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  • With contributions from Commerzbank and Pioneer Investments, this webinar will take part on Tuesday 6th October to discuss different aspects of hedging currency risks in emerging markets, such as assessing value of currency risk and how to manage the subsequent risks.

    Currency risk is a complex thing. Hedging would seem to protect against these risks. But it is not so simple. For an investor, a forward hedge which locks in a future rate can come to seem like a very bad idea if it loses money, as it will have to be paid out in cash.

    Most corporates can fully offset the volatility of currency cash flows and net investments in an accounting sense yet in emerging markets forwards can be at times punitively expensive. Are options or forwards more appropriate protective hedge contracts, and why?

    What will this webinar discuss?

    Jessica James, Head of the Quantitative Solutions Group at Commerzbank will discuss different aspects of hedging currency risk:

    - Cashflows. It is not often realised how volatile currencies can be. Hedges can incur costly cashflows if they go wrong.

    - Volatility in currency markets is suddenly high again. Is it possible to hedge away at reasonable cost?

    - Hedging with forwards vs hedging with options – options can have some unexpected advantages.

    Satu Jaatinen, Global Head of Corporate Solutions at Commerzbank, will discuss assessing value in hedging emerging markets risks:

    - Risk and Cost to KPI’s

    - Importance of Timing and Instrument Choice

    Andreas König, Head of Foreign Exchange Europe at Pioneer Investments, poses the question how does a major bond or stock investor or corporate with foreign investments, deal with emerging market currency risk?