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Embed your content across the Web

Embed your content on websites and track registration activity across all embed locations. Select from multiple embed options, including a full content listing that updates dynamically or an individual webinar or video in multiple sizes. Leverage banner-sized promotional widgets to drive audiences from high-traffic pages to pages with larger website embeds designed for viewing content. Your audience can be directed back to your website through the automated email notifications so that they can view your content surrounded by your brand. BrightTALK provides a one-time registration across all BrightTALK™ Channel embed options, enabling audiences to access your content with a single click after registering the first time.

Align embeds with your brand and website

Embeds of BrightTALK™ Professional and Enterprise Channels can be branded using style sheets to create a seamless experience on your website. Embedding webinars with branding ensures that you are credited with providing valuable knowledge to the professionals you want to reach. Apply your brand to background images, buttons, text, player controls and overlays to deliver a consistent brand experience. Custom webinar and video embed options are also available. Work with our team to create a customized design layout and organize content by topics to help your audience discover relevant content contextually.

Integrate your BrightTALK content across your website

Integrate webinar and video content with your content management system to more fully incorporate your content into your website. You can automatically create a landing page optimized for search engines for each webinar and video. This enables you to customize content discovery within your site while retaining the convenience of BrightTALK’s reporting, email service and promotional tools.