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User-Driven Classification: Adding a New Dimension to McAfee DLP Keith Vallance, Product Director, Boldon James Organizations need to be more business-centric in their approach if data loss prevention is to be successful. By supplying McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with reliable insight into the meaning and value of data, Classifier complements the detection methods based on keywords and regular expressions alone, helping reduce the risk of data- loss.

The combination of Boldon James Classifier and McAfee DLP reduces the likelihood of data loss by providing the DLP solution with predictable, meaningful classification metadata that greatly improves the reliability of DLP decision making, improves system effectiveness and reduces false positives.

In this webinar we will explore:

- The role of user-driven classification
- How user-driven classification benefits DLP
- When to introduce user-driven classification into a DLP project
- How to measure and monitor the benefits of user-driven classification
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May 21 2015
35 mins
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