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  • In 2014, China overtook the USA as the world's largest economy by GDP. As the economic size of a country can differ significantly from its market capitalization, especially within faster growing, emerging economies, we explore the implications of a GDP weighted approach to index construction.

    Join Brendan Ahern, Chief Investment Officer at KraneShares and Brad Zucker, Senior Product Research Analyst at FTSE Group who will be looking at the growth of emerging markets and discussing:

    - Macro economic overview of emerging markets
    - Does measuring and weighting by GDP make sense?
    - The impact of GDP weighting on emerging market and sector exposures
    - Managing liquidity, capacity and transparency considerations
    - New benchmarks for a new global economy? What can GDP weighted indexes offer?
  • China is the second-largest economy by GDP and the second-largest equity market by market value, but the weight of China in global equity benchmarks is relatively small.

    As China continues to take steps to open its market to international investors, FTSE Russell announced the start of its transition to include China A Shares in its widely followed global benchmarks with the launch of new FTSE Emerging Markets China A Inclusion indexes recently.

    FTSE Russell’s new inclusion indexes provide market participants with the choice and flexibility in indexes they need to be able to respond to the changes and start their transition.
  • Investors are increasingly turning to quality investing as a way to manage turbulent market conditions. Our research reveals that quality driven strategies historically have offered stronger, more consistent returns with less volatility than other approaches. But “quality” is one of the most overused and hardest-to-define ideas in investing. In this webinar, Northern Trust experts explore the definition of quality as an investing factor, its application across different asset classes, and why these approaches appeal to risk-averse investors.

    Financial advisors attending this webinar will learn how Northern Trust applies the quality factor to equity strategies. Our experts will take a deeper dive into quality and discuss:
    • Our multidimensional definition of quality
    • How the Northern Trust Quality Score (NTQS) helps identify high-quality stocks
    • How our models are tailored to individual market segments