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The New Direction Of Investing

The world has changed, leading investors to seek new strategies that better fit an evolving global climate. Forward's investment solutions are built around the outcomes we believe investors need to be pursuing – non-correlated return, investment income, global exposure and diversification. With a propensity for unbounded thinking, we focus especially on developing innovative alternative strategies that may help investors build all-weather portfolios. An independent, privately held firm founded in 1998, Forward (Forward Management, LLC) is the advisor to the Forward Funds. As of March 31, 2014, we manage $5.2 billion in a diverse product set offered to individual investors, financial advisors and institutions.

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The Quarterly Macro Market Update Jim Welsh, Norman Mains Jim will share with you his expert views on the current macro market landscape and the forces that could drive market trends in coming months, including:

The economic health of the U.S., including jobs, income and Fed "patience"

Monetary policy in the eurozone, China and Japan

Global supply and demand dynamics of oil
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Apr 16 2015
49 mins
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