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Select the registration form that meets your lead
generation needs

Learn about your audience starting with demographics information. Choose from short and long form registration options depending on the amount of information you want to better understand your audience and score subscribers as leads. You can also make your content available without registration and connect viewing records for open-access content with the subscriber profiles captured for registration-only content. This is especially helpful for offering un-gated teaser videos that encourage registrations to longer form content. Another option is to leverage your own registration system and provide your own registered users with seamless access to your content on BrightTALK.

Augment registration data with audience surveys

By using an intelligent registration and survey process, the BrightTALK video and webinar registration service reduces the likelihood of incomplete registrations. Your audience need only complete the information once and they will experience a seamless registration and survey process. Surveys can also be used to gauge purchasing intent with questions about timelines of planned purchases.

Enable smarter sales conversations

Armed with engagement data, sales representatives can start the conversation already aware of the interests of the subscriber based on content viewed, questions asked and feedback given. This leads to warmer conversations that convert opportunities, pipeline and revenue, enabling you to track the impact of your marketing efforts on revenue

Nurture prospects and customers until they are ready to engage with you

Follow up with your subscribers to continue the conversation based on their feedback. Nurture subscribers with your content until they are ready to speak to sales. If your sales team determines that a subscriber is not yet ready to buy, use your content to stay top of mind with your audience so that they come to you when the time is right.