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Welcome to the US financial advisor community on BrightTALK. Join the community to learn alongside thousands of financial advisors and registered investment advisors. Access relevant and timely content on investment products and strategies, regulations and compliance and the market landscape. You can also find practice management insights on topics such as client acquisition and retention, life planning, marketing and social media best practices.
  • "The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be.

    Rapidly going from national bestseller to global phenomenon, The Go-Giver soon gained a devoted following in its original English and in more than 21 foreign-language editions. From schools, churches and hospitals to law firms and information technology companies, individuals and groups around the world have applied the book’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success to their organizations and businesses, relationships and personal lives."

    Join Meridith Elliott Powell as she interviews Bob Burg, Speaker and co-author of the International Best Seller, The Go-Giver. This webinar is full of information you will use every single day as you move forward with your business! Learn to shift the way you relate and even the way you view your business to increase value, build trust, and gain profits. This is one webinar you will NOT want to miss.
  • Today’s workplace is a complex environment that challenges ambitious women. The path to the top isn’t straightforward and it’s critical to understand the workplace dynamics in order to avoid potential barriers.

    This session provides the necessary tools to understand and overcome the obstacles in today’s complex work environment in order to reach your career goals. Watch while Kathleen Burns Kingsbury interviews Bonnie Marcus, certified executive coach, speaker and author, and you'll discover:

    • How to assess the power, the rules, and the culture of your organization in order to navigate successfully.
    • How to identify and plug into the power grid in your organization.
    • How to use self-promotion, strategic networking, and sponsorship to get ahead.
  • Wealth management is in a constant state of evolution. Yet, many advisors still hold on to outdated processes and practices that are being supplanted by a new generation of online advice technologies. To remain competitive and relevant, advisors need to rethink their core value propositions and find new ways to add value to client relationships.

    Scott Welch offers a solution. In this live webinar, he will review the fundamentals of behavioral finance and its application to portfolio management to demonstrate:

    •Why advisors need to differentiate themselves in a “race to zero” market environment that is becoming increasingly commoditized by online advice platforms;

    •How adopting a goals-based approach to proposing, managing, and reporting on client portfolios can help advisors can align themselves more effectively with the ways clients actually think about their money; and

    •How embracing this enhanced level of service will require advisors to rethink traditional client reporting and communications.
  • This presentation will focus on the development of four current market conditions that may lead to an increase of volatility during the latter half of the year, with an emphasis on explaining the financial concepts underpinning those market conditions. Moreover, the presentation will provide strategies that may mitigate this potential increase in volatility. The four market conditions that will be discussed are:
    •The possibility of an earnings recession

    •The expected Fed rate hike in September

    •The potential for oil to retrace to the downside

    •Ongoing concerns about continued US dollar strength
  • Investors interested in reaping the benefits of factor-based investing in their portfolios have long believed the ultimate question to be, “Which factor should I choose?” Our most recent research shows, however, that investors would be better served to ask, “When should I favour each factor?” Our research also suggests that your investment horizon, rather than the timing of incorporating factor based strategies, is key to meeting your objectives.
  • Everyone is becoming accepting of the fact that technology has a role in the client experience and client journey within the wealth management industry.

    Many are better understanding the impacts on the operating costs for service delivery. While some have completely embraced the cost saving advantages to such an extent that they have stormed onto the scene and gaining market share.

    This rising presence of technology has brought about a new and unique relationship management standard. One that takes several steps away from the long standing traditional lorels of relationship management. However, it has allowed firms to take many a step closer to the ultimate focus, the client and their needs.

    Scorpio Partnership explores the current state of our industry and attempts to answer the new big questions that should be on everyone’s minds:
    How is technology really going to transform the wealth management landscape?
    What does this trend really mean for traditional wealth management?