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Frost & Sullivan's Energy & Power Systems practice provides global industry analysis, custom consulting, growth consulting (strategy consulting), market research, market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your firm address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Our global team of industry experts, consultants, market analysts, and research executives continuously monitor the Energy & Power Systems industry, including power supply components, onsite power, energy management services, oil & gas equipment and services, backup power solutions, and fuel cells.

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Apr 25 2014 11:30 am
30 mins

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  • The analysis profiles heavy electricity users within five different sectors, including manufacturing, data centers, hospitals, education, and small franchise. This briefing will also evaluate choices for energy management service.

    Why should you attend:
    - Learn about customer perception in deregulated states for purchasing electricity and energy management services
    - Identify key market trends
    - Review purchase criteria for selecting a provider
  • Why you should attend:
    • The analyst briefing will enlighten the invitees about the latest activities occurring globally in the smart grid domain as well as highlight activities of various participants.
    • The briefing pinpoints the probable areas of investment and domains of interest as projected by the global smart grid participants.
    • The webinar provides a snapshot of the present market scenario and probable directions of growth.
  • Given the increasing interest in convergence between the energy and the IT and Communications Technologies (ICT) sectors, industry participants need to know the requirements and stage of development in order to accurately target their product portfolio. This briefing will list the top 10 global energy and ICT trends and will specifically focus on which trends could have an impact between now and 2020.
  • Why should you attend?

    - Receive an overview of the key trends in renewable energy in Latin America
    - Understand the interaction between GDP growth and renewable energy adoption
    - Identify the drivers and restrains of the renewable energy market
    - Discover regional impacts, such as shale gas and local industry development
  • Myanmar’s electricity demand is estimated to be close to 1,850 MW during the summer months, but the hydroelectric power plants that provide close to 70% of the country’s electricity only supply approximately 1,340 MW during the summer due to a lack of water. Therefore, Myanmar requires 500 to 700 MW or standalone power plants in order to meet the electricity shortfall that occurs when demand is at its highest yearly levels.

    This market insight provides an overview of the Emerging Opportunities in Myanmar’s Electricity Industry in both the power generation and power transmission and distribution (T&D) markets, market drivers and restraints, overview of key segments, electricity pricing and market opportunities.

    The aim of this briefing is to:

    •Discuss and share the current state of the Myanmar electricity industry and analyse opportunities in the power generation (both in centralized and distributed generation) and transmission and distribution (T&D) markets

    •To provide a strategic analysis of industry challenges as well as the market drivers and restraints that influence growth opportunities Growth Trends & Opportunity Areas

    •Brief overview of companies operating in Myanmar in the electricity industry.
  • Most African countries currently have power generation shortfalls that can be rapidly addressed through the roll out of renewable energy power generation technologies. The renewable energy feed-in tariff mechanism has been successful in promoting the large-scale adoption of these renewable energy technologies worldwide.

    Highlights of the briefing:

    · Identify the drivers for the roll out of renewable energy technologies
    · Learn about the feed-in tariffs currently offered
    · Identify the most attractive investment opportunities
  • Rising electricity prices in South Africa are fast becoming the major driver of the uptake of energy-efficient technology in the residential sector. Households are becoming cognizant of the importance of managing their electricity utilisation. This briefing will investigate technologies that can be utilised in South African households to improve energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption.

    Join us to gain insight into:
    · The current state of energy efficiency in South African households
    · International best practice analysis of select countries
    · Energy-efficient technologies that can be adopted into South African households
    · Expected future developments of energy-efficient technology for households
  • Given the increasing smartphone adoption and demand for data-intensive applications, mobile operators must upgrade their network infrastructure to accommodate high-speed data services. This briefing will investigate the changing technology landscape in Europe and will specifically focus on how telecommunication network in Western, Central and Eastern Europe are adopting Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, the infrastructure it requires and how this is influencing demand for batteries. In particular, the briefing will focus on which are the well established and mature battery technologies and which are the upcoming ones for telecom applications.

    Why You Should Attend:

    - Understand the influence of LTE Technology on power demand
    - Identify the opportunities and growth potential in Europe and specifically CEE region for telecom batteries
    - Hear the contribution of recent battery chemistries in a lead acid battery dominated industry
  • The data centre market is growing at an extremely high rate. With the constant growth, it has become crucial to energy usage. Energy efficiency in data centres has become one of the most widely discussed topics, and for good reason. This briefing will focus on the impact of energy efficiency in data centres with respect to the TCO and environmental issues.

    Why You Should Attend:
    · Detailed analysis on energy consumption in data centres
    · Understand the key issues that drive energy efficiency in data centres
    · Identify best practices for system optimization and implement them in an effective manner
  • Shale gas production shows great promise in power generation capacity and is likely to shift natural gas trading patterns. As the production increases, it is expected that shale will become the preferred feedstock for chemical manufacturing in the future, with high economic potential in Europe and South Africa.

    Why You Should Attend:

    - Identify market size and value, and its various components within Europe and South Africa
    - Understand the environmental and regulatory challenges faced from both a manufacturing and energy point of view
    - Explore the benefits of shifting from naphtha to natural gas, in light of the volatility in traditional naphtha-producing regions

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