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Venture Capital

    CRYPTO-TRADING 101 : ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW GET STARTED Decentrl and BIGA Recorded: Jun 21 2018 30 mins
    Individuals and businesses en masse are realizing the potential of blockchain, and are eager to invest in the vast and growing number of products and solutions this revolutionary technology has produced. There are huge gains and losses to be made from investing in crypto; getting an understanding of blockchain technology is pretty essential for everyone in looking to enter.

    Though, even with an investment background, things can get complicated fairly quick. With so much advice out there, it’s difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to find the signal amongst the noise.

    Decentrl has partnered with BIGA to cut through the noise. We are a boutique consultancy that advises fellow blockchain startups, enterprises, and governments on crypto-economics, investor relations, business development, and community building, and have collectively raised over $600M.

    Together, our team of analysts, community leaders, and investors bring you an insightful webinar so you and your network can be given a straightforward introduction to the complex and sensational world of crypto.

    We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started, including:

    • How to set up your first wallet
    • Using altcoin exchanges
    • How to start trading
    • The risks

    We will follow-up our talk with our Macro Trading Report, which will be of interest to more seasoned traders, but also very insightful to beginners, which will include:

    • An overview of the current market state (including Bitcoin & Ethereum)
    • Upcoming major news events for the top 100 ranked cryptocurrencies
    • Projects to watch
    • Updates from major conferences & events

    There will also be a chance to have your questions answered during our live Q&A.

    To join us for the webinar, simply make a free account on BrightTALK.

    Surprise guest appearances will also be featured live from our office in Los Angeles!
  • BrightTALK Pitch: UK
    BrightTALK Pitch: UK . Recorded: Jun 19 2018 15 mins
    Investors Looking for Deal Flow meet Startups Looking for Investments in this live webinar. 6 startups pitch for 10 minutes each. Investors can choose who to connect with.
  • Ask the Expert with Mark Baker from Canonical
    Ask the Expert with Mark Baker from Canonical Mark Baker, Canonical, with Ina Yulo, BrightTALK Recorded: Jun 13 2018 15 mins
    Ask the expert session with Mark Baker from Canonical from Money20/20

    -How do you solve the issue in FS where IT budget is used to keep in legacy systems therefore starting new thing is slow and it's hard to attract talent on old systems VS go outside to get something expensive and not always differentiating
    -What are some of the challenges with creating a devops culture in Financial Services?
    -How do you encourage your clients to adopt a Multicloud approach?
    -AI is one of the biggest trends in FinTech over the past few months. Do you think FIs are getting to grips with it successfully, or do you see areas they can improve on?
  • Bridging real life to digital - The journey towards a digital payments ecosystem
    Bridging real life to digital - The journey towards a digital payments ecosystem Eduard Khatkutov and Marijke Koninckx, BPC Banking Technologies, with Ade Adeleke, BrightTALK Recorded: Jun 13 2018 23 mins
    Ask the experts session with BPC Banking Technologies from Money20/20 Europe.

    Even though the technology seems to be getting all the attention, we are still very much part of an industry where everything starts from real life needs. Over the last years, payments and business transactions are increasingly converging into digital services. This raises some interesting questions on how to bridge real life to digital and create relevant products for customers. But are isolated solutions still fit for purpose or will the future all revolve around marketplaces and ecosystems? And what technologies enable this evolution? BPC Banking Technologies will be discussing what the journey towards a digital payments ecosystem looks like.
  • How Blockchain in Tandem with IoT is a Game-Changer
    How Blockchain in Tandem with IoT is a Game-Changer Tariq Ali Asghar, CEO, Emerging Star Investment Group Recorded: Jun 5 2018 39 mins
    Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way IoT devices are connected. The decentralized and distributed system emboldens security, enables third party verification and avoids multiple inputs of the same information, thereby increasing efficiency, speed and execution of IoT devices.

    This webinar explains how Blockchain and IoT are coherently related and support each other. Blockchain enables organized functioning of IoT devices and their regulation, immutability and security.

