Hedging a Portfolio Against Inflation: What Do I Use?

Graham Day
In light of years of monetary and fiscal stimuli, many believe the economy may be predisposed to inflationary pressures. In this webinar we will discuss how an allocation to commodities can hedge a portfolio from inflation as well as look at which asset classes have performed well in rising, falling and stable inflationary environments. We will also discuss why treasury-inflation protected securities (TIPS) may not be a suitable hedge against inflation.
Aug 9 2012
60 mins
Hedging a Portfolio Against Inflation: What Do I Use?
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  • Building Better Fixed Income Portfolios Recorded: Apr 2 2014 52 mins
    After a 30 year bull market for fixed income, 2014 could be a challenging year for investors. Many are predicting a rise in interest rates, setting up another difficult year for traditional long-only bond funds. Join us for a discussion covering:

    • Using alternative fixed income strategies to benefit

    • Exposing correlation risk across fixed income sectors

    • Managing interest rate risk within your portfolio

    • Diversifying fixed income exposure to reduce
  • How Clients React to Investment Outsourcing Recorded: Feb 26 2014 63 mins
    Outsourcing investment management is not a decision entered into lightly. Chief among advisors' concerns is the clients' reaction—will they stay or will they go?

    Join us as Northern Trust releases new advisor research on investment management outsourcing and specifically its impact on clients. (Spoiler alert: Clients stay and the business grows.)
  • Fixed Income Investing: An Alternative Perspective Recorded: Nov 14 2013 61 mins
    As we approach the end of 2013, many investors could see something they havenít seen before on their year-end statements: negative returns for their fixed income investments. We believe 2014 may not be much better for bond investors, as interest rates remain at historic lows, and the Fed continues to threaten to raise interest rates as economic activity increases.

    Join us to learn about alternative fixed income investment strategies that have the potential to produce positive returns during rising and falling interest rate periods.
  • Seeking Excess Return in Small Caps? Recorded: Sep 25 2013 46 mins
    Small cap stocks have historically been considered an inefficient market where high levels of risk were assumed to be justified by the potential for higher excess returns. Join us for a webinar in which Northern Trust experts explain how employing risk evaluations before investing may help provide competitive small cap returns with less volatility over time.
  • Preparing Your Clients for a Rising Rate Environment Using Floating Rate Loans Recorded: Jul 23 2013 62 mins
    Improving economic fundamentals are increasing the likelihood for higher interest rates in the near future. In this environment, many advisors are looking at senior floating-rate bank loans as a compelling income-generation alternative for their clients. Join our webinar on Tuesday, July 23rd at 4:15 p.m. to explore the benefits of this unique asset class with Dan Norman, Co-Head of ING Investment Management’s Senior Loan Team, who’ll discuss:

    -How floating-rate funds can help your clients’ income stream keep up with rising interest rates
    -Why senior bank loans may offer a higher level of credit protection than other fixed income investments
    -The role Floating Rate funds could play in clients’ asset allocation strategies
  • How to Factor in Italy, North Korea, and Next Geopolitical Crisis: Game Theory Recorded: Jun 18 2013 60 mins
    Gain insights on how to navigate your clients’ portfolios through today’s geopolitical risks:
    •Ongoing U.S. fiscal debate
    •Italy’s coalition government
    •North Korea’s threats

    You will learn how game theory provides a framework for making sense of these geopolitical developments. Join Brian Singer, head of William Blair’s Dynamic Allocation Strategies team, as he highlights how to leverage game theory analysis to assess investment opportunities and risks.
  • What’s Driving Emerging Markets? Recorded: May 30 2013 62 mins
    Emerging market equities have historically outperformed as the global economy gained momentum, so what's happened in 2013 and why? Join us for a Webinar where Northern Trust experts will explain what investors need to understand about emerging market equities today.
  • Be Decisive: Carl Richards & Dan Heath on making better choices Recorded: May 9 2013 60 mins
    Chip and Dan Heath, the bestselling authors of Switch and Made to Stick, have recently released Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work. The authors identify the four key “villains” of poor decision making and offer their four step WRAP process for making better choices.

    1. Widen Your Options

    2. Reality-Test Your Assumptions

    3. Attain Distance Before Deciding

    4. Prepare to Be Wrong

    Carl and Dan will discuss the Heath brothers specific ideas on setting up “tripwires” to prevent us and our clients from doing dumb things with money while overcoming narrow framing and overconfidence in our financial decision making. Like a low fuel warning in a car a “tripwire” snaps us out of autopilot, grabbing our attention at exactly the right moment to reconsider a decision or to make a new one.
  • Built to Last: A Blueprint for Strategic Portfolio Construction Recorded: Apr 30 2013 61 mins
    Building investment portfolios is the cornerstone of the service that advisors offer their clients. Sound portfolio construction creates lasting value for investors and enables a thriving advisory practice. In the upcoming webinar, Built to Last, Shundrawn A . Thomas, Global Head of Northern Trust FlexShares ETFs, will discuss the fundamentals of portfolio construction, highlighting related strategies for advisors to consider as part of their own efforts to build portfolios for the long-term.
  • Diversifying Your Fixed Income Allocation Recorded: Apr 19 2013 61 mins
    We don't know when interest rates will rise, by how much or how fast, but your clients may need portfolio solutions to diversify their exposure for any rate environment.

