems organizations face when employees turn to consumer-grade file sharing tools as a solution
    •The steps that organizations should consider for enterprise collaboration

    All registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the Osterman Research report “The Critical Need for Enterprise-Grade File Sync and Share Solutions,” including data from an in-depth survey on file sharing practices.
  • As enterprise customers migrate applications to the cloud, Service Providers are experiencing a need to modernize WAN offerings to meet customer demand for bandwidth and connecting customers to the cloud with confidence.

    Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a new technology enabling SPs and their enterprise customers alike to align their WAN architectures to the new cloud computing paradigm.

    In this webinar, Parag Thakore, Director of Product Management, and Kangwarn Chinthammit, Director of Solutions Marketing, go through top Service Provider SD-WAN considerations and real-world success stories with a live demo. Service Providers will learn how to offer SD-WAN as a service to increase profitability, deliver differentiated services and increase flexibility.
  • There are many ways in which people approach adding real-time communications with WebRTC to their service. While the dominant approaches are probably self development and using a WebRTC PaaS vendor, there’s a wider range of approaches.

    In this session, Tsahi Levent-Levi, consultant and analyst of everything WebRTC, will go over the various approaches, revealing their advantages along with real vendor use cases.
  • You’re almost there! Our latest SURVIVAL GUIDE webinar series taught you how to FIX everything, ENFORCE your policies, and even AUTOMATE your services.

    What’s next? The hardest part…getting your end users on board and DRIVING SUSTAINABLE SHAREPOINT ADOPTION! Just because you built a fantastic SharePoint environment doesn’t mean everyone will automatically come and use it.

    Every SharePoint admin and IT department face the same dilemmas:
    * Do we have a clearly defined adoption plan that aligns with our business objectives for SharePoint – and do we even have the resources to execute this plan?
    * What do I need to do to get my end users to truly adopt and use SharePoint voluntarily? What do I need to do to make SharePoint so simple that my end users won’t circumvent the platform and use unauthorized applications to get their jobs done?
    * How can I show that we are driving productivity through our efforts and maximizing the value of our SharePoint investment?

    A successful SharePoint rollout focuses on driving adoption and helping everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way!

    Register now to join AvePoint Public Sector Chief Technology Officer Dux Raymond Sy at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 as he shows you how to meet the demands of your end users by extending SharePoint capabilities to eliminate organizational inefficiency – allowing your teams to work smarter, not harder.
  • This session will look at the compliance issues contact centers face in today's ever changing legal and regulatory landscape.
  • In our SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR SHAREPOINT webinar series, we addressed the tangles and pitfalls faced by admins and departments struggling to keep up with their rapidly expanding environments. In each webinar, one of our SharePoint management experts shared with you essential tips and resources to help you navigate the SharePoint jungle.

    In five phases, our team covered how easy it can be to:

    • ASSESS the performance and security of your environment
    • FIX, control, and optimize your deployments
    • ENFORCE and regulate changes throughout SharePoint
    • AUTOMATE the steps involved in configuring, managing, and enforcing governance and compliance policies
    • Help end users ADOPT and understand the benefits of working in a new way

    Register now for the LAST segment of this series on [Insert Time and Date here]. Join our experts for a round-table discussion as they recap the key takeaways from each phase of our Survival Guide for SharePoint, and answer questions LIVE FROM THE AUDIENCE!

    Master the jungle, and watch your business thrive with SharePoint.