    About the speaker:

    Tariq is a Fintech expert, writer and thinker based in Toronto, Canada. He is currently working on an initiative to disrupt the conventional insurance industry with Blockchain and IoT applications to the insurance industry for his startup.
  • Everything An Issuer Needs to Know about Token Offerings
    Everything An Issuer Needs to Know about Token Offerings Dara Albright, Darren Marble Recorded: May 31 2018 59 mins
    This is the must-view webinar for any company interested in launching a token offering. Listeners will gain a firm understanding of the types of token offerings, the differences between ICOs and STOs, the regulatory landscape, the costs involved as well as insight into the ecosystem of token buyers and advisors.
  • Intensifying Need for Electric Grid Transformation Sparks Growth Opportunities
    Intensifying Need for Electric Grid Transformation Sparks Growth Opportunities Farah Saeed, Research Director, Digital Grids, Frost & Sullivan Recorded: May 30 2018 36 mins
    Regulatory guidelines and budgetary constraints have long shaped grid investments. The primary focus is to ensure that the electric grid is available at all times and is resilient to any disruption. This has been a relatively predictable task until now. As more households gain access to and embrace disruptive devices such as smart home devices, electric vehicles, and distributed energy resources, to what degree are utilities prepared to manage these changes and what sort of role and influence will they have in the future?

    Key Takeaways:
    · Get an in-depth view of emerging and cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the digital grid space.
    · Learn about grid modernization initiatives.
    · Obtain insight on key stakeholders to determine who would be ideal strategic partners.
  • How strategic VCs are priming healthcare startups for success
    How strategic VCs are priming healthcare startups for success Daniel Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures Recorded: May 15 2018 61 mins
    The healthcare system feels as though it’s years behind, compared to other consumer-dominated industries, and for good reason. Fluctuating payment models, care structures, patient journeys, and shifting relationships between patients and their physicians have complex, ever-shifting barriers to implementing innovative solutions – and do it at scale.

    But the potential to disrupt healthcare with innovative solutions and technology at scale is huge. It just takes an astute venture capital partner who can help you navigate the complexities, paired with your own healthcare expertise. Join this webinar to learn how VC partnerships can help you navigate through the regulations and complicated nature of healthcare, and get your startup thriving.

    By attending this webinar, you’ll:

    * Learn what it takes for a startup to be successful in the highly complex and regulated healthcare industry
    * Gain perspective from established health tech CEOs
    * Understand the importance of having a strategic VC in an industry like healthcare
    * See what VCs are looking for in the healthcare and health tech categories


    * Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth
    * Daniel Galles, Partner, Providence Ventures
    * Stewart Rogers, Analyst-at-Large, VentureBeat
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Providence Ventures
  • The Predictive Bank of the Future: How AI will Change Banking Forever
    The Predictive Bank of the Future: How AI will Change Banking Forever Tariq Ali Asghar, CEO, Emerging Star investment Group Recorded: May 15 2018 47 mins
    This Webinar explains how Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning is going to transform the future Banking Industry. Banks which can manage this Big Data evolution successfully will survive and thrive, and give a more holistic and personalized customer service, thereby increasing their revenues tremendously.

    The key takeaway from this Webinar is that “Right information at the right place and the right time is going to be the real money and will shape the future of Banking Industry.”

    Tariq is a Fintech Expert, writer, and thinker based in Toronto Canada and is currently working on an initiative to disrupt the conventional Banking Industry with “Big Data Predictive Analytics Model” of his startup.
  • Beyond POCs: Fostering long-term collaboration between Incumbents and FinTechs
    Beyond POCs: Fostering long-term collaboration between Incumbents and FinTechs Nektarios Liolios, Hélène Alunni-Botteri, Nigel Verdon, Sarah Kocianski Recorded: Apr 25 2018 50 mins
    There’s been a lot of talk about Banks and Financial Institutions appetite for working with FinTech companies and other startups. Yet successful collaboration requires commitment and agility from both sides – FinTechs and Incumbents, and most engagements with large organisations frizzle out because of the incapability of creating real collaboration projects. Between differing cultures, vastly different infrastructures and an ever changing compliance playing field, collaboration between banks and FinTechs is far from simple, derailing many proposed partnerships.

