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Promote your content to relevant BrightTALK communities

BrightTALK has organized content from thought leaders into discrete communities to which you can publish your videos and webinars. Users browse these communities to find content that is relevant to them. When you promote webinars and videos to specific communities, you become relevant to the professionals you care most about and gain free referrals as they subscribe to your channel. BrightTALK does not charge for the subscribers who find your content organically, though you can pay for guaranteed subscribers to be delivered to your channel through featured banner placements. BrightTALK will typically contribute up to 50 percent of the subscribers to your channel depending on the quality of your content and quantity of promotions that you execute.

Expose your message to millions of professionals on BrightTALK

As a channel owner you’ll be able to publish your content to the most relevant of over 50 active BrightTALK communities promoting webinars and videos that span a wide range of professions. That means you’ll get free exposure through highly trafficked content feeds and community pages, putting you in front of targeted new prospects. BrightTALK users have already registered and require only one click to access your webinars or videos.

Optimize content for search

Use keywords or key phrases in the tags of your videos and webinars to help users searching BrightTALK discover your content, enhancing your video and webinar promotion. Including these keywords in your title and event description will also help optimize your content for search engines, increasing the likelihood that your content appears in the search results for the phrases that matter to you most.