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Generating Tax Alpha with Effective Asset Location Presenter Michael Kitces with Moderator Robert Huebscher While asset allocation and diversification are standard practices among advisors, the question of how to identify and optimize asset class locations to address each client’s time horizons, and the expected return and tax efficiency of the underlying investments, is far more challenging. In this live webinar and Q&A session, Michael will explore various ways advisors can:

-assess the value and potential costs of utilizing an asset-location strategy with their clients;

-build an asset-location priority list based on the expected return and tax efficiency of various assets; and

-illustrate the benefits of incorporating asset allocation into an advisor’s investment and financial planning regimen.

Michael will also describe how asset location priorities shift based on portfolio turnover and dividend rates, and how to optimize the location of stocks to deliver greater tax efficiency.

During the session Michael will answer advisors’ questions and will be available afterward to discuss his presentation on APViewpoint.
The CFP Board has accepted this program for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CFP® certification. In addition, IMCA has accepted this program for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CIMA®, CIMC® and CPWA® certifications. If you provide the required information during the webinar registration process and stay for the entire session we can report your attendance to these organizations.
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Jul 8 2015 8:15 pm
60 mins
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  • Are there rough times ahead for investors and advisors? In this live CE-eligible webinar, Mr. Hashbarger will examine four economic themes that underlie the potential for greater market volatility in the second half of the year. These include:

    •The expected Fed rate hike in September;
    •The possibility of an earnings recession;
    •The potential for oil prices to repeat last year’s downward slide; and
    •Ongoing concerns about continued strength in the US dollar.

    Within these four themes, he will explore each in detail, revealing how Federal Reserve activities, earnings growth and multiple expansion, energy and commodities prices, and currency exposure may contribute to volatility in the second half of 2015. He will explain why these factors are in play today and provide strategies advisors can use to protect their clients’ portfolios during periods of market uncertainty.

    There will be plenty of time for Q&A, and Mr. Hashbarger will be available to continue discussion of the issues raised in the debate on APViewpoint.
  • Wealth management is in a constant state of evolution. Yet, many advisors still hold on to outdated processes and practices that are being supplanted by a new generation of online advice technologies. To remain competitive and relevant, advisors need to rethink their core value propositions and find new ways to add value to client relationships.

    Scott Welch offers a solution. In this live CE-eligible webinar, he will review the fundamentals of behavioral finance and its application to portfolio management to demonstrate:

    •Why advisors need to differentiate themselves in a “race to zero” market environment that is becoming increasingly commoditized by online advice platforms;

    •How adopting a goals-based approach to proposing, managing, and reporting on client portfolios can help advisors can align themselves more effectively with the ways clients actually think about their money; and

    •How embracing this enhanced level of service will require advisors to rethink traditional client reporting and communications.

    There will be plenty of time for Q&A and Scott will also be available to answer additional questions about this presentation on APViewpoint.

    IMCA has accepted this event for 1 hour of CE credit towards the CIMA®, CIMC® and CPWA® certifications.
  • Two industry thought leaders will square off on the central issue that confronts all advisors and financial planners: active versus passive management.

    In this live, Munk-style debate, Tom and Andrew will take opposing sides on the following proposition:

    It is possible to identify active mutual fund managers who will deliver superior risk-adjusted performance.

    Tom will argue for the proposition and Andrew will argue against it. After their formal presentations, they will respond to questions from Bob Huebscher and from the audience, who will be given the opportunity to vote on the proposition both before and after the debate. Results for both votes will be compared to determine the “winner” of the debate.

    Tom and Andrew will also be available to continue discussion of the issues raised in the debate on APViewpoint.
  • An advisor’s success in growing and retaining client relationships depends in part on their clients’ belief that the advisors can enhance investment returns. Yet, most financial advisors utilize theories and practices that are of no help at all in improving client outcomes. As more investors become aware that passively-managed index funds generally beat the vast majority of actively-managed funds, the advisory profession has responded by emphasizing strategies, from rebalancing to “smart beta,” that claim to deliver new investment alpha.

    This webinar will show that none of these and other implied “alpha-generators” adds any value, and that advisors would be better off following Warren Buffett’s advice that “you should invest in stocks as you would in a farm.” Using this axiom as a launching point, Michael will:

    •Describe the simple “safety-first” investment strategy presented in his book, The 3 Simple Rules of Investing;
    •Demonstrate why adopting this approach will have a wider benefit by reducing systemic risk and Wall Street power; and
    •Show how adopting this strategy will free advisors to spend less time focusing on chasing investment performance and more time on delivering value-added financial planning advice and solutions to their clients.

    There will be plenty of time for Q&A and Michael will also be available to answer additional questions about this presentation on APViewpoint.
  • As the Fed considers whether to tighten its interest rate policy in June or September, how should you adjust your clients’ fixed income portfolios to prepare for the coming “Bondmaggedon”? In this lively debate format:

    •Brian Battle of Performance Trust Company will argue in favor of individual bond positions.
    •Adam Weigold of Eaton Vance, will put forth the advantages of investing in the bond funds.

    Attendees will have time to ask questions of all presenters, and they will be able to vote on which argument they find most persuasive. Bob, Brian and Adam will also be available to answer additional questions about this presentation on APViewpoint.
  • Why can so few investors, advisors and fund managers outperform the market? In this webinar, Larry will leverage academic research to explain:

    •Why alpha generation will become even more challenging in the future;
    •How the migration of lesser-skilled alpha investors to passive strategies will increase competition for alpha among skilled investors;
    •Why alpha is becoming a zero sum game.

    There will be plenty of time for Q&A, and after the session Larry will be available to discuss its content on APViewpoint.
  • In today’s time-pressed world, we all need to make sure that every minute counts when we’re communicating with clients. In this webinar, you’ll hear what some of today’s most successful advisors are doing to operate more effectively:
    · The tested strategy that increases client assets
    · Your best use of time to start each day
    · Three minutes that make meetings more productive
    · How to get clients to look forward to your meetings
    · The optimal way to wrap up a meeting

    This event is being conducted by Advisor Perspectives. LPL Financial and Advisor Perspectives are separate entities. LPL Financial is not responsible for any direct or incidental loss incurred by applying any of the information offered.
  • Improving the effectiveness of your prospecting approach is key to gaining and deepening client relationships and building AUM. In this webinar, Dan Solin, APViewpoint member and best-selling author of the Smartest series of investing and personal finance books will be joined by veteran marketers Robin Powell and Meredith Boggess to discuss current prospecting, marketing and client presentation techniques, tools and technology you should be using to achieve your goals for growth this year.
  • Assets in index funds and ETFs are reaching all-time highs, driven in part by the belief that stock selection strategies have become a fool’s errand for investors who are trying to outperform the market. In this webinar, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management CEO Jim O'Shaughnessy will share empirical research conducted over 80 years to debunk this myth and identify time-tested principles that allow investors to consistently beat the market.
  • Most research on optimal retirement income strategies is based on long-term historical averages. Retirement experts David Blanchett, Michael Finke and Wade Pfau will show how using returns better calibrated to current financial asset values (rather than historical averages) leads to a much more conservative estimate of safe-withdrawal rates for retirees. They’ll also discuss how to use different return scenario perspectives to improve the quality of investment advice and recommendations for your clients.

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