    Our experts will discuss:
    - What's next for fixed income markets
    - Alternative Fixed Income trading strategies
    - Which strategies perform well in various market
    - How to allocate to alternative fixed income solutions
  • Tactical Managers discuss the Importance of Tax Efficiency Recorded: Mar 28 2013 61 mins
    In a volatile market where every basis point counts, research indicates that 68% of advisors are feeling pressure to revise their asset management strategies, 68% are using more alternative investments, and many are turning to tactical strategies to manage risk and achieve positive performance.

    Learn how two leading money managers leverage tactical strategies to manage risk without sacrificing returns to taxes. Our experts will address how they achieve greater diversification and enhance risk management, and the benefits of using a tax-advantaged account such as a flat-fee VA to improve tax efficiency
  • Preferred Securities in 2013: High Income and Value Opportunities Recorded: Feb 6 2013 60 mins
    Cohen & Steers’ Head of Fixed Income Bill Scapell will discuss:

    • Why preferred securities may be an attractive income generator for your clients

    • The strong relative value preferred securities have in today’s fixed income markets

    • How strengthening bank balance sheets continue to be a catalyst for performance

    • The access we have as an institutional manager to the institutional (OTC) market which has provided better income and total return opportunities
  • Preferreds, What's Old is New Again Recorded: Dec 12 2012 44 mins
    June 7, 2012, the Federal Reserve released its long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) on bank capital requirements. The effect of those will be:

    • Traditional DRD/QDI-eligible Preferred stock would be eligible Tier 1 Capital;
    • Trust preferred securities (TruPS) would not be eligible;
    • Banks would maintain higher levels of common equity to support preferred and debt holders; and
    • Banks have begun and will continue to refinance their outstanding TruPS with traditional tax-advantaged preferred stock.

    Hear from the longest tenured preferred manager in the industry, Flaherty & Crumrine about what opportunities this may hold for you and your clients in the new year.
  • Bonds Beyond the Benchmark: An Unconstrained Approach Recorded: Nov 14 2012 60 mins
    Interest rates are historically low today and risk-free assets are harder to find, making sovereign bonds an increasingly risky and complex asset class. Fixed-income investors who tie their strategies to benchmarks may have benefited as rates have fallen, but they may not realize the unintended consequences they face.

    Almost all bond indices are market-cap weighted, so companies or governments that issue the most debt—perhaps hurting their creditworthiness—make up the biggest share of the index. Index characteristics can also change over time, so a benchmark that seemed appropriate before may look quite different today. Question: does it still align with their portfolio objectives?

    There are other ways to run a bond strategy without the constraints of benchmarks like the Barclays Capital US Aggregate or Global Aggregate. Join our webinar on November 14th to discuss how financial advisors can identify the objective of their clients’ fixed-income allocations and consider alternatives to traditional benchmarks.
  • Current Trends In Investment Management Outsourcing Recorded: Oct 3 2012 63 mins
    We will present the latest quantitative and qualitative insights into key trends in investment management outsourcing and financial advisors’ opinions.

    All registrants will be emailed a copy of the full research report prior to the webinar on October 3.

    You’ll hear:
    Highlights of Northern Trust’s “Investment Management Outsourcing: The State of the Art In 2012” research based on a recent survey of more than 500 Advisor Perspectives subscribers. This work updates research conducted in 2010 and tracks changes in advisors’ views toward and use of outsourcing in the last two years.
  • Hedging a Portfolio Against Inflation: What Do I Use? Recorded: Aug 9 2012 60 mins
    In light of years of monetary and fiscal stimuli, many believe the economy may be predisposed to inflationary pressures. In this webinar we will discuss how an allocation to commodities can hedge a portfolio from inflation as well as look at which asset classes have performed well in rising, falling and stable inflationary environments. We will also discuss why treasury-inflation protected securities (TIPS) may not be a suitable hedge against inflation.
  • An Inside Look at Long/Short Mutual Funds Recorded: Mar 22 2012 68 mins
    Fortigent and Robeco Boston Partners will be hosting an educational webinar on the topic of long/short investing. The webinar will take place on March 22nd at 4pm EST. Please register to attend this informative event.

    Topics discussed will include:

    · Understanding long/short equity mutual funds within the context of a traditional asset allocation model

    · Approaches to long/short equity investing

    · Types of long/short mutual funds

    · How to analyze long/short mutual funds

    · Challenges with shorting

    · Where do long/short mutual funds fit within an asset allocation model?

    · Historically, how have long/short funds impacted the performance and volatility profile of a traditional investor portfolio.

    · What allocation to long/short equity provides the greatest benefit to investors portfolios?
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