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Reach new audiences by syndicating content between channels

Content is key to distributing your message, sharing your expertise, building trust and ultimately selling your products and services. Video and webinar syndication enables you to share content and control access to it so that you can target your content to different communities or to different partners. Whether you are distributing teaser content to build an audience, offering high value content to strategic partners, providing ongoing education or driving leads to internal or partner teams, our video and webinar syndication platform provides an efficient way to distribute your content to your audience and that of your partners.

Empower partners to generate demand

You know your product, positioning and messaging better than anyone, but your partners know their customers better than anyone. Supercharge your partner enablement by empowering distributors and solution providers to better educate end customers through a system of BrightTALK™ Channels that efficiently distributes your content and increases your reach. Create one or more master channels with all of your content and then syndicate a targeted subset of videos, webinars and related resources to the channel of each partner. BrightTALK™ Enterprise Channels make it easy and affordable for you to create a system of channels with one or more channels per partner.

Control your message

Manage the whole webinar syndication process simply through access controls. Review and approve requests that come from others to syndicate content into your channel. Review and approve all content syndicated out of your channel. This also enables you to control the message and be consistent across your partner ecosystem. Leverage the content in channels already on BrightTALK through syndication to further engage your audience.