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Frost & Sullivan's Digital Transformation webcasts provides global industry analysis, market forecasts, competitive analysis, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your company address current trends and challenges.

Our global teams of industry experts, consultants, and market analysts continuously monitor big data, cloud computing, communication services, conferencing & collaboration, digital identification, digital media, mobile & wireless, space & communications, IT applications & services, network security, customer contact, and unified communications markets.

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2016: The Future of Customer Contact Nancy Jamison, Principal Analyst, Digital Transformation It’s increasingly clear that improving the customer experience and reducing customer effort are critical in today’s competitive environment. It’s also clear that businesses and solution providers are embracing omnichannel customer care with the goal of seamless customer engagement. Is omnichannel realistic?

Why you should attend:
• Learn where companies are in providing omnichannel customer care
• Identify the drivers and restraints in omnichannel delivery
• Hear a key global systems integrator and solutions provider talk about the challenges and successes of omnichannel delivery
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Oct 14 2015 3:00 pm
60 mins
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