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  • According to Econsultancy’s 2014 email marketing census, 36 per cent of marketers cite poor measurement and analytics as barriers to effective email marketing. They know that the right metrics will drive the right business results but while the essential metrics (delivered, opened, clicked or click to open) have served us well, they are not necessarily the ultimate measure over a period of time.

    In this webinar Skip Fidura of dotmailer takes a look at:

    How marketers can measure engagement though 'click and open reach' and 'dwell (or read) time'.
    The term 'the halo effect', how it can be measured and how it's in line with multichannel marketing measurement.
    The 'post click funnel' metric and making sure your campaign assessment isn't incomplete.
    How to examine your 'time of action' which will drive tests and improvements.
  • In today’s rapidly evolving marketing technology landscape, the one constant that remains is the need for a centralized source of customer data. With that, it becomes possible to build a unified customer view and create a superior customer experience across all stages of the customer lifecycle, from acquisition and growth to retention and service.

    Join David Raab, Principal at Raab Associates Inc., and Adam Corey, Vice President of Marketing at Tealium, as they discuss the emergence of the real-time customer data platform (CDP) as the critical element to achieving this. They will share:
    - Three components of a CDP
    - Five benefits of the CDP
    - How they work and what to look for
    - Customer case studies and best practices

    Register now to explore how this collection of new technologies allows marketers to re-imagine the boundaries of what can be done with customer data.
  • Make your social media reporting more actionable, improving buy-in for future campaigns and always-on activities.

    This webinar will run through a host of tools including Facebook & Twitter Analytics, research tools such as Buzzsumo, and setting up custom reports and dashboards in Google Analytics to track your performance.

    Learn how to not just get the data, but how to easily report and communicate the success of your work.
  • No matter how your push notification, in-app, or email strategies are performing, you’re likely wondering, “How do they compare to industry benchmarks? What’s the average for my industry? How are competitors fairing?"

    Industry benchmarks answer many of these questions, and we’ve got them for you.

    Join us for a webinar on November 18th, where Kahuna will present data from its second Mobile Marketing Index. Drawn from nearly 400 million user profiles and roughly 500 million events per day over the course Q3 2015, The Mobile Marketing Index takes an in-depth look at opt-in rates, user retention, goal achievement, opt-out and uninstalls, as well as the impact mobile has on email consumption.

    In the webinar, you’ll learn:

    -The average retention rate across 15 specific verticals after 30, 60 and 90 days
    -Industry averages for opt-outs, uninstalls, and unsubscribes
    -The impact mobile is having on email open rates and click-to-open rates
    -How brands can use this benchmark data to optimize their mobile marketing strategies
  • In the digital marketplace, your customers are engaging with dozens of partners and hundreds of offers each day. Measuring behavior has always been a critical component of your marketing because it’s what lets you learn about the preferences of your customers.

    When your customer data is onboarded with 3rd party partner data, you can open new possibilities and expand the size of your core audience.This knowledge can be your best tool for modeling a new target audience, but how do you apply attributes known about your core audience to your customer expansion strategies?

    Sign up to hear experts from MediaMath, Connexity and LiveRamp speak about:

    – How you can refine your data with 3rd party sources that produce meaningful segmentation
    – How data sources, such as shopper intent data, enables more efficient and targeted campaigns
    – Practical examples on how brands and agencies are actually leveraging new data sources to improve their campaigns
  • Sure, you want to execute successful automated campaigns,
    but relying on the batch-and-blast scenarios of the past won’t get you there.

    In this session, we’ll cover cutting-edge best practices for campaign automation, from lead source scenarios through to the AQL: automation qualified lead. You’ll also learn how to set campaign progression steps to yield rich leads and trackable results – even when the call-to-action isn’t clicked.
  • Marketers have been effectively analyzing their own customer data and identifying similar buyer attributes offline for decades. Unfortunately customer data is often siloed or spread across dozens of applications, preventing marketers from leveraging insights that should be used to model the perfect new audience for digital campaigns, or to campaign performance against offline consumer sales.

    When your data is connected insights can be shared across marketing applications and measured offline or online. Data from every marketing technology in your toolbox can finally be connected allowing you to continuously refine your campaigns. Sign up to join our next webinar where you’ll learn:

    – About new strategies for audience modeling and practical tips for getting started
    – Reach the perfect audience by connecting your customer data to digital marketing campaigns
    – To forget about measuring campaign performance with vanity metrics like “reach” or “impressions”
    – How to determine which digital campaigns are actually delivering measurable sales
  • What if you could boost email engagement by 10X? What would that do for your brand?

    Most brands haven’t changed their email strategies to fit the rising expectations of the modern, mobile-first customer. The most successful marketers today are leveraging mobile behavioral data in critical ways to create email campaigns that achieve better results by enabling messages that are immediate, simple, and contextually relevant to each customer.

    Join Kahuna’s Doug Roberge, Strategic Services Consultant, on Oct. 28 for the webinar, “From SPAM to BAM! Using Behavioral Data To Send Impactful Emails.”

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:
    - Five ways to use behavioral data to deliver personalized, real-time email campaigns that make an impact
    - The role email plays in a cross-channel messaging strategy
    - The key metrics modern email marketers must pay attention to

    Please join us for From SPAM to BAM! Using Behavioral Data To Send Impactful Emails, on Oct. 28 at 10 a.m. PST, 1 p.m. EST. Even if you can’t attend live, registering ensures you’ll have on-demand access to the webinar materials. Register Today!
  • It’s a cold, hard fact: embracing real-time customer engagement and adopting a unified marketing strategy is no longer an option. Fragmented data sources mean fragmented insights, making it impossible to develop a holistic view of your customers and provide meaningful, consistent customer experiences. But selecting the right marketing tools and applications is just the first step: the key is aligning your strategy, resources, and processes with the goal of becoming a customer-obsessed organization.

    In order to tackle this significant feat, it’s imperative to gain a clear understanding of your marketing technology maturity level to then identify gaps, prioritize your requirements, and create an action plan. Join Jay Calavas, Chief Innovation Officer at Tealium, and guest presenter Rusty Warner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to understand how to develop an effective enterprise marketing technology blueprint and accelerate your evolution into a real-time marketing organization.
  • Marketing automation can help strengthen already successful webinar programs. It’s what amplifies and targets your leads to help you effectively nurture them through the sales funnel faster.

    The good news is that marketing automation doesn’t have to be a daunting task to be effective. There are several integration triggers that allow your team to efficiently and effectively sort through to find those higher-quality leads to share with your sales reps.

    Join Cloud Elements and the BrightTALK Academy to learn how to use the following key webinar integration features to convert leads faster:
    - Polling engagement to more effectively target personas
    - Attachment downloads to improve lead scoring
    - Webinar duration to power lead generation
    - Social sharing to create advocates
    - Webinar attendance to convert leads to opportunities

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