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Cloud Computing

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  • IT Transformation in the Digital Age IT Transformation in the Digital Age Jennifer Thomson, IDC Research Director, European Services and Dave Clarke, HPE Software Recorded: Jul 26 2016 47 mins
    In this technology-driven world turning ideas into reality is realized through the development and distribution of an app. It is these apps that are at the center of digital disruption, delivering competitive advantage, measured in terms of accelerated time to value and compelling consumer-like experiences.

    New models for software development, cloud, and enhanced automation of operations require the fundamental operating models for companies to be radically reshaped.

    This webinar will explore through market analysis and case studies:

    •How IT operating models are evolving to meet the needs of the Digital Age
    •How IT Transformation is being driven by the new requirements
    •Illustrations of how best to exploit the lessons, operating models and technologies illustrated by the Agile and DevOps movement in reshaping the operating model for IT
    •How to ensure successful adoption of the new approaches

    The speakers for this webinar are:

    Jennifer Thomson is a research director running IDC’s European Application Development, Testing and Management Services subscription service. In this role she provides insights on investment strategies and decisions of European enterprises around application services. Her research explores the impact of digital transformation, new delivery and sourcing models on the application environment, as well as charting the competitive landscape for these services.

    Dave has been with HP since 1988. Since the creation of Software Professional Services in 2008 Dave has architected solutions and developed the associated business cases and operational cost models for new ways of working with clients in multiple sectors and with a focus on improving the end to end performance of IT.
  • Keynote Presentation: Enterprise Cloud Native Trends Keynote Presentation: Enterprise Cloud Native Trends Moderator: Neil McEvoy, CEO, CBPN Recorded: Jul 21 2016 34 mins
    Join our highly-anticipated keynote presentation from Neil McEvoy, CEO of Cloud Best Practices! In this discussion, we will discuss the enterprise shift from Virtualization to Containerization: news, tools, vendors, open standards, best practices, and case studies. From Virtualization to Multi-Cloud Broker, you will learn the process of planning transformation through Enterprise Cloud best practices.

    You will come away with a solid understanding of how to build and manage Cloud Aware application design- the newest microservices model for enterprise applications. We will also cover enterprise software-defined networks and how to integrate virtualized network functions.

    For any cloud, virtualization and enterprise professionals, this is the event for you!
  • The Agile Supply Chain: API-led Connectivity and B2B/EDI The Agile Supply Chain: API-led Connectivity and B2B/EDI Kent Brown, CTO, ModusBox David Chao, Industry Marketing, MuleSoft Recorded: Jul 21 2016 46 mins
    Today's supply chains are faced with an increasing number of distribution channels, a broader set of suppliers and ever decreasing product cycles. A new approach is required that delivers a step change in agility. MuleSoft's API-led approach delivers up to 200% faster development cycles through leveraging re-usable assets. Join us for a walkthrough of this approach, including a demo of Anypoint Platform and Anypoint B2B.
  • Reduce your TCO with a full-featured software load balancer Reduce your TCO with a full-featured software load balancer Ashish Shah, Director of Product, Avi Networks Recorded: Jul 21 2016 44 mins
    Hardware or software applicance-based load balancers do not scale horizontally. They often cause configuration delays, overspending, and overprovisioning. Avi Networks leverages the power of central management and insights derived from distributed load balancing resources to provide predictive autoscaling of load balancers as well as application components. Enterprises can eliminate upfront capital costs and adopt an elastic subscription-based model for load balancing. The Avi Vantage platform alleviates operational complexities inherent in buying hardware and managing multiple appliances.

    In this webinar learn new best practices for autoscaling load balancers and applications. Learn the flexibility and cost savings achieved through:

    • Software-defined L4-L7 services and central management
    • Use of commodity x86 servers for load balancing
    • Elastic scaling based on real-time traffic that eliminates overprovisioning
    • Avoiding CapEx and significantly reduced OpEx
  • Monitoring as a Discipline – Unlock Hybrid IT Success Monitoring as a Discipline – Unlock Hybrid IT Success Kong Yang, Head Geek of Virtualization & Cloud Practice, SolarWinds Recorded: Jul 21 2016 44 mins
    Performance, agility, and collaboration are essential elements of the DevOps culture, which is a key tenet of Hybrid IT. For IT professionals, embracing DevOps can bring forth the light and dark side. The light is harnessing disruptive innovation through applications and infrastructural advantages to move the business forward. The dark is being disrupted by the very culture and power that you’re trying to enable and embrace.

    ·How do you manage the Force of change across people, process and technology?

    ·Is there a framework you can use to ease into DevOps?

    ·Are there IT Ops skills and techniques that you can leverage when embracing DevOps?

    ·How does Monitoring as a Discipline enable DevOps and unlock Hybrid IT?

    In this session, you will learn the answers to these questions along with techniques and frameworks to successfully integrate DevOps principles into your 2016 Hybrid IT objectives.
  • The Traditional vs Continuous Audit: John Henry vs Steam Drill The Traditional vs Continuous Audit: John Henry vs Steam Drill Greg Frazier, Sole Practitioner, Greg Frazier, CPA Recorded: Jul 20 2016 62 mins
    Database triggers, coupled with cloud technology and the growing popularity of APIs (application program interfaces) have beefed up the capabilities of continuous auditing. Industries of all sorts, from banking, to ecommerce, to supply chain, to logistics, use applications that incorporate software that instantly alerts stake holders to outliers in data. This is exactly what we auditors need in our profession. Instead, we and our clients continue to rely on annual audits for third party assurance. Fees for the traditional annual audits spiral downward because all of us know that there is little value in an audit opinion on year old information.

    Greg Frazier, CPA & Microsoft Certified Partner- Application Development will discuss the following:

    - What is continuous auditing?
    - How are continuous audits more valuable than traditional audits?
    - How are continuous audits more cost-effective than traditional audits?

    Join us in this session to deep-dive into cloud accounting tools and technologies such as QuickBooks, networks in the cloud, data captures, and more!
  • Not all clouds are created equal: finding the right fit for your business Not all clouds are created equal: finding the right fit for your business Iain Mobberley, Technology Director and Dean Gardner, Enterprise Architect Recorded: Jul 20 2016 42 mins
    What is the right cloud for your business? Private vs Public vs Hybrid vs Multi-Cloud?

    How do you realise the ‘art of the possible’ to get the most out of what’s available whilst managing risk and the impact to IT and the wider business?
    How do you truly drive innovation and digital transformation for your business?

    From experience we know that if you follow a structured process you will get success from the cloud. But in reality what does this process look like? And what types of challenges and benefits are you likely to meet along the way?

    Attend our 30 minute webinar to hear a cross section of views – from our Technology Director who regularly discusses strategy and business drivers at C-Suite level, one of our leading Enterprise Architects who takes customers along this process from beginning to end and one of our customers who has recently completed this process.

    The analysts are now talking about the next phase or decade of cloud, about how it will drive innovations such as IoT, 3D printing and smart machines. But if you don't get the foundations right now, how will you achieve success from these in the future? Hear insights to help you create the right foundations for your business to meet these demands head on.
  • Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges Cloud Storage: Solving Interoperability Challenges Udayan Singh, Head, Tata Consultancy, Mark Carlson, Cloud Storage Co-Chair, Cloud Storage TWG Co-Chair Recorded: Jul 19 2016 34 mins
    Cloud storage has transformed the storage industry, however interoperability challenges that were overlooked during the initial stages of growth are now emerging as front and center issues. Join this Webcast to learn the major challenges that businesses leveraging services from multiple cloud providers or moving from one cloud provider to another face.
    The SNIA Cloud Data Management Interface standard (CDMI) addresses these challenges by offering data interoperability between clouds. SNIA and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) have partnered to create a SNIA CDMI Conformance Test Program to help cloud storage providers achieve CDMI conformance.
    As interoperability becomes critical, end user companies should include the CDMI standard in their RFPs and demand conformance to CDMI from vendors.
    Join us on July 19th to learn:
    •Critical challenges that the cloud storage industry is facing
    •Issues in a multi-cloud provider environment
    •Addressing cloud storage interoperability challenges
    •How the CDMI standard works
    •Benefits of CDMI conformance testing
    •Benefits for end user companies
  • Policy Automation Keeps you Safe in the Cloud Policy Automation Keeps you Safe in the Cloud Jeremy Snyder, VP of Business Development, DivvyCloud Recorded: Jul 19 2016 45 mins
    2015 was a record year for data breaches in the cloud. Many of these could have been reduced, or even eliminated, with proper policy compliance in the cloud. This webinar will cover how to design and apply policy to your cloud infrastructure to reduce the risk of security breaches, shadow IT and other threats.
  • Securely Implementing Cloud Native Applications Securely Implementing Cloud Native Applications Edward L. Haletky, President, AstroArch Consulting Inc., Managing Director, The Virtualization Practice LLC Recorded: Jul 19 2016 53 mins
    Building Cloud Native Applications securely is more than using containers or building with orchestration and automation. It is a lifecycle which includes moving security from external sources directly into the application. To move security into the application requires knowledge of the application, security, and testing. Developers need to learn more about security, but as they do, the process must also change to protect the developer, the application, and to improve security testing in an automatic method. Automation and Orchestration is crucial, but so is finding out what was done wrong, so it can be corrected. The key to this is a Secure Agile Cloud Development architecture and process. Join us to deep-dive into these processes and best practices for secure application development and management.

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