    Is it enough to have the appetite for working with startups? Startups can provide enormous value but can incumbents identify what the value is? Or is it just the matter of observing, keeping up with trends? What does it take to create meaningful collaboration between FinTech startups and incumbents? What are the key challenges they face?

    Join us with expert panel:

    - Nektarios Liolios, Founder & CEO of Rainmaking Colab & Startupbootcamp FinTech
    - Hélène Alunni-Botteri, Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator - EMEA
    - Nigel Verdon, Founder and CEO of Railsbank

    Moderator: Sarah Kocianski, Principal Research Analyst - ‎11FS
  • Breaking Into FinTech 101
    Breaking Into FinTech 101 Sophie Winwood (Innovate Finance), Ina Yulo (BrightTALK), Valentina Kristensen (OakNorth), Kathryn Harris (LBG), Nina Mohanty Recorded: Apr 19 2018 64 mins
    FinTech is a hot and trendy industry with topics like blockchain, digital banking, and cryptocurrencies on just about everyone's lips. The peaked interest in the sector has even encouraged universities, such as Oxford, to create courses specifically for FinTech. Meet-up groups and accelerators are also constantly delivering workshops on the top skills needed to make candidates more attractive to hiring managers.

    Join this session to learn:
    Do you need a background in Financial Services or Tech?
    The key skills that all FinTech start-ups will be looking for
    The positives and negatives of working for a large institution
    The positives and negatives of working for a start-up
    CV hacks: some easy ways to make your CV more FinTech-friendly
    Top resources available for people who want to learn more
  • FinTech Funding on the Rise
    FinTech Funding on the Rise Alix Brunet, Tomi Fyrqvist, Gareth Jefferies, Francisco Lorca, Triin Linamagi Recorded: Apr 18 2018 59 mins
    Global FinTech financing hit a new record in 2017. We saw the biggest FinTech funding jump in Europe – the growth over 120%, yet US early stage FinTech deals fell as investors made more concentrated bets. Early-stage FinTech deal share dropped to a 5-year low in 2017 according to CBInsights latest report. There’s also been a sharp increase in later stage FinTech funding by corporates backing nearly half of the deals. Is this enough evidence to say that investors are pulling away from early stage FinTech Investing? Why have we seen the rise in corporate scale-up programs? Where is FinTech funding heading in 2018? What are the FinTech trends to Watch next? What's VCs take on cryptocurrencies?

    Join us for a discussion with expert panel of VCs and investors:

    - Alix Brunet, Finch Capital
    - Tomi Fyrqvist, AXA Venture Partners
    - Gareth Jefferies, Northzone
    - Francisco Lorca, EthosData and Lapinta Ventures

    Moderated by: Triin Linamagi, Rainmaking Colab
  • Leading Indicators: Transforming from a dance scholar to a research manager
    Leading Indicators: Transforming from a dance scholar to a research manager Dr Caitlin McDonald, Data, Research & Insights Manager at Tes Global Recorded: Apr 11 2018 13 mins
    Leadership is not about how many people report to us, but what kind of influence we have in the teams and communities we operate in.

    Join Caitlin for a few career stories illustrating how we can step into leadership with confidence and clarity in a constantly shifting career landscape.
  • Start Ups - Diverse By Design
    Start Ups - Diverse By Design Juliet Eccleston, Co-founder and CEO at AnyGood? Recorded: Apr 6 2018 28 mins
    When you’re developing and refining a proposition, it can be easy to focus simply on what most people need and and how you can provide it as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. The 80/20 rule right?

    Those involved in start ups are in the unique position of being able to re-write the rule book. They can be unconstrained within their design process by traditional corporate boundaries and move beyond something that works for most, to something that is both inclusive and extraordinary.

