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  • Customer Story - Catbird
    Customer Story - Catbird Holland Barry, Chief Technology Officer & Shane Thorson, Principal Architect. Recorded: Jan 20 2018 11 mins
    Interview with our customers at Catbird: Holland Barry, Chief Technology Officer, and Shane Thorson, Principal Architect.

    Questions discussed in this video:
    1. Tell us about Catbird
    2. Tell us about the storage infrastructure at Catbird
    3. Describe the problems you were facing that ultimately led you to use Reduxio
    4. How long has Catbird been using OpenStack and Reduxio's Cinder driver?
    5. What are the other benefits of using Reduxio?
    6. Anything else you want to add before we open for questions?
    7. Describe your experience with the Reduxio support team
    8. What is the data size on which you are performing recovery?
    9. How did Reduxio help you overcome your challenges?
    10. Was the UI your primary interface or did you use command line?

    For more information visit http://www.reduxio.com
  • Customer Story - Anna Maria College
    Customer Story - Anna Maria College Michael Miers Recorded: Jan 20 2018 5 mins
    In this video, listen to Michael Miers, Chief Information Officer at Anna Maria College as he shares his experience with Reduxio. And how he and his team benefitted from the solution that helped transform his IT infrastructure.

    About Michael Miers

    With over 15 years of experience in IT and a proven track record of success in many aspects of higher education. Michael is charged with overseeing the Information Technology Department and to maintain the security and integrity of college data, manage all IT budgets, organizing all computer application training, guide long-range technology planning, represent the college on all issues of technology, oversee and implement new technologies to keep the college current and competitive with other institutions.
  • Ransomware - Sit back and relax | On demand  Webinar
    Ransomware - Sit back and relax | On demand Webinar John Bambenek, Michael Martell, Jacob Cherian Recorded: Jan 20 2018 61 mins
    The number of Ransomware attacks on businesses tripled since last year. It’s the trending topic on cyber-security right now, and over 4000 attacks happen every day, the total ransom amounts close to $1Bn and it’s getting worse. Attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and VM’s are no longer safe. So, should you be worried? We think not.

    Speakers: John Bambenek, Michael Martell, Jacob Cherian
    John Bambenek, Manager of threat systems at Fidelis Cybersecurity/incident handler at internet storm center (ISC)
    John has been engaged in security for 15 years researching security threats. He is a published author of several articles, book chapters, and one book.

    Michael Martell, 30-year experience in IT infrastructure.
    Systems Manager at Dingley Press, the largest catalog printers in the US . Before Dingley, Michael led IT infrastructure & operations at Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • The Evolution of VM Back Up - Webinar On Demand
    The Evolution of VM Back Up - Webinar On Demand Ronen Sde-Or, Technical Marketing at Reduxio | Francis Leong, IT Manager at One Workplace Recorded: Jan 19 2018 59 mins
    A session designed to explore the past, present, and future for data protection in a VMWare environment.

    Traditionally, enterprises have implemented a complex, siloed backup architecture with disk hardware and tapes to reduce costs for server backup. Unfortunately, these legacy multi-tiered solutions add more complexity, limit scalability, and dramatically increase storage costs. And as data continues to sprawl out of control, infrastructure silos are expanding to unmanageable footprints.

    Ronen Sde-Or, Technical Marketing at Reduxio
    Francis Leong, IT Manager at One Workplace

