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Collaboration and UC

  • Skype Operations Framework & Network Readiness Skype Operations Framework & Network Readiness Korneel Bullens, Sr Customer Eng Architect - Microsoft | John Hand, Global Microsoft Alliance Director - IR Recorded: Aug 25 2016 62 mins
    Microsoft just announced the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) - which incorporates network pre-assessment. This session will take a deep dive in to how the program can be used to deliver an effective and reliable Skype for Business Deployment.

    One of the most critical elements in a successful UC deployment in the cloud or a hybrid environment is ensuring the IT infrastructure is optimized to cope with the demands of real-time communications.

    However, organizations often fail to pre-assess their network and UC environment and later find out during deployment the network is unable to handle the demands, causing a poor user experience.

    Join us to learn more about the new SOF and network pre-assessment requirement.
  • What can Insurers learn from Uber’s Customer Experience? What can Insurers learn from Uber’s Customer Experience? Finny Chellakumar, Head, Aspire Systems Digital Recorded: Aug 24 2016 28 mins
    Insurance companies today are soon to witness their own version of Uberization. In this webcast you will learn...

    •The kind of experiences that can stir instant customer love and loyalty
    •With customer data everywhere, how can you wisely give your customers the power of decision making?
    •Best CX practices to prevent customer break ups

    To get an overview on how you can uber-revolutionize your CX, join Finny, Head, Aspire Systems Digital on this webcast.
  • Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Umesh Sachdev, CEO & Co-Founder, Uniphore Recorded: Aug 24 2016 49 mins
    In a recent survey commissioned by Uniphore, Opus Research asked 500 influential executives in the contact center and customer experience domain about the perceived value of Speech Analytics and to ascertain the impact on plans to procure and deploy such resources in the future.

    With completed interviews of decision-makers (Director, VP, C-level) from firms with revenue of more than U.S. $50 million, the survey respondents included a mix of vertical industries, including: telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals, travel & tourism, and commercial banking.

    Join Dan Miller, lead analyst & founder at Opus Research, and Derek Top, director of research with Opus Research, as they unveil the key findings from this exclusive executive survey on speech analytics:

    * Implementation of speech analytics is poised for growth: New, real-time applications create better customer experience
    * Findings attest to maturity of technologies, applications and options: Support of multi-channel support strategies
    * Mix of premises, cloud and “hybrid” architectures
    * Respondents see a bright future: Most expect to increase spending and investment & finding means to build a business case
  • Planning your Complete Unified Communications Solution for the Future Planning your Complete Unified Communications Solution for the Future Jon Arnold, Principal at J. Arnold & Associates; Mike Cavanagh, Director of Solution Architecture at SPS Recorded: Aug 24 2016 12 mins
    Jon Arnold and Mike Cavanagh discuss best practices and pitfalls to avoid when planning and implementing your Unified Communications and Collaboration solution.
  • What Your Object Storage Vendor Isn't Telling You About NFS Support What Your Object Storage Vendor Isn't Telling You About NFS Support George Crump, Storage Switzerland Recorded: Aug 23 2016 61 mins
    NFS has been the “go to” file system for large data stores but there is a new offering on the horizon...Object Storage. To help ease the transition, many Object Storage vendors have provided a gateway that allows their systems to look like NFS servers. The problem is that most of these implementations are very limiting and often create more problems than they fix. In this webinar Storage Switzerland and Caringo will discuss why object storage systems are the heir apparent to NFS servers and how to make that transition without the typical roadblocks that NFS gateways create.
  • The Flexibility of Enterprise Communications-as-a-Service The Flexibility of Enterprise Communications-as-a-Service Enzo Signore, CMO at 8x8 Recorded: Aug 18 2016 5 mins
    One of the biggest problems that IT leaders have is in managing all the legacy hardware-based PBX systems. They’re very complex to manage, they’re very expensive to setup and configure and they don’t provide the flexibility that most organisations are looking for.
    Watch the video above to see Enzo Signore, CMO at 8×8, discuss how Enterprise Communications as a Service can enable organisations to overcome this issue and get the flexibility they need with their communications, to run their business at customer speed.
  • Maximizing SD-WAN Architecture with Service Chaining Maximizing SD-WAN Architecture with Service Chaining Steve Woo, Co-founder and VP of Products, VeloCloud Recorded: Aug 17 2016 49 mins
    Enterprises continue to implement or evaluate shifting services which were typically hosted in the branch into the cloud. The reasons include creating a leaner branch, taking advantage of increases in broadband Internet bandwidth and reduced complexity and cost.