    In this live webinar, I’ll share some of the key techniques we used to develop AnyGood? as a proposition that was “Diverse By Design”. This not only resulted in us having a far more ethical proposition, but one that was more desirable too.

    If you’re in an early stage start up, or are in a larger organisation and have a proposition that’s being developed and refined, tune in and I’ll share my learnings.
  • How blockchain can help IoT deliver ROI
    How blockchain can help IoT deliver ROI Jonathan Johnson, Board Member, Overstock.com Recorded: Apr 5 2018 61 mins
    A projected 10 billion more devices will be connecting to the Internet in the next four years. The business potential behind that number is huge, but so are the challenges the IoT ecosystem faces — from lack of a shared architecture for interconnection to the continued problem of how to authenticate devices on the network.

    But as customers connect more devices and expect less friction and more continuity across them, blockchain technology seems to hold the potential to unlock new business model use cases — and ROI from them. Join the latest VB Live event to learn more about intersections between IoT and distributed ledger technologies and explore how they can unlock the security required to realize a profitable Future of Things.

    In this webinar you'll learn:

    *What distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain mean for businesses in 2018?
    *How blockchain for IoT can build trust between people and parties who transact together, reduce costs, and accelerate transactions
    *The future of universal architecture and what it means for autonomous products and services


    * Jonathan Johnson, Overstock.com Board Member. Medici Ventures President
    * Bob Kain, CEO, Luna DNA
    * Jessica Groopman, Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat
  • Insurtech - Using data analytics to optimise customer engagement
    Insurtech - Using data analytics to optimise customer engagement Intelligent InsurTECH Recorded: Mar 28 2018 46 mins
    Join insurtech experts from Sapiens, Generali, Metlife and MAXIS GBN and Tryg Insurance at Data Tech Talks during Intelligent InsurTECH Europe as they discuss how your company can use data analytics to optimise customer engagement and retention.

    The panel

    Steve McNickle,
    VP Sales EMEA,

    Douglas Robare
    Global Head of Underwriting - Financial Lines, Generali Global Corporate & Commercial,

    Andrew Stocker
    Vice President Head of Distribution
    Global Employee Benefits,
    MetLife and MAXIS GBN

    Nikhil Kaithwal
    SVP - Group Chief Analytics Officer
    Tryg Insurance
  • Blockchain - Where are we now?
    Blockchain - Where are we now? Magdalena Ramada Sarasola Recorded: Mar 27 2018 37 mins
    Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, Senior Economist at Willis Towers Watson, discusses blockchain from an insurance perspective.

    Recorded live at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe this presentation examines present trends in blockchain, future developments and how quickly your business could see the benefit of this technology.
  • You Should've Been a Doctor: How to turn your interests into a career
    You Should've Been a Doctor: How to turn your interests into a career Ina Yulo, Senior Content Strategy Manager, BrightTALK Recorded: Mar 23 2018 44 mins
    Ever since she was a kid, Ina Yulo's grandmother told her that she wasted the skills she had in math and science by going into the marketing and communication field. "You should've been a doctor," said her grandmother. To which she responded, "But I don't WANT to be one."

    Despite taking a while for her to really feel comfortable and proud about her chosen path, she now has a thriving career running content strategy and communities for the FinTech industry, where she has grown a community of over 300,000 global members.

    Join this session where you will learn:

    -How to intelligently turn your interests into an income-earning profession
    -The importance of putting time aside for learning
    -Finding your niche, your tribe, and yourself
    -The importance of speaking opportunities and throwing yourself out there
    -Branching out -- How not to be a one-trick pony
  • Moving to a Customer-Centric Insurance Claims Process
    Moving to a Customer-Centric Insurance Claims Process Intelligent InsurTECH Recorded: Mar 22 2018 45 mins
    Automation is set to drastically change the way insurers operate in the coming years. One particular area for disruption of current practices is the automation of claims.

    In this video, filmed at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2017 we brought together three industry experts to share their experience and knowledge on how providing a user-friendly, automated claims model can help a business win and retain customers.

