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Schedule live webinars with audience interaction in minutes

A live webinar is an efficient way to reach new audiences as well as to retain and engage your audiences around your relevant content. Our easy-to-use webinar platform, available via desktops and mobile devices, makes it simple to set up webinars for future delivery. Use any standard Internet browser with no download required to fill out a simple form to schedule your webinar. You can edit your webinar details at any time, so don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time. Completing the webinar details and publishing requirements triggers the automated marketing of your webinar to your subscribers. Run as many practice webinars as you like to make sure that you are prepared to present to your live audience. Increase your live and recorded webinar attendance by using the integrated social media tools and embeddable widgets.

Upload presentation slides and create polls

Upload presentation slides through a simple browse and upload process. You can upload a cover slide when you schedule your webinar and then upload the full slide deck later when you are ready. Review your slides and see how they will appear to your audience. BrightTALK pre-caches the event content before the live event to improve webcasting reliability and facilitate a smooth delivery. Increase audience engagement by adding polls, or votes, for your viewers to vote on during your live event.

Respond to questions and feedback during live webinars

Audience interaction tools enable you to deliver your content while staying connected to your audience’s responses. Invite your audience to ask questions during your live webinar through their webcast interface. You can review the questions as they arrive, prioritize questions to be answered and mark answered questions so that they move to the bottom of the list. You can also view feedback in real time with ratings and comments.

Send messages to your audience through chat features

Communicate with your audience through chat features right before your event begins and during your live event. Let your audience know that you are about to begin or send links to information you reference during your presentation through the live webinar software.

Communicate with live event support

Have a last minute question? Reach out to our support team for an answer. BrightTALK™ Enterprise Channels include a chat support feature that provides presenters with access to a BrightTALK technician prepared to answer any questions and provide support. Chat in real-time 30 minutes prior and throughout the duration of your live webinar. This is particularly helpful for channel owners in instances when there is a guest presenter who is unfamiliar with BrightTALK. Dedicated live support helps to ensure your presenters have a great event.

Make recorded webinars available automatically after your live events

Don’t keep your audience waiting. The first 72 hours after a live event are the most critical for capturing your on-demand audience and webinar replay. In fact, we found that providing on-demand viewing instantly after the live presentation increases total audience viewing by 20%. And you don’t need to lift a finger as live webinars are converted to recordings and made available automatically within minutes of the conclusion of the live presentation, giving you time to work on something else.