    This webinar will take a deep dive into the Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN architecture for service chaining. You’ll understanding the architectural differentiation and benefits of this approach and why it offers a superior model for delivering secure, reliable, and high performance service chaining.
  • When Spending Money Saves Money: Making Software Purchases on a Limited Budget When Spending Money Saves Money: Making Software Purchases on a Limited Budget Kristin Zimmerman Recorded: Aug 17 2016 33 mins
    Continuing her high-performance communication series, technology industry veteran Kristin Zimmerman narrows her focus to IT project proposals and strategies to show ROI on software purchases.

    Often, IT insiders see the value in innovative products and services from vendors, but these experts struggle to get the go-ahead from purchasing, finance, or C-level decision makers. As an executive at a software development firm, she encounters clients struggling with this very issue. In this presentation, she shares effective practices for getting a much needed project approved when companies are operating with budget constraints.

    Kristin Zimmerman is the EVP of Global Sales at Akkadian Labs and has held previous leadership positions at Cisco, Avaya, and Xerox. Over her tenure, she has embraced a simple architecture for high impact communication and presentations.
  • Exemplary Customer Service Starts with the Right Ingredients Exemplary Customer Service Starts with the Right Ingredients Dave Atherton, Head of Customer Services at AO.com; David Wilson, Head of IT at AO.com Recorded: Aug 17 2016 4 mins
    AO.com, the award winning UK online retailer which specialises in household appliances, was clear on the right ingredients, but it needed the right technology to deliver them to its customers. The first step on this journey was deciding who to buy the technology from, and there started the relationship with Interactive Intelligence.

    With the implementation of the Interactive Intelligence Customer Interaction Center (CIC) AO.com know exactly at which part of the journey a customer is and can interact with them accordingly. AO.com can now detect if a customer is ringing on the day of their delivery. If they are, there is a 90 percent chance they want to find out what time their new washing machine or oven will be arriving. To save the customer spending time waiting to speak to an operator, AO.com automatically tells the customer what their delivery time is. This result is a 50 percent drop out at this point as this information is exactly what customers wanted to find out.
    David Atherton, Head of Customer Service at AO.com commented “It is a great service, as the customer gets the information they need without having to ask and it works for us as it leaves the agents free to deal with customers who do need to speak to somebody. It is a self-service programme to empower the customer to have access to as much info as they can without having to wait unnecessarily.”

    The right ingredients are foundational to a high-quality customer experience. Define your objectives, clearly communicate them, take into account the entire customer journey, plan for the future, then revise the plan as needed based on results.

    The measurements help ensure you meet your objective, the ingredients are essential to success.
  • IP EXPO Europe 2016: IoT Predictions IP EXPO Europe 2016: IoT Predictions Philip Carnelley, Research Director at IDC; Rob Bamforth, Principal Analyst at Quocirca; Mark Burgess, Independent Researcher Recorded: Aug 17 2016 3 mins
    With a record number of visitors at this year’s IP EXPO Europe, there was quite a hubbub of activity spread across the six IT events at the Excel, London.
    EM360° caught up with a few key speakers and analysts from research firms IDC and Quocirca at the event and captured their views on how they see things emerging for the Internet of Things – a hot topic in the room.
    Featuring Rob Bamforth, Prinicpal Analyst at Quocirca; Philip Carnelley, Research Director at IDC; and Mark Burgess, founder of CFEngine and independent infrastructure analyst, who closed Day 1 with his keynote ‘Thinking in Promises for an Internet of Things’.
  • UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? UCaaS: Do You Really Need a Hybrid Cloud Strategy? Angela York, Director of Marketing, 8x8, Irwin Lazar, VP & Director, Nemertes, Jerry Howard, VP of IT, Irving Materials Recorded: Aug 16 2016 59 mins
    Enterprises are increasingly considering Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) as the basis for their communications infrastructure strategy going forward. But some have been reluctant to commit to a pure cloud approach from the start, so they pursue a hybrid strategy—with some users migrated to the cloud while others remain on legacy premises systems. Is this really the best strategy? Or does hybrid offer the worst of both worlds—partial outsourcing while still requiring significant internal resources to manage legacy gear and its integration with the UCaaS service?

    This webinar will lay out the advantages and the industry trends toward UC in the cloud, and will feature expert opinions on the issues that a hybrid approach may add to a UC strategy. You’ll come away with an understanding of why hybrid cloud isn’t necessarily the safe or easy choice, and whether a migration to 100% UCaaS can be a better option.