    Mike Grandinetti, CMO & CSO at Reduxio

    Learn more about Reduxio at https://www.reduxio.com

    You can find interesting and useful resources on VM BackUp at https://beyondtheblocks.reduxio.com"
  • Nyílt forráskódú megoldások
    Nyílt forráskódú megoldások Hargitai Zsolt Recorded: Jan 19 2018 47 mins
    Az internet világában megszámlálhatatlan nyílt forráskódú projekt létezik. Januári webinárunkban áttekintjük azokat a megoldásokat, amelyeket érdemes figyelembe venni, ha adatközpontunk infrastruktúráját szeretnénk fejleszteni.
  • FlashStack - nachhaltige Infrastruktur in a Box
    FlashStack - nachhaltige Infrastruktur in a Box Frank Müller, Channel Technical Manager at Pure Storage Recorded: Jan 19 2018 46 mins
    FlashStack - nachhaltige Infrastruktur in a Box oder: Wie gewinne ich 15 Stunden die Woche und spare Zeit und Geld?
  • The Auditor's Perspective: An Insider's Guide to Regulatory Compliance
    The Auditor's Perspective: An Insider's Guide to Regulatory Compliance Divya Jeyachandran, Sr. Manager - Payments, Cloud & Technology, Coalfire Recorded: Jan 18 2018 46 mins
    Every business that handles personally identifiable data is subject to privacy regulations and standards, such as PCI-DSS for credit card transaction data, HIPAA for medical records privacy, SOC 2 for any organization that delivers services (including SaaS-delivered solutions) and the European Union’s soon-to-be-enacted GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). There are also privacy and breach disclosure laws that vary from country to country (even state to state in the US), making it a big challenge to keep up with them all. Failure to comply can result in daily penalties and fines, and a data breach resulting from non-compliance could cost millions in settlements, legal fees, and loss of reputation.

    Join special guest, Divya Jeyachandran of Coalfire and John McLeod, CISO of AlienVault to hear what auditors are looking for and how to best prepare for your next audit.

    Topics covered:

    Overview of common compliance requirements
    Best practices for preparing for and demonstrating compliance
    Keys to overcoming challenges in your on-premises and cloud environments
    How a unified security toolset can greatly simplify this process

    Hosted By
    Divya Jeyachandran
    Sr. Manager - Payments, Cloud & Technology, Coalfire
    Divya is a Senior Manager in the Payments practice at Coalfire focusing on data security in cloud environments. She advises and assesses client environments to meet security and compliance requirements such as the PCI DSS. With 8 years of experience in cloud technology, IT security and audit, and network and systems administration combined with understanding the applicability of regulatory security and compliance requirements towards IT solutions, Divya has been the lead QSA for some of the major cloud service providers and security service providers in the industry.
  • All-Flash For Databases: 5 Reasons Why Current Systems Are Off Target
    All-Flash For Databases: 5 Reasons Why Current Systems Are Off Target Storage Switzerland, Vexata Recorded: Jan 18 2018 61 mins
    In this live webinar join Storage Switzerland’s founder and lead analyst George Crump and Vexata’s VP of Products and Solutions Rick Walsworth as they explain how all-flash systems have fallen short and how IT can realize the full potential of flash-based storage without the compromises. Learn 5 areas where all-flash arrays miss the database performance mark.
  • The 5 Essentials of Data Security & Unified Endpoint Management
    The 5 Essentials of Data Security & Unified Endpoint Management Jason Roszak, Director, Product Management, VMware with Q&A from Sachin Sharma Recorded: Jan 18 2018 57 mins
    Keep your endpoint devices, apps and data securely managed on or off the domain. With VMware unified endpoint management, you’ll remediate vulnerabilities faster, deploy patches instantly and install Win32 software quickly, reliably and consistently.

    Topics include:

    •Consolidate Windows management across devices on or off the domain
    •Deliver and install Win32 software reliably and quickly
    •Deploy security patches instantly and remediate vulnerabilities faster
    •Unify endpoint management functions across desktops and mobile devices
    •Find out how other organizations are using unified endpoint management for Windows 10
  • Hybrid-AI: Boost Cybersecurity with Human Augmented Machine Learning
    Hybrid-AI: Boost Cybersecurity with Human Augmented Machine Learning Matthew Thurston, Chief Architect - Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Jan 17 2018 48 mins
    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impressive but not yet able to completely replace security professionals. So, what is the right solution for you and your organization?

    In this webinar, we will demonstrate the shortcomings of using both technologies, without a security professional in the loop, and make the case that coupling the experience and intuition of a security professional with a machine learning system, can greatly improve the overall results.