    The panel

    •Charles Bush, Head of Property and Energy Claims, Zurich Commercial Insurance UK
    •Steven Wilkins, Head of Underwriting Insight, Hiscox
    •Rosaria Truppo, Co-Founder, Photocert
  • Insurtech Startup Investment & Engagement
    Insurtech Startup Investment & Engagement Intelligent InsurTECH Recorded: Mar 21 2018 43 mins
    Join a panel of insurtech experts discussing the most important issues facing insurance startup investment and engagement today, as recorded at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2017.

    This videocast is chaired by Twan Hoste, head of product management at Roundcube. He is joined by an experienced panel of incumbents, investors and startups to discuss a range of subjects including:

    •How to generate entrepreneurship within organisations / build ambitious insurtech startups: opportunities and challenges.
    •How can incumbents and startups use each other’s capabilities in an optimal way to ensure a successful partnership?
    •Investing to innovate: what’s interesting based on the 3 P’s (profitability; persistency - keeping the customer longer; proximity - to the customer); how and when to invest; global investment trends; re/insurance giants’ recent startup investment & partnerships.
    •Tracking commercially viable startups / solutions emerging around the world & qualifying potential investments.
    •What startups need to know about investors - the do’s and don'ts & best practices both worlds can share.
    •Is it possible for Europe to compete against Asia, when we look at the regulatory environment?
    •Looking into the near future - where will innovation come from? How to keep up with newcomers delivering optimisation and automation quicker through partnership models.

    The panel
    •Twan Hoste, Head of Product Management, Roundcube
    •Martin Pluschke, Head of Group Digitisation Strategy, Nürnberger Versicherung
    •Minh Q. Tran, Former General Partner, Europe, AXA Strategic Ventures
    •Alexandre Rispal, co-CEO, Moonshot-Internet, Société Générale Insurance
    •Volker Büttner, Head of Group Innovation, Generali Group
    •Matthew Jones, Investor, Anthemis Group
    •Michael Fitzgibbon, Vice President of Insurance Services & Chief Underwriting Officer, Slice
  • Your Leadership Revolution
    Your Leadership Revolution Samantha Woolven, Culture and Change Consultant at SW Consultants Recorded: Mar 15 2018 45 mins
    Transparency, trust, and two-way communication. We are no longer in the age of top-down management and we would rather pull than push. The world of work is changing all around us, how can we keep up?

    Authenticity and core purpose are the cornerstones of customer and employee engagement. How close are you and your leadership team to your frontline employees and the customers you are all here to serve?

    You too can you kickstart a leadership revolution - empowering your people to be more open, helping everyone to take on more responsibility, and working together to make your company grow.

    Sharing stories of success and practical tips to overcome internal challenge, Samantha will lead you through why, how, and the enormous potential of getting everyone to lead your business better.
  • Insurtech: What the Board Needs to Know When Creating Platforms for Innovation
    Insurtech: What the Board Needs to Know When Creating Platforms for Innovation Intelligent InsurTECH Recorded: Mar 14 2018 66 mins
    Join an expert panel of insurtech influencers as they debate the most important issues facing insurance boardrooms today.

    The videocast starts with a keynote address from Brian Wallace, Chief Technology Officer - Insurance, DXC Technology at Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2017. The speech focuses on how insurtech is creating innovation and how current insurers can adapt and transition to deal with these changes.

    Following this is the keynote panel from the Intelligent InsurTECH Europe 2017 event, which brings together some of the greatest minds in the industry discussing a wide range of issues and challenges conventional insurers face in the insurtech space while expanding on the points made in Brian Wallace’s keynote address.