    Join industry experts & a seasoned IT VP as they explain and debate:
    Hybrid vs. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)
    Potential issues and trade-offs of a hybrid approach
    Best practices for moving 100% to a UCaaS solution
    Real-world feedback from an IT executive on moving to UCaaS
  • Doing vs. Knowing and the Paradox of Communications Engagement Doing vs. Knowing and the Paradox of Communications Engagement Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving and Jeff Wallace, CEO of Global Kinetics Recorded: Aug 16 2016 59 mins
    For workers in all kinds of organizations, a good and ‘productive’ day too often seems to be defined by numbers. The number of emails sent and the elusive triumph of InBox Zero. The number of files shared through DropBox or collaborated on through Google Docs. The number of messages answered/read/posted through Facebook or WhatsApp. The number of channels on Slack.The number of direct messages on Twitter. The number of video conversations on Skype. Somehow, these numbers have come to define employee productivity and even worth.

    That’s a problem. There is a communications engagement paradox. Because there are so many forms of communication, accompanied by massive pressure to ‘just get it done,’ we might actually be communicating less effectively. The truth is that we are spending so much time and energy in the everyday ‘doing’ that there is no ‘knowing’ in relationship to which efforts drive engagement and action over time. Without ever ‘knowing,’ a communication engagement gap between sender and receiver is bound to grow.

    Join us to discover new technologies in unified communications and how to drive engagement in the cloud.
  • Secure SD-WAN Architectures Secure SD-WAN Architectures Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst, ZK Research Recorded: Aug 11 2016 63 mins
    Wide Area Network (WAN) design has always included security as an integral part of every architecture. As enterprises and service providers work to implement Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) for its many benefits, security continues to be a critical part of these WAN designs.

    SD-WAN architectures incorporate a variety of approaches to enable and deliver the integration of security, including methodologies from distributed on premises security to the insertion of public cloud and private cloud security.

    In this webinar, leading industry analyst Zeus Kerravala discusses the pros and cons of various SD-WAN security architectural approaches, and considerations for choosing the best approach for your implementation.
  • Five Steps to Overcome Customer Authentication Chaos Five Steps to Overcome Customer Authentication Chaos Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Brand Whichard, IBM Security Recorded: Aug 9 2016 49 mins
    As digital, mobile commerce crescendos, Identity and Access Management (IAM) techniques are key to providing a consistent, individualized experience, regardless of the device used or communications channel employed. Providing secure access from a trusted device was hard enough. Now customers control their device-of-choice, channel-of-choice and time-of-choice. It is important to develop and employ technologies that make authentication friction-free and pleasant.

    Join Dan Miller, lead analyst at Opus Research, and Brandon Whichard, from IBM Security, as they provide “Five Concrete Steps” toward keeping each customer happy. Opus Research has coined the term “Intelligent Authentication” (IAuth) to describe simple, secure and seamless ways to authenticate individuals and support digital commerce.
  • Know your Patients: CRM Best Practices for Health Providers Know your Patients: CRM Best Practices for Health Providers Stephanie Bartels, Patient Engagement Solutions Leader, Dell; Melanie Dowczek, Dell Recorded: Aug 9 2016 46 mins
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are quickly becoming the tool healthcare organizations use to shift their focus to patient engagement. With many options to choose from and many other tools that mimic CRM functionality, it may be difficult to know where to begin and what to do. This is a new frontier for healthcare, but some leading healthcare organizations have explored this frontier and can offer best practices to follow and learn from. While there is no silver bullet, there are plenty of insights to help guide you to successful engagement with your patients.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Where to begin and planning your CRM journey
    • Best practices to save time and money
    • How to evaluate solutions and partners
  • Skype for Business Enterprise Voice Vs compliance and security. Skype for Business Enterprise Voice Vs compliance and security. TeleWare Recorded: Aug 4 2016 26 mins
    Find out how your business can have both.

    Cloud technology is transforming the communications landscape faster than ever before, but it can be difficult to keep up if you’re operating in a heavily regulated industry. We will explain how your business can get to grips with the latest Microsoft Office 365 technology, whilst maintaining FCA, Dodd Frank and other regulatory and governance requirements. We will also explain how your business can save up to 60% compared to your existing voice estate, by adopting Skype for Business. Register today.
  • What Does Your Next NetApp Refresh Look Like? What Does Your Next NetApp Refresh Look Like? George Crump Recorded: Jul 26 2016 62 mins
    Most organizations making an investment in NetApp Filers count on the system to store user data and host virtual machine datastores from an environment like VMware. In addition these organizations want their NetApp systems to do more and be the repository for the next wave of unstructured data; data generated by machines. NetApp systems are busting at the seams, so these organizations are trying to decide what to do next.

