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Attach files and links to your videos and webinars

Give subscribers a more in-depth experience and your sales team more insight into their interests. Upload files and add links to your interactive webinars and videos and then invite your audience to download and view the additional marketing assets. This extends the reach of the assets you’ve already created, further nurtures your audiences and helps you identify who is the most interested in what you do. Your channel becomes a content management platform that enables you to deliver rich media and other marketing collateral to a community of like-minded professionals and track their engagement across all content types.

Utilize votes to create additional content and increase interaction

Increase audience engagement by asking your audience to participate in votes, or polls. Create votes before your event begins and then initiate each one during your live presentation through the webinar management console. Receive the results in real-time and stop polling at any time. Leverage the results of your webinar poll to create a blog post after the event and attach it to the on-demand asset.

Create pre-event surveys that provide critical audience data

Understand your audience better and provide your sales team with valuable insight with audience surveys. Qualifying questions can be mandatory or optional and can be asked before individual videos and webinars or broadly across all of your presentations. Our content management service remembers previous survey submissions from your subscribers, so your audience will only need to fill out the survey once.