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Engage your audience with intuitive user experiences
across devices

A BrightTALK™ Channel is a home for your content and a destination for your audience. Building an audience starts with your own network. Invite your network to subscribe to your channel through your email, website and social media profiles to increase content viewings and make sure that you are heard by those who matter to you most. BrightTALK provides an easy-to-use and intuitive audience experience on its webcast platform. The player displays information in a consistent format so that your audience becomes accustomed to the interface and can concentrate on your message, not the technology. Built using popular browser-based technologies such as Javascript, Adobe Flash™ and HTML5, our marketing platform enables audiences to attend your live webinars and videos without having to install software onto their personal computers and other devices.

Capture one-time registration securely

By registering once for BrightTALK's webcasting platform your audience can attend all the webinars and videos you provide in your channel without having to re-register. Viewers experience one-click access to all live and recorded webinar and video content. Removing registration forms that other webcast platforms require for returning attendees can increase repeat viewings by three times. This simple change will deliver improved results for your Web event programs.

Reach unlimited audiences

Attract as large an audience as you can to your events knowing that there are no additional charges. Keep your content published in your channel and continue to draw viewers over time.

Nurture subscribers with automated email notifications

Save time and effort with our email notification system. Pre-written emails automatically inform your subscribers of new content and remind them of events they have registered to attend. This optimizes participation and increases attendance. Use any of the following automated email notifications: webinar registration confirmation, 24-hour webinar reminder, starting now, recorded webcast available, event cancelled and event rescheduled, as well as a weekly update to subscribers featuring upcoming webinars and videos and newly available on-demand content in your channel. Your subscribers can manage which emails they receive from the list of emails you have enabled.

BrightTALK™ Professional and Enterprise Channel owners can customize HTML and text templates with their brand elements and use up to nineteen dynamically updated fields for email personalization, in addition to social sharing, add to calendar, and test your system links. The landing page URLs included in your emails can redirect to embedded content on your website so that your audience members experience your content on your website regardless of where they register.

Promote to social media sites

Activate the full range of social media websites to promote your content and build your audience. Share your videos and events on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with one-click sharing features and pre-populated messages. Make it easy for your audience and your presenters to quickly and simply share your webinars and videos with their social networks, email databases and websites or blogs. Social sharing features are incorporated into the audience experience on the landing page of every video and webinar, inviting your audience to share your content with their social networks before, during and after they view your content. Social sharing buttons also appear on the registration confirmation page and can be included in automated email notifications. You can also allow your audience to subscribe to your channel feed using RSS.

Get on your audience’s calendar

Enable your audience to easily add events to their calendar, encouraging them to attend the live presentation and maximizing your audience. Users provide their time zone when they register so that the system can show times in their typical time zone to help avoid confusion about start times.

Showcase your latest content to facilitate multiple viewings

Encourage multiple viewings with the latest content automatically shown next to each player through a console designed for easy browsing. Your latest content is also automatically shown in the player upon confirmation of registration and following each viewing.