    To help you find out what to do next, join Storage Switzerland and Caringo for our live webinar and learn:

    1. What are the modern unstructured data use cases
    2. The challenges NetApp faces in addressing its customers’ issues
    3. Other solutions; can all-flash or object storage solve these challenges
    4. Making the move - how to migrate from NetApp to other systems
    5. How to re-purpose, instead of replacing your NetApp
  • UCaaS: Skipping Hybrid and Moving Directly to the Cloud UCaaS: Skipping Hybrid and Moving Directly to the Cloud Bryan Martin, 8X8 - CTO, Diane Myers, IHS - Senior Principal Analyst, Paul Patti, RPM Performance Coating Group - Recorded: Jul 25 2016 64 mins
    This webinar explores moving UC to the cloud, the advantages of a full UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) deployment, and the issues a hybrid approach injects into the mix. Join us and learn how companies that have moved 100% to UCaaS have benefited.

    Key Topics for Discussion
    -Business drivers for migrating to the cloud for telephony, UC, and contact centers
    -Why a hybrid cloud approach isn't necessarily the answer for alleviating security, reliability, and control concerns
    -Best practices for moving 100% to a UCaaS solution
    -Hear directly from an enterprise that went directly from on-premises to cloud UC, as well as the benefits it gained by going all in
  • Using Predictive Analytics to optimize Application operations: Can you dig it? Using Predictive Analytics to optimize Application operations: Can you dig it? Lesley-Anne Wilson, Group Product Rollout & Support Engineer, Digicel Group Recorded: Jul 22 2016 23 mins
    Many studies have been done on the benefits of Predictive Analytics on customer engagement in order to change customer behaviour. However, the side less romanticized is the benefit to IT operations as it is sometimes difficult to turn the focus from direct revenue impacting gain to the more indirect revenue gains that can come from optimization and pro-active issue resolution.

    I will be speaking, from an application operations engineers perspective, on the benefits to the business of using Predictive Analytics to optimize applications.
  • Blended IT is Best for Strategic Business Outcomes - Learn Why! Blended IT is Best for Strategic Business Outcomes - Learn Why! Jackie Luper, Vice President of Marketing & Engagement, Managed Solution Recorded: Jul 21 2016 32 mins
    More and more companies are discovering the benefits of employing a blended IT workforce.

    By using a blended IT workforce, you can leverage the abilities and expertise of a much larger and technologically-diverse team to tackle issues that your full-time staff may not be equipped to handle.

    Learn how other companies are using a mix of full-time employees, independent contractors and temporary workers. A blended IT solution provides for the best possible financial and strategic business outcomes.
  • Skype for Business: Journey to the Cloud Skype for Business: Journey to the Cloud Sandeep Narkhede, Microsoft | Pranavi Jakkam, Microsoft | John Hand, IR Recorded: Jul 21 2016 60 mins
    Educational session looking at the challenges and considerations when migration to a cloud based UC solution.
  • Spotlight on Asia: The End of Complex Hybrid WANs Spotlight on Asia: The End of Complex Hybrid WANs Tim Sullivan, CEO, Coevolve; Kangwarn Chinthammit, Director of Solutions, VeloCloud Recorded: Jul 21 2016 57 mins
    The costs of bandwidth across Asia, especially MPLS, can vary significantly across different countries, and many enterprises depend on a hybrid WAN strategy to achieve reach and keep costs down. However, designing and deploying hybrid WAN architecture can be complex and require expensive resources to manage hundreds of lines of configurations. Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) can transform existing hybrid networks into a dynamic, adaptive environment that uses all available bandwidth more effectively.

    In this webinar, our panel of networking experts will share real-world experiences and outline key approaches for getting more out of your existing network in Asia Pacific. We will share with you our perspectives based on numerous regional deployments on how SD-WAN has transformed many of our clients network to be adaptive, flexible & cloud-first IT asset.
  • A Better Architecture for Hybrid WAN A Better Architecture for Hybrid WAN Steve Woo, Co-founder and VP of Products, VeloCloud Recorded: Jul 14 2016 53 mins
    Most enterprises deploy both private MPLS and public broadband Internet to some or all of their branch offices. The right SD-WAN solution will dramatically improve the utilization, performance and ease of management of the these hybrid deployments.

    Join this webinar for a detailed understanding of the architectural details of Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN for hybrid WAN deployments. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how hybrid deployments can be designed, implemented and maintained for a secure, optimal and high quality wide area network.
  • ID10t-Proof Your Next Video Conference (EMEA) ID10t-Proof Your Next Video Conference (EMEA) Robert Maloney, Product Manager, Lifesize Recorded: Jul 14 2016 56 mins
    Video conferencing is powerful. In a recent survey of 1,300 Lifesize customers who work in IT, we found that just adding video to meetings improved productivity by up to 50%.

    This is only possible because we designed Lifesize® Cloud to be absolutely ID10t error-proof. From the admin console to the user experience, everything is designed to provide the best meeting experience without sacrificing ease of setup or use.

    •Learn how to overcome common barriers to entry
    •Explore some new use cases for video conferencing
    •See how the Lifesize interface can reduce errors that occur between the chair and the keyboard