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Upload and import videos into your BrightTALK™ Channel

Videos are a powerful way to deliver your message. BrightTALK’s video webinar platform combines video and webinar distribution in a single solution. Add videos into your channel using our self-service video upload facility. Simply select the media file from your computer and the system will take care of uploading and transcoding your video. You can review your uploaded content before publishing it to your audience.

Host live streaming video webinars

Stream live events and videos with support from BrightTALK’s video services team. Meet with them in advance to create a plan that suits your needs and meets your brand specifications. Our team will capture and stream the event live. They can also edit footage into multiple videos to extend the life and reach of your content. After you approve the final version, they will upload videos to your channel and provide the approved files to you.

Capture video at your next physical event or in a studio

Take advantage of having your thought leaders and customers in one place to capture interviews on best practices, industry trends and case studies. Our corporate video production services can create a highlights reel or separate videos. You can also have video created in one of our professional studios.

Turn white papers into animated videos

Make your text content come to life by turning it into animated videos. Typically a couple minutes in length, the video can serve as a teaser for your white paper and encourage your audience to download it through the attachments feature. This is a great way to repurpose the content you already have and extend its reach.

Get content support

Work with experts to build an engaging and comprehensive content program that combines a range of video formats and production opportunities. Keep your audience captivated with timely and relevant video content released throughout the year. BrightTALK can provide a customized stream of videos tailored to your brand and content marketing plan, whether your objective is demand generation, sales enablement or anything in between.