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The Socially Engaged Enterprise

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  • CMOs are currently caught between the need to demonstrate ROI and the pressure to evolve the marketing function. How will the next-generation CMO succeed? In an age where near instant gratification for marketing investment is being demanded, the CMO is under duress to radically evolve the enterprise into a digitally centric marketing and communications engine.The underlying tension many C-suite executives are receiving to develop socially engaged strategies that also build the value of the brand in the long term has put undue pressure on resources.

    The influencers participating in this roundtable will talk about their own unique experiences in handling this ongoing tension and offer tips and guidance to those in the middle of this fray or about to enter it.

    - Michael Gale, Partner, PulsePoint Group (Moderator)
    - Colette LaForce, CMO, AMD
    - Tracy Hansen, SVP Corporate Marketing, CA Technologies
    - Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes
  • Mobile is everywhere, as is social. But social media is not the key way to win with the mobile workforce. Social engagement using mobile to drive marketing resonance, behavioral change in employees and new product and service and sales effectiveness offers an amazing new world of opportunity. The session will cover what this new world can and would look like based on work with clients and the economics based on a collaborative project on the Socially Engaged Enterprise with the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Successful social engagement requires organizational transformation – putting in place an enablement structure to developing talent to ensuring peer support. In this webinar, based on findings from a collaborative research project with The Economist Intelligence Unit on “The Economics of Social Engagement,” PulsePoint Group will discuss the transformation required for social engagement.

    Topics covered:
    - Organizational Change: An enablement structure
    - Talent development
    - Peer support
  • In a collaborative study with The Economist Intelligent Unit, “The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise,” executives defined social engagement today as online listening, blogging, and building relationships with online influencers. But the top economic or business return performers have a different view – they will be more focused on ideas and action in the next two years. Big-return companies crowdsource new products (57%), or let customers participate in developing ideas. In fact, they are predicting a significant portion of new products will be derived from social engagement insights. This webinar from PulsePoint Group will explore best cases and practices.

    Topics covered:
    - Research results
    - The different flavors of “crowdsourcing”
    - Case studies
    - What works and what doesn¹t
  • Everyone wants to be in a socially engaged enterprise but understanding the right level of investment and sequence of activities is often unclear. From a collaborative research project with The Economist Intelligence Unit, PulsePoint Group has calculated the enormous range of very disparate economic performances achieved across six types of socially engaged enterprises. With the highest economic performers achieving a four times higher return than the lowest performers, there are sensible investments in time and money that you should consider to win.

    Topics covered:
    - The lowest and highest performing socially engaged enterprise profiles – from one extreme to another
    - The most consistently wrong and the most surprisingly effective investment focus areas
    - Plotting your journey to the most economically optimized state of social engagement
  • You may have a great vision for a socially engaged brand but you’ve got to have the right advocates – and financial support - on your side. This session, from the collaborative work with The Economist Intelligence Unit and PulsePoint Group’s “The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise,” will show you a game plan for how to build future advocate groups based on where advocacy currently lies within your organization.

    Topics covered:
    - How the evolving role of advocacy occurs from immature to the most mature socially engaged enterprises and how to be one step ahead
    - The imperative of C-suite advocacy
    - Predictions about future advocates
    - How to convince advocates of the value of social engagement
  • Your organization can adopt clear best practices to expand the reach and economic value of social engagement with your customers, partners and employees. This webinar will introduce PulsePoint Group’s ongoing research diagnostic, in collaboration with The Economist Intelligence Unit, to show you what to focus on and how to sequence the right actions to reap the four times higher economic return experienced by socially engaged high performers.

    Topics covered:
    - The defining attributes of the socially engaged high performers
    - The C-suite advocacy required to get traction
    - Evidence of the range of economic values social engagement has been calculated to deliver
    - Finding out where your organization is and what you should do next

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