Morningstar Investment Conference 2011: StatPro

Andrew Peddar, CEO - North America, StatPro
Andrew Peddar, CEO - North America at StatPro discusses cloud-based portfolio analytics at the 2011 Morningstar Investment Conference.
Jun 14 2011
5 mins
Morningstar Investment Conference 2011: StatPro
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  • Preparing for the Crowdfunding Revolution Recorded: Mar 27 2013 58 mins
    A wave of financial innovation and regulatory reform is revolutionizing Wall Street and popularizing new asset classes aimed at democratizing the flow of capital and giving smaller investors and businesses greater opportunities to prosper. As a result, the financial services industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation that is rapidly rendering traditional banking and brokerage revenue models obsolete, conventional capital raising strategies unfeasible and typical asset class returns negligible.

    NowStreet’s new webinar series, “Capitalizing on Financial Innovation” is designed to help broker-dealers, investment bankers, financial advisors, issuers and investors capitalize on this surge of industry disruption. Part I of this timely webinar series will focus on crowdfunding and is aimed at properly preparing investors, asset allocators and issuers for the forthcoming Crowdfunding Revolution. Webinar participants will be armed with the latest financial and legal knowledge from renowned crowdfund industry experts. They will also learn how to employ the social tools needed to succeed in this emerging industry.

    * Dara Albright, Founder, NowStreet

    * Richard J. Salute, CPA, Consultant with extensive expertise in capital markets and securities regulations
    * Douglas S. Ellenoff, Partner at Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole
    * Ruth Hedges, CEO of Funding Roadmap
  • Emerging Markets Outlook for 2013 Recorded: Feb 13 2013 56 mins
    Emerging markets have truly evolved, with the four major countries that became synonymous with emerging markets — Brazil, Russia, India and China — facing slower growth and some of the hiccups of development. Now, many smaller countries not top of mind with investors are exhibiting some of the growth expected of emerging markets.

    So, what exactly are emerging markets now and how should investors allocate their money to these markets? Where within this universe are the best opportunities, given that some of these smaller markets like Turkey and Thailand have logged double-digit gains in 2012 while Brazilian and Chinese names have lagged? And what about bonds? Where is the opportunity? Corporate debt? Local-denominated bonds?

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    * Reshma Kapadia, Staff Writer, Barron's Magazine (Moderator)
    * Bruce Brewington, PM, Forward Management, LLC
    * Rob Lutts, CIO, Cabot Money Management
    * Robert J. Luna, CEO, Surevest Capital Management
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  • Investor Equality: Giving Investors Their Fair Share of Growth & Tax Breaks Recorded: Jan 31 2013 55 mins
    With returns in conventional asset classes diminishing, institutional money has been flocking to better performing alternative assets such as PE. This “smart money” also knows how to navigate the tax code in order to maintain more of the appreciation. Particularly with interest rates dwindling down to zero, limited growth opportunities on public stock exchanges and tax rates imminently on the rise, how can smaller retail investors recapture portfolio yield without much of it going to Uncle Sam?

    Join us for a timely webinar that will provide new strategies for creating and maintaining wealth.

    * Dara Albright, Founder, NowStreet

    * Richard J. Salute, CPA, Capital Markets and SEC Practice Consultant for CohnReznick
    * Maureen Mattera, CPA, Director, CohnReznick
    * James A. Jones, Director of Business Development, Accuplan and Founder, AlternativeAssetsIRA
  • Emerging Markets Investing: Mega Trends and Opportunities in Asia-Pacific Recorded: Nov 28 2012 53 mins
    What are the key industry sectors that will drive medium term growth in Asia-Pacific? Can your client's portfolio benefit from these emerging stars? Can you manage the high-growth and risk trade-offs? Join Sath Rao, VP of Emerging Market Innovation at Frost & Sullivan, as he leads 2 panelists to discuss the key trends that are providing unprecedented opportunities in Asia-Pacific.

    * Sath Rao, VP of Emerging Market Innovation, Frost & Sullivan

    * Michael McGowan, Portfolio Manager, Forward International Real Estate Fund
    * R. Burns McKinney, CFA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager/Analyst, NFJ Investment Group
  • What You Need to Know Regarding the JOBS ACT Implementation Recorded: Nov 27 2012 49 mins
    On November 15, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission held a long anticipated forum to tackle JOBS Act implementation.

    Chief discussion points included:
    •Removing the prohibition on general solicitation in Rule 506
    •Establishing a new Regulation A-type exemption with an offering ceiling of $50 million
    •Secondary trading platforms

    This important webinar will provide an overview of what transpired at the November 15th meeting and discuss how it will impact America’s financial markets. Webinar attendees will gain valuable insight into how the new rules are being employed as well as how these changes will affect broker/dealers, financial advisors and wealth advisors. Listeners will also attain a broad understanding for what is being done to foster issuer transparency and facilitate the due diligence process.

    Moderator: Dara Albright, Founder, NowStreet

    * Douglas S. Ellenoff, Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole LLP
    * Vincent Molinari, Founder and CEO, GATE Technologies
    * Richard J. Salute, CPA, Capital Markets and SEC Practice Director
    * Sara Hanks, Co-founder and CEO, CrowdCheck
  • Election Results: What This Means for the Economy and Your Clients’ Finances Recorded: Nov 8 2012 49 mins
    The votes are in, but what does the result mean for you and your clients?

    Join our panel of experts as they discuss:
    - Outlook for the economy and how the political agenda will affect the prospects for growth
    - Likely impact of the election on the stock and bond markets
    - Questions that advisors are likely to hear from their clients, and how to answer those inquiries

    View this webinar live to participate in live voting and Q&A with the thought leaders.

    - Robert Huebscher, CEO, Advisor Perspectives (Moderator)
    - Clarke D. Camper, SVP, Head of Government Affairs and Public Advocacy, NYSE Euronext
    - Peter Lefkin, SVP of Government and External Affairs, Allianz of America
  • A Generational Approach to Retirement Planning Recorded: Oct 31 2012 58 mins
    We all know the baby boomers have changed what it means to be retired, but so have the Silent, G.I. and Lost generations before them, and so will Generation Jones, Gen X and the Millennials going forward. What you may not know is that each generation brings with it a cyclical pattern of attitudes and beliefs that influence how they view the world and how they approach retirement and investing. This session will examine the formative experiences of various generations, how they shape your client’s attitudes and beliefs, and how you can use that knowledge to develop stronger and deeper client relationships.
  • The Most Powerful Marketing You're Not Doing Recorded: Oct 24 2012 48 mins
    Marketing in today's world is all about creating conversation and building relationship through frequent interaction. Prospects want to get to know you over time yet this important "Relationship Marketing " is the single most over-looked area of a financial planner's marketing efforts. In this engaging how-to session, you will learn the 6 steps to create your own relationship marketing system that welcomes your lead, builds rapport, and helps convert prospects to clients ...all while you are working on different parts of your business or enjoying life outside the office! You'll see why you are missing most of the people who are interested in working with you and how to turn your web site into a powerful communication tool. You'll also find out how to use technology to automate critical follow-up with your existing and former clients to help keep you top of mind for their next planning project.
Business Intelligence for Financial Advisors
With the unstable economic climate, even more pressure is being put on financial advisors to innovate and stand out from the crowd. In this interactive webcast series, thought leaders will present the latest industry trends and best practices to help you implement superior customer acquisition and retention techniques.

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