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  • ESG, SRI & Stewardship: Best Practices
    ESG, SRI & Stewardship: Best Practices Bruno Bastit, Corporate Governance & Sustainable Investment Specialist Apr 25 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    The world's largest financial institutions employ
    responsible ownership strategies that typically involve fund managers engaging with companies (including voting shares) to encourage better management of environmental, social and governance issues. This presentation will cover how companies can be better stewards.
  • World Wealth Report 2017:  How Wealth Management Firms Can Mine the HNW industry
    World Wealth Report 2017: How Wealth Management Firms Can Mine the HNW industry April Rudin, Bill Sullivan Apr 26 2018 2:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The market is up for grabs. The largest wealth transfer to ever occur is underway. Baby Boomers are set to shift $30 trillion in assets to their heirs – mainly Gen Xers and millennials. This event creates risks and opportunities for wealth management firms. How firms meet the needs of a new generation of high-net-worth investors will determine who will succeed…and who won’t.

    Key is having the right products and leveraging digital to reach the dynamic millennial group. Case in point: Based on Capgemini’s 2017 World Wealth Report, more than 80% of investors under the age of 40 trust their wealth managers and firms. But will that continue should markets retreat and as hybrid models become more common?

    Join April Rudin and Bill Sullivan as they discuss:

    How to differentiate your brand and build trust by creating a compelling and informative online presence through timely and relevant content.

    Establishing and leveraging a digital presence to that enables you to engage with clients across the business life cycle – from making your offering accessible online and digitally to connecting with clients in a meaningful and consistent fashion via social, email, and text.

    Developing an effective means of collecting and analyzing client data that enable you to understand client needs and tailor products and services accurately.
  • Developing financial wellness tools with artificial intelligence
    Developing financial wellness tools with artificial intelligence Katy Gibson, VP of Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee Apr 26 2018 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Recent research shows that consumers are interested in using a digital financial coach to help them proactively manage their finances. However, most are using online banking tools that just give a full view of their financial picture without offering up any advice or guidance on how to improve their financial behavior. and that’s where engagement ends. Discover how the industry’s most innovative companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to build financial solutions and apps to attract and engage today’s evolving consumer.

    The future of financial wellness informed by AI is here. Machine learning has the capability to continuously analyze data and deliver specific insights that can help consumers improve their financial health.

    In this webinar, you’ll find out how to transform your data into insights and intelligence. Using a unified API to drive intuitive and powerful user experiences is key.

    Attendees will also learn:

    * How AI and machine learning are powering today’s financial wellness tools
    * Recent research from Aite Group on financial wellness tools and virtual financial wellness coaches
    * How digital tools, chatbots, and interactive assistants can revive the concept of traditional personal financial management (PFM)
    * Using an API to gain insight and deliver actionable advice
    * How to leverage data intelligence to build apps and solutions that help users improve their financial health

    * Evan Schuman, VentureBeat

    * Katy Gibson, VP of Application Products, Envestnet | Yodlee
    * Keith Armstrong, Founder and COO, abe.ai
    * Tiffani Montez, Retail Banking Sr Analyst, Aite Group

    Sponsored by Envestnet | Yodlee
  • How to Use Behavioral Finance to Drive Better Outcomes
    How to Use Behavioral Finance to Drive Better Outcomes Victor Gaxiola May 3 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Are you Risk Tolerance Ready?

    Finworx360 is a segmentation tool that gives financial advisors a deeper understanding of their clients' risk tolerance through behavioral biases and unique investor personas.
    In this webinar we will:

    - Introduce Finworx360 & Our Behavioral Risk Survey
    - Divulge Field-Tested Best Practices
    - Deep Dive Into the Reporting Tools
    - Discover the Four Individual Personas
  • Boost Your Web Presence with Google
    Boost Your Web Presence with Google Yeng Lor, Vice President of Marketing, LeClair Group & Ben Theis, Skol Marketing May 8 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Your business is online but how do you take advantage by driving traffic and revenue? During this webinar you will discover how to get found and attract customers online. Learn the anatomy of a search engine and how Google, Yahoo, and Bing are actually analyzing your website and online presence; plus tips and tools you can use to enhance your online presence.

    This webinar is part of the four-part series, Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents.
  • [Panel] Multi-Asset Strategies: Diversifying for Uncertainty
    [Panel] Multi-Asset Strategies: Diversifying for Uncertainty Alastair Gunn, Ben Conway, Will Mayne & Lee Robertson May 9 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    How can portfolio managers, CIOs, & other investors generate steady returns in an uncertain environment? With technology moving so fast, political disruptions & data breaches reaching into every corner of our lives, is there a strategy to help investors maintain their positions & deliver returns?

    Join this webinar to hear from leading experts and find out about:

    - Using right tools to generate consistent returns
    - Avoiding the urge to time the market
    - how to weather any market using diversification without sacrifice

    Alastair Gunn, Fund Manager, Value Equities Jupiter Asset Management
    Ben Conway, Senior Fund Manager, Hawksmoor Investment Managers
    Lee Robertson, Founding Director & CEO, Investment Quorum Limited

    Moderated by;
    Will Mayne, Senior Director - Global Insights, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.
  • [PANEL] Multi-Asset: How Solving Client Problems is Crucial to Raising Assets
    [PANEL] Multi-Asset: How Solving Client Problems is Crucial to Raising Assets Gabriel Altbach, Florian Schneider, Scott Brady, Peter Greenberger May 9 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    “Multi-asset” and “Solutions” have been some of the industry’s biggest buzzwords over the last few years, and for good reason: multi-asset vehicles have generated record sales and clients around the world continue to challenge their providers - both asset and wealth managers - to offer solutions to their problems rather than simply push products.

