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best practices for achieving enterprise IT efficiency

The Enterprise Architecture channel presents the next generation of enterprise IT: recognizing the strategic importance of the data center to make companies more nimble and competitive. These presentations will help demanding IT professionals achieve flexibility, scalability and performance with reduced risk and complexity.

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Maximize the Value of Oracle E-Business Suite with Data as a Service Brett Stevens, Business Technology Consultant, Delphix Oracle EBS projects often exceed desired timelines and budget because they are constrained by data. Inflexible IT infrastructure and unwieldy processes often mean that it takes days or weeks to provision data to application teams. Data as a Service (DaaS) represents an entirely new approach to managing data that accelerates EBS projects by as much as 50%.

What You'll Learn:

Why effectively managing data is critical to EBS projects
What Data as a Service means to firms implementing, upgrading, and maintaining EBS systems
Why industry leaders such as Facebook, Cisco, and Macy’s have embraced Data as a Service
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Aug 27 2015
23 mins
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