    We will also tap the insights of Arctic Wolf Networks's Chief Architect, Matthew Thurston, on how Hybrid-AI and Machine Learning can improve threat detection capabilities and reduce false positives.

    After attending, you will be able to:

    - Recognize how AI and Machine Learning are typically used in Cyber Security, and what are the gaps
    - Define what is Hybrid-AI, why it improves detection accuracy and reduce false positives
    - Understand how Arctic Wolf Networks uses human augmented machine learning to detect Ransomware attacks

    About our guest speaker:

    Matthew Thurston developed his technical vision and security industry experience working over 10 years at Blue Coat Systems as a key developer of the policy enforcement system. He was a co-inventor on patents covering network policy management and optimizing MS Exchange (MAPI) traffic. His work reverse engineering the MAPI protocol gave birth to his keen interest in all things packet-related. Prior to Blue Coat, Matthew cut his teeth as a developer working on a wide range of projects including laser projection systems at Virtek Vision, ergonomic automation at HumanCAD Systems and configuration management software at MKS. Matthew is a graduate of the University of Guelph with a bachelor of science in computer science.
  • Solving the NAS to Object Storage Challenge
    Solving the NAS to Object Storage Challenge Storage Switzerland, Cloudian Recorded: Jan 17 2018 60 mins
    Join Storage Switzerland and Cloudian in this live webinar as we discuss the advantages of object storage over NAS, the problems with converting from NAS to object storage and how to overcome those problems.
  • Protecting your blind spots w/ Radware’s Alteon & Intel® QuickAssist Technology
    Protecting your blind spots w/ Radware’s Alteon & Intel® QuickAssist Technology Boaz Avigad, Director of Technical Marketing Recorded: Jan 16 2018 37 mins
    With the ever growing cyber threats organizations are facing and the rising adoption of traffic encryption - providing efficient and cost-effective protection is becoming a daunting task. Join us to learn about how you can better protect your organization’s assets throughout trending datacenter evolution.

    In this webinar we will learn about:

    i. Why SSL visibility is important
    ii. What new challenges are we facing in SSL
    iii. The importance of performance
    iv. SSL in the age of virtualization
    v. The impact of the evolving datacenter landscape on SSL requirements
  • A Guide for Enabling Windows Automation Using PowerShell
    A Guide for Enabling Windows Automation Using PowerShell Phil Ekins, Principal Architect at House of Brick Technologies Recorded: Jan 16 2018 45 mins
    In this presentation we will walk through a number of automation case studies. We will discuss the business problem addressed, how automation solved that problem, and the potential ROI experienced as a result.

    The examples featured will offer insights into how automation tooling played a large role in solving the client's core business issues, with a specific focus on Windows and PowerShell technologies.

    This will be an interactive session, so please feel free to bring your business problems and questions to share during the session.
  • Computing in the Mobile Cloud Era: How to Enable the Digital Workplace
    Computing in the Mobile Cloud Era: How to Enable the Digital Workplace Kevin Strohmeyer, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Workspace Services, VMware. Q&A with Sashin Sharma. Recorded: Jan 16 2018 44 mins
    The digital workspace is the defining model for end-user computing in the mobile cloud era, securely delivering anytime, anywhere access to any application to any device including desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

    This session will provide strategic guidance to the major trends shaping the market and how VMware is delivering the innovation and market leadership across desktop, mobile and cloud infrastructure solutions, making the digital workspace a reality.
  • Human vs Machine: Is Hybrid AI SOC in Your Security's Future?
    Human vs Machine: Is Hybrid AI SOC in Your Security's Future? Narayan Makaram, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks; SC Magazine Recorded: Jan 11 2018 31 mins
    Watch this webcast for an in-depth conversation about Hybrid AI and get clarification on the following:

    - Artificial Intelligence versus Hybrid AI
    - Hybrid AI when applied to a SOC
    - Incident response (human versus machine-driven)

    There will also be discussions around the following questions:

    - Can machines make decisions?
    - Can Hybrid AI systems operate autonomously?
    - What is missing in a SOC? How can Hybrid AI be added to a SOC?
    - Can Hybrid AI help alleviate staffing shortage?
  • TechTalk: Effective Micro-Segmentation for the Multi-Cloud
    TechTalk: Effective Micro-Segmentation for the Multi-Cloud John Parker, VP Products, ShieldX Networks Recorded: Jan 10 2018 30 mins
    According to MarketsandMarkets, “more than 75% of businesses are planning to implement multi-cloud architectures within the next 2 years (2018–2019).” And with the rise of multi-cloud architectures, plans and budgets to employ micro-segmentation are on the rise too, to help protect against the lateral movement of an attack, its access to high-value assets, and its subsequent exfiltration of sensitive data.

    But while ESG' research reports that already “68% of enterprise organizations use some type of software-based micro-segmentation technology” today, its implementation still presents challenges and fails to protect against today’s most pervasive assaults.

    Specifically, today’s micro-segmentation solutions offer only simple, ACL-based control, failing to secure all layers of the protocol stack in a way that is also cost-effective and practical to operationalize, especially in newer and elastic, multi-cloud environments.

    ShieldX Networks, a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Security, will present a brief and instructional overview on the new criteria for effective micro-segmentation, including why micro-segmentation and security controls must work through Layer 7 to protect against advanced attacks, and how to evaluate a solution behind the hype to determine if the micro-segmentation product you plan to deploy will deliver the security you’ve been promised.


    •Micro-segmentation state-of-the-union: What is it and how most IT organizations deploy it today

    •Security challenges: What basic micro-segmentation does, and the compromises it misses

    •Blueprint for effective micro-segmentation: Preventing the ‘confused deputy’ and its use in the spread of lateral attacks

    •Best practice takeaways

  • Insights from City of Sparks' IT Decision Maker—Steve Davidek
    Insights from City of Sparks' IT Decision Maker—Steve Davidek Steve Davidek, IT Manager, City of Sparks; Narayan Makaram, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Arctic Wolf Networks Recorded: Jan 10 2018 3 mins
    In this brief, video clip hear insights from the City of Sparks (NV) IT Manager, Steve Davidek, on the security challenges faced by most governments and business organizations. Learn how Arctic Wolf's industry-leading security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service–the AWN CyberSOC–helped the City of Sparks vastly improve its threat detection and response.
  • Quality & Testing SIG Talk: Proven Practices
    Quality & Testing SIG Talk: Proven Practices Teri Sarallo Recorded: Jan 9 2018 61 mins
    We are excited to be hosting another Vivit SIG Talk [#VivitSIGTalk] event focused on Proven Practices around Quality & Testing for you. The live event is being held on 9 Jan 2018 at 12 PM ET, and a full session replay, along with individual session replays and slides presented will all be available.

    For this Vivit SIG Talk session, we will be featuring speakers from the United States, England and Australia. If you have been in the Quality & Testing space for any period of time, you will recognize each of these individuals as experts. We are fortunate enough to have them as speakers, so they can share their thoughts, and provide our members with some thought provoking and actionable content.
  • Meltdown and Spectre - How to Detect the Vulnerabilities and Exploits
    Meltdown and Spectre - How to Detect the Vulnerabilities and Exploits Sacha Dawes, Principal Product Marketing Manager, AlienVault Recorded: Jan 9 2018 37 mins
    As you've likely heard, Meltdown and Spectre are vulnerabilities that exist in Intel CPUs built since 1995. Hackers can exploit Meltdown and Spectre to get hold of information stored in the memory of other running programs. This might include passwords stored in a password manager or browser, photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.

    Join us for a technical webcast to learn more about these threats, and how the security controls in AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) can help you mitigate these threats.