    In this panel discussion, we will dissect what’s driving the recent growth in multi-asset products and what the future holds given the many challenges facing the industry

    This webinar will cover topics such as:
    * What are the key innovations in the multi-asset arena currently and in the future?
    * How can asset and wealth managers partner to ensure clients are receiving the best possible outcomes?
    * What role does passive play in the multi-asset arena? Alternatives?
    * How do wealth managers evaluate asset managers’ multi-asset products, and what are their unmet needs?

    After this webinar, listeners will leave with solid ideas, tactics, and a vision on how to optimize their multi-asset strategy to meet client needs, be on the cutting edge of innovation, and protect and grow their assets and overall business.

    Florian Schneider, CFA, Head of Product Research & Development at Amundi
    Scott Brady, Head of Product Development and Strategy, Columbia Threadneedle
    Peter Greenberger, CFA, CFP, Director of Mutual Fund and 529 Plan Product Management at Raymond James

    Moderated by;
    Gabriel Altbach, Founding Principal, Asset Management Insights and Senior Consultant, MackayWilliams
  • What Are Small Caps Telling Us?
    What Are Small Caps Telling Us? Steven Hill, Portfolio Manager and Co-Director of Equities May 9 2018 8:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Small caps have shown some recent outperformance, suggesting this may either be a buying opportunity for long-term investors or a sign that their larger-cap peers may finally be running out of gas. Tune in to a webcast hosted by Steven Hill, Portfolio Manager and Co-Director of Equities, as he discusses how this year’s market volatility may provide overlooked opportunities in the small-cap space.
  • [PANEL] Finding Opportunity: North America Multi-Asset Outlook
    [PANEL] Finding Opportunity: North America Multi-Asset Outlook Linda Zhang, Stuart Peskin May 10 2018 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    2018 Has thus far been a year of volatility, so knowing how to maintain a targeted level of absolute returns is challenging.

    In this Webinar, leading experts will discuss which asset classes are attractive, what role alternative investment techniques lay in the management of multi-asset portfolios. They will also share ways they identify where volatility will come from, and the macro movements (elections, regulations) that will affect the market in the next 6 months.

    Linda Zhang, PhD, CEO and Founder, Purview Investments
    Stuart Peskin, Investment Director, Aberdeen Standard Investments
  • Venture Capital: Investing in global market leaders of tomorrow
    Venture Capital: Investing in global market leaders of tomorrow Steven Yang, Head of Global Venture Investments, Schroder Adveq May 22 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Disruption, technology, innovation, it’s all evolving at an unprecedented pace. For private asset investors, perhaps what makes a more meaningful difference is not the company itself, but the investment stream and expertise behind the venture.Steven Yang of Zurich-based Schroder Adveq offers his views on how a best-in-class pursuit of the most prominent new wave tech ventures and sustainable return prospects can truly differentiate within this nuanced segment of the market in an age when traditional research, valuation models, and policy simply lead to noise and generic rhetoric.

    Speaker Bio:

    Steven Yang is the Head of the Adveq Technology program and in charge of Schroder Adveq’s investments in the US technology space from seed/early stage venture to buyout strategies. As part of Schroder Adveq’s global benchmarking practice he is also involved in Schroder Adveq’s Asian venture investments.

    Before joining Adveq in 2007, Steven was as a portfolio manager at Beagle Limited, a New York based family office, where he managed a diversified portfolio of private equity partnerships, hedge funds, and direct investments in early stage technology companies. From 1997 to 2000 Steven worked for Welch Capital Partners as an analyst focusing on investments in enterprise hardware/software and telecom equipment/services.

    Steven holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and International Business from New York University, US.
  • Investing in Cannabis
    Investing in Cannabis Javier hasse May 30 2018 4:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    In this webinar, webinar, thought leaders will discuss:

    Regulations, Taxes & Profit potential
    Investing as a social good
    Dispelling the Taboo
  • The Future of Banking
    The Future of Banking Vincent Fokke, CTO FS Benelux, Capgemini Jul 17 2018 7:00 am UTC 45 mins
    The world is changing and whilst you're reading this; the speed of change is increasing even further. What this leads to no one knows - the future of financial services could be "anxious and challenging" or "brilliant and full of opportunities".

    Will customer centricity still be the mindset? What about “AI-first”? Or will we jump into the next phase of life?

    In this session, Vincent Fokke, CTO FS Benelux, Capgemini, will walk you through the future of banking touching on key themes including;

    * AI First as starting point
    * Branch “office" or not…
    * PLC V4.0

    Join this session and start tomorrow's conversation today.
  • Top Challenges Faced by Banks in 2018
    Top Challenges Faced by Banks in 2018 Breana Patel, CEO, Bonova Advisory Jul 17 2018 3:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    In this webinar Breana will give you insight into the challenges facing banks including;
    * Changing consumer dynamics
    * Complying to rapidly changing regulations and global impacts
    * Remaining competitive with Fintech disruptions
    * Challenges with legacy systems and bad data