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With the unstable economic climate, even more pressure is being put on financial advisors to innovate and stand out from the crowd. In this interactive webcast series, thought leaders will present the latest industry trends and best practices to help you implement superior customer acquisition and retention techniques.

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George Kinder: Attract Clients with Life Planning on the Web George Kinder, author Can you do Life Planning on the web as well as an in-person interview? What are the essential elements of a web based Life Planning Service? What is essential for the intimate, personal process of Life Planning to be delivered and how could it be approached through a computerised process?
Receive a free e-book for attending: "Life Planning for you", the companion book to the website.

Attendees will learn:
-To what degree can you computerise the Life Planning process within your own firm and is it advisable?
-What are the advantages of having it on the web?
-How to attract clients with web based Financial Life Planning
-How to ask effective, meaningful questions through technology interfaces
-Interpret client responses and understand personal communications over the web
-How to keep the flow of intensive two-way reciprocation using technology
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Feb 9 2015
45 mins
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