    Panellists featured in this keynote
    • Brian Wallace, Chief Technology Officer - Insurance, DXC Technology
    • Jacob Abboud Chief Information Officer, Allianz Insurance (UK)
    • Marc Guy Victor Sordoni Chief Executive Officer, Unipol RE
    • Shirine Khoury-Haq Chief Operating Officer, Lloyd's of London
    • Martin Henley, Group Chief Information Officer, XL Catlin

    Our panellists discuss:
    •Which insurtech solutions can help insurers differentiate themselves and bring unique competitive advantages to the business?
    •How will insurtech impact the core business, results, portfolio, new clients and profitability?
    •What are the benefits compared to the current operations?
    •How much will it cost? What’s the potential ROI and impact on the bottom line? Why should the board approve the investment?
    •Where do the real opportunities lie? Where should insurers focus on: the connected car; the connected home; the connected self?
    •How to attain scalability; what are possible opportunities and pitfalls?
    •The pressure to remain competitive: How much time do we have, if any?
    •Recent initiatives and implementation case studies.
  • Own Your Story--A Personal Brand Workshop
    Own Your Story--A Personal Brand Workshop Olivia Christian Brand Strategist, Workshop Lead Recorded: Mar 8 2018 31 mins
    An organization's vision and purpose is communicated from the top down. CEOs, Executive Directors and Leadership Teams are charged with motivating varying audiences to their goal or cause, e.g. invest, volunteer, give, attend, work with us. What's essential in effectively communicating a vision and purpose that includes both the logical--the head, and the emotional--the heart?

    Olivia Christian’s early professional career was dedicated to working with and on behalf of elected representatives that were committed to improving the lives of individuals and families living in the San Francisco Bay Area’s most vulnerable communities.

    In 2005 Olivia left city hall and began working as a brand development consultant. Her clients have included organizations providing access to life advancing services to the underserved and female entrepreneurs developing resources and opportunities that support the professional and personal growth of other women. Through her workshop, OWN YOUR Story, Olivia coaches individuals and teams who want to effectively convey the why, how and what of their personal brand story for any given audience.
  • Catch Your Leadership Stride: Behaviors that Drive Success
    Catch Your Leadership Stride: Behaviors that Drive Success Leslie A. Rubin and Kendra Dahlstrom Recorded: Mar 8 2018 59 mins
    A successful and effective leader is like an athlete- they must continuously train to stay ahead in an ever-changing business climate. Many leaders come with “built-in” skills and behaviors that give them an advantage, while others may need to learn new behaviors just to stay in the race.

    In this session, we’ll discuss what it takes to be a great leader – from a high degree of self-awareness to a stomach for ambiguity, to be an effective communicator, and of course, maintain a positive attitude. These are just a few of the behaviors we’ll uncover that are needed for both the aspiring and current leader to catch and maintain a leadership stride. We’ll also highlight real-life examples of current executives and leaders, and share some key tips to evaluate what’s working and what’s not.

    In this interactive session, you will learn:
    •What it takes to have a leadership mindset.
    •Identifying behaviors that we need to "unpack" or need to evolve.
    •Understand core attributes great leaders must have when they are leading a team, running a company or communicating.

    Leslie A. Rubin, CEO, Image Matterz Consulting, Author, and Co-Founder of Executive Greatness Institute
    Kendra Dahlstrom, CEO, Aspire to Be International, Author & Coach
  • Women in Tech Leadership: Building your Brand & Becoming a Better Leader
    Women in Tech Leadership: Building your Brand & Becoming a Better Leader Jeanne Morain, Emerald de Leeuw, Jill Donahue & Andrea Short Recorded: Mar 8 2018 59 mins
    2017 was a historic year for women and feminists around the world. With the #metoo and #knowno campaigns, gender gaps and disparities were brought to light in ways they hadn't been before.

    Now it's a new year and with it comes new challenges for women in hi-tech careers: whether it be navigating your career through these times, finding or becoming a mentor, building your personal and professional brand as a leader, dealing with office politics or maintaining work-life balance, the challenges and opportunities for women in the workplace are endless.

    Join this expert panel with moderator Jeanne Morain and panelists Emerald de Leeuw, Executive Director, EuroComply Data Protection Technology, Jill Donahue, Sr. Director of Marketing, PC Connection, and Andrea Short, Director, Supplier Marketing at Tech Data.

    They will share personal stories and experiences, tips and best practices, problems and solutions around these and other topics for women in tech leadership.