Operational Efficiency – it’s not just about cost cutting

Matthew Burrows, Managing Director, BSMimpact
WHY automate? Automation can help cut costs, but it’s only worth automating to improve efficiency without reducing quality of service. Assuming automation is the HOW of the solution, WHAT are the outcomes and benefits needed, and WHICH processes should be automated.

During this presentation Matthew Burrows of BSMimpact will share his experience, giving practical and pragmatic guidance to all faced with the challenge of increasing operational efficiency.
Apr 7 2009
35 mins
Operational Efficiency – it’s not just about cost cutting
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  • The Operations Bridge is “the” solution for IT Operations to effectively address the challenges they face when it comes to managing the new style of IT: complex composite applications, virtualized environments, cloud-based services, big data, and a variety of management solutions from different vendors. In this session, you will learn how the HP Operations Bridge solution allows you to take up those challenges and consolidate all your existing IT monitoring solutions, providing a unique solution to maximize efficiency and improve runtime and performance of your IT services.
  • Now that NIST has published Version 1.0 of the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, the long awaited CSF, what are the implications for companies? How can the CSF help your business improve its defenses? Cameron camp investigates.
  • Deploying and managing network security at remote locations can be time consuming and expensive. McAfee Next Generation Firewalls give your organization a simple solution for centrally deploying, managing and updating remote locations. No technical skills are required to install at remote locations, freeing your skilled staff to focus on more important security management.

    Join us for an in-depth look at how plug-and-play deployment and remote management can reduce manual effort, reduce costs, and improve your network service. Steve Smith, Senior Technical Manager at McAfee, will review how the McAfee NGFW can be installed and up and running in a matter of minutes using our cloud-based installation server. He will also review how the McAfee NGFW Security Management Center gives you remote management and enterprise-wide situational awareness.
  • Are attacks on your network and users still occurring, despite continuing efforts to stay on top of security? What impact would malware have on your business if it was able to gain internal access and steal sensitive information?

    Without solutions that can disrupt the chain of events that occur during an advanced attack, many businesses are still being infiltrated and losing data every day. This webinar will cover the best practices in disrupting attacks with content security solutions - connected to optimize protection.
    Join this webinar as:
    •You will learn the tactics used by attackers today to infiltrate businesses
    •You will hear about the leading technologies available to disrupt advanced attacks
    •You will walk away with the knowledge to assess your own environment, and optimize your security
    Businesses today face more advanced attacks than we’ve ever seen in the past – and defending against them takes a connected approach which can disrupt the multiple points of infiltration and exfiltration used in the process of a breach. With most attacks seen in the wild using phishing emails to reach their target, a web link or malicious file to deliver a payload, and an outbound stream of communication to exfiltrate data – implementing a Secure Email Gateway, Secure Web Gateway, and Data Loss Prevention technology together will provide a barrier difficult for even the most advanced attacks to overcome.

    Don’t miss this webinar if you have a stake in the security of your most valuable information, or are directly responsible for the implementation of security solutions to protect it. Register now for this 30 minute webinar.
  • As most IT Pros are aware, as of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing security patches for Windows XP. Unfortunately, most folks will not be able to migrate all Windows XP machines by that deadline. How will you limit the security risks posed by these now vulnerable assets? Join us for this webinar outlining practical strategies to help you cover your assets.
    In this session we'll cover:
    The primary attack vectors you need to consider
    Immediate actions you can take to limit the exposure of your XP assets
    Warning signs to watch out for that could signal an attack
    How to closely monitor your vulnerable assets with AlienVault USM
  • 10 minute "whiteboard" style video that explains what Quorum does and the unique value for mid-market organizations
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) places unique performance demands on storage. During the course of the day the I/O traffic changes from heavy read, to heavy write and then ends with a mixture of read and write requirements. This workload profile is so unique that many VDI planners end up selecting a dedicated storage solution for their VDI environment.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Fusion-io for the live webinar event "Avoid the Waste of a VDI-only Storage Solution”.

    In this webinar, you will learn:
    1. The challenges associated with deploying storage for VDI
    2. How current solutions attempt to solve these problems
    3. How to save money by supporting VDI and other application workloads on the same storage
  • The C-Suite in every organization is obsessed with the buzz around Big Data and according to industry pundits almost 9 out of 10 organizations today have included this growing trend in their IT plans for 2014. But we all know that when it comes to execution and extracting true business value out of Big Data, only a fraction of the companies are successful. Believe it or not, infrastructure platforms play a key role in demonstrating the power of performance to deliver blazing speed analytics and makes all the difference if you can get a query answered in 3 seconds vs. 3 hours!