    You'll learn:

    What the AlienVault Labs security research team has learned about these threats
    How to scan your environment (cloud and on-premises) for the vulnerability with AlienVault USM Anywhere
    How built-in intrusion detection capabilities of USM Anywhere can detect exploits of these vulnerabilities
    How the incident response capabilities in USM Anywhere can help you mitigate attacks

    Hosted By
    Sacha Dawes
    Principal Product Marketing Manager
    Sacha joined AlienVault in Feb 2017, where he is responsible for the technical marketing of the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) family of solutions. He brings multiple years of experience from product management, product marketing and business management roles at Microsoft, NetIQ, Gemalto and Schlumberger where he has delivered both SaaS-delivered and boxed-product solutions that address the IT security, identity and management space. Originally from the UK, Sacha is based in Austin, TX.
  • 5 Digital Asset Security Risks Someone Should Have Warned Me About
    5 Digital Asset Security Risks Someone Should Have Warned Me About Todd DeCapua Recorded: Dec 26 2017 40 mins
    Todd will walk you through the 5 digital asset security risks someone should have warned him about. You will enjoy the stories, see the key learnings, and know what you need to do as you are likely headed down this path.

    With examples in the media, at least on a weekly basis, where realities of risks to Revenue, Brand, Customer and Competitive are all too real. Join the leading expert in Digital Asset Security and Performance Engineering, ensuring you will know where to focus first; enabling you to mitigate some of the higher profile risks, which you and your team may not be aware of yet.

    You will hear about:

    •Domain Management and Strategy
    •Online Brand Protection
    •DNS Services and Analytics
    •SSL Certificates
    •Social Media Username Registration and Management
  • Is DNS a Part of Your Cyber Strategy?
    Is DNS a Part of Your Cyber Strategy? Adrian Davis, Managing Director, (ISC)² EMEA, Gary Cox, Technology Director, Infoblox Recorded: Dec 20 2017 63 mins
    Detecting malware, helping to prevent and disrupt command and control communication, ransomware and phishing attacks, being part of a data loss prevention program – DNS can help with this and much more, but are you leveraging it as part of your security controls and processes?

    DNS is the perfect choke point to stop not just data exfiltration through it, but also detect and stop malware from spreading and executing

    In this webinar you’ll learn:
    •The value of DNS as part of your cyber strategy
    •How DNS can provide your SIEM with actionable intelligence
    •How DNS can add value to other security controls, such as vulnerability scanners and end point protection

    Join Infoblox and (ISC)² for a discussion on this often overlooked topic.
  • How to Prepare for GDPR: A Gemalto Case Study
    How to Prepare for GDPR: A Gemalto Case Study Jean-Pierre Mistral, Director of Global Data Privacy and Alex Hanway, Encryption Product Marketing Recorded: Dec 18 2017 60 mins
    Join us for a new webinar in our series focused on helping companies prepare for the upcoming global government regulations, like European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data sovereignty, especially for cloud-first companies, is becoming an important part of any security strategy as these data breach regulations go into effect next year. Being able to demonstrate best efforts to protect the privacy of an individual’s data will be a requirement and non-compliance will have hefty monetary ramifications.

    This webinar will walk attendees through what Gemalto has already done and is doing to prepare for data privacy regulations from product management to sales operations and more. Our Director of Global Data Privacy, Jean-Pierre Mistral, will share how and what we have done, takeaways and timelines and Alex Hanway, Product Marketing, will cover the different technologies companies can use to mitigate the risk of non-compliance and what this means for business operations globally.

    Join us to hear more about:
    •What is GDPR?
    •Case Study: A look at how Gemalto has prepared for GDPR
    •The implications for local businesses and technologies that can help mitigate risk around complying with data privacy regulations
  • How Cryptocurrencies are Changing the Face of Financial Services
    How Cryptocurrencies are Changing the Face of Financial Services Eric Larchevêque, CEO at Ledger and Joe Pindar, CTO Office Director of Strategy Recorded: Dec 15 2017 61 mins
    Joint webinar with Ledger and Gemalto discussing how cyrptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize the financial industry and what needs to be done to secure the digital assets.