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  • While asset allocation and diversification are standard practices among advisors, the question of how to identify and optimize asset class locations to address each client’s time horizons, and the expected return and tax efficiency of the underlying investments, is far more challenging. In this live webinar and Q&A session, Michael will explore various ways advisors can:

    -assess the value and potential costs of utilizing an asset-location strategy with their clients;

    -build an asset-location priority list based on the expected return and tax efficiency of various assets; and

    -illustrate the benefits of incorporating asset allocation into an advisor’s investment and financial planning regimen.

    Michael will also describe how asset location priorities shift based on portfolio turnover and dividend rates, and how to optimize the location of stocks to deliver greater tax efficiency.

    During the session Michael will answer advisors’ questions and will be available afterward to discuss his presentation on APViewpoint.
    The CFP Board has accepted this program for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CFP® certification. In addition, IMCA has accepted this program for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CIMA®, CIMC® and CPWA® certifications. If you provide the required information during the webinar registration process and stay for the entire session we can report your attendance to these organizations.
  • YSC is a business psychology consultancy who have been at the forefront of assessing high potential in FTSE 100 organisations. This session will look at their model of high potential and identify the process of assessment involved to understand the psychological components which are deterministic of high potential performance and leadership.
    The model used by YSC is the most applied in the UK and has been formally validated through extensive research
  • No matter what you call it, the process of bringing new contractors and temporary employees into your company can be challenging. Nowadays, the most inspirational companies use technology to care for and manage their contingency workforce so that everyone feels engaged and has an impact on productivity.

    Contractors and temporary employees may spend much shorter periods of time on your workforce.They may have different skill sets and be carrying out different work.They may even work on different locations to your direct employees. But they still need to be on-boarded in a way which keeps them safe and gets them productive in a timely manner.

    This presentation will bring you through the steps you should take when planning your initiation process for contractors and temporary employees.

    It advises you on your obligations as well as the kind of information you may wish to impart.
  • Investors are increasingly turning to quality investing as a way to manage turbulent market conditions. Our research reveals that quality driven strategies historically have offered stronger, more consistent returns with less volatility than other approaches. But “quality” is one of the most overused and hardest-to-define ideas in investing. In this webinar, Northern Trust experts explore the definition of quality as an investing factor, its application across different asset classes, and why these approaches appeal to risk-averse investors.

    Financial advisors attending this webinar will learn how Northern Trust applies the quality factor to equity strategies. Our experts will take a deeper dive into quality and discuss:
    • Our multidimensional definition of quality
    • How the Northern Trust Quality Score (NTQS) helps identify high-quality stocks
    • How our models are tailored to individual market segments
  • Traditional Marketing + Digital Marketing + Social Media Marketing = Fusion Marketing!

    If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind. If you’re an expert in Facebook and Twitter, then you’re trying to build a entire marketing strategy restricted to using only one or two tools available. Facebook is not a strategy. Twitter is not a strategy. If you’re still stuck looking at social media as a stand alone marketing technology, then you’ve been left behind.

    The Fusion Marketing Bible is the next generation of marketing that brings our 6,000 years of traditional marketing, the exciting digital marketing tools of the Internet, and social media and fully integrates them into one seamless tool set that will accomplish every objective you set!

    The Fusion Marketing Bible isn’t just about integration; it’s a totally new concept of “Interconnecting” all of your traditional and digital tools together! The Fusion Marketing Bible is about looking at all of your tools, campaigns, objectives, and conversion strategies first in two-dimensions, then taking your entire marketing strategies into the world of three-dimensions. This allows you to look at everything you do in marketing in a completely different way.

    The Fusion Marketing Bible, now #3 on Amazon, comes from Lon Safko, the author of the internationally best selling book; The Social Media Bible, #1 on Amazon. Join Lon Safko and host Meridith Ellitott Powell as you learn to transform your marketing strategy in this high-energy and cutting-edge webinar!