    Welcome to the new style of IT and a paradigm shift towards converged infrastructure or as IDC states it as the “3rd platform”, where you are no longer bound by the limitations of your traditional datacenter. Instead of plumbing or retrofitting your existing landscape you now have proven alternatives to augment your legacy environment with leading innovative platforms that are purpose built, seamlessly integrated and can be deployed in days vs. months. Learn from the best practices of some of our customers who have embarked on this journey already and paved the way for handling Big Data!
  • Autonomic Software significantly expands the capabilities of McAfee ePO. Autonomic’s three suites are all integrated into ePO with no need for separate console, databases, and reports. They are “As McAfee As McAfee”!

    Autonomic Patch Manager, EndPoint Manager and Power Manager suites provide improved security, and managing of end points, at virtually no charge when incorporating Power Manager.

    Join McAfee and its 2013 MVP Partner of the Year to learn how the integrated solution provides:
    • Increases Scalability – Delivery of patches to both large organizations and small-to-mid-sized organizations
    • Reduces Costs - Using Power & Patch Management Suites
    • Simplifies Complexity - Maintains a secure environment with minimal human intervention using EndPoint Suite
    • Easily Customizable Solutions – For unique requirements
  • As more and more companies look to take advantage of all of the benefits afforded with cloud-based infrastructures, the discussion often quickly turns to “How do we get there?” For some companies, this single migration question can create an insurmountable roadblock that either keeps them from moving to the cloud or severely delays their migration. Join Michael McCracken, HOSTING’s Director of Professional Services, as he explores different cloud migration strategies along with the benefits and risks associated with each of those strategies.
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  • Service Delivery Automation: Why I Miss It and How I'm Getting It Back Recorded: Mar 13 2014 45 mins
    Matt Aaron, Service Desk Supervisor at Independence Blue Cross, has been around a number of different organizations with varying degrees of automation. Currently, his organization does not leverage this technology. During this talk, Matt will discuss the value that automation can bring, what he is currently missing, and the steps that he is taking to implement that automation to bring efficiency, accuracy, and better customer service to his organization.
  • 5 Ways Cloud Automation Drives Greater Cost and Operational Transparency Recorded: Mar 13 2014 38 mins
    IT looks to cloud service management to establish greater enterprise cost and operational transparency. Here are 5 essential steps that IT leaders must take to enact a successful cloud service management program that drives razor-sharp business alignment for all line-of-business stakeholders.
  • Automation, Security Configuration & Compliance Management for Servers Recorded: Mar 13 2014 31 mins
    Join Mike Gare to hear more about how to simplify security configuration management and automation for servers.

    IBM intention to share the details of a our exciting solution comprising our best-in-class automation and security configuration management capabilities - all leveraging the BigFix platform. That means a single agent, console and server to provide a comprehensive offering for Data Center Ops and IT Security Professionals - all at the lowest TCO.

    Michael Gare is a Product Manager with more than 20 years of experience with global organizations including Computerland, Nortel Networks and IBM. Mike has a broad range of experience in Telecommunications, Mobile technologies, Data Center Automation and Cloud Computing. He has performed a variety of leadership roles, all of which, involved working directly with customers.

    He is currently a software product manager in IBM responsible for a number of solutions focused on automating the lifecycle management of servers.
  • Manage your Cloud Services with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator Recorded: Mar 13 2014 48 mins
    IBM® SmartCloud® Orchestrator makes complex cloud services easy to manage. Built on OpenStack, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides common cloud services for multi tier application environments on top of compute, network and storage while supporting multiple hypervisors and multi-vendor platforms. It’s designed to simplify and speed the creation and execution of process workflows that then help shorten deployment and change processes in the cloud. With standardization and automation of cloud services through a flexible orchestration engine, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator (SCO) provides ongoing service lifecycle management and the flexible platform to automate assets that most organizations are already using.
  • IT Service Management and Automation from the Cloud: Benefits and Challenges Recorded: Mar 13 2014 41 mins
    Align your IT services with company goals through an automated process and policy-driven approach. Modern Service Delivery solutions provide you with the tools your IT organisation requires in order to transform from a reactive to a proactive delivery model.

    Regardless of the size of your business now you can experience the rewards in operational productivity and increased profitability through IT automation. By implementing a comprehensive and integrated solution with the power, flexibility and scalability to meet your needs today and expand as your business grows, IT automation enables a pro-active approach to improved operations and customer satisfaction. From Software Inventory to Remote Desktop Management, companies can get the tools, technology and resources that make complete IT automation possible.
  • Process or Tool, Which Comes First? Recorded: Mar 12 2014 48 mins
    As an ITSM professional with 35 years of IT experience in various technical, management, training, and consulting roles, Mike has seen hundreds of implementation efforts and he will share some of his experiences with the audience. His goal in this presentation is to drive home the importance of having good Processes in place and asking the right questions.

    Some of the things Mike will share include:
    - Why it is important to develop a Process first
    - Real life examples
    - Important questions that need to be asked
    - Selecting tools that support your Process
    - Don’t forget this is ITSM (don’t get bogged down with the technical stuff)
  • Stop Squandering Service Management Spend: Maximize ROI through Integration Recorded: Mar 12 2014 35 mins
    Today’s support centers spend a lot of money and resources on technology, including phones, service management, remote support, self-help, and knowledge base systems. Unfortunately, most organizations only leverage the most basic functions within these tools, rather than exploiting the wide variety of available features. Often this is due to user learning being left to “tribal knowledge” versus formalized training. In addition, support centers make processes more complicated by not integrating systems in order to provide a seamless path for both customers and support agents. When systems aren’t fully utilized or integrated, agents are forced to jump between multiple tools and processes, slowing down issue resolution and creating inconsistent and poor support experiences for customers.

    In this webinar, Sara Lisch, Business Solutions Manager at Bomgar, will outline how organizations can fully utilize integrated web-based technologies to better resolve issues and provide a stellar customer experience. Sara will cover:

    - Basic and advanced usage of remote support, chat, knowledge base and ticket management tools
    - How to utilize built-in features to enable a consistent support experience and a more streamlined workflow
    - Best practices for integrating systems and processes to provide a seamless experience for customers and agents
  • Process & Technology Are Nothing w/out Modern Self-Service: Future of Automation Recorded: Mar 12 2014 40 mins
    See the value that modern self-service adds to users, not just IT. Are you intrigued by formless IT, crowdsourcing, Google-esque knowledge, white glove service, or mystical app stores? Join this session to see how modernized self-service techniques are the forefront of automated service management.
  • Automating the “Service On-boarding” Process Recorded: Mar 12 2014 47 mins
    IT Service Management is all about on-boarding, delivering and managing “services”. This session will discuss the automation opportunities around a seamless service on-boarding process. Whether you are delivering IT as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service, or Software as a Service the process, the ability to reach maturity for regarding demand and supply of services, depends a great deal on the level and quality of automation that aligns closely with processes to deliver service value. We will discuss Service Information Systems, data driven approaches via Configuration Management Systems and automated provisioning or orchestration systems.
  • Managing IT Services in a Consumer World Recorded: Mar 12 2014 48 mins
    IT professionals who are responsible to deliver IT services to the business, protect the enterprise, secure the data, and deliver reliable services are being challenged with the plethora of consumer-grade technologies that are being brought into the workplace, management of Cloud and SaaS solutions, BYO programs, and many other Disruptive Trends. Service Management processes and supporting technologies must evolve, and quickly, to keep pace with the business. In addition, how IT delivers these services to the business must change, impacting the Service Desk and Portals. Join host Andrew Harsch, Director of Portfolio marketing and his guests; Chris Orr, VP Solution Architecture and Ed Vaccaro, VP Product Management at Unisys ITSM, on how to move from the theory of great support to an actionable plan to modernize the service management framework.
  • Getting Started: How to Implement and Mature Basic ITIL Change Management Recorded: Mar 12 2014 48 mins
    Based on the popular How to Implement and Mature Basic ITIL Change Management blog series on ITSMTransition.com, Greg Sanker presents a proven approach to start and mature basic Change Management. He shows how starting small, engaging staff, and maturing in logical steps maximizes the business value of your Change Management program.

    About Greg:

    Greg Sanker is an ITSM practitioner with endless passion for Excellence. He blogs about Enabling Excellence in IT Service Management at ITSMTransition.com

    His expertise includes IT Service Management, Network and IT Operations Management, and Organizational Management of Change.
  • Should I Drive a Manual or an Automatic? Considerations with ITSM Automation Recorded: Mar 12 2014 40 mins
    We all have our preferences when it comes to what type of car we drive. The reality is that a manual and automatic are equally good so it depends on what you are after. The same applies to IT Service Management. In today’s cost-cutting approach to business, it is easy to assume that an ‘automate everything’ approach is the way to go. But can automation be too much? Can customer service suffers? This session will look at considerations that should be accounted for when developing a strategy to automate services.
  • Automating ITSM: People and Process. And Technology Too! Recorded: Mar 12 2014 48 mins
    Good practice frameworks and their consultants tell us that our processes precede the tool. After all: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

    Practitioners know it seldom works this way. We often don’t know what we want. We don’t have enough data to justify a particular process or process improvement. Our requirements are changing constantly, and past preferences are outdated.

    The solution is simple: ignore the consultants, and be willing to adapt to the tool. This doesn’t mean caving in to the tool vendor. This presentation will provide plenty of advice on implementing, improving, and getting the most of your tool, based on years of implementing and managing ITSM automation tools for dozens of organizations in every industry with multiple tools.
  • Automating IT Service Management – a pragmatic approach Recorded: Mar 12 2014 41 mins
    The IT world is changing rapidly, but latest mega trends like cloud and mobility do not change the set of challenges and drivers IT organizations are constantly facing: cost, quality and compliance – even more so with the fast shift of traditional first-level tasks to more self-services.

    Automation can help tackle these. But what does automation really mean? What should be automated? How would you automate? And what are the benefits you can expect?

    Join this session to discuss the process – integration – automation triangle and then learn about examples like change management and request-to-fulfill to discuss some starting points for a pragmatic approach for automating ITSM.
  • The Tool Is a Fool; But a Fool With a Tool Is Still a Fool. Recorded: Mar 12 2014 40 mins
    As tales of a brave new world for Service Management brought in by technology once more starts to fill column-inches, it is necessary to review their validity and what it takes to bring them to life in your company.
  • Network Automation for Change, Configuration & Compliance Management Recorded: Dec 10 2013 44 mins
    Today, up to 80% of network problems are caused by change—mistakes made when manually changing devices, setting poor network configurations and incorrect ACLs/rules for network security devices. New initiatives like virtualization, cloud computing and IPv6 only add to the challenge. While manual processes, spreadsheets and CLI have worked in the past, today’s dynamic environment is a whole new world. Think about how new virtual servers can be spun up and down in a matter of minutes, but the network infrastructure supporting these dynamic environments typically requires days or weeks to change.

    Infoblox is the leader in helping IT teams control their network. Our leading multi-vendor network automation solution for change and configuration management, firewall policy management and compliance enforcement helps reduce risk of unplanned issues. Join us for this interactive discussion where we answer the who, what, where and when of network change, applying hundreds of built-in, automated analytics to show the impact of change on network health, policy and compliance.
  • NPM Next: Automating Routine Failures in Network Management Recorded: Dec 10 2013 46 mins
    Automation costs are plummeting as the shift toward cloud application delivery paradigms puts heightened pressure on vendors to provide standard APIs with broad reaching functional capabilities. Yesterday’s IT organizations could count themselves progressive if they understood application user experience. But knowing that performance is not what it should be and being able to take action is not the same as automating responses to common failures.

    In this webinar, we will discuss new automation options, APIs at all level of the stack, and demonstrate that an introductory automation effort can not only be inexpensive, but can demonstrate a concrete return on investment.
  • Using Automation to Relieve Big Data Headaches Recorded: Nov 12 2013 47 mins
    Big Data in the enterprise does not live in a vacuum. It includes relational databases, enterprise applications as well as data in different formats from new sources. All that data has to be ingested, transformed, enriched, analyzed, and ultimately shared back with traditional applications and with people who will base decisions on it and serve customers. Delivering on the promise of Big Data to help companies operate more efficiently, make better decisions and to better serve their customers, requires smooth operations that demands careful orchestration of many application and infrastructure components.

    In this webinar, guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri and BMC Solutions Marketing Manager Joe Goldberg discuss and demonstrate how automation in general and workload automation specifically is key to Big Data success.
  • The Simplified Data Center: Automate & Orchestrate the Network Recorded: Aug 7 2013 60 mins
    Automate & Orchestrate the Network – Build Simple and Agile Data Centers

    Watch this webinar with Juniper Networks and IDC and you will learn:
    - How automation eliminates data center complexities
    - How to achieve the operational efficiencies promised by virtualization
    - How to future proof your data center with open interfaces and flexible programmability
  • How To Simplify Your Data Center With Network Automation and Orchestration Recorded: May 21 2013 47 mins
    Join 3 network specialists as they cover:

    - the need for networks to evolve
    - reducing human latency
    - simplifying the network
    - simplifying operations
Increase Productivity while Reducing the Cost of IT Operations
This online channel will feature live webcast presentations by leading IT and business executives. In today’s economic environment it is imperative that IT find ways to become more efficient while maintaining, or even increasing, the levels of service that it provides. Automating IT functions is the best way that IT can achieve these conflicting objectives. The IT Automation channel speakers will look at how to increase the productivity while reducing the cost of IT operations through automation and the application of industry best practices. The presentations will show you the steps to take and the tools that you will need to improve the performance of